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The Multiverse » Arcs » Daemala Goes Dark

In which Draco gives Daemala a ring

As written by: Scorpion01, lostamongtrees

67 pieces and 50 characters involved, written by 2 different authors.

Character Portrait: Fei
Character Portrait: Cro

4 places involved

So begins...

Daemala Goes Dark

Cursed WoodSetting: Cursed Wood

The Cursed wood always intrigued the Dragon of Shadows. The darkness here was darker and filled with more magic than even he thought would be naturally possible. Quite clearly, there was super natural goings on here, but that much was obvious from the name of the place: Cursed Wood. So it was no surprise that when he appeared, the woods grew darker and more foreboding.

The shadows became a cesspool of bubbling miasma, gurgling and boiling as a figure emerged from it. Genderless and formless, the shadow poured off the figure, back into the darkness. Coal red eyes opened and finally the figure took form. Tall, masculine, and powerful, clad in midnight black armor with a swept back, streamlined design. That armor then morphs, melding and shifting into a freshly pressed, very clean, crisp black Military Uniform. Blood Red details lined the entirety of the uniform, glowing and pulsating softly with malice.

Clawed hands humanized themselves, gloves forming around them as they gripped into fists, and then folded against each other behind his back. Messy black hair slicked back, and blue skin turned pale white, black scales faded in and out of view before he settled, and finally, the bubbling ceased.

"This wood... This Wood would prove to be an excellent staging ground for more expansion of my empire..." he growled, a sickening smile spreading across his face. The shadows around him began to bubble, and more figures began to arise, screeching and laughing as they emerged. "The creatures here likewise.... will prove to be good additions to the Legion..." his smile spread further. Vampires, werewolves, and all other manners of creatures of the night, were known to live within the Cursed Wood.

And Draco wanted them all to bow to him.
A sleek black vehicle hovered to the edge of the crowd that had formed. It remained on the edge, spectating, before carefully maneuvering the circumference of the activity. It appeared that beings were manifesting from shadows in the ground, multiplying, and making all sorts of noises which cut through the soft baroque playing from the state of the art speaker system within the vehicle.

Daemala frowned and shut the music off, partially because it clashed dreadfully and partially to hear better what was going on out there. Nobody seemed to be having a conversation, at least nothing she was interested in. She let out a quick sigh and ordered her driver to slowly penetrate the crowd. Red and purple lights began to pulsate from the underside of the vehicle, red and purple dots appearing in a frenzied pattern across the entirety of the vehicle. The patterns circulated outward, encouraging those outside to avoid collision with the vehicle.

"Excuse," rang a voice through the air, "Who is in charge of all of you?" Daemala asked the crowd that she didn't care to get a good enough look at, "Come forth!" She was trying to be diplomatic and hospitable, but really what was all this ruckus for?

The two Vampyric guards with her shifted defensively in their seats. They had received communication from those above in bat-form that the leader looked much unlike the rest, and seemed to drip powerful energy. The leader was seemingly immune to manipulative sonar as well. Interesting, troubling... The bats highest up noticed the green beam.
"Take your time," Daemala added, in her best attempt to not come across as completely inconsiderate, for once. She sighed and hoped whoever it was had a sliver of respectability about them.
There was to be no intelligent response from the Shadow Hounds outside the Vehicle, just ungodly screeches as they attempted to charge the thing before suddenly stopping when Daemala asked who was in charge. A cackle of dozens of Demonic hyenas rang out. A sickening, gut-wrenching cackle that was more of a mixture of the most horrid screams imaginable all meshed into one in a laugh-like pattern.

The darkness inside the limo-like vehicle bubbled for a few seconds, the screaming, cackling, hideously deformed head of a Shadow Hound emerging before being shoved back by the Vampyric Magic protecting the inside. The cackles all grew louder when the woman demanded that the leader of the Shadow Legion come forth.

