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The Multiverse » Arcs » It's Almost Free Real Estate

A real estate agent seeks out the Detente for a lucrative investment opportunity, or so he says.

As written by: Rulke, lostamongtrees

9 pieces and 3 characters involved, written by 2 different authors.

1 places involved

So begins...

It's Almost Free Real Estate

Castle Vankoryth Entrance HallSetting: Castle Vankoryth Entrance Hall

Mr Niac was let into the entrance hall by the attendant. He had to admit he was impressed, it was an impressive castle that much was certain. Nonetheless, he had Business and could marvel later. He had Lessard families had all but died out except for a few loose heirs there was the need for a careful but strong hand in Lutetia to keep order. This is where the Detente came in, although no longer nearly as influential as they once were they still had stakes no pun intended. They controlled Verinotte Hollow a small village, but enough that Mr Niac considered worthy of his attention.

Thus, he would wait.

as for what he was offering no mere building but an entire Quarter of Lutetia known as Vargeras. A definite fixer upper but also the top location for nightlife and perfect for an enterprising group to stake their claim in.
"Can I offer you something to drink?" Daemala descended the sweeping staircase, a carefully composed entrance meant to impress. She smiled, lips closed, and extended a cold hand for Mr. Niac to shake.

"Daemala Tauvyr, pleasure to meet you."
Mr Niac would greatly appreciate the manners and nod approvingly as well as admiring the lady of the house, "Mr Niac, I understand it is formal, but I never give my first name for professional reasons."

He would follow to sit down at a nearby table before opening his case and presenting the information and deed, "I recently came into the knowledge of your tidy venture and noting how well Verinotte Hollow is run I opted to provide another opportunity. Lutetia is a city which needs love and shrewd minds to improve it. With your reputation, I was hoping to provide something worth your time. The Quarter is known as Vargeras and it is the leisure and ritzy side of Lutetia you would be well positioned to make substantial improvements and none of Lessard cares about leadership anymore which is not surprising since the family is splintered, but consider this a test if you run this well I will provide Lessard Estate for an extremely knocked down price." grinning he would reveal the details in the paperwork for the perusal of the lady of the castle.
Daemala Tauvyr grinned. It was the type of grin which made skin crawl, and the viewer of such a grin may doubt whether they are in the right place at the right time. She gingerly took the deed, spreading the paperwork out in a fan. It took her moments to read over most of it, but she did have one question.

"There is a strong...wolf presence in this city, is there not?" Her smile faltered, but didn't fade.

"This all sounds marvelous..." Fixer Uppers were Daemala's favorite, as she could re-imagine them to her elegantly gaudy tastes.
Mr Niac knew he had her but he needed to be careful with the price so he would first pull out a device for paying as well for signing the deed before speaking, "Of course relatively speaking something like this won't be cheap, but whereas most would ask for at least a hundred mil, I am willing to offer it instead for the exclusive price of 56 Million with the added incentive that though there is large werewolf presence, most are obedient hard-working members of society."

Knowing things were perfect he would continue, "Just sign the electronic pad and when you are next free I will take you there and show you around and if you wish for an extra 500,000 I could offer some of my own skilled labour to help make the place livable if you don't have anyone yourself. So, do we have a deal, Ms Tauvyr?"
Daemala did some quick calculations. She would have to liquidate a portion of her personal coffers, but the price wasn’t at all unreasonable.

She reached for the electronic pad.

“Tell me more about some landmarks. What sort of establishments exist here? Any trouble tenants?”
Mr Niac could understand their wish to know, but the information was in the documents, surely that was enough, "Well there is a Police Precinct, two Hospitals one specialised in treating Werewolves, a closed down bar, corner cafe, many bars and nightclubs among more. I don't know what else to tell you, Madame Tauvyr, the information I have not memorized outside of essential details and anything else in the paperwork." with that he opens his briefcase and pull out more documents and deposits it down on the table, "So, before you sign are you buying my workforce or will you handle the work with your own team?" evidently she was intrigued he just needed her to sign so he could move on.
At the sound of nightlife, Daemala was in full stop. She grabbed the paperwork, withdrawing from her hair a sleek fountainquill. With a flourish, the deed was done.
Mr Niac gave a sharp affirmative nod as he took up the paperwork, before digging out a ring of keys, "You are now the proud owner of a district in Lutetia. I have taken the initiative to build a Gate you can use to transport stuff. It is Technological, so you need to program in the destination but it would allow for your village to begin moving to the place if they wish to move to the City instead of Verinotte Hollow. You likely could reach out to others in Terra and exclaim you are providing a haven." grinning he would start to move away, "When you wish to see the location just phone number on my card here, and I shall be there to discuss further plans. I hope you enjoy your purchase."