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Alighieri returns for but a moment, taking with him to the næther the entirety of Gambit's bustling bar.

As written by: Remæus, Guest, ColeMaibara

4 pieces and 55 characters involved, written by 3 different authors.

1 places involved

So begins...


Gambit's BarSetting: Gambit's Bar

Alighieri evaporated into existence with a foul hum emanating from what seemed to be the very walls themselves. After what felt like nearly an aeon, all sound was annihilated from existence as he manifested his corporeal form.

he exhaled, extending his claw-rife hand towards the center of the room as a faint red glow began to illuminate the mysteriously-darkening Bar.
This area begins to push everything out of itself, a great expulsion of material into another realm...
In an immense cacophony of pressure, everything resumed as normal in the Bar, save for the lone shadow in the center of the room. The hulking figure seemed to gleam with terror, piercing into the very soul of the building itself.

Then, vanishing just as he came, Alighieri disintegrated into a thin black mist to leave only the Void behind.
/me blinks as she picks up a bit of the strange, dust...? She sprinkled some of it in the air however and let it dance in the breeze (or rather, AC system)! "Wee, free dust for everyone, I guess! Come and get it!"