That cackle then turned into an amused, civilized chuckle, a single, unique voice as the car passed under the shadow of a tree, and for a moment the interior was entirely dark. The air shifted, the chuckle emerged, and as the light came back, it revealed Draco, sitting in a seat in the center of the limo directly across from Daemala, looking as intimidating as ever for a ten foot tall Dragon in a Human form. The seat he sat upon was made from the Shadows, bubbling up from the floor as he stared at the Vampire.

"You have a lot of nerve, requesting my presence directly, Hemata." His voice was dignified but powerful. Ancient and wise, punctuating the last word of his sentence sharply, the Draconian Pronunciation strong and fluent. The Draconian word for Vampire.

Draco ignored the guards posted on either side of the vehicle, however if they moved in any way that would be determined hostile, his head would twitch, and the entire car would rumble with his growl, the sickening grin on his face widening. His face was mature but youthful, perhaps mid to late twenties in age, and his teeth were likewise unnaturally white for a creature of darkness. It made his visage all the more intimidating to lesser creatures of the Night.

And here were some of those very creatures, daring to speak to him. Respecting their bravery, he allowed them to live. For now.
Daemala recoiled as the grotesque head of a Shadow Hound appeared, and just as quickly disappeared. Disgusting. She adjusted herself in composure just in time for her to break it again. The cabin was plunged into darkness. The lack of light wasn't the issue.

The issue was the stranger who appeared sitting across from her. Where had he come from, and how had he bypassed literally all of the securities put in place by anyone other than herself? She'd have to investigate that. He grinned at her, Daemala raised her chin in return.

She had a lot of nerve? Daemala swallowed a chuckle and leveled her gaze directly at the admittedly attractive stranger. His teeth were too white. It wasn't comforting. She hadn't seen teeth that white since Casren was around. The old vampiress chose her words very carefully. She didn't think she had a reason to fear, but that uncertainty was enough to be mortally petrified.

"An entrance of importance deserves a greeting of equal measure. Hemata indeed, and this Cursed Wood is entirely the domain of The Vankoryth Detente, of which I am charge," Daemala smiled. She pointedly revealed her fangs, a crown of shadows wisping into existence around her brow.

"Daemala is my name. Who are you, who honors with their presence?"
"The leader of the Detente? This is a surprise." he growled. His coal red eyes narrowed and the Shadow Hounds outside all shook before laughing once more. "Conscripting you into the Legion would prove to be very.... useful, for the expansion of my influence." Draco made no effort to beat around the bush. He was a conqueror and warrior. He was here to invade.

"I am Draco, the Dragon King of Shadows." he said. Tendrils began to descend from the ceiling, aiming to begin to gently caress the Vampire's shoulders and jaw. "And you, Daemala, are about to join my Legion." he said.

All at once the limo began to be attacked. The Shadow Hounds swarmed it and began to claw and tear at it, attempting to tear it apart and gain entry. The tendrils that had began to try and caress the Vampire woman continued their gentle movements. Draco was right there, they needn't do anything. And so they didn't.

There was another lapse in light, and in doing so, Draco held up a gloved hand, and the attack stopped. His eyes narrowed as a revelation came about him. Large military action against the Detente and the Cursed Wood's inhabitants would likely draw the attention of the infuriating Imperium of Man, and annoying Terra Nova Empire. To deal with them would only serve to destroy everything in this region and leave it marred - unusable for an empire. Just like what's left of Ridgecrest.

The Dragon shifted, an amused growl rolling out of his throat. "But... I'm going to give you a choice, at least, the illusion of one." he continued. The Shadow Hounds melted into the darkness around the limo, and the damage repaired itself. He licked his lips slowly and grinned. "You will join my Legion eventually.... but I'm going to let you choose how you join. will you resist, and force my hand now? Or... will you agree now, and let your transition become a slow, painless one, rather than the agonizing process I could put you through now?" he asked.

