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The Mountain's Blood

The Mountain's Blood


What can you do when the night screeches but when you reach out, nothing is there? 1x1 With Muunckin & Jaek

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A rainforest, untouched by machinery and destruction. Instead it is lush, wet, populated by large mammals docile and violent. The flora is bright, colorful and large because of the excess oxygen in the air. There are many rivers, tranquil and raging, along with beautiful waterfalls. Along with the beautiful sights and songs from the birdlife there is one large mountain. A mountain that is so steep and grand that the clans simply appreciate its strength, as anyone who has dared try to scale it has died. The few who have succeeded have never returned. Many beilieve that they have been ascended by the gods.

10 Large tribes live in this rainforest with their own large territories, their own customs, their own symbols, and their own relationships.
Our story is centerd on the Rituka Clan, their tribe color being Blue. This clan is known for its formiddable knowledge in battle tactics and skilled hunters.

Living in the Rainforest is no easy task, the humidity and unrelenting rain makes sure of it. But, fruit and farm land is abundant and the animals are curious but wary of the human life. There are very few panther and jaguar attacks.

Life in the forest is good but for recent years there has been word passing among the tribes that there is an elusive nomad group composed of Savages and Cannabals.
The group dubbed Sadisi by the clans, has chosen the Rainforest as a place to return to at any given time during the year. The people are a problem because of their kidnapping tendencies and messy habits. It's an ongoing problem though because the group seems to be experts at packing and moving quickly or simply hiding their true wereabouts. No one ever knows where they are or their plans until they're being dragged away.

The Tribe chiefs have been holding more frequent meetings in order to try and solve their plights.

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Rituka Village

Rituka Village by Muunchkin

A large Village filled with Rituka people of all complexions. Men and women are constantly doing their chores throughout the day.

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Character Portrait: Hunter Gillead
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Gillead grunt as he gave the thin rope one last tug. The tug tightened the quadrouple knotted knot and he squint his eyes, examining the cluster until he was satisfied at its complexity. Once satisfied, he slowly took his left hand off of the skinned and cleaned carcass that was strung up by its hind legs, its rib cage open and its horns removed. The carcass swung precariously and Gillead waited a few moments before removing his right hand from the rope. After a few intense seconds he huffed and gave a firm nod before allowing himself an accomplished smile. "There we go. I'm on a streak this Moon (Meaning month. When the moon completes all of its phases, a month has passed.)"

The Hunter was working inside of the smokehouse. A house that was made with firm and thick wood, thick roofing, and a small chimney at the back. In the center of the small house was a large yet constantly smoldering fire. An active fire was too dangerous because of the material used to build the house and a smoldering fire provided much more slow heat. Checking his kill again, he sets to stringing up the remaining two. And once they were strung, he placed a bucket directly under each of them so that any stray juices from the slow cooking could be collected and made into a delicious broth or stew. Gillead hummed while he worked, enjoying the physical activity of hoisting up the carcasses and the practice of his skill as he grabbed his bowl of his own Secret Seasoning and began rubbing it into the soft meat of the animal.

His task always delighted everyone of the village as the smell of him constantly tending to the slow roasting meat, permeated the village, and made passerbys giddy with excited hunger. And Gillead was dutiful to his job, he thoroughly enjoyed watching his Clan mates scarf down his meals and come hurrying back for more. He even found an evil delight in denying female cooks of the village, the information of the contents of his secret seasoning.

Gillead chuckles to himself while rubbing his seasoning into the nooks of the animal's limbs.


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Character Portrait: Chief Lawdren Character Portrait: Chieftress Natili
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"What are we to do, Lawdren? I know the mothers of the village are afraid. They fear the dark now, for themselves and their families. And they tell me that their husbands have become on edge too." Natili strokes the Chief's hair back with her fingers. Her dark brown eyes gaze down at him from her position seated slightly above him. She took in his muscles, his brown skin, his full beard and she listened to his tired breathing.

Lawdren rumbled like a beast in its sleep, his eyes half closed as he enjoyed the feeling of hands running through his hair and nails gently grazing his scalp. What he really needed was a massage. The long hot days he spent traveling to the Place of Meeting for all of the Clan Chiefs, the hours spent listening to horrors and plights and frustrations, the feeling of his muscles tightening and aching in his back as he was too concerned to sit back and relax. Yeah. Maybe after the warriors finished their feast he would ask Natili for a nice massage. Maybe she would use those hot stones.. He sunk farther into her lap, his large and rough hands stroking her feet thoughtfully.
He was laying so that he was between her legs with the back of his head on her stomach. Sighing softly, he was just about to close his eyes when he felt fingers drumming against his cheek. "Hm?"

"Are you asleep..? Maybe you shouldn't attend the Warrior Dinner tonight. Stay home, my love.." Natili coo'd as she watched Lawdren doze. But after the sentence was out of her mouth, he was grunting and starting to sit up. She rolled her eyes.

"Nope. Nuh uh." He stood and shook himself out before stretching and groaning. "I want them to know that I feel their unease and that I'm not just hiding under the skirts of my wife." He began stroking his beard. "The Sadisi are a problem that needs many minds to come together. What happend to the Geni (Jen eye; The clan living on the edge of the forest.) is.. Concerning and disgusting. I want to be with my men to try and calm their nerves." He rumbles, glancing at his wife as she picked at the pillows she laid on. "Hey don't you start that. That doesn't work and you know it." He could feel heat rising in his skin.

Natilli's eyes locked with Lawdren's as she frowned and laid down on her side, running her fingers up and down her own arm in a forlorn manner. She sighed and pout a bit "I can see how tense your shoulders are. I had plans for one of the girls to bring me the hot stones and I was going to work them out.. But if you're going to the Dinner then I guess I'll go to bed now.." She started to turn over but grinned and tried to hide her fit of laughter as she felt large hands grab her and turn her over before a hand would run down her cheek.

"Enough of that you minx!" He ruffed. "I will return halfway through. How does that sound?"

The Chieftress smiled and nodded "The hot stones will be waiting for you." She purred while reaching up to finger comb his beard.
Lawdren hummed suggestively while leaning closer and Natili laughed again.

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Rituka Village

Rituka Village by Muunchkin

A large Village filled with Rituka people of all complexions. Men and women are constantly doing their chores throughout the day.

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Character Portrait: Chief Lawdren
1 sightings Chief Lawdren played by Muunchkin
Firm and stone eyed yet with a heart of chocolate.
Character Portrait: Chieftress Natili
1 sightings Chieftress Natili played by Muunchkin
Cower from her bite or gaze at her beauty and revel in her voice.
Character Portrait: Warrior Matiah
0 sightings Warrior Matiah played by Muunchkin
Smooth tongue'd jokester who enjoys the company of women.
Character Portrait: Hunter Gillead
1 sightings Hunter Gillead played by Muunchkin
A lover. Not a fighhter.
Character Portrait: Warrior Jeiru
0 sightings Warrior Jeiru played by Muunchkin
A gorrila of sorts. Not a conversationalist.

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Rituka Village

Rituka Village by Muunchkin

A large Village filled with Rituka people of all complexions. Men and women are constantly doing their chores throughout the day.

Rituka Village

A large Village filled with Rituka people of all complexions. Men and women are constantly doing their chores throughout the day.

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