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This is the lead-in to an event that will change the trajectory of every person within the story. An event that introduces the TVA into the multiverse.
Zosimos stands formally charged by the legal bodies of both foreign and domestic governments for crimes against humanity.
The Vankoryth Detente are hosting a Vampire Only soiree in the Room of York of Tauvyr Tavern. The night would feature an uncorking of a very rare bottle of wine, the opportunity to rub elbows with the who's who of the vampire world, and free tapas.
Eclaire Hanley, Aschen Commander accidentally bumped into Carmen Dellevon at the Grand Opening of Club 47 of Blue Heaven, and neither of the women were happy to have a meet-cute.
Carmen of House Dellevon has long been envious of her cousin and rival, Cobreo. A secret meeting with the Crimson Dragons may help solve her problems; for a hefty price.
The Grand Opening of Hotel Zafiro on Blue Haven, owned and operated by Dellevon Intergalatic- a top hospitality company in The Multiverse.
The Socks universe colides with others
Aeli and Yanagi set off with Sishi from their cottage in Mountain Cove. They are making their annual merchant journey, but who knows what they will encounter?
Domestic life featuring Aeli Aimani and Yanagi Eiko, plus their cat Sishi.
Xavier introduces a newcomer to the Cursed Woods, set on making his first impression an impactful one.
The Pagourano mines have been losing Gnomes to a mysterious beast deep within, and the Aurelian Empire has been contracted to make them safe again.
One of the first rebellions has finally been noticed by the Aschen Empire. How will it turn out?
The introduction of the Children of Ash into the Multiverse.
A sea monster living in the Solinus Sea makes a meal of K'gara.
The Don Dellevon of House Dellevon is threatened by the uprising of a local vigilante group.
Rival cousins Carmen and Cobreo of House Dellevon reunite for the first time in five years on the Blakomet.
Shortly after an assault on the Aschen world of Molecay, Admiral Ilia, in command of the Strike Carrier Unglauss, assaults Cryo.

However, she finds more than she expected, and is forced to retreat. The consequences of even that, however, make themselves known to her enemies, and her allies.
These are the annuls recorded by the historians of the Rokin Republic, detailing the discovery and colonization of the planet of Gaia by the Khroniktan Alliance.
What does one do when the elements themselves become your enemy?