He held out a hand, the glove vanishing to revealed a clawed, scaled hand which quickly shifted into one more human in shape and texture. To take it would do two things. First off, a ring would slide onto her middle finger, a ring with the figurehead of a dragon upon it, maw open as if trying to eat her hand from the finger down without restricting her movement. It had genuine rubies in the eyes, glowing dimly. The second thing to happen would be more subtle: A seed of corruption would enter her body, and make its way to her mind, where it would work to make Daemala more inclined to listen to, and obey Draco's future commands.

"Do we have a deal, Vampire Queen?" he asked.
King of Shadows.

There was something recently familiar about that title, but it was the last of Daemala's concerns. Outside what sounded to be a hopeless war raged on. A hoard attempted to tear away at the hovercraft. There was no time to wrack centuries of mental storage: there was someone much stronger than she, and he was sitting in her hovercraft. He didn't seem to want a conversation. Troubling. She managed to keep herself collected as what felt to be tendrils danced about her, even going so far as to touch her face.

Such a brazen display of power, she thought, He is truly unafraid! As Draco, King of Shadows held up a hand the hovercraft stopped shaking. Daemala tuned in to a sonar channel for confirmation that they were no longer under direct attack. A pity she couldn't send anything back, and she wasn't about to try anything to put herself at risk. What if he could read minds-even encrypted or protected ones? He could likely listen in to their sonar no problem if he had a way to find the frequency and tune to interpret it. This was a huge problem.

Daemala kept her eyes fixed on Draco, King of Shadows. A few thoughts seemed to cross his mind. Her left eye twitched as he again began to speak. Of choices, of joining his Legion. A pit of dread began to form in her gut. What was coming was obvious. She was to be a pawn, a lowly little pawn. A piece to be used and discarded! Her eyes widened with horror. Her worst nightmare was coming to fruition. She was to be, in the grand scheme, insignificant!

Whatever he was, he certainly was not a vampire. She quickly forgot about the grotesque nature of Draco (and his hand) when she heard the word 'Queen'.

"Queen?" Daemala raised one of her own gloved hands to play across her fangs. She was enchanted by the idea of it. Queen! It was the pinnacle of achievement. To rule, but more so to be respected, even more so to be doted on, oh what it would mean to be Queen! Her eyes began to glitter.

"King of Shadows. You have a deal so long as what you say to be true is true. I am and will be from here now and forever forth, Queen," she extended her hand to take his, "Queen of Shadows."
Draco's grin widened as she pondered the title of Queen, and it quickly vanished as she mentioned queen of shadows. "No." he said flatly. "That title is already taken. You will be Queen of the Vampires." Draco already had his own queen. His love, Kethend, the only dragon to break through the labyrinth of madness and emotion to find Draco for who he truly was, and to catch his attention and love. His mate, and mother of his children.

As she took his hand, the ring appeared, and the corruption seed was planted. Daemala would feel a slight surge of her own power, and at the same time, a strong inclination to do as she was told by Draco. Her guards would be powerless to do anything as the rubies of the ring glowed. They formed the eyes of the Dragon, staring up at her, watching her, eternally reminding her of her allegiance to Draco.

Once the deal was sealed, Draco retracted his hand and the glove returned. "How do you feel?" he asked calmly. After her answer, he'd lean back in his chair and nodded softly. "I need you to prove your loyalty, Vampire Queen, to the Legion." he looked to either side, where her guards sat nervously in the limo with them.

"Kill your guards."
Daemala felt great. Queen of Vampires was enough a title itself, and with the new power surging through her she had no doubt that's exactly what she was. The rubies glowed. The deal was sealed.

He asked her how she felt. Daemala looked Draco long in the eyes. She felt better than she had ever felt before, which said something. Daemala had plenty of euphoric days. This must be what the Gods feel like, the Queen of Vampires thought to herself. She smiled, and snapped her fingers.

