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Miyuki Chibanya

An honourable girl from feudal Japan who sought to save her family from disaster.

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a character in “The Mortalis Conclavis”, as played by Aquilonn


Name: Miyuki Chibanya
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has dark hair, green eyes and a slender figure. Underneath her right eye is a small birthmark that isn't too noticeable but still something Miyuki can feel self conscious about. She isn't terribly busty or sexualized but rather quite modest. She dresses very modestly with as little skin showing as possible, just as she was raised to do.
Personality: Miyuki always tries to cheer others up and do the right thing, no matter how hard it might be to do so. She believes in being true to oneself and tries to be as passive as possible. She hates any form of violence and is the first to try to defuse any tension, through her warm smile or kind words of reasoning. She is soft spoken, level headed, and graceful.
History: In feudal Japan, two things mattered to Miyuki Chibanya above all else, her honour and her family. One night, her home caught fire while the family slept, and though she would have easily been able to escape, she had lost all hope that her family would make it out alive. Desperate, she prayed to Manera that they'd make it out safely, knowing full well the cost of such a wish coming true.
Your animal form: True to her life on Earth, Miyuki takes the form of a graceful and beautiful white swan, with perfectly preened feathers and features. However, she still retains
Any other skills: Miyuki always enjoyed the simple tasks of a housewife passed down from her mother, including cooking, sewing and cleaning.

So begins...

Miyuki Chibanya's Story

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A year had passed since the day Miyuki Chibanya made the wish to save her family, and they all came out unscathed thankfully. But she was only too aware of the price that wish would cost her, and she had warned her family in advance that tonight was the night. Before falling asleep, her family had gathered around her, each one of them saying their tearful goodbyes and thanking her for saving their lives. Many "I love you"s were passed to and from Miyuki, and before she fell asleep, she whispered, "I love you all so much, I'll miss you. Goodbye.." before succumbing to sleep. When she woke up to a bright room, she knew she had arrived where she had promised to be what seemed like only yesterday.

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Meretha was living happiest times of her life. She had a wonderful man in his life, a man she was going to marry. A man that was a deep asleep next to her in bed. However she couldn't get sleep. It must have been a year soon. She wasn't exactly sure of the date or time but she knew that it must be close. Meretha watched her soon-to-be husband almost in tears. Why? Why she had agreed to that offer. Had she really been so desperate for love? So desperate that she was only able to enjoy it for a year and now she would have to leave?

Her feelings were a mess. She was happy and sad, wanting to wake him up and tell him that she would have to leave. But how could she crush his feelings for her. Their whole relationship had been a lie. Organized by a goddness. She shook her head. Even if she told him she would sound like crazy. She kept watching him, eventually laying her head on his chest and listened his heart beat. It was a strong, calming sound. Her eyes started to close and she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes, a bright light blinding her for a second. What was going on? Morning sun never shone into their bed, their windows faced other way. It took for a while to her eyes adjust, only to find herself from a strange room. She sat up in the bed to see several beds, people laying all around her. Her first thought being "Some of them wear really weird clothes." At first she thought she was still dreaming but then what was more likely to be a truth, hit her. It had been a year that night.