You pray, and hold on to whatever floats in the chaos.
Remilia Scarlet hosts an elaborate New Year's party at her mansion for any to join if they so wish.
A regime change comes to the city of Vien on Aberash.
A large and volatile beast ravages Aberash.
Alighieri returns for but a moment, taking with him to the næther the entirety of Gambit's bustling bar.
Do any survive the ancient pathways below the Sapphire Desert, or do all who dare trespass fall to ruin inside...
Artrea wreaks havoc on the balance of Gaia in the name of Eras.
In which Draco gives Daemala a ring
Terun purchases a music box who is more than the eye beholds...
A real estate agent seeks out the Detente for a lucrative investment opportunity, or so he says.
Zosimos is under arrest for committing crimes against his Blood.
The Vankoryth Detente call a meeting and discuss their place in the world.
Ulrich Paternosta visits the WCPD to address concerning information & a tarnished reputation. Looks like the night just got a whole lot more dangerous.
A diplomatic message for the Camarilla from Myrkul's Vein per Imperium protocol is brought to the Vankoryth Detente in reference to a Terrorist Attack in Wing City by Sabbat Vampires against Civilians - and nobody seems to be on the same page.
Mugenak, a knight of the Archiver Collective, emerges from his eons-long slumber deep in Langara's mantle and makes himself known to the Aschen people. Will his presence be met with hostility or with open arms? What unfathomable motives does his synthetic mind hold?
Vincentro Santorini has been catapulted into the Multiverse after escaping the Void, but doesn't have any memory as to how they got to where they are.
The Aschen Fleet encounters a mysterious superfleet of trans-dimensional visitors.
The infamous space pirate gang, The Deathweaver Clan, lands on Ruula in attempt to start an off-world smuggling operation.
A elf-wizard seeks the help of the wind in his quest to seek and recover all those who are lost.
Thrawn visits the Aschen.
A fight between Randin Kaye, and Marlene Angle turns into a bloody crucifixion.
This is the story of Prince Niku III and his mission to find a chi master who will train him and make him strong enough to defeat Emperor Pit in a battle to the death, restoring the sovereignty and independence of Planet Carne.
A battle between the One Eyed King Karma Kura and the Living Shadow Zai Akubane. Whose side to you choose. The fate of Kanderdam hangs in the balance.
Karma Kura v.s Zai Akubane. Pick a side and join the battle for Kanderdam.
A new and mysterious person has arrived from a distant corner of the Multiverse. His name...? Karma Kura, the half demon assassin.
The second Ball of Chaos, Verinotte Hollow's premiere upscale event where all who can afford to attend are invited. Hosted by the Vankoryth Detente.
In which our rag-tag crew mope about in Gambit's Bar after a mission went badly for them.
(Fixed) James calls up Sandra and Touko picks up on it as well.
James phones up Sandra but the call gets messed with and Emiko picks it up as well.
There is a need to hunt those who opposed order and disturb others, on the planet Cortex, there exist a certain group that needs hunting. They are corrupt and without savior, committing foul atrocities in the name of thier leader. This is the story that starts with a bounty and ends with a conspiracy much bigger than wanted or expected for a mission so simple. The Stars and Stones Bar is where all bounties can be found in the Isles of Fiari. Something big is at play, and these false Aschen will surely bring destruction to many in the City of Fiari.
Cole, Toamna, Yuki, and Astana encounter a strange entity...
Seal point snowshoe; part time doctor/ singer/ hooker/ dancer. Down on her luck. Seeks help.
While wandering the bitter winterized woods and semi-supplied, Ixa and Snowflake encoutner an unconscious woman in this extreme envirornment and have to fight for their lives...not? They end up okay in the end, and Ixa gets a blessing from a powerful and almost certainly divine level artifact for the help, and the bravery.
Divine Champion Yvandir fights the Gargantua named Li Xi who is 58 feet tall.
LogicRoad took on a major decision to reopen the RIP for legitimate and illegitimate purposes. Vitas an individual, that Eros has met was decided to be the new Warden of the Facility. Peyton his daughter feels this is a mistake and fully intends to watch the situation closely until she is distracted.
Melissa Armstrong, formally the girlfriend of Maria Van-Helsing meets Spike who intends to give her long-awaited revenge. Unfortunately, Melissa has given up hope and was hiding to avoid being found. When Spike reveals her deep cover, she is not happy in the least, but ruefully she agrees enough to discuss further.
With a new Demon King in the world, or an old one reawakened, while you can surely find answers at many places, one might come into mind before any others: Oka Island, the birthplace of Civilization on Origin.
The tale of how a Seemingly small band of freedom fighters turned out to be a Empire
In the distance spaces a storm raged. The forced of heaven and hell rallied to seal it away lest the storm consume them all. In its wake a collective of servants long meditated in quiet contemplation of propaganda from a dead nation. Worn down over the eons of time the pitted bulwark has cracked. A quartet of massive eyes seeks its people thought beyond the wall. The servants ascended beyond their position into opinions of their own. Forged in the propaganda of their forebears but not raised in its cryonism Myrkul's Vein finds itself a power of change.
The exciting, wild, wonderous adventures and japes of the Multiverse's most acclaimed gentleman adventurer, Gentleman Jon!
Getting through the first floor
The third Champion of the Gargantuan Hunt, C.H.A.R., fights the Gargantua named Quadman who is 40 feet tall.
Becca was once a hacker traveling the streets until an unfortunate shotgun eviction of her heart. Another darker being from distant locale, a hairworm in the form of a Ductu, could not abide instead stealing her back from death. However the girl's soul took more of a liking to the genial puppeter than it should rejecting a replacement heart in favor of the puppeteer that forced it to live. Replacement of the heart to allow Rebecca autonomy required more desperate measures funded by her puppeteer's patron being.
An assortment of adventurers, for various reasons, arrived at The Impervious Door - only to learn that The Impervious Door won't easily be opened.
The honorable death of Keneke Tua'ala, Siren of The Letoa Clan
Draco seeks to recover his strength after grappling with the zealous and xenophobic Imperium of Man, only to face an even greater challenge...but is the strength of a holy blade enough to overcome the age of its wielder?
Christopher Orlow, a wandering mage, hires potential bodyguards to assist him in his exploration of the Collenham Mountains in search of a fabled font of power...
The mission of the Sinhai Federation to become better than they ever have been, and become one of the greatest civilizations to ever be.
Sketchpad, a planet of 2 billion in a distant galaxy, is dying. If they do not find a new home, death is imminent.
Blackrock is in disarray; the nobility are in a frenzy; the peasants are dying by the thousands; and invaders from a distant galaxy are coming. The only beacon in this darkness are a group of people who, despite not being perfect angels, are destined to save this cesspool of a planet.
A new planet has been discovered by everyone alike, but a certain creature has already arrived and escaped for Uv Black Ops Uv for containment.
Under duress by one of his many enemies, Teddy Ursa must journey to the Valley of Shadows, where he is to try and steal a scale from the Draco of Shadows.
A strange young lad wandered into gambits bar with bloody clothes and seems to have a serious and dangerous problem, a ancient mage and a sword wielding gentleman have gotten involved and are trying to help
After remaining dormant for more than a decade following the Great Culling, the remaining Quincy begin to appear on a new world in order to revive their once great order.
Yamaxanadu, Eiki Shiki and Her Subordinate get Transported to an unfamiliar place.
...where Akio finds a lost hiker at the door, and a snack turns into a siring.
...where Akio goes to his room/lab, tries to get some sleep, but gets a visitor in the middle of the night who failed to heed his warnings and became the first non-human test subject.
Aspect of Balance gets in a one-on-one fight against a Pit Fiend...
The Vankoryth Detente has assembled once again. What are these undead creatures getting up to; and are those fingers stickin' outta that guy's mouth?
How did someone who doesn't belong to the Vankoryth Detente get on castle grounds? What even is happening at this castle anymore?! You know what? Let's get a drink.
Many millennia ago, Elohim had a dream, and there were those that supported him in that dream.
The Orizax is reawakening. Not much is known regarding it, other than it is an etheric creature that feasts on fear and can travel seamlessly among the shadows, but it's effect on unsuspecting people is becoming more notorious with each passing day.
Subconscious acquires a new friend, in the form of a mysterious glowing creature which exists throughout The Multiverse
When two old lovers once betrothed meet up after a year of their last meeting which ended in the death of one of them, all bets are off. But why is there tea ??
A family is reunited and memories are returned
Two loves reunite, but shadows threaten to harm the fun
In the beginning.... there were Oreos
A merchant ship has been destroyed by an Aschen vessel just outside of Cortex.
A merchant ship has been destroyed by an Aschen vessel just outside of Cortex.
Nexus has set out on a journey to mend his heart through hard work of maintenance of the Multi-Dimensional Pathway. Hoping to find a couple of adventures and perspective on how to become a better individual.
The Wing City arch, a symbolic and grand monolithic landmark throughout the whole of the world of Terra, is struck by catastrophe and collapses. Thousands are slaughtered in the wake of the single greatest disaster Wing city has ever known.
Adventures of the Cobalt Glaive: The New Second

