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The Vankoryth Detente call a meeting and discuss their place in the world.

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Might We Masquerade?

Room of ReasonSetting: Room of Reason

Akio was the first one to enter, for a very drastic change, but that was probably because he was the one who called the meeting in the first place. He plopped himself on his bean bag chair, and then had the floor it was sitting on elevate to give him a better position. He was not sure how many would show up to his invitation, given how although he was likely older then most of them, he was new to the group itself.

However, they had an incredibly important topic to discuss. The defense treaty for Terra. Although Akio himself was not really enthusiastic about it, and he was very distrustful of mortals and to be fair anyone, he recognized the...uses...this treaty could have. Mainly, about how they could be seen more as equals, and solidify their own indepedence more. If they allowed this organization to go on with out them, to protect all of Terra which included themselves without them, then Akio could see it being used to say that they were lesser then them, that they needed protection, that they had nothing to contribute.

That sort of thinking and plotting could undo a lot of the work they did, such as during the Chaos Ball, and that was something Akio did not plan to allow, at least not without a fight.

"We absolutely cannot let this go on without some input ourselves. Yes, the Detente either has to be a part of this treaty...or, we must destroy it from becoming a force that will be recognized..."

Of course, Akio had no intention of limiting himself to one solution either. He believed there were only two choices for the Detente. To support it and become equals, or to destroy it entirely and prevent the risk from ever forming in the first place. The question was, what would the other members believe?