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The Multiverse » Arcs » Light Rules in the City of Vien

A regime change comes to the city of Vien on Aberash.

As written by: lostamongtrees, Scorpion01, Awinita

13 pieces and 4 characters involved, written by 3 different authors.

1 places involved

So begins...

Light Rules in the City of Vien

Silver Palace Conference RoomSetting: Silver Palace Conference Room

Mungus DeSeiro settled himself in at the long conference table, which was comprised of clear crystal with rainbow auras streaking through. He tapped his fingers, waiting for who he was here to meet. There were Gargantuan matters to discuss, and he wasn't about to go traipsing off to capture the Champion Gargantua without some resources from the governing body of Vien.
Light's appearance was silent, yet definite. She merely shined into existence on the chair she chose to sit at, and leaned back, getting comfortable. She had her legs crossed at the knee, and was wearing regal and elegant robes of White and Gold. Her hair was braided back into a singular Pony-Tail, and her eyes were pure Gold.

She waited for a moment for her Daughter, Kanwar, to enter and find a spot to settle. "Greetings." Light said to Mungus, her voice crisp and youthful despite her acclaimed multi-million year-old age. They were here to officially appoint Light as Ruler over this place it seemed. Humans were always... intriguing.
Mungus rose when Light entered, taking his seat only after she was seated.

"Your Royal Highness," Mungus began, "We've many things to discuss, though I know neither of us has much the time. First things first."

Mungus put a small hinged case on the table. It was shiny, obsidian black, and made from the petrified shell of a Gargantua. From his pocket he pulled a key. On one end was a small core, sending energy through the key. He put the key into the case. The case shuddered once, clicked, and popped slightly open. Mungus opened the case and turned it to show Light what was inside.

A glorious crown, smithed entirely from silver. At the center of it was a glowing core, an ancient one.

"Before you accept this crown, the people of Vien ask three things..."

"Do you honor The Hunt and give blessing to The Champions?"
"Do you endorse The Hunt and give funding to it's execution?"
"Do you," and this was the important part, "Take the City of Vien to be second only to your health, protecting the people, working for the people, and keeping the promise of The Hunt to the people?"
Kanwar kept herself quiet in thoughtful contemplation, she had yet to tell her mother that her brother was alive and that Irral had met up with her at Tersi's gravesite. So her mind was on many other things, first learning her brother was a prisoner, of Draco, then that he was free as a bird and the two spoke and hugged. But she hadnt told her mother, no, not just yet.

She focused on the then and there for the remainder of the day however as the man spoke as he withdrew a silver crown. Though she had to smile when he actually referred to Light as highness, normally people referred to her as Mother, or All-Mother. Rarely as far as Kanwar could recall, did anyone call her, Highness.

However her gaze locked on the crown as the man spoke the words, asking three questions. Three important questions, they made sense. Kanwar herself enjoyed watching the Great Hunt as many called it, and it was enjoyable. A tournament of sort. that got her curious aside interested rather strongly.

Now she did get requests by one of the Tigris, a young woman named Whitemane had been wanting to hone her skills somewhere outside of just training and random easy missions. Maybe this was it ? She looked to Light for her answer
As the crown was revealed Light kept her eyes on the man, rather than the Crown. To be perfectly honest Light could care less about the Crown. However, for the sake of ceremony, she played along with the ceremony, a genuine smile on her face as the questions were asked to her.

"I do. To all three. The Hunt will go on as it always has, fully funded, and its Champion will receive a blessing from me. The City of Vien will never be more safe and happy. This I declare." she finished. She stood as she said it, hammering the metaphorical nail in to the coffin. The folk of the Mythic Realm were hardy peoples, and would be easy to defend and keep healthy. With something as fantastic as The Hunt, easy to keep happy. The people already here in Vien were similar, so really, Light had nothing to worry about.

Life was going to get much better for everyone though.
Mungus bowed his head and returned to his seat, leaving the crown on the table. There were more pressing matters which needed discussion, now that the crown had officially been passed.

“Now, to brief Your Highness on a pressing matter,” Mungus folded his hands on the table, looking directly to Light.