Captain Ean Falcor and his crew aboard the Cobalt Glaive have come to Wing City, partly to recuperate from their last mission, and partly to say goodbye to their beloved Second in Command, who's to spend the rest of his days retired in Wing City.

But fate is ever close to Ean Falcor, as he encounters new friends, new enemies, and new adventures!
A middle class citizen of Narita seeks aid in finding his daughter, but the man he hires finds something far worse than a kidnapping...
The Dark power from beyond reality has reached out and chosen the point it shall enter our reality. The Attention of the gods has been irked, will they have the power to stop it?
The Emperor of Mankind meets with the god of nothing. Will the emperor understand the import of what the god has to say, or will his arrogance hasten the downfall of all he holds dear?
From the dark and empty void comes something beyond reason and logic, beyond any hope and light. The first mark of it's coming, undeniably noticed, but will they understand the true depth of the threat before them?
Ean Falcor, Captain of the Cobalt Glaive, Escape peril in the city of Wing city only to fly into even greater peril in their new employment with the Mada Plinth.
This arc is to chronicle the journey of Jim "the news man" Taylor in his new life in the multiverse.
An ancient race of beings, the Draconids, with all their various subspecies, have sent out vessels for conquering new worlds for colonization. This action has brought them into contact with the Aschen Empire, and the clash of two strong willed civilizations will have an effect on all the universe!
A draco zombie tries to devour a young mage, Arle Nadja.
Skyva started out with just being a girl who wandered around, but now she has an actual story to tell.
Marlene Angel arrives to execute a kill order on the derelict Ayasha Ziedins, on Christmas Day.
What mystery is this, that Logan's presence as Wolverine reverberates Wing City's very foundations yet gain? Has the madness of mind returned, the [i]M[/i] of the Professor's theory?
The Erutin Empire is divided by an emperor gone mad. A small group of rebels leads the fight to heal it, including the Empress.
This is the arc detailing the amazing journey of an amazing car with an amazing mission...a mission unknown to living things. This includes this car.
Kander decides to cause a bit of havoc while in the city for his little business trip.
Lucy's adventures in Wing City!
Lucy's adventures in Wing City!
Parisa, a runaway, is experiencing life outside of her village, away from her people. What will the outside world throw at her? Read on and find out!
Parisa, a runaway, is experiencing life outside of her village, away from her people. What will the outside world throw at her? Read on and find out!
Cole Arkenach storms into Wrath while it's at its weakest to usurp its throne, yet a group of unlikely visitors cause trouble.
The Renev, once a mighty nation and member of the Jarrako Downs Compact, now exists as a shadow nation. Ruthless, invisible, and corrupt, they are intent on wiping out the last remaining evidence of their existence in the Multiverse.
Originally starting as three groups meeting together and forming an alliance, an interruption in the meeting causes more trouble to arise...
The 6th Order meet Mezzadrate on their home planet...
The Shalafi family makes their move on Wing City
Something has changed in Wing City, and Nadya isn't certain what, but magic feels different.
After Al's exile, Al has no choice but to make his home in the universe that he now inhabits. Little does he know it won't be as easy as 1, 2, 3 (or whatever his other-worldly numbers are).
Elijah has done the unthinkable he poisoned the entire Wing City Water Supply with Elysium. He knows this is his last moment, but he intends for people to never forget his name and for Wing City to suffer.
Our journey begins with a spark; a flash in the dark that swells the heart.
What happens when the last(?) Cyberman in the Multiverse creates a Guild dedicated to capturing Bounties?
Dead or Alive, if you're wanted, then the Bounty Hunters Guild will be hunting you.
We usually think that certain things in life aren't real. But what if they were? Enter the SCP Foundation: a top secret group that nobody knows about that protects the world (Possibly the Universe.) from threats & anomalous objects that could destroy us all. This is the tale of their exploits.
Banadar and Twist duel each other in the dojo very briefly.
The Dark Emperor and Lord of Dis has cast His eyes upon the Circle of Violence. He has ordered His field commander, the mighty pit fiend Morthos, to lead His legions across the Boiling Phlegethon and lay siege to the Temple of Paradise Lost. Morthos, the Scourge of a Thousand Skies, marches at the head of a massive army of demons and devils to claim the land for his Dark Lord. Meanwhile, Eve, the Mistress of Violence, prepares her forces and gathers all the power she can to combat the Elder God of Destruction.
The United Aschen Empire launches it's first Iconoclast Class Battleship on a maiden voyage to Isiria.
Gro'chal Deathweaver, the infamous pirate lord and powerful necromancer, has set his eyes on a new throne for his regime. He emerges from the surf of Yggor's Island on the planet of Gaia after surviving a daring crash-landing off the coast. Now an army of the living dead has taken control of the island, and the dread necromancer has set his eyes upon the mainland...
An old relative comes out of nowhere, bringing the fruits of change.
o my god
Mae Dawkins is in search for her sister, Ariel.
I am just outside walking before bed.
I am taking a breather from the city in the mountains.
Lamina is wandering the street looking for weapons.
This arc details the experiences and stories associated with the Va'nyrian Exploratory Quorum 76, and the characters associated with it.
A new Knight Commander is installed in the Seelie Court, but what exactly will this mean for the fae and others in the Unseen realms?
There are many different types of people on Terra and in other galaxies and universes. But the Realm of Hell is absolute. There are several different people within the world that are being afflicted by inner demons and are going about there lives without knowing. These key people are the catalyst to that which could potentially set the world ablaze with catastrophe by blending these worlds of Hell and Terra.
A young John Doe is admitted to the Wing City Psychiatric Ward with the outlandish claim of having someone or even something living inside his head. Meanwhile MCU's Xiaolian is attempting to complete an undercover assignment as a psych nurse, and soon finds herself assigned to the John Doe as his nurse.
Cosmic is on a Trek to who knows where.
Hunting a vile vampiric lord.
He's a little drunk. Whiskey was his only friend in this strange strange world. He had found his friend in a bar and gotten quite intimate with him.

