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Asha Ragnheld

Her only wish was for control over her life.

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a character in “The Mortalis Conclavis”, as played by Dragonrogue


Name: Asha Ragnhild

Appearance: Asha is of medium build and stands at 5’6. She has red hair and a scar that runs across her left eye. She has brown eyes, but appears to be blind in her left eye. Her red hair is often kept in two braids. She usually wears elaborate dresses that befit her rank.

Personality: Because of being labeled a witch and later having to deceive nobles Asha has learned to keep others at a distance. She usually tries to blend in a group of people unless she needs to make herself known. Asha expects everyone to turn against her. Asha also has become manipulative in the year after her wish. She has learned that people expect noble women to act a certain way and she uses this against them. Asha enjoys plants and feels most at peace tending to her garden.

History: Born in 1254, Asha lost vision in her left eye at a young age when bandits attacked her village and left her as the only survivor. Because of this when she became of age to be married, there was no one willing to marry her. Because of this she ended up becoming a midwife to her new village. When several babies died during delivery the village turned on her and labeled her a witch. Her knowledge of plants, lack of a husband, red hair, and scar did little to help with this idea after awhile of glances and avoiding her “evil eye” she found herself in jail awaiting trial for being a witch. Manera came to her the night before her trial and Asha saw her way out and into a better life with the power to protect herself. Asha wished to to become nobility. The next day a nobleman came into town before her trial and met with her in the jail. He proposed a deal to her, pretend to be his long lost daughter and convince the prince to marry her, thus elevating his status and he would stop the trial. Asha agreed and her lessons in deceiving the nobility started. Nine months later she was presented to the court and began to try to get the notice of the prince. One year after she made the wish she became engaged to the prince.

Animal Form: Her Maned Wolf form stands at 3ft at the shoulder with with black legs and a red body as well as a black snout. She has a scar over her left eye and is blind in that eye like her human form. Manned Wolves despite their name are not actually wolves, they are their own separate omnivorous species that emit their own unique roar barks. They have heightened sight, smell and exceptional hearing. Despite thier clumsy look they are very fast runners and often jump in their air to catch birds.

Any other skills: Asha is a herbalist. She also has basic medical knowledge of the time period. She is also a skilled liar.

So begins...

Asha Ragnheld's Story

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Asha Ragnheld sat in the extravagant carriage as the horses carried them along the route. It had taken awhile her awhile to get used to the castle that she had been brought to live in, but she had gotten used to it, and now just when she was finally believing that she belonged there, she was uprooted again. The carriage that she was now riding in had come several weeks ago for her along with the news of her engagement to the foreign prince that had been visiting the court. Asha was pulled out of her thoughts when she noticed that the carriage had come to the gates. Asha straightened up and prepared herself for what waited inside. Everyone needed to believe that she belonged here even though she didn't believe it herself. Asha waited until the carriage came to a stop and the door opened before walking out into her new life.

Later that night after an exhausting introduction and feast Asha followed her new guard to her room where her maids were waiting to help her change. Asha stepped into her new room and her maids came rushing up to undo her dress. As the maids helped her out of her clothes and into her nightwear her thoughts travelled to her life before the wish. She never imagined that she would have this much finery ever. Most days she lived off of what she could grow with occasional payment from the villagers for her help and now look at her, a nobleman’s daughter. Asha didn't really miss her old life, though she did miss the time she had to tend to her garden. The villagers had grown distant as she grew up and avoided her the best they could, only seeking her out when they needed her help. The nobleman had come and saved her from the trial.

The maids finished dressing Asha and she fell on the bed. Asha didn't care that the nobleman was only using her for an elevated status. He had left several weeks ago to negotiate the marriage between her and the prince. Asha smiled as she thought of the prince. Marrying him had been the goal of this past year that she had worked hard to obtain, and now… tomorrow she would wed the prince and maybe finally have control over her own life. With this thought Asha drifted to sleep.

Asha opened her eyes and was greeted by a blinding light. She sat straight up in a panic before her eyes could adjust to the light. When her eyes did adjust she found herself in a strange room with strangers in beds surrounding her own.

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Meretha was living happiest times of her life. She had a wonderful man in his life, a man she was going to marry. A man that was a deep asleep next to her in bed. However she couldn't get sleep. It must have been a year soon. She wasn't exactly sure of the date or time but she knew that it must be close. Meretha watched her soon-to-be husband almost in tears. Why? Why she had agreed to that offer. Had she really been so desperate for love? So desperate that she was only able to enjoy it for a year and now she would have to leave?

Her feelings were a mess. She was happy and sad, wanting to wake him up and tell him that she would have to leave. But how could she crush his feelings for her. Their whole relationship had been a lie. Organized by a goddness. She shook her head. Even if she told him she would sound like crazy. She kept watching him, eventually laying her head on his chest and listened his heart beat. It was a strong, calming sound. Her eyes started to close and she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes, a bright light blinding her for a second. What was going on? Morning sun never shone into their bed, their windows faced other way. It took for a while to her eyes adjust, only to find herself from a strange room. She sat up in the bed to see several beds, people laying all around her. Her first thought being "Some of them wear really weird clothes." At first she thought she was still dreaming but then what was more likely to be a truth, hit her. It had been a year that night.