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The Multiversal War

The Multiversal War


The Battle between The Multiverse and The Void. The Void was all that existed in the beginning until Agatheth created the Multiverse, a symbol of light in the darkness.

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At the beginning the only thing that existed was the Void. The Void was just darkness nothing could be darker than it, it could be darker than darkness itself. Nothing else lived in the void at the time except 2 things. One was the void's physical form it was the one thing in the void that was darker than the void. It's name was almost unpronounceable, and when spoken it could drive you mad just hearing it. The other thing was a orb of light it was a rainbow color, The Infinity Pearl. This pearl seemed to have a consciousness of its own, it created a space that looked just like the sky brilliantly blue, The Multiverse was born. The Void saw this light and wished to consume it, the void tried to consume the multiverse but the infinity pearl stopped it putting a protection known as The Multiverse's Edge. Agatheth also used much of his power to trap the void in a less dark form that was like a black storm cloud. The Void got a small bit of darkness into the multiverse though and through that space became unbreathable and much darker. The Infinity pearl created three beings to protect the multiverse; Life, Death, and Time. Life was meant to create, Death was meant to destroy, but Time was in the middle he was meant to keep balance between life and death. The Infinity pearl then created the first dimension known as the immortal lands. It was meant to be the land of the gods. The Infinity Pearl then created the first version of Earth where he placed mortals the first creatures known as the Elgrins, they had the body of men but the heads of animals and the abilities of those animals sometimes having arms and legs like an animals but they always stood on 2 legs like humans and wore clothes and armor like humans. They began to call the infinity pearl The Great Old One Agatheth. Agatheth took this name and used it. Life, Death, and Time began to be known as Great Old Ones too they took forms that looked more like men but they didn't have skin, they still were like spirits Life was a green glow, Death was a a storm of black and red, Time was a white glow. Together the 3 combined their power to created The Crimson Overlord who was a pure crimson glow. His job was only to protect the multiverse. The Void attacked then and together Agatheth, Life, Death, Time, and The Crimson Overlord used most of their power to trap the void in one last physical form to end it all this form was like a green skinned scaly man with dragon wings and an octopus head, it's new name to the mortals was Cthulhu. Cthulhu had created others though before this who had come as well. Azathoth, Leviathan, Neckta, and Nyarlathotep. Azathoth represented half of Cthulhu, the half that drove men insane, Azathoth had one large eye, no mouth, and seemed to be made out of flesh and tentacles. Leviathan represented the other half which was meant to consume everything. It had one large mouth and then thousands of smaller mouths all over its body and it had eyes all of its body also it was like a huge lump of flesh with tentacles coming out of it. Neckta resembled Cthulhu but he had slight differences and was smaller and weaker but was still extremely powerful. Nyarlathotep was the most like men though, he didn't care to consume everything. He believed mortals were fun to "play with" and wanted them to live so he had someone to torcher. He stayed out of the war and did his own thing. The others were made to eternally sleep except Nyarlathotep who was no where to be seen. Later on many more dimensions, universes, galaxies, solar systems, and worlds were created. Along with that were new beings. 12 new great old ones known as Crimson Grand Lords meant to be a multiversal council, Universal/Elder Gods, Galactic Gods, System Gods, and Planetary Gods. The other gods also created more minor gods. Overlords, Grand Lords, and Lords. The Void creatures were known as The Leviathans they were created some by Nyarlathotep and some by the other's subconscious minds. Some day the void would fully awaken again and the multiverse would need to be ready to fight and end it once and for all.

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The Void

The Void by WildCat1368

You have entered a place that should never be found. You will now face a fate worse than death.

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#9378: The End Of The Multiversal War

This quest is to destroy the void and end to war that has lasted for an infinite number of years.

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The Leviathans Of The Void

The Void is the great enemy of the multiverse bent on consuming all

The Gods Of The Multiverse

A place of light in the darkness

The Leviathans Of The Void

The Void is the great enemy of the multiverse bent on consuming all



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The Void

The Void by WildCat1368

You have entered a place that should never be found. You will now face a fate worse than death.


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Character Portrait: Cthulhu
Character Portrait: Agatheth


Character Portrait: Cthulhu

Cthulhu is the physical form of the Void and has always existed never born and was always here.

Character Portrait: Agatheth

Agatheth also known as The Infinity Pearl created the Multiverse and saved existence from The Void


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The Void

The Void by WildCat1368

You have entered a place that should never be found. You will now face a fate worse than death.

The Void

You have entered a place that should never be found. You will now face a fate worse than death.

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