The golden dust had finally stopped billowing.
A meeting between Matriarch Avantia of Volaria and Phinx of the Invictus.
The Lead up to Luke Sullen's arrest and the Trial that may follow.
ray [ Rayray ]
calm down
The fugitives find sanctuary at last.
The Old God of the Sky of Arcanum comes to Terra, summoned by the once Holy Cleric, Maree.
A quaint memory of a few bar patrons.
The Vankoryth Detente meets in the Room of York. Many things are discussed, such as the attack on the Castle Vankoryth and possible perpetrators. Rings are presented with a specific sigil, a newspaper with a premature article about the attack on the Castle is presented. It is clear the Vankoryth Detente is being threatened. Casren's disappearance continues to be a mystery, speculations let loose and tempers flare. All seem entangled in the rings of deceit.
The Police chase an assassin threw the Spaceport, and block his first means of escape. However, one cop is injured and bleeds to death in the process, and Gambit's revenge seeking daughter is also killed. The Assassin then manages to escape though the Stargate (Last bit pending)
The Police chase an assassin threw the Spaceport, and block his first means of escape. However, one cop is injured and bleeds to death in the process, and Gambit's revenge seeking daughter is also killed. The Assassin then manages to escape though the Stargate (Last bit pending).
What happens when a nation defies itself?
Caprica City is embroiled in rioting, and the United Aschen Empire teeters on the brink of collapse.
Daedalus Enterprises, the mogul industrial empire has fallen to darkness. The shadowy figures who pull the strings of puppets are aiming to claim horrifying powers. A few individuals have survived the web of lies and now are determined to destroy Daedalus.
The arrest of WCPD Most Wanted Lazarus Bloodwheel, made by the Forces Vankoryth.
The Castle is attacked by an unknown human group, but is quickly fended off. However, Alexander connects it to his past, and a dark discovery is that poses a new threat to the vampires...
After the closing of Gambit's, many were unemployed. One past employee's reputation comes through Tauvyr Tavern, a friend requesting a job for Zekil. Of course Zekil is hired blind by Daemala Tauvyr.
Kaine and Daemala have a side conversation during the Ball of Chaos.
The return of the Joes
Two starkly different adventurers find their way to a mysterious ancient temple, in search of a legendary relic of untold magical power. When they realise that despite their differences, they must work together to get past the temple's many obstacles, an uneasy alliance is formed. There's only one relic at the end of the tunnel, though. How long will the bond of necessity last in the face of the prize?
In which Main Street is witness to a new villain. As if Wing City didn't have enough problems.
Memorable moments from the Ball of Chaos.
Once upon a chaotic evening, two old souls met in dance.
The Invictus and The Vankoryth Detente both have the future of Terra in mind.
The members of Invictius and Detente General Athena Ivanova perform a live broadcast calling people to action. After said broadcast a stranger claiming to be someone who wishes to free Aschen Empire tries to get them to ally with them. He is rebuked viciously by all of them.
Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi makes her intentions to change the current status of Terra known to the universe. Recorded within a secure location, the Invictus leader, her lieutenant Mary "Phinx" Munroe, her protege Yuriko Izumi, and a Detente general establish themselves as faces of the new order.
(A post or two is sadly missing, it doesn't seem to exist for some reason). An infamous now turned Vampire Hunter is welcomed into the Detente by Alexander, but Alexander also convinces him to help find the man who stabbed him. It also seems to be hinted that Alex has been hiding a bit more then he has let on.
The Forces Vankoryth become more, they become different. At this point they may well be new breed of Vampires, ones who are united only in cause no longer by bloodlines.
The unlikely companions flee from a mysterious force.
Two strangers meet in quite unexceptional circumstances.
While shopping and looking for her oldest daughter [Renée], Tayrn was gunned down by an unknown assassin in the Wing City Plaza.
Margot takes his first step into becoming the big Celebrity of Wing City Budding Movie Industry.
A journey from Wing City to Windcrest, all for a dream.
Claire Wilder Interviews the leader of the Assassin Society to hear his thoughts on recent events like the Vampires uniting and the Taiyou invasion.
A letter is axed to the door of Castle Vankoryth.
Casren departs, following some obscure destiny. It is also revealed there is a secret armory i n the Room of Reason, and that Casren has faith in Kaiser
Casren leaves the Castle on a secret mission and runs into an old friend.
Verinotte Hollow is in war time due to Aschen v Taiyou over Terra. Descorp arrives to help save the day with experimental technology.
test test
The Pandorian Alliance take an interest in a box found in the middle of space, taht is unable to be moved, broken into, teleported into, or a lot of other things. It is revealed the box has various clues to open it, but even more mysteries. Eventually, it is confirmed only 6 things are actually known about the box. The "Taskforce" is created to find a way to open it.
A meeting of two
Interview with an owner of Gambit's Bar
This is centered around a series of murders that resembles the elusive 'Ghost Killer'...He murders his victims, leaving little to no evidence behind. He is considered a ghost for the reason that he even takes the DNA of the murdered victim, even when he leaves blood. Which is next to impossible of all things that are plausible. Blood and DNA are one, so how is such a thing possible? Investigations have been launched to find out. Apparently, the entrance of the Ghost Killer is almost undetectable in each case, the victim is always nowhere to be found, and their seemed to be nothing missing from the crime scene. This started 29 years ago, and has started again. It would seem, that there are new investigators, but no one is any closer to finding the murderer.
A bounty hunter of unknown origins appears on the steps of Castle Vankoryth. He accepts the challenge to hunt Alucard, returning him dead or alive.
Two friends meet up and things get affectionate.
Titania gives a speech, and killer androids are discussed.
Sometimes the fates are kind and give you another chance, a Magician after all deserves a more fitting finale.
It's revealed that Anamarie Van-Helsing has more power than was first predicted, the change seemed to have evolved her but led to a certain insanity and perchance for macabre.
Admiral Steele confronts the WCPD and his own Commanders.
Iris and The UPL welcome her newly appointed adviser in Ruula's grand stadium, though one of the two seems more thrilled about the arrangement than the other... The question remains, can a little girl run a nation? Nay, a planet?
Messor tries to take the life of the Divine Shadow, and Whisper's Loyalty to the Empire is challenged.
A curse, a thread, a death.
Buying assassins has never been so high tech, at least not for Casren.
The Harlequin is up to something here in the upper halls of the Castle Vankoryth.
Timo has a visitor, and his name is Casren Bistreo
Merek Dreams of Alucard, and it does not seem good.
A delivery from Descorp!
A delivery of heads proves more than meets the eye.
A bizarre ringleader initiates a surprise pro-human strike on the popular bar, leading to an Elysium bomb scare that somehow ends up in... the lake?
Jack Carver experiences his first werewolf transformation and unlocks his powers. Chief Casey manages to keep the hungry werewolf inside the Interrogation Room, causing major damage to the room, but no one was hurt. Astercorp arrives at the diner where two of them went to talk and eat, and attempted to make a deal, which Casey then denies. However, it is implied Astercorp is not done, and Jack and Casey decide to find out why his family was executed and who sent people after him.
Officer Elisio Sepulveda arrived on scene continuing an investigation, and took down several mercenaries. He was able to rescue the victim, Timmothy Vaugn (Spelled like that on purposefully), but was unable to discover the people who hired them. However, as the kidnapping itself is closed, the case of who hired them opens, as well as the case of Astercorp attempting to gain guardianship of Timmothy.
A new wolf arises from the depths of the forest and bumps into Sakima and Wolfina.
Athena meets with Stryfe and discusses the professional relationship with Invictius. Alas they can't come to an agreement but one thing is made clear, 'We're not enemies.'.
The Castle Vankoryth has some visitors, and the Vankoryth Detente review the Blood Edict.
The Sangue di Bistreo has a scene in Verinotte
Casren and an old friend meet up, and the Forces Vankoryth gets a new General.
WhyteFyre meet Wolfenstein "Stein".
A hunt in the words turns into an introduction of two wolves.
Yves happens across the Remnants of the Lessards.
Magic, Dragons, an old library, and friendship.
The Sangue di Bistreo finds a long lost brother.
Tiaan to appease and cheer up her lover Driselda creates with her magic an entire palace out of Ice for them to live in, it is truly a beautiful sight. She names it Radiance.
The Vankoryth Detente buys stock in Omnicorp.
The WCPD Acknowledges the Detente, whether they approve is highly speculative.
The Vankoryth Detente make allies with the RIP, promising to turn over rogue vampires.
Pursuing enemies proves a worthy cause.
Hope Anona meets up with Walther Khon, the man she had children with when she presumed her own husband dead.
A rogue Bisharp attacks a robotic android girl in the middle of a crowded building. Chaos ensues and several are injured in the following battle.
Titania discovers a strange girl on the peak of one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.
Remilia gives Adrian Blackheart news on Flandre, only to lose her temper.
This is where the Detente sit down and discuss various matters, it's here a decision is brought forward by General Beauregard to found a town, to begin something bigger and perhaps even grow further. The Elysium Edict is written and thus Verinotte Hollow is created and new era for Vankoryth Detente begins!
Alucard discovers the last remaining lineage of the Hellsing family. The elder vampire discovers that she had been infected with vamperism and her mind fractured. He then plots to destroy the vampire that corrupted her.
Hated friends, or best enemies Zosimos and Hitomi have a history, a history with bloodshed, murder, betrayal and destruction of one. All connected to a box.
The General of Dracul army desires a friend and soldier for his army, he see Maxime and is reminded of the old country, thus he changed him into creature of the night. Thus gaining a friend for life and comrade in arms.
Munkus and Tenna defend themselves when innterupted and Munkus offers some declined drinks.
Simon preforms his training with Eponine: Shieldmaiden of Heaven with blessing of Gaia and after years pass he finishes to only give a final farewell to an old friend.

