Maka Albarn

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a character in “The Multiverse: Chaos Ensues”, as played by blackwolf



Name: Make Albarn

Age: 14

Personality: TBA

Universe: Manga - Soul Eater

Author: Atsushi Ōkubo

Powers:"hmm...you ask too much..."

Physical Fitness: Although not in league with the likes of Black Star, Maka has shown great physical fitness throughout the series. She is able to swing a scythe, an uncommon weapon used in battle, with enough force to cut through a body and her melee attacks are quite strong. Aside from her strength, she has shown great flexibility and reflex. This is seen during her battle against Sid. During this battle, she was able to quickly maneuver around Sid's Living End and deliver a strong leg drop with little space--once again touching upon her strength. Her athleticism is noted amongst the females, as Patti's close-combat abilities are compared to that of Maka's. In the anime, she presents good speed and stamina, as she is shown to run up walls, jump from tree to tree, and run for incredibly long distances. Despite her renowned athleticism, she can be incompetent in sports such as basketball as she has no idea how to play them. Her skills in handling a scythe are called into question while in the Envy Chapter of the Book of Eibon, but her performance seen in Soul Eater Not! contradicts this. She is also rather adaptable in combat, as she quickly and effortlessly switches to aerial combat when she activates her Grigori Soul.

Soul Perception: This unique ability allows a person to 'perceive' the souls of living people. Maka first activates this ability during her battle against Stein. As the series progressed, she is able to use the ability at will, being able to quickly detect multiple souls from a distance. When compared to most Soul Perception users, Maka's Soul Perception is especially sensitive, earning her the nickname, 'the Human Radar' by Black Star. She is usually among the first to recognize a person or a Witch's presence. She reacts immediately to a Witch's Soul Wavelength and can sense people around her even when they are hiding. It has progressed to the point where she can distinguish between a normal, human soul and a Witch Soul. She can also identify a person she knows by only looking at their soul. Her Soul Perception is very powerful, being able to spread over a great distance and making her more efficient in combat as she can sense her enemy's presence. Because her Soul Perception will probably reach the level of Joe Buttataki's where she can identify a Witch with Soul Protect on, she is currently targeted by evil forces. Justin Law once attempts to assassinate Maka but is stopped by Stein and Marie. Maka's Soul Perception's range is the most impressive trait, when accompanied with Soul, Maka was able to scan the entire world and even the moon.

Anti-Demon Wavelength: Maka's soul carries an Anti-Demon Wavelength. This Wavelength acts as a powerful barrier against insanity and darkness. This Wavelength is also carried over to her attacks, which serve to be very effective against Witches or any individual harboring madness or dark powers. Using the purification effect of her Anti-Demon Wavelength in her attacks, she can even take on an Immortal. This Anti-Demon Wavelength, coupled with her sensitive Soul Perception ability, makes Maka a huge threat to the Kishin and Witches. Attempts to kill her are from both Medusa, in the name of Witches, and Justin, in the name of Asura. In the English dub of the anime, it is called an Excorcism Wavelength or an Anti-Magic Wavelength. She can Resonate with others who are about to be pulled into madness, and restore their sanity. She can do this through acts of physical contact, such as holding hands, or by embracing someone.

Black Blood: Through Soul, Maka can temporarily use Black Blood, an insanity facilitator. Under the effects of the Black Blood for the first time, Maka forgoes her normal personality in lieu of a more crazed, bloodthirsty persona. Due to the Black Blood hardening within her body, she is able to gain an immunity against slash and crush attacks and also acquires superior strength. Later on in the series, when Soul and Maka perform Soul Resonance, Soul inadvertently activates the Black Blood. This time, however, he has more control over this and, instead of Maka becoming a lunatic, she dons a dress made of Black Blood. The only service this dress has given is acting as a durable armor towards attacks. The Black Blood however cannot seem to permanently infect her like with Soul because of her Anti-Demon Wavelength.

Grigori: Maka has a Grigori Soul, a rare type of soul that only one in fifty million people possess. Grigori Souls have wings, which gives the person the ability to fly. Maka does this by creating wings on her partner, Soul, while he is in Weapon form. It is unclear whether it possesses any other ability beside flying. The strength of her Grigori Soul may differ from Gopher's, since she needs Soul to create her wings, whilst Gopher can create his wings on his person without a partner.

Weapon Gene: In the anime only, it is shown that Maka has inherited the Weapon blood from her father, Spirit. In the last episode of the anime, Maka's dormant 'Weapon blood' from her father is awakened while unconscious, producing blades from various limbs and proving to be a very intimidating opponent in battle. She can also produce any amount of blades of any size. Although Maka has only used her 'Weapon Blood' in the anime,it is possible she might use it in the manga as well.

Courage: Another thing that makes Maka strong against insanity is her courage. Although most people who face fear do so out of recklessness, Maka has the courage in order to take in and understand fear and insanity, and fight against it. Her courage allows her to break out of insanity-induced spells. Also, she can use Chain Resonance with people who are using Madness Release to make themselves more powerful and use her courage to act as a support for the others so they do not fall too deep into the madness.

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