Without even the time to scream, the guards on either side of Daemala blackened and crumbled to ash. She dusted a smudge from a spot on her thigh. Their death was painless; she felt her power grow in the moments of their passing. Daemala would personally sign the honorable mentions on their death certificates.

"An honor doing business with you," Daemala looked Draco again in the eye, "Welcome to the Cursed Wood, Domain of the Vankoryth Detente; of which I am the Vampire Queen. Now to discuss your place in our grand scheme. Do take your stay with us at the Castle."

The vehicle began to rumble back to Castle Vankoryth. Daemala sent out a text to begin arrangements for the most honored of guests, and to ensure Zosimos stayed contained.

"Care to tell me about your Queen? She must be lovely!"
Draco lifted his chin slightly as the car began to move, considering his next move silently to himself. His eyebrows raised slightly as well at Daemala's words. Their scheme? No, it was all his scheme. Daemala and the Detente were nothing but pawns on his chess board against the Light. He blinked as the question of his Queen came about.

How would he describe Kethend?

"A Dragon of impeccably Dark beauty. A Black Dragon who I blessed with my power when we mated. She survived the corruption. She, however... has more feelings than I do. My corruption killed most of my emotions." he explained, growling about his own corruption. Draco's history was one of pain and torment - not one he liked to get into. He had shared it with only Kethend. Only a select few others knew it - Light being one of them, the people directly involved in his past being the others.

Clearing his throat, he looked to where her guards used to it, ash in their place. His eyes narrowed, and he grinned. Interesting. "What about this scheme should I know?" he circled back to the main topic of discussion. He was straight to the point - there wasn't a need to beat around the bush with Draco, he had goals, and often took the most direct route to it.
Dark beauty, the only kind that mattered in Daemala's book. She listened to Draco describe his other half, puffing out her lip with pity when he touched upon emotions. She wiped her face clean when Draco cleared his throat and the subject was changed. As dramatic as she could be, Daemala knew when to pry and when to leave well enough alone.

"Well, there's a dinner party, which of course you and your Queen will be honored guests of. However a more concerning matter has come to our attention," She held a hand to her own throat, a sneer rising to her lip, "Dissidents."

Daemala absentmindedly played with her new ring as she recounted recent events.

"As much as I don't care about any mortal in this world, our survival depends on harmony. Being so, the Vankoryth Detente has been in alliance with Wing City, Lutetia, and other areas across this godforsaken planet. There are systems set in place to ensure we don't starve. We've been lucky enough to partner with a business which supplies us with blood product from private willing donors-high end stuff, if I do say so myself. As you can imagine, an attack on the most popular watering hole in Wing City in the name of the Detente would cause an issue."

She glowered out of the window for a moment. Residents of Verinotte Hollow had been rendered uneasy. It didn't do well for business or her life of leisure.

"We've called a blood hunt against these dissidents. They're calling themselves the..." She fished out her phone and read a group message, "The Sabbat."
Draco listened to her recounting of the events having to do with the Dissidents calling themselves The Sabbat. His expression was stoic and. He held a hand up to stop her once she named the group, and uncrossed his legs, setting both feet on the floor of the limo, the vehicle shaking under his weight.

"If you are asking me to enter Wing City, that is not possible. I have attacked the city too many times, they will recognize me, and a great battle will once more ensue." he said plainly. He shifted in his seat. "The Legion has but four members capable of coherent Thought, and they, too, are not smart enough to do the job you're requesting. They would just as quickly send their battalions to invade the entire city rather than kill this dissidents you're having an issue with." he asked.

He then leaned back, his eyes narrowing softly as he delved himself in thought. "However..... I can give you a small detachment of Commandos to be at your summons." he offered. "But you will be required to be where you need them to be summoned, or they will be useless."