Simon is now a man.
upon leaving the hospital Quill asks Cinead for an interview which he kindly agrees to.
Fear and Hate discuss the various plans they have to set the ball rolling and keep it rolling.
The inhabitants of the Scarlet Devil Mansion meet the Embodiment of Fear and almost all perish, until she is interrupted from delivering the final blow, thus the Essences are free, Fear, Temptation, Hate and Destruction which ends the cycle, this is the truth and promise that will happen and they plan now to begin a long overdue process.
A cult of dark magi, the Offspring of Darkness, or simply the Abkömri, take residence in the abandoned monastery. They erect an altar to their dark deity and consecrate their new holy place with a human sacrifice. However, during their work they disturb the study of a necromancer that has already claimed the place as home...
Flandre is unable to control herself as she sees blood in the bar, and attacks the entire Gambit's bar.
Casren's son is delivered to the steps of Castle Vankoryth as a prisoner.
There is a demonic deliver to Castle Vankoryth, and Casren hands over a work of art.
Casren Bistreo and Damius Cervantes have a meeting.
A Van Helsing joins the Sangue di Bistreo, and the Vankoryth Detente
Casren visits Scarlet Devil Mansion to verify some business, and there is an infamous intruder.
In Which Illuminous and Joshua say farewell and hello
Sirad collects the soul of Zeban Sky a low-level street-thug for artifact and to be changed into a demon, she complies and cares little about the chaos that will now unfold.
Long ago, long before Wing City was built up to what it is now, in the year 1256 AD of our lord, two powers made a deal. Two powers each with opposing goals, this is what took place and why Erebuz is loyal to Lucifer.
Casren meets an Entity, and trades protection for the passing of the name of Nyarlathotep
The Assassin's Society delivers a tri-present.
The Vankoryth Detente inherits an interesting type of vampire, thanks to Manik Chakur.
A deal is made between two Reaver's of Blood,A Vampire and A Bloodwheel. Will this be the creation of a new Harvester?
The Great Vampyric Army of Dracul inherit a valuable new Master, and the Vankoryth Detente inherit a member long due. Yves should be excited.
Someone new arrives, and chooses his future
A strange unnatural ooze bursts from the sewers in Wing City's centre, leaving a few brave individuals to protect the civilians from the monsters it becomes...
Munkus has set forth reform for the infrastructure of Wing City, and has large proposals for the homeless.
After the powerful magic holding The Emperor in stasis wanes, he makes his presence known in the Realm of Man...
Deep within the Cursed Realm, at the Lake of Nilfheirm, below the dark foreboding Abyss and sinister City of Dis, resides the Throne of the Dark Emperor Erebuz - the Unweaver of Creation. More accurately, it is his prison. Eons ago he was chained in a shard of enchanted ice in order to restrain his path of destruction across the Multiverse. However, the False King Hastur, with reasons unknown, has weakened his chains - heralding the master of the All Consuming Darkness.
Cole convinces Claw Moonbeam, and Malo to join the new band of mercenaries he has formed. The group is off to a good start.
A new group called The Council of Chaos make themselves known by laying waste to Wing City Plaza with use of cards and monsters like Golems, Serpents and Dragons. It ends in a stalemate leaving the place an utter wreck.
Leon Frandrich, The Highwayman, Death's bounty hunter, enters the infamous Gambit's Bar in search of his latest target - Doc Smathers. Upon confronting his foe, a firefight ensues.
What begins with a simple conversation ends with a most powerful being, having her powers drained and left, weakened and furious.

