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Freeport, city of Freemen and artisanal epicenter of Aberash, has been unwittingly thrust into the spotlight for the first time in many years on the cause of speculation. Rumor has it that Freeport, the single city district which normally stays uninvolved and independent of global affairs, will be breaking habit to assist Vien with a Gargantuan crisis on the mainland of Meaza.

Today the Knights of the White Flame have assembled completely off schedule, and for what cause?

Aforementioned speculation has been running wild since this morning when the official order for assembly was issued, confidential sources reveal. Cause for the order has yet to slip beyond the walls of the Castle of Freeport. Despite being a representational Monarchy, the Royals of Freeport have the faith and trust of their people in executing high order business in regards to the public. The Free Knights of the White Flame have, since the first of the freemen set foot on the island, stood as the defenders of the Freemen. They answer to the public first, the Monarchy second, and themselves last.

What possible threat to the freedom of the Freemen could the Free Knights be assembling on behalf- and what could be so as to threaten the sanctity of the influence of the Biritege Monarchy? Is a rogue Gargantua across a narrow sea really of such concern to a city entirely out of harms way- or is the rogue Gargantua more than we've been led to believe?

Though no sources can confirm, The Hunter Society is said to be assisting as well with the crisis. Like the Free Knights, they are trusted members of society and publicly revered. The guild of elite Hunt victors are rumored to be heavily involved in the politics of Vien, though none have ever officially confirmed this. The recent regime change was witnessed by the eldest and highest ranking member of The Hunter Society, Mungus DeSeiro.

Mungus DeSeiro was spotted leaving the Silver Palace earlier today, which would be less strange if it wasn't yesterday an official INN drone had been downed by the Gargantua in question, causing a subtle panic to spread across Meaza. While it's true no clear photograph, video, or footage of any kind has been captured of the rogue beast, it has been confirmed to be an anomaly Gargantua by The Hunter Society. The Hunter Society remain to be experts on Gargantua beasts, responsible for their capture prior to the annual Hunt tournament- a sport growing increasingly popular across the galaxy.

Folks from all walks of life flock to the city of Vien, here on Aberash, to have the chance to fight against one of the Gargantua. The objective is to obtain the core, power source for most of the districts, by slaying the beast in the great theater of combat called the Lac Long Quan arena. Competitors fight for their life in what's known as The Stage- aptly named as The Hunt is the most popular spectator sport on Aberash. The most skilled fighters ascend through the tiers until one is named Champion. These Champions of The Hunt are the selection base for The Hunter Society. Recent Champions include a strange robotic named C.H.A.R., and a God-Champion named Yvandir.

Now, we wait for the gates of the Freeport Royal Grounds to open again to the public with more questions than answers. This is Charles Gomez, and this is The INN: NOW. Stay tuned!