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Greta Von Dirk

A lonely and anxious young woman who's one desire is a family.

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a character in “The Mortalis Conclavis”, as played by Its Lonely In The Sea


Name: Greta Von Dirk


Gender: Female

Appearance: Greta is tall, and thin as a stick. She is very pale, and has very sharp features. She is about 5'9 and weighs nearly 113 lbs. Greta's ebony hair travels in waves down to her midback. She has very large grey eyes, and has dark, dramatic eyebrows.

Personality: Greta is there. When she enters a room, you know it. She is confident and dramatic, and she'll do what it takes to protect herself. She is not very loyal, and never expects people to be loyal to her. She often lies to people, mainly because she doesn't trust them. Greta is extremely tough, and she knows it. She is not afraid to challenge a person, but she doesn't like fighting. She prefers subtle sabotage, not punches in a bar. However, Greta is very lonely. Since she doesn't trust people, she rarely keeps friends for long, especially if they pick up on her near pathological lying. She has one wish, and she'd do anything to get it- a family.

History: Greta used to be a perfect child. She had plenty of friends, and always seemed happy and polite. That changed in 1939. Greta was born in 1933 in Germany, and was only 9 when her parents were taken away from her. The war was getting worse, and her parents, Eve and Alexander, were getting angry with the state of the country. Eve and Alexander began dropping flyers around town secretly, trying to help relay true information to the people when their information was all censored. After a while, Nazis visited their neighborhood a lot more. They were obviously staking the house, and Eve and Alexander decided they needed to get their child far away- they could die, but they wouldn't allow Greta to be hurt. They sent Greta to Britain to live with Eve's parents. Greta never saw nor heard of her parents again. Greta became cold as she grew older- she felt like her parents had abandoned her. Greta ignored her grandparents for the most part, even though they did their best to be parents again. In 1955, Greta lived on her own. She was 23 and had gotten herself a little house. Manera came to her in her weakest time- the anniversary of when she left her parents forever. Of course, when MAnera asked for a wish, Greta knew. She wished she and her parents had survived the war- together- and they all still were alive and happy. Really, she was wishing for a family. Greta was tired, and didn't quite hear- or maybe Manera left this part out- that she could only live that way for a year.

Your animal form: Ethiopian wolf. She resembles a coyote with dark red fur, a long muzzle and lengthy legs, but is not.

Any other skills: She is very good at acting, and covering up a lie.

So begins...

Greta Von Dirk's Story

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Meretha was living happiest times of her life. She had a wonderful man in his life, a man she was going to marry. A man that was a deep asleep next to her in bed. However she couldn't get sleep. It must have been a year soon. She wasn't exactly sure of the date or time but she knew that it must be close. Meretha watched her soon-to-be husband almost in tears. Why? Why she had agreed to that offer. Had she really been so desperate for love? So desperate that she was only able to enjoy it for a year and now she would have to leave?

Her feelings were a mess. She was happy and sad, wanting to wake him up and tell him that she would have to leave. But how could she crush his feelings for her. Their whole relationship had been a lie. Organized by a goddness. She shook her head. Even if she told him she would sound like crazy. She kept watching him, eventually laying her head on his chest and listened his heart beat. It was a strong, calming sound. Her eyes started to close and she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes, a bright light blinding her for a second. What was going on? Morning sun never shone into their bed, their windows faced other way. It took for a while to her eyes adjust, only to find herself from a strange room. She sat up in the bed to see several beds, people laying all around her. Her first thought being "Some of them wear really weird clothes." At first she thought she was still dreaming but then what was more likely to be a truth, hit her. It had been a year that night.