The Chess Game of the King in Yellow has begun.
Remilia, upon becoming bored, decides that having another vampire in the lovely family of the Detente would be fun, so she decides to take a woman by her will to do this.
Manik delivers a letter on the behalf of the Vankoryth Detente to a vampire in Gambit's Bar.
Casren has a present for Mortuus, who in turn has a surprise for Casren.
To get Eve's trust Sirad does the unthinkable she gives Eve her soul, making it so only by killing Eve can she die.
A ferocious dragon descends upon a remote rural town in the foothills of the Collenham Mountains. After causing some damage, it strikes a deal with the local shaman.
Riley learns of the death of his friend.
The death of Oogi Boogi and the most weird time to die.
Simon trains hard in the Fields of Valor and finally proves himself enough for Eponine, Seraphim of War to begin his final test.
The Vankoryth Detente receives a delivery from the Assassin's Society, and Casren fancies himself an assassin.
The Assassin's Society comes to the Vankoryth Detente with some strong concerns.
The Aschen Empire have machinations for Terra once again, and inevitably plan to dominate her once again.
Nikki meets a man who promises to give her the ability to fly with the birds. He is good on his promise, though maybe not in the way Nikki intended.
Yves changes his first mortal into a creature of the night and then goes after a group of backpackers to allow her to feed, making sure to leave the bodies in such a way it would appear like animals, not vampires, ripping them apart, clawing them and leaving them in such a way nothing can be traced to them.
Yves in his hunt to grow the ranks of the Detente finds a werewolf and vampire whom are friends, after he gets over his so-called prejudice he accepts there entry into the Detente and swears them protection.
Yves meets with a Japanese vampire to try and get them to join the Vankoryth Detente, the meeting is promising, just inconclusive.
Vidious works on some lower key projects while his Grand Scheme goes underway.
A police raid of a diner suspected to be unliscensed interrupts a deal and leads to threats and bootlegging of a wanted criminal and a police officer.
Terra's Crowdsourced Current Event Program
Louis Vernon emerges from the Castle Vankoryth Library with an old letter and a new twist.
At the heart of Wing City stands a stone monument, proudly pristine until the day of The Blood Edict. Many would emerge to vandalize the statue, the gathering graffiti representing more than mere markings.
Remilia Scarlet, sister to Flandre Scarlet makes fun of Adrian Blackheart, telling him he is not a good guardian as he fights back against her. Who is the better sibling?
Sirad strikes a deal with Detente to protect them from any harm as long as the line of leaders does not die out, if so the deal is void. She also foretells of a Vampire Monarchy whom Alucard told her to get asylum for, they have 4000 Vamperic soldiers.
Sirad promises that Belphegor can meet with Mammon if he agrees to join the fight against Leviathan.
Eve provides excellent suggestions to if they are to win this battle and Sirad readily agrees.
Beezlebub has agreed to offer his swarm and lowly insectoids like beasts to help in the war against Heaven, Sirad in return gives him a vessel he can use to walk the surface.
Adam demands a meeting with Sirad his sister, but does not really get anywhere other than feeble threats.
The leader of Assasain Society meets with Lucifer's and they discuss a deal, she will keep end times off indefinitely, revive one soul, any soul for free and finally One soul can revived for one day.

