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Artrea wreaks havoc on the balance of Gaia in the name of Eras.

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Artrea, Light of Eras

The Skyfall CryptsSetting: The Skyfall Crypts

Artrea emanated from the glow of the stones, down the throats of the dead, and attached itself to the corpses of the fallen. The stone in the mouth of the king cast a steady glow on the small circle of monks as their chants grew stronger. Artrea had gotten this far on the blessing of Eras, but would need the children of Gaia to finish. The corruption of the King had transferred to Trophonia. Now, for a second life as the light of Eras.

Power was seeping from here to all throughout the crypts. A faint glow became of gems and treasures. There was a rattling- ever so faint - as sinister bones stirred for the first time in centuries... Eras had touched the Crypts.