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The Multiverse » Arcs » INN: NOW


As written by: Ephemeris, lostamongtrees

6 pieces and 149 characters involved, written by 2 different authors.

Character Portrait: OZ
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5 places involved

So begins...


White Flame MainSetting: White Flame Main


Freeport, city of Freemen and artisanal epicenter of Aberash, has been unwittingly thrust into the spotlight for the first time in many years on the cause of speculation. Rumor has it that Freeport, the single city district which normally stays uninvolved and independent of global affairs, will be breaking habit to assist Vien with a Gargantuan crisis on the mainland of Meaza.

Today the Knights of the White Flame have assembled completely off schedule, and for what cause?

Aforementioned speculation has been running wild since this morning when the official order for assembly was issued, confidential sources reveal. Cause for the order has yet to slip beyond the walls of the Castle of Freeport. Despite being a representational Monarchy, the Royals of Freeport have the faith and trust of their people in executing high order business in regards to the public. The Free Knights of the White Flame have, since the first of the freemen set foot on the island, stood as the defenders of the Freemen. They answer to the public first, the Monarchy second, and themselves last.

What possible threat to the freedom of the Freemen could the Free Knights be assembling on behalf- and what could be so as to threaten the sanctity of the influence of the Biritege Monarchy? Is a rogue Gargantua across a narrow sea really of such concern to a city entirely out of harms way- or is the rogue Gargantua more than we've been led to believe?

Though no sources can confirm, The Hunter Society is said to be assisting as well with the crisis. Like the Free Knights, they are trusted members of society and publicly revered. The guild of elite Hunt victors are rumored to be heavily involved in the politics of Vien, though none have ever officially confirmed this. The recent regime change was witnessed by the eldest and highest ranking member of The Hunter Society, Mungus DeSeiro.

Mungus DeSeiro was spotted leaving the Silver Palace earlier today, which would be less strange if it wasn't yesterday an official INN drone had been downed by the Gargantua in question, causing a subtle panic to spread across Meaza. While it's true no clear photograph, video, or footage of any kind has been captured of the rogue beast, it has been confirmed to be an anomaly Gargantua by The Hunter Society. The Hunter Society remain to be experts on Gargantua beasts, responsible for their capture prior to the annual Hunt tournament- a sport growing increasingly popular across the galaxy.

Folks from all walks of life flock to the city of Vien, here on Aberash, to have the chance to fight against one of the Gargantua. The objective is to obtain the core, power source for most of the districts, by slaying the beast in the great theater of combat called the Lac Long Quan arena. Competitors fight for their life in what's known as The Stage- aptly named as The Hunt is the most popular spectator sport on Aberash. The most skilled fighters ascend through the tiers until one is named Champion. These Champions of The Hunt are the selection base for The Hunter Society. Recent Champions include a strange robotic named C.H.A.R., and a God-Champion named Yvandir.

Now, we wait for the gates of the Freeport Royal Grounds to open again to the public with more questions than answers. This is Charles Gomez, and this is The INN: NOW. Stay tuned!

The Milky WaySetting: The Milky Way


The 6th Order Leader is Dead!

The passing of 6th Order founder and Terrorist Histofor gives rise to new order and division, signaling the end of his reign as leader of the once powerful 6th order. A band of his loyal followers, now calling themselves “The Final Order,” hope to finally execute his plan to bring order to The Multiverse through chaos:

Only by removing all forms of leadership can the people truly break free from the shackles binding them to servitude, obedience and mediocrity.

Reports coming in from earlier this week say the 6th Order religious sect, The Light of Faith, loyalists to Harashaz, do not support the agenda of the Final Order. Sources within the organization confirm their reliance on the 6th order military discipline to strengthen their religious teachings.

Previously silent Light of Faith teacher, Haptu-S’Zazz has come forward to declare:

Only through the union of higher protection and advancements in technology may we find liberation from the political agendas of those who would sow chaos. Nothing is more dangerous to the stability of the region than the false promises of the heretics and undisciplined followers of dead politicians. For this reason, we are sharing all useful technology with the Aschen in hopes to establish a working peace and put an end to the Final Order.

If the alliance is formed, this could mean the days of the 6th order are truly behind us. At least, for the short term. Whispers have begun to circulate which suggest that at least two members of the Final Order have received a secret message from their leader, just before he passed on. If this message involves the location and start up codes for the rumored “chaos collider,” Quadrantem Alpha may be have strange days ahead. Keep your eyes on this space for real time updates … as we get them.

Jay Azzar, reporting for IGN, your Intergalactic News Network, with The INN: NOW. Stay tuned!

Quan MemorialSetting: Quan Memorial


The City of Vien, home to the Lac Long Quan Arena and host of the famed Hunt, is thrust into the spotlight of the galaxy today as celestial conflicts collide. Here at the base of the Quan Memorial, delegates from Freeport and Vintu have assembled for no other reason than The Gargantuan Crisis, while the most of the populous spectate a first for the great Hunt - a God has come to claim the title of champion!

Mungus DeSiero, who yesterday was seen departing the Silver Palace, is here with a small assembly, including one cloaked figure rumored to be none other than Prince Nara of Vien. Little is known about the newer draconic rulers of Vien other than their enthusiasm for infrastructure revitalization and all things shiny. The two are joined by Arthur Lovens, Free Knight of the White Flame, hailing all the way from Freeport to assist with the Gargantuan Crisis.

