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The Mortalis Conclavis

The House of Dreams


a part of The Mortalis Conclavis, by ChildishDelusion.


ChildishDelusion holds sovereignty over The House of Dreams, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The House of Dreams is a part of The Mortalis Conclavis.

7 Characters Here

Miyuki Chibanya [2] An honourable girl from feudal Japan who sought to save her family from disaster.
Artemis Leto [2] The renowned goddess was once just a girl.
Matthias Vanderhugh [2] The meek bookworm who sought to save his sister.
Asha Ragnheld [2] Her only wish was for control over her life.
Greta Von Dirk [1] A lonely and anxious young woman who's one desire is a family.
Meretha Hope [1] The lonely journalist who just wanted to find love and companionship
Manera [0] A beautiful goddess with a dangerous obsession

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There is a world where a lone goddess weeps. Cold, salty tears fall from her icy blue eyes as she closes a vault door. The door groans and clicks shut, several locks and seals appear on its surface as she walks away, heavy in heart. Surrounding the gardens of the Mortalis Conclavis is a huge and wondrous forest and within this forest sits a large golden fountain. And beside this fountain that this immortal chooses to sit. This Goddess is Manera, the deity who has grown tired of her loneliness. In desperation for companionship Manera has sought humans from Earth to come and live with her in return for a wish. With a hopeful smile she peers into the waters of the fountain and find them. Poor souls whose tears fall and hearts are as heavy as hers. They cry for a miracle, for things she can easily provide for them and in turn, they will provide for her.

Manera reaches into the cool waters and speaks to them with hope and love all over their world, all over their timelines. Time, time is relative for her, and she grants them a year with the miracle she has provided them. Their wishes fulfilled and granted it has become time for the humans to keep their promises to live with her in heaven. Grinning to herself as she runs her delicate porcelain hand across the smooth tips of the surface Marena called out to her people, her chosen few, lulling them into a sleep. She sings softly, beckoning and guides their sleeping souls to her realm. The souls would be led to her vast manor, awaiting her when she returned. A smile crept across her face as she turned from the fountain and began her journey back to her home, their home now. For they would live here forever and no one could escape the “House of Dreams”. No one.

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Character Portrait: Artemis Leto
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Artemis Leto

Artemis Leto threw her spear and bow under her bed. It had been a productive hunt this morning. 4 rabbits, a deer and a fox, the Leto family would eat well and have fine furs in the days to come. It was her father that preferred to skin the animals, and so she had left them in the smoker shed for him. Her thighs and arms ached from such a morning in the forests, stalking her prey but she loved every ache and pain. This was her, this told her she was alive. The hunt was all she lived for and she would be remembered forever for it. Her thoughts travelled to the Goddess that had promised her so. Smirking to herself she threw her hunting clothing to one side and tucked it behind the door and drew water from the pump in her room to clean the mud and sweat from her body. As she ran the wet cloth over her curves she mused over the days events, the stag that had try to outrun her and the fox that had been outwitted by her trap. She had set up several more and was to check them in a few hours when the light had fallen to see the night prey she had caught. She spent most of her days in the forest now, her up upcoming wedding was approaching fast. Artemis needed as many memories of that forest she could get.

Clean and dry Athena threw on her hunting gear once more and lay down on her bed. She would have to wait until the sun had well disappeared from the sky in order to recheck her traps. So a nap now wouldn't hurt. Lazily closing her eyes she dreamt of the hunt, the thrill and the soft voice that was calling her name.

Bright searing light hit her eyes and she jumped to her feet, immediately falling to the floor with a thud. "By the damnation of the gods" she cursed to herself, not believing she slept through the night. And to the confusion as to why were her legs refusing to move? Muttering under her breath she managed to pull herself up into the sitting position using her bed a leverage. As her eyes began to adjust to the light she saw quite clearly she was no longer in her room. She tried to call out but found she could not muster more that a hoarse shout, her voice had somehow run off. Around her lay several others in beds spanning the room as she frantically tried to figure out where she had landed. Her mind racing in a panic and her body failing to let her run.

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Character Portrait: Miyuki Chibanya
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A year had passed since the day Miyuki Chibanya made the wish to save her family, and they all came out unscathed thankfully. But she was only too aware of the price that wish would cost her, and she had warned her family in advance that tonight was the night. Before falling asleep, her family had gathered around her, each one of them saying their tearful goodbyes and thanking her for saving their lives. Many "I love you"s were passed to and from Miyuki, and before she fell asleep, she whispered, "I love you all so much, I'll miss you. Goodbye.." before succumbing to sleep. When she woke up to a bright room, she knew she had arrived where she had promised to be what seemed like only yesterday.