“ you have likely noticed a shift across the lands under your rule. The Gargantua are especially wild this year. News comes of a great beast – a rouge Gargantua storming the wilderness and coming dangerously close to the outskirts of Vien. It is very elusive despite its size. Our intelligence indicates that it is almost twice the size of the largest Gargantua in recorded history. So far it has killed no less than 16 citizens- and those are just what our reports indicate. Who knows how many of the recent missing persons are related to the beast.”

Mungus took a moment of silence for the fallen, continuing on gravely.

“ I am assembling an elite team. If you could provide your mightiest, so that we can find The great Gargantua. Apprehend it. We hope for capture.”
"Aprehend ?" Asked a voice, clearly male. a man seated near a pillar, in a dark coat, his face hidden within the hood. "Thios thing must be large. First I have heard of it" Trust Nara to get there so silently. Darkness Corridors were useful things to a Force Dragon. "Honestly this sounds like my kind of hunt" Nara was an odd duck at times.

Kanwar spoke up. "It has been brought to our attention yes, as our esteemed arrival in the dark coat so plainly puts it, So far only one of our own is reported missing, But I have a lead on him" Kanwar said, But it was the way that she said the word "him" that got Lights undevided attention.

Nara of course removed his hood by that point, the silver haired green eyed man seemed calm as he spoke. "Say we go after it right now, that could lead to issues with the local populace. The last time I was in the lower city, well, some danged shopkeeper touted to get rid of things, like me, he didnt like the look of me. So naturally I left the area. I do however have a possible Hunter who would like to be in on this though" He gave a look to Kanwar and nodded. Whitemane and her older sister Shadowmane both wanted in on this venture.

But still, Naras antics, his silence of his arrival. The whole thing was oddly confusing.

Then again, Nara was an odd duck.

He was after all married to Lights younger daughter Diamond
Mungus bowed to Nara. He did not sense him come, but knew he was of great importance here.

"We hope to depart at dawn, to meet at Quan Memorial," Mungus replied, "The God Yvandir is facing off against the monstrous Li-Xi, so citizenry will be well distracted and contained. The last thing we need is a fool to try his luck, again. We hope to intercept it farther from the city this time. It was last seen miles out," Mungus gestured behind him.

"It would be an honor to have you join us on our Hunt for the Great Gargantua. Your city thanks you."
Light took into account this new development with the addition of Naratas and the news of a wild Gargantua. When Kanwar mentioned him, Light turned her head. She knew that Irral was alive, but didn't know where he was. Light's expression softened as she smiled.

"My first-born son, my strongest, is hard to track down... he does what he wants when he wants, but always comes back every now and again... I guess you could call him a Hunter of Darkness - It's why I made him my first Champion so many millennia ago." she explained. "But in this case, if Naratas is willing, we shall dispatch him to join in the hunt for this Great Gargantua. As a Force Dragon, most Magic has no effect on him, and as old as he is, he is very powerful." she went on. "More than powerful enough to handle a single rogue Gargantua. Besides... Irral would more than likely kill it, rather than capture it alive. He lacks restraint."

Light smiled and gestured to Nara. "Will you join the humans in their hunt? Or shall I have to send for my current Champion?" she asked. Mark, and by extension Kaldakava, were off on the Silver Eagle, doing their routine patrols, watching for signs of Draco's corruption.

But Draco was off somewhere else currently.
It was a rather childish voice coming from Nara as he pointed out "Actually Grandma, I think what Aunt Kanwar is trying to say is that Uncle Irral is either just outside the front door right now or in bed....... DONTHITME!" Yuip, Nara was an odd duck for sure as he visible cast a table to hide behind as Kanwar looked at the man with such a dirty look, she even appeared ready to pitch the chair she sat on at the guy.

When nothing was chucked in his direction he calmly sat back up as if nothing was wrong, dusting off his coat with a gloved hand he continued "He could" Meaning Kalda, and by extension Mark, "But the last time I saw him he was playing Wheel of Fortune with a Red and I didnt wanna get involved" It was true, Mark bought five vowls and constanant and still didnt solve the puzzle. It was rarther true, ever since Kalda was a child, literally only about six thousand years old, or six years old in human years, whichever worked for most readers, he'd hated Red Dragons with such a violent passion it was....

Well gory was an understatement for sure.

