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Remilia Scarlet hosts an elaborate New Year's party at her mansion for any to join if they so wish.

As written by: ColeMaibara

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2020 Scarlet Devil Mansion New Years Party

Scarlet Devil MansionSetting: Scarlet Devil Mansion

Setting up the decorations around the Scarlet Devil Mansion was a short endeavor taken on by the various Fairy Maids, hanging ornaments and setting tables up with an assortment of tea and wine. Remilia stood and watched the maids getting to work with a slow nod of her head approvingly. "It's always good to see things go as they should; in an appropriate manner."

Flandre sat among the various maids, watching them work. She was let out on good behavior, deeming the event appropriate enough for her to be able to come out and socialize. In the meantime, all she had to do was wait for others to show...