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Character Portrait: Asha Ragnheld
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Asha Ragnheld sat in the extravagant carriage as the horses carried them along the route. It had taken awhile her awhile to get used to the castle that she had been brought to live in, but she had gotten used to it, and now just when she was finally believing that she belonged there, she was uprooted again. The carriage that she was now riding in had come several weeks ago for her along with the news of her engagement to the foreign prince that had been visiting the court. Asha was pulled out of her thoughts when she noticed that the carriage had come to the gates. Asha straightened up and prepared herself for what waited inside. Everyone needed to believe that she belonged here even though she didn't believe it herself. Asha waited until the carriage came to a stop and the door opened before walking out into her new life.

Later that night after an exhausting introduction and feast Asha followed her new guard to her room where her maids were waiting to help her change. Asha stepped into her new room and her maids came rushing up to undo her dress. As the maids helped her out of her clothes and into her nightwear her thoughts travelled to her life before the wish. She never imagined that she would have this much finery ever. Most days she lived off of what she could grow with occasional payment from the villagers for her help and now look at her, a nobleman’s daughter. Asha didn't really miss her old life, though she did miss the time she had to tend to her garden. The villagers had grown distant as she grew up and avoided her the best they could, only seeking her out when they needed her help. The nobleman had come and saved her from the trial.

The maids finished dressing Asha and she fell on the bed. Asha didn't care that the nobleman was only using her for an elevated status. He had left several weeks ago to negotiate the marriage between her and the prince. Asha smiled as she thought of the prince. Marrying him had been the goal of this past year that she had worked hard to obtain, and now… tomorrow she would wed the prince and maybe finally have control over her own life. With this thought Asha drifted to sleep.

Asha opened her eyes and was greeted by a blinding light. She sat straight up in a panic before her eyes could adjust to the light. When her eyes did adjust she found herself in a strange room with strangers in beds surrounding her own.

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Character Portrait: Matthias Vanderhugh
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#, as written by Fubsy
One year. It had been one year. 365 days, 52 weeks, 8760 hours. Each meticulously counted by Matthias. He knew it was ridiculous to count. That those imaginary tally marks wouldn't anything to lengthen the time with his sister. But Matthias counted nonetheless. Each day, week, hour a constant reminder of what he promised, and what he had managed to save.

"Hey, Matty? You okay there?"

Matthias jumped in surprise as the lighthearted voice cut through his thoughts and his stormy eyes lifted from the pages of his book. "Huh? Oh, um, yeah. I'm great, why?"

"You've been reading the same page for the last ten minutes, you dingus." June reclined in the couch next to him, her crooked smile illuminated by the dim glow of her phone. Despite her jovial tone, concern shone clear in her own eyes. June ran a hand through her short, brown hair and poked Matthias with a socked foot. "Seriously, what's up? Did your favorite character die again? Crazy plot twist? Sudden realization of how much of a nerd you are?"

Matthias returned her smile, though his seemed seemed to fluctuate towards a grimace. "No, no, and I figured that out a long time ago." He rose from his spot on the couch and ruffled his sister's hair, despite her groan of protest. "Just tired, is all." It was the truth. Sort of. He didn't want to lie to June. Anyone but her. Matthias wanted to tell her everything. The goddess, the deal, all of it. But how could he? Would she even believe him? He wouldn't even have believed himself if it weren't for the fact that his sister was still walking around. All Matthias could do was give a quiet sigh, and utter a soft, "Love you," before climbing up the stairs to his room.

When Matthias plopped into his bed, sleep hit him like a train. His mind faded to the lull of a dreamless static. For a moment, at least. When he opened his eyes, his bedroom was gone. The leak prone plaster of his ceiling was replaced instead by a brilliant light. The walls, his shelves, his window -- all of it torn away in favor of a room filled with other individuals in similar beds. Matthias blinked fast. He wished he could say he wanted to rise up and look around. Instead, fear seized up in his chest, followed by that childlike desire to duck under the covers as if that protect him or take him back to June. Either way, Matthias remained in bed, paralyzed and utterly confused.

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Meretha was living happiest times of her life. She had a wonderful man in his life, a man she was going to marry. A man that was a deep asleep next to her in bed. However she couldn't get sleep. It must have been a year soon. She wasn't exactly sure of the date or time but she knew that it must be close. Meretha watched her soon-to-be husband almost in tears. Why? Why she had agreed to that offer. Had she really been so desperate for love? So desperate that she was only able to enjoy it for a year and now she would have to leave?

Her feelings were a mess. She was happy and sad, wanting to wake him up and tell him that she would have to leave. But how could she crush his feelings for her. Their whole relationship had been a lie. Organized by a goddness. She shook her head. Even if she told him she would sound like crazy. She kept watching him, eventually laying her head on his chest and listened his heart beat. It was a strong, calming sound. Her eyes started to close and she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes, a bright light blinding her for a second. What was going on? Morning sun never shone into their bed, their windows faced other way. It took for a while to her eyes adjust, only to find herself from a strange room. She sat up in the bed to see several beds, people laying all around her. Her first thought being "Some of them wear really weird clothes." At first she thought she was still dreaming but then what was more likely to be a truth, hit her. It had been a year that night.