Vidious chooses the first to be him thus sealing him loyalty to Lucifer as he must keep her now on the throne to keep said deal going.
The Assassins Society approaches the Vankoryth Detente with a proposal too delicious to turn down.
After the Monarchy come to Cursed woods to seek asylum, having been told by their Grandfather that they will be safe here, they reunite with their Army General, Yves Beauregard who secretly brought the entire army to protect their charges.

4000 ably taught vamperic soldiers armed with modern and old weaponary, how fortunate this was as the Nightroad Clan decide to try ambush.

Things grow worse for the werewolf though as Mortuus, Alucard and Remila Scarlet join the fray, losing only 200 grunts. Although they are now aware war is on and with this Yves intends to restore his army to full strength, Wing City shall tremble when people are picked and chosen to be shanghaied into the army of Dracul.

This will not be forgotten, this will not be forgiven.
Mysterious [url=]monatuk[/url] monsters have come to ravage the streets of Wing City.
What it says on the tin. How it started? Alcohol. How it ended? Alcohol. Everywhere.
Two parties engage in a series of negotiations over dinner, but are interrupted in their dealings by an untimely event.
Simon is still unsure why he should do this, so Gaia and Enoch try to patiently explain why this has be done, and what has come to pass.
Vidious Renati, infamous leader of the Assassin Society, is up to something. Who knows what shall unfold from his plans.
Out of what might be anger, morals or insanity Lochlyn Haley has been building an army of mercenaries and fanatics over the years.. Amongst his army is another secret army of godly supersoldiers which he plans to use, along with his paid soldiers, to cause trouble all across the universe and any other dimensions he can access after prompting civil wars and violence.

This includes funding terrorists, gangs, causing incidents that could spark wars between different nations and factions.

But beneath this plot fo anarchy lies a darker secret.
Gaia after the encounter of Armagius is distraught, angry and furious at everything. She considering leaving and rising to cosmic level, but Sarah tries to persuade her they still need her.

Then Saint Lucie Patron Angel of the Blind returns restoring some hope within the woman... if only a little.
Gaia's attempts to calm the Mad Seraphim merely force him further into hate and loathing...
The alliance of the unholy and the ancient, for the sake of returning the balance between Heaven and Hell.
(Takes place in Lectre's Mansion Grand Ballroom. Issues in room control.)
Sirad helps Eve pick a new damned body for her to use and wear.
Lilith (Sirad) always suspected she hated Eve and how she replaced her and took away her paradise, but things are never always as they appear. Perhaps just perhaps everything was not all fine in Paradise.
It turns out that Yahweh has abandoned his throne in fury after the whole Gates being destroyed and the Saint Peter being murdered by Leviathan.

Sirad, Enoch, Kyle, Eve and Simon discuss what needs to be done, deciding on a dangerous course of action, for Simon to begin training to be a Paladin so ancient magic can be used to shackle Leviathan, hopefully for good.

Thankfully after much argument Simon agrees and thus begins training.
The Adventures of a Timetraveling cat.
The story of a timetraveling cat.
So it has come to pass Leviathan destroyed the 'Gates of Heaven and murdered Saint Peter, thus the symbol of Heaven impenetrableness is now a lie.

Jesus wept.
King Kick Ass and company come forth from the woods, to meet with the Vankoryth Detente for the first time with a deal in mind.
When all seems lost, friendship is found in the darkest, and stickiest, of places.
Gaia learns and comforts the many beings of Heaven as a job looking after them, but is concerned of Armagius...
A chance meeting occurs between the elven barmaid and a devious monster. What will come of their discussion?
Metatron enters Gambit's Bar and then notices and confronts a child with a strange angelic relic.
Gaia and Sarah Lightblade speak of their fears and worries. Gaia consoles the young seraphim and admits she worries of Armagius and believes that Sarah should concern herself with this, not of Eve, even offers in consolation to introduce her Hel one of the lonelier Gods in future.