Draco's eyes relaxed and he leaned back in his chair again as he waited for the Vampire's reaction, and whether or not she'd want to go through with this compromise.
"Enter Wing City, goodness no," Daemala politely sneered, the idea dancing across the back of her mind that perhaps it would have been better off under rule of Draco, "His Highness, of course, will always be most welcome within the walls of Verinotte Hollow." She hoped he was satisfied to hear that, in the least. Verinotte Hollow had long been home to the dark and the cast out, the undead and the misunderstood.

Next, Daemala bowed her head in thanks. A group of able bodies were always welcome, especially now that she was down two guards. Military talk had a tendency to elude her, which prompted her next question, "A Commando is a unit of about how many?"

She glanced out the window as they skirted into the Forbidden Thick. There was a signal being sent out to her and she tuned in. The slightest of frowns played across her lips, but she quickly returned her expression to a pleasant one. Something was amiss at the Castle but it wasn't a big deal. She tuned out when chatter turned from informative to gossip.

"Would his highness prefer to step into the Hollow for some refreshments, or would you rather we stay on course towards home?" Daemala asked Draco, swearing in the back of her mind that whatever it was had better be fully handled by the time she arrived. Still she twisted the ring on her finger.
"A commando is a single soldier. Highly skilled, extremely deadly, perfectly silent." he explained. As he spoke, two appeared -one on either side- of him. Crimson visors formed their eyes, but besides that, the only discernable features were gender and size. They sat with arms crossed, staring at each other endlessly. As advertised, they were perfectly silent. If not for their visual appearance, Daemala would never have known they were there.

With their presense known, her new ring resonated faintly, but enough for her to feel the vibrations. "Straight to the castle. I don't intend on staying long." he answered. He noted the scowl that played across her face momentarily, and his expression remained neutral. Narrowing his eyes, he peered through the realm of Shadows, aiming to check in on the servants of the Castle, to see their goings on. If he wanted, he could appear inside the castle in an instant of shadow teleportation. But he decided to play along, and enjoy this car ride.

For now.

Forbidden ThickSetting: Forbidden Thick

The dark vehicle continued into the Forbidden Thick. As Daemala and Draco drew closer to the castle, she sent out a check in. It seemed to be all clear with minor complications. Good. She sent back the slightest memo to make sure the castle was damn near in beautiful condition, or else, and smiled at Draco.

"Do you enjoy fine wines? We've quite the collection."

The trees outside grew thicker and thicker. It seemed almost impossible to maneuver; it was a wonder anyone ever found a path in this damnable place. That was exactly how the Detente like it. Every now and then a fork would appear. The Detente rocketed down one or the other, each looking exactly as the last.

"I quite enjoy them," She remarked upon the Commandos. They were useful in more ways than one, and good help was so hard to find.
Draco shook his head in the negative when asked if he liked wine. He wasn't much of a drinker - it took away from his time to plot and think. Plus, with his son Brutus consistently smelling of alcohol, if he wanted to get drunk all he had to was visit his son. As the trees grew thicker, and the interior of the car grew darker. Draco's presence grew stronger. So did the Commandos.

As Daemala expressed her opinion on the Commandos, Draco nodded. "Then I will give you .... twenty, when we reach the Castle. They will be loyal to you so long as you wear that Ring. However, they will ultimately be loyal to me." he said, adding that last part to remind her of her sworn loyalty to him as well, should she ever think she could undermine his authority.
"Twenty? I'll certainly make good use of twenty," She continued to twirl the ring around her finger, and had no intentions of taking it off.

"Tell me, Lord Draco, is there anything I should be wary of, regarding the Commandos?"
Draco paused for a moment as she asked if there was anything to worry about. He turned his head towards one of the Commandos, who didn't move at all. Not even a nervous twitch. "They have no sense of privacy. They will come to you when called no matter what you are doing." he looked back to Daemala. "Their silence doesn't help. If you're not actively searching for them, they'll appear next to you or behind you and you'll never know."
"If I'm not searching for them? Meaning, if I leave them behind, they will find me regardless?" She wasn't sure how she felt about all of that, and regarded the Commando with a sideways eye. They rumbled closer to the castle.

