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The Multiverse » Arcs » Rival Dellevon Reunion

Rival cousins Carmen and Cobreo of House Dellevon reunite for the first time in five years on the Blakomet.

As written by: lostamongtrees

27 pieces and 2 characters involved, written by 1 different authors.

2 places involved

So begins...

Rival Dellevon Reunion

Port KanderdamSetting: Port Kanderdam

Cobreo Dellèvon slipped on sunglasses and adjusted his collar. Two escorts exited the hover-SUV behind him and kept close. Cobreo started off towards where his private transport was waiting. If he wasn't so paranoid he'd be excited. Cobreo cursed the vigilantes which had him living on the verge of fear. He knocked his chin back a hair and raised his nose, sending the message that he wouldn't be intimidated.

A small group of teenage girls giggled as he passed them by, and every now and then he could feel his picture being taken. Before long Cobreo arrived at his transport.
The Blakomet maneuvered from where it was parked into a giant tube, which was from where it would launch.

BlakometSetting: Blakomet

"Are you excited?" A servant asked Cobreo as they set down a napkin, then a fresh drink, on the small table beside Cobreo's recliner. Cobreo gave half a snort and didn't even bother to look in the direction of the servant who spoke to him.

"To cut a fuckin' ribbon?" Cobreo finally said to the back of the servant as he retreated out of the room. The servant hesitated. Cobreo clinked his drink, looking out of the window. They were preparing to launch, and had maneuvered into the tube. He watched the lights for a moment. He chugged the rest of the drink and flung the glass at the servant. It narrowly missed their head, clinking off of the wall and rolling across the soft carpet.

"Another one," Cobreo snapped when the servant reached for it. He bucked himself in for launch, knowing in another part of the ship the servant was doing the same, and kicked around different insults to sling at them upon their return.
Cobreo Dellèvon looked down at Larus, the bird shaped continent, and felt himself as if his wings were spreading.
Cobreo Dellèvon grumbled that it was taking too long to get away from the planet, and that they were a sitting duck out here, when the warp drives rumbled to a start.
 “ What are you doing here? ”
 “ Cousin, do you truly believe that I have been so far removed? ”
Cobreo Dellèvon glanced Carmen up and down and gave her a snort. Six years she had been gone, disappeared the same day he ascended as Don Dellevon. Everyone knew she wanted the position, and many believed she deserved it more than he. Cobreo had shown them. He had shown them with what he could do and if that didn't teach them, he showed them what he was capable of.

Needless to say, he had the majority of familial support. After the third year Carmen's name wasn't much more than a whisper.
 “ I suppose you're wondering why I'm here, now. ”
 “ Yeah, no shit Carmen. What the fuck are you doing on my ship, and how did you even get clearance? ”
Carmen Dellevon offered a tiny smile, with more than enough mischief in her eyes to cause Cobreo to grow suspicious of his cousin.
Cobreo Dellèvon narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist. He couldn't read her, though he tried. That was the downside to their blood. Psionic, except upon those you shared too much blood with. If she was his third cousin he would have been able to infiltrate her intentions, but she wasn't. She was his first cousin and he would have to wait for her words.

A gentle ding indicated to prepare for docking. Still glaring daggers at his cousin Cobreo buckled himself back in.
 “ It's not every day one gets the opportunity to travel so far from home. How is it you acquired real estate all the way out here? ”
 “ ”
 “ ”
 “ None of your fuckin' business. Just be glad i'm not throwing you out the airlock before we dock. ”
Carmen Dellevon buckled herself in, that little smile never leaving her face. Cobreo's attitude had gotten worse- as had his paranoia.
The Blakomet smoothly docked, it's occupants shooting daggers at one another with their eyes. Carmen and Cobreo were cousins. They didn't trust each other as far as either could be thrown, but one had more cause for such sentiments than the other.
 “ Well, cousin, this should be fun. I've always wanted to see Club 47. ”
 “ Shuthefuckup. You're staying on board. ”
Carmen Dellevon barked a laugh which ended in a sigh, tsk-tsking her cousin. She unstrapped the safeties and stood. Brushing the wrinkles from her tight skirt Carmen turned to face Cobreo squarely where he sat.
 “ You may be the Don Dellevon, cousin, but nothing is going to stand between myself and that dance floor. You want to know why I'm here? To dance. You haven't even bothered to ask me how I've been all these years, sitting there all grown. I've been as well as can be expected. Left out to dry by you and the rest of the family! ”
Cobreo Dellèvon roughly undid his safeties and stood to face Carmen, his nose inches from hers.

"Fuck you," He hissed, "Speaking as if you were owed anything! You left us and that was your choice, nobody pushed you out! Delusional bitch."
Carmen Dellevon sucked air in through her nose and blew it out in Cobreo's face through a grit-teeth smile. She was older than Cobreo by one year, the oldest in their generation. She should have been Don Dellevon. The traditions said so. But, with the disgracing of her father, things had changed. When Cobreo's own father passed he was handed the title. It was bullshit.
 “ Do whatever the fuck you want. Stay out of my fucking way. ”
Cobreo Dellèvon shoved into Carmen as he pushed past. He straightened the collar of his suit and cracked his neck. This would be a short trip he hoped, though he wasn't eager to get back to Kanderdam. Maybe there was a nice place he could hide somewhere around Blue Heaven. As he made his way towards the airlock he snorted under his breath. Wouldn't Carmen love that, if he disappeared.

No, Cobreo didn't have time for a vacation. He had a city to clean of vigilantes, an empire to grow, and a cousin's whose face deserved a good shove into the shit of his success.
Carmen Dellevon waited for Cobreo to leave the room before she collapsed back into the luxury safety seat. Cobreo had grown dangerous. He was always a tough kid, but he had a new hardness to him that made her heart beat faster.

There were no doubts to be had. If Cobreo found out why Carmen was really here, her body would likely never be found.