All of this is said under a ward of silence so no one else can hear.
Price is being driven to court, but Maggy has other plans.
The Vankoryth Detente meet to discuss their Creeds.
The Vankoryth Detente decide to deal with the werewolf in their woods once and for all.
The Vankoryth Detente hears news of a fight in the Cursed Wood between their own Mariotto and a werewolf.
On his way back to Castle Vankoryth, Casren stumbles across old Blood.
External pressure force tough decisions upon the Vankoryth Detente.
Casren Bistreo, the leader of the Vankoryth Detente, meets with the Lessards. He hopes for alliance, but what could come of a meeting with them?
A dark deal goes down in Gambits.
When a common drug dealer gets put into prison, an unexpected guest comes in for a visit. What does she have to offer?
Randin Kaye faces murder charges from the Aschen Government, will he be convicted and executed? Or walk a free man?
Alohi has two choices, either death, or death. Which will she choose?
The Vankoryth Detente have a special guest join their Wing City feast.
The Vankoryth Detente hungers, and Wing City is on their menu.
Daemala meets a most colorful Irish vampire, bringing him back to the Castle Vankoryth for an elaborate evening.
Armagius, the Angel of Retribution, discovers that the ancient treaty between the Kingdom of Heaven and Hell has been made void. After a debate with several more angels, he sends the Egyptian goddess Ammut to investigate what is happening in the mortal realm.
After a long and agonizing wait, James Draco has finally been accepted into the Ereb Alpha Trooper program. One night he receives an anonymous email, which eventually lands him in a top secret research facility deep below ground. There he undergoes the first steps to joining the Alpha Troopers' ranks.
The Harlequin: Mass murderer and painter of blood. The artist of death's shenanigans have gone unpunished for too long, at least according to a certain woman of the night.
After innumerable years, new alliances are forged in the heat of conviction.
Something dark has manifested itself in the Multiverse, in the most unexpected of places. What abomination of creation has shown its face in Midgard, the Realm of Man?
Sirad prevented the death of Ichigo a young witch by flinging her into portal of hell thus preventing her from dying. This led to her being forced to change the girl into a Succubus due to her body forever being changed by being exposed to Hell.
LeAnn, an 'average college student' is willingly turned into a fury by her lover, Namine.
Due to being concerned with her constant acts of kindness, purity and humanity Sirad goes to Saranna and asks to have the essence of her separated. Neither of them realize that by doing this Sirad powers become completely unshackled.
Sirad stressed out and furious with everything finally gives up the idea balance can be kept. With this she officially nulls the alliances with Heaven allowing for violence to unleashed on it's many denizens she calls for any angels to be round-up and dragged into Hell, claiming Armagius brought her to this and if he wishes to play, she will play.
The Cybran Battle Fleet "Drachen" has entered the Milky Way, the first ever contact with them for over eight million years. Could things better the TNG and the Cybran Nation turn sour?
Cole Maibara enters the dojo, searching for a fight, only to find the captain of the 5th Squad from the Soul Society. He then challenges him to a fight between the two to see who's the better fighter, and also out of boredom.
In a war of honor, the defenders of Wing City ally with the Aeternus family to battle it out with the Labefacto Clan.
The adventures of...Well...Er...
Twins Hope and Snow meet for the first time.
This is what was arranged for Halloween, everyone would be there and it was to be an event of be talked about. No one knew Elijah true motives, if they did they would have never come. Now Lectre's is a crater, slowly being rebuilt a Memorial can be seen nearby.

It was a massacre.
The Inquisitor and Cleric finds herself in a bar after destroying a Vampire Lord, the resulting led her to be transported here. Her first impressions are far from great, and in fact you could argue are damaging.
One the mighty Forerunner's decides to become a Police Man or Person, what could go wrong...
The Internal Affairs finds Bethany in Hospital and has a methodical game of Chess with her mind, fortunately though Beth succeeds and thus gives WCPD hope.
Finally the great and influential Randin faces the one thing he can't handle, an Internal Affair agent.
Gambit and Arcus negotiate a secret agreement that sets in motion the fate of Gambit's Bar.
Finally Sirad keeps her word and decides to make Eve into a full demon, there is much here she does not say, but it's potentially a marriage scene. The whole thing treated with utmost respect and to add to this Eve is given Violence as a Domain to help Sirad handle the weight of it all.
Sirad reacts to Flandre drunk insults, when Eve is mentioned, thus she drags the young vampire into Hell to allow Erebuz to have his fun with her, and change, break her and teach her never to insult Eve.
This is the tale of the first contact between the Khroniktans and Terrans, as recorded by the Rokin historians.
Ruby meets a guy called Evans who she's never met before but claims that she's pregnant with his child. She's not pregnant and is still a virgin. She believes that there is only good in the world. She's about to learn a very different side to people though, starting with her chance encounter with Evans.
Arianne Drulović is finally headed back to Terra after several years' imprisonment and absence during the Aschen occupation of Terra and subsequent war.
The pilots of Metro City rise again.
When we last left our heroes (the Terran Militia), they'd just arrived on the scene of a disaster. An entire skyscraper had been mysteriously brought to the ground, trapping hundreds of innocent civilians beneath mountains of debris. As rescue operations began, the militiamen were unsuspectingly assailed by the madman responsible for the tragedy... the evil supervillian known only as Hatchet!
Arcus makes his first public appearance on Terra for over three years. His agenda remains unknown, but a surprising event transpires during his visit to Gambit's Bar.