Castle VankorythSetting: Castle Vankoryth

"Oh for..."

Where the Castle should have been standing was an enormous stone block. The defenses had been activated. What a pain!

"Draco, I hate to inconvenience you, but it appears Castle Vankoryth is a bit...indisposed."

The wall was impenetrable - even for the strongest forces of darkness. Daemala glared at it before turning a warm smile to Draco.

"Verinotte Hollow isn't far off. Besides, wouldn't you enjoy to see the domain of the Detente?" If she were the type to wink, Daemala would have, as again she touched at the ring. The hoverlimo continued past the castle.
 “ A low growl rumbled in Draco's Throat in annoyance of the Castle's defenses. "If you summon them, they will find you." he answered the earlier question about the Commandos. He turned his head in the direction of Verinotte Hollow, and considered for a moment. "I already tried to invade Verinotte Hollow once. I was Thwarted by a Righteous Paladin of Light. Disgusting little Human." he snarled. ”

Drifter's PostSetting: Drifter's Post

 “ Paladin of Light?! ”
Daemala could not believe her ears. Just what were the Monks allowing within that damnable Shrine of theirs?! It was the Shrine of Shrines and was supposed to be a homage to religious freedom but at what cost?
Draco shrugged. "I don't ask those questions. I merely snuff out the light when I find it, if possible." He blinked slowly. There were millions of years of hardship and strife behind those glowing crimson orbs - all of it caused by Light.
 “ Of course, you realize, I do appreciate their defense- this was, of course, before we've had the pleasure of making formal acquaintance. A Paladin of Light has little business acting on order of The Hollow. I will have to have a ...word with our head of military operations. ”
 “ Daemala sniffed and adjusted her skirts. ”
 “ Are you familiar, Lord Draco, with the history of Verinotte Hollow? ”
 “ No. Only that I want to add it to my Empire. ”
 “ But why? You know not of it's origin? I apologize and mean no offense- this just comes as a bit of a surprise. ”
Daemala Tauvyr was sure he wanted it for it's supernatural population and acceptance of darkness, but now was unsure of his motives.
 “ Every inch of land I control adds to my power to bring Darkness to the rest of the world. My Darkness is ever-corrupting. If I were to simply take the land, it would die, and nothing would be left but your Castle. Every Soul my Legion consumes adds to their numbers, which adds to my power. This place is already dark - I should have started my conquest here. ”
Daemala Tauvyr couldn't help but smile. There were few souls left for the taking in the Cursed Wood. The land itself was cursed as well - she wasn't too sure if the trees had spirits left in them either. Spirits, at least, that weren't already corrupted to some degree.
He was absolutely correct.
 “ Perhaps. You are here now.