The Gargantuan Crisis began when a rogue gargantua destroyed part of a town, continuing on to destroy more countryside. As gargantua fail to be aggressive in the wild unless provoked, it is much cause for alarm for the citizens of Vien and the greater region of Vintu.

A large crowd has gathered, here at the Quan Memorial, seemingly on the tail of Arthur Lovens. The rest of the city are spectating a fateful match between the God Yvandir and a gargantua. From the cheers erupting behind us, it sounds to be quite the show! Over in Freeport, citizens have already begun celebrating Yvandir's victory. Rumors have begun to circulate of the delivery of his invitation to the Hunter Society.

Will the God defeat the Gargantua?
Will this small party of important people succeed in finding the Rogue Gargantua?
Stay tuned to the Intergalactic News Network for more!

The Milky WaySetting: The Milky Way



We are live, reporting to you from right outside the edges of what's known as the Sirius Star System, where an anomaly has been spotted: a native space-faring vessel, departing. This departure provokes a shocking question for those who are familiar with the Sirius Star System: How?

For the entirety of recorded history in the Milky Way Galaxy, the planet Gaia of the Sirius Star System has been considered to be untouchable. All who tried to land on it's surface found themselves crashed, each vessel's crew never heard from again. There was something about the planet Gaia that didn't allow technology to exist there, beyond a point. While the majority of the galaxy continue to wonder what happens on the surface of Gaia, one civilization has managed to gather first hand knowledge straight from the surface of the planet.

That's right, folks: Gaia is no longer untouchable.

This untouchable status was broken by none other than the Taiyou Empire. Galactic citizens may recall rumor of a terrorist attack against the city of Niihama by natives from the planet Gaia. This attack has been confirmed by sources within the Taiyou empire who wish to remain anonymous. While many sources dispute who exactly the attacker was, there's always one commonality: Vikings.

Now, here, we witness the passing of not one, but two, Gaian-native vessels- Viking vessels, our sources have confirmed.

Just how did the natives of the planet Gaia, known throughout the Milky Way Galaxy for it's barrier of technology and lack there of, make it this far? Is this the direct result of contact with the Taiyou Empire? Will the Vikings terrorize the next civilization they come into contact with, or will they simply pass them by much as they did the Intergalactic News Network Cruiser we're reporting to you from?

Stay tuned and follow this story only onINN: NOW.

Starwind PlazaSetting: Starwind Plaza



Reporting to you live from Starwind Plaza of Blue Heaven - the favorite off-planet-yet-still-local destination hot spot and waypoint for the planet Terra - where a crowd of hundreds, if not thousands, have gathered to witness the Grand Opening of Hotel Zafiro.

Hotel Zafiro is the newest luxury hotel opened by Dellevon Intergalactic, and is proclaimed to be the most state of the art establishment the hospitality group has built yet. Blue velvet couches and twinkling lights point to the inspiration of deep space and a celebration of all things celestial for this off-planet place to stay. The sapphire encrusted entryway, carved from the rock of Blue Heaven, twinkles as if every gemstone was independently backlit- how much did they spend on the lobby? We can only imagine how decked out the penthouse must be!

It's no wonder they made zero sacrifices with technological implementations, as Hotel Zafiro is managed by the youngest member of Dellevon Intergalactic; Diego Dellevon. It was rumored that he dipped into his own personal funding to properly execute on the completion of the hotel. Either working in corporate for Dellevon intergalactic is that lucrative of a career, or the heir-gone-mogul has more access to family expenditures than originally assumed.

While it's no secret that the Dellevon family are in the upper echelon of intergalactic society, rumors have begun to circulate in regards to the source of their funding- and why it never seems to run out. We haven't been able to find an employee of Dellevon Intergalactic willing to make a comment; it may be safe to assume that nobody truly cares. The intergalactic hospitality group may be known to the general public for their luxury hospitality spots scattered through the verse, but after light investigation into the lifestyles of the employees it's safe to say that nobody is underpaid. Not the construction team, not the front desk clerks - not even the kitchen staff or cleaning crew. Come to think of it, are they hiring?

Main Street (Continued)Setting: Main Street (Continued)


This is Lorbloo Nuurk, reporting LIVE from just outside Gambit's Bar. Nobody can tell how it happened, and nobody knows where anyone went, that fateful day every single person within Gambit's Bar disappeared into what seemed like thin air. Yes, even the staff! Magical beings, robo-types, and humanoids alike just gone. But, to where? Are they still alive?

More questions than answers have arisen from the scene, whether or not a crime has been performed has yet to be determined. The WCPD suspects foul play but have seemingly nobody to blame. Many have speculated that this disappearance will be tacked onto the charges accrued by Zosimos of the Vankoryth Detente, however they haven't been officially named or associated with the incident to any official degree. Others are pointing fingers at the Aschen, but that theory is easily debunked with the remembrance of the treaties. We've reached out to Detente and Aschen officials, neither of which have offered comment on the circumstance other than to claim dissociation.

Inside Gambit's Bar, the discovery of a strange black sparkly void dust has officials concerned. All persons permit access to Gambit's Bar have been advised to not touch the void dust. I repeat, do not touch the void dust. Eyewitness reports claim that prior to the disappearance, a strange red glow had occupied the windows of Gambit's Bar - others claim it was just a local brown out, and that the light was playing tricks on their eyes.

While investigations continue, the Intergalactic News Network will be stationed here to report on whatever- and whoever -is found to be complicit in this mass disappearance. Stay tuned!