Kanwar glared at her self proclaimed nephew. One of the few Force Dragons to openly be so brash and hilarious at the same time, but also sweet, gentle and one hell of a fighter. Kanwar had to hold back a smile however at Naras antics when she glared at him. Visibly flinching, throwing his arms up to defend himself while conjuring a shadow black and purple table to shield himself with. it was mention of a Mortal loved game with a Red... couldnt be that Kaldas old hate flared back up ?

She kept her motuh shut however as Light focused on him directly. Nara looked somewhat worried. "I could, but I do have two possible joinees... however getting a hold of Shadowmane is not easy, she's ticklish" Nara said. You try grabbing your own shadow and see if it doesnt laugh at your touch.

But when Light spoke to him directly concerning and asking if HE would join the hunt too he said "Is that an offer I cant refuse ? I did say I like this kind of hunt didnt I ?" Of course he did, why else would he be there ? "One question, Mungus..." Nara said holding up a gloved hand with a finger up. "Is there a size limit for the hunters ?" He meant himself, as his dragon form was easily the size of a small skyscraper, though at that moment he was nine foot one in human...ish.... form
Mungus listened carefully as the Royals conferred on exactly how to handle the situation. Wild gargantua were usually of no issue, but there was something highly irregular in the works about this one. Mungus hadn't seen one like it in all his years. He averted his eyes at the minor outburst concerning a table. The drama of the Royals was not his business to laugh at, Mungus thought to himself as he caught a chuckle into a cough.
He would have to ask about Wheel of Fortune later.

Addressing Nara, Mungus bowed his head to confirm, "Size matters not. We may actually have a fighting chance with alternatively sized Hunter."

Not many much larger than that one creature called an elephant had officially fought in The Hunt. There had been plenty of tiny participants who found victory based on their maneuverability. Someone larger may actually be a match for power. Mungus considered this.

"I must arrange the others. Quan Memorial, at Dawn. Thank you again, your Highness, for your care for our city," Mungus bowed deeply to each of the royals, and turned to make his leave. Other arrangements had to be made and wasn't he in a hurry to make them!
Light shook her head. "No... Irral is off-world. I can sense his magic elsewhere." she commented. With that in mind, she listened further, and took in the situation at hand carefully and attentively. She smiled at Nara's antics. He always was a funny boy - playful and childish to an extent, but never harmful. Most of the time.

"Nara, dear. Find Kalda, When you get the chance. I'm sure we have something for him to do around the Palace. Besides, I think it's time the 'Eagle has some maintenance done. Kanwar, when Kalda gets here, ensure the people are familiarized with my Champion... As an incentive of what winning their annual Hunt could turn them into with my Blessing." she added, smiling at Mungus.

"Nara will meet you at the appropriate place on time. Take care!" she said softly, waving softly as she vanished in another flash of light, back to her private chambers to attend to personal business.
Nara watched as his aunt visibly seemed to stiffen slightly at mention of his uncle, her brother Irral being gone again ? Wasnt he just there ? Kanwar's look told him pretty much everything, Irral and her had spoken!! Infact if Nara knew better he could smell Irral on his aunt right there in that room.

"Yes, Mother, EVen if I must knock out his human, If I can manage to get him away from Xeir.... has the Raven been told ?" Kanwar asked to Nara

"Not yet, trying to tell her anything normally results in a hammerlock, but at least she is ticklish" Nara replied. "Tell you what, you tell Sazhori and I'll worry of finding Wheel of Fortune Cookie in piece. I think I know where to look."

Then Light mentioned her Blessing. And that alone was a huge ass deal. When Light gave someomne her Blessing, it meant pretty much anything to anyone, infact the only known time Nara could remember was when Light had given her Blessing to a young nineteen year old girl named Yaeko Wolfe.

And of Course Nara had to open his big mouth when Light had left "Wow, Grandma giving her own Blessing as a prize...." CRASH a chair was destroyed over his head, "........ Ow"

"Go find Kalda.... now" Kanwar said as the chair reformed near the table as she stood over him. She knelt to one knee and spoke tersely to him close to his ear so only he could hear her voice. "talk of my brother way again, and not even Diamond can keep you from banishment" Nara didnt like the sound of that so he just nodded.

A Darkness corridor opened and Nara faded away.

Of course sometimes Kanwar did have a temper. She bid Mungus a good bye and she too faded away without a word. She had to speak to her mother