Now, this conquest... ”
Daemala Tauvyr had plenty of questions. She wasn't sure where to start. She wanted to know more of her role, of her Queenhood over vampires, of her place in the grander scheme- hopefully one of luxury, leisure, and power.
 “ I am here. The Hollow and the Wood will be mine one way or the other. How quickly it falls and how.... well preserved this land remains will be ultimately up to you, and how quickly you can bring the Detente to heel. If results aren't brought to me in a timely manner, I will simply take what I want. You will die, the Vampires will die, everything will die, and be part of the Legion. Mindless, knowing only the agony of my Corruption. ”
Draco of the Shadows narrowed his eyes and the ring Vibrated gently. An overwhelming sense of dread would likely fill Daemala's mind. An extremely small idea of the agony that was being corrupted by Draco.
Daemala Tauvyr felt the discomfort and frowned. It was very similar to feelings when she was turned for the first time what seemed to be eons ago. It was not a comfortable feeling. She did not like to be reminded of any aspect of her mortality. As the dread grew she looked Draco in the eye.
 “ My authority is of no question; do not be mistaken. The Cursed Wood may fall under your command, however it will thrive. The Legion, as you've noted, will find happy home here. The Cursed Wood and Darkness are synonymous- it is a match made in... ”
Daemala Tauvyr raised her chin all the higher. Despite the buzzing of the ring she didn't take her fingers from twirling it around. There was power there, and she was thirsty for it. She didn't let her fear show- couldn't. There could be no question to her Queenhood. There would be no question to her Queenhood! Queen of the Vampires, she sang in her head.
 “ The Legion has no need for Comfort. All they feel is agony. ”
Draco of the Shadows noticed her raised chin and stop in speech. He noted the uncomfortable aura that emanated from her, and let his eyes relax. The power surge receded, and she'd feel normal again. Whatever constituted for Normal for a Vampire.
Daemala Tauvyr let herself relax in the slightest as the aura faded. She adjusted herself again where she sat and poured herself another glass of wine. Unbothered was the way Daemala preferred to play it, but she had the sneaking suspicion she had bit off more than she could chew - not that this would be the first time.
 “ A pity, but I don't suppose they mind? ”
 “ Existence for them is worse than any death you could imagine. They are constantly and eternally being corrupted by my Shadows. Anger me if you wish to feel their pain and join them. Or you may offer a subject of your own, and I can... briefly... link your minds. ”
 “ That's quite alright. You can assume I have no intentions of angering the Lord of Shadows, but I will be sure to keep the...offer, in mind. ”
Daemala Tauvyr sipped her mind as both excitement and dread did somersaults within her. It sounded absolutely dreadful - part of her, a very small part of her, looked forward to the day in which she could witness such a corruption. Her hand tightened around the wine glass ever so slightly.
Draco of the Shadows narrowed his eyes again and nodded subtly. The Commandos at either side vanished. "I have one last gift for you: A Shadowling. A direct link and extension of my will, of sorts. They command my Legion in my absence. Beings of pure Shadow; made from my power alone. You have great say in how this Servant will look. Their personality is random - I have no control over that - but they will be loyal to you. They will be yours to do with as you please. Any order will be followed. Their level of willingness is another problem, but they will obey." He held up a hand, and the Shadows began to swirl in his palm as his chair slid back a few feet to prepare room for the spawning of the Shadowling.
 “ Do you accept? ”
Daemala Tauvyr sat back to regard Lord Draco. He had made her Queen, he had given her Commandos (of which she still had an ounce of wariness for, due to privacy), and now a shadowling. It almost sounded too good to be true, but he was the King of Darkness.

It would be interesting to see if his power was truly what had been on exhibit thus far.

She lifted her glass, which had the hand with the ring, and turned it so the ring faced Draco. Daemala smiled wide, her fangs coming into full sight. Her eyes turned a liquid black, her skin paled, and dark veins popped. Daemala's hair even seemed to absorb the light, becoming a void sprung from her scalp. Her fingernails grew and sharpened. There was a myriad of other changes that became the Queen of the Vampires as she dropped all glamours and revealed to Draco her true form in her everlasting undeath.
 “ The Queen of Shadows swears fealty to the Lord Of Darkness. ”
 “ Good. Then describe to me what your perfect servant would look like. Whether you use them for menial tasks, larger tasks, or... personal... tasks, I would assume you want them to look appealing. ”
Draco of the Shadows 's eyes narrow as she reveals her true form to him. They seem to glow darker in her presence, and for a moment his power flared, as if instinctively responding to another creature of darkness, before he blinked and returned his focus to the swirling ball of energy in his palm that would form the Shadowling.
Daemala Tauvyr let her glamours return and pondered as to what her perfect servant would look like. She had never given it much thought in all honesty, she always focused on their behavior. None had met par. Now that there was option for one who would, however...
Daemala Tauvyr flinched slightly at the surge of power, but didn't avert her eyes. It was an honor, to her, to be allowed a glimpse. She gave a slight bow of the head.
 “ No more appealing than I. Less. Perhaps smaller, and young. Not a child! ”
Draco of the Shadows blinked again while he waited for her to begin her description. The surge of power, to Daemala, not only would be felt, but would be seen. For a moment Draco's human avatar vanished, and in his place, very much in front of her, was the true form. A massive Ancient Dragon of immeasurable strength, flaring out his wings as he peeled his lips back to snarl at her before within a flash, he was back to human form. As she began to speak, the orb in his hand swirled faster. "You need to be specific with your descriptions, or you will end up with something vaguely like what you've described. You cannot change a Shadowling's features once they take form.
The image of Draco's true form burned in her minds eye for some time to come. She contemplated more on what the perfect servant may appear to be. Finally, Daemala thought she had an idea. She opened her mouth to speak, closed it and thought some more. There were a few more moments of silence from Daemala as she watched the swirling orb.
 “ Make them to be my opposite in appearance. Where I am dark let them be light, and vice versus. ”
The Orb pulsed, and already the Shadowling began to take form. It was formless for the most part, but dark skin and white hair were obvious. It was taking her words literally.
"Features. Eyes. It must pass through the realms undetected as what it is. Undetected as anything but perhaps another being. An immortal, a mortal, whatever it is- it's nature as shadowling should be least evident...

For obvious reasons."

Daemala figured Draco was on the same page as her of wanting to be discreet with certain affairs.
 “ Eyes, like water. Hair, like sand. Gender- a boy, but make them beautiful. Not as beautiful as I. Strong-but not beefy. Lithe. I'd like them to look like a human, in that regard. All features present. Normal teeth, please. ”
Further defined, the features melded themselves. The formless body became masculine, albeit lithe and fragile. Hair tainted itself a sandy blonde, and irises formed a rich blue. Muscles formed as they defined but did not subtract from the lithe form. The orb pulsed again, and the barest form was laid bare before Daemala. He lacked clothing or other adornments, but otherwise looked very nearly done. He smiled, revealing pearly white, normal human teeth and healthy pink gums. He lacked a voice - a distinct part of his throat lacking form. He couldn't move yet, but he stared at his Mistress expectantly.

"Personality and more. He is still but clay." Draco reminded.
 “ Oh for the love of, I don't really care so long as he does my bidding. Make him agreeable to my temperament- fashionably inclined! ”
Daemala Tauvyr smiled in what she hoped was a sweet way at the shadowling and poured herself another glass of wine. Siring wasn't nearly as complicated. She hated putting thought into things that she didn't think required her thought.
"Watch your tone, child." Draco snapped, gripping slightly. The Shadowling grabbed at his head in anguish at Draco's Anger. "This is not some mere servant. This is an extension of myself. He can and will channel my power if he so desires, and if ordered by me, will not hesitate to kill you." he growled out.

"Give him a voice." Clothes complimentary of Daemala's own began to grow onto his body.
"A quiet one," Daemala said cooly, twisting the ring around her finger. Her smile remained at the thought of the power which surrounded her, seemingly at her fingertips. She leveled her gaze to Draco.

"Thank you."
Draco opened his hand, the orb slipped into the area of his throat, it formed, and then Draco snapped. The Shadowling gasped and fell to his knees before Daemala. Draco blinked and lifted his chin. "He is yours. Speak his name, and he will awaken. I will keep in touch." And with that, Draco sank into the Shadows once more, vanishing into the void, leaving Daemala with her Shadowling.

Her commando unit would be awaiting her in the main hall of the Castle Vankyroth.
Daemala pondered the name of her shadowling as they rumbled back to the castle. She had much to ponder, twisting the ring on her finger. She supposed it was time to finish preparations for that dinner party. Silently Daemala ran down a list of things she had to do, and glanced at her shadowling, then smiled.