The Multiverse » Arcs » Selerei Eats K'gara

A sea monster living in the Solinus Sea makes a meal of K'gara.

As written by: lostamongtrees, shentino

21 pieces and 110 characters involved, written by 2 different authors.

Character Portrait: Exo

3 places involved

So begins...

Selerei Eats K'gara

Hidden CoveSetting: Hidden Cove

It had been some time since there had been any vast disturbances here, the waves had begin to erode the scars of battles past.

The waters bubbled as something large maneuvered beneath them.
Selerei sensed something, following a trail north.
The bubbles subsided.

Solinus Sea Eastern BaySetting: Solinus Sea Eastern Bay

Selerei continued to follow the trail towards the east, the sea bubbling as the creature passed shallow beneath.

Solinus Sea: Coastal WatersSetting: Solinus Sea: Coastal Waters

Selerei moved quickly beneath the break of the waters, the sea bubbling as the great creature made it's way towards what it had marked as it's prey.
K'gara remains blissfully unaware of her impending doom
Selerei dove deeper, the bubbles on the surface ceasing. The monster positioned itself directly beneath it's prey and prepared to strike.
K'gara is doggy paddling enjoying the cool water, when her paw touched the scaley skin of the monster...
Selerei was touched by the paw on the nose and chose the moment to take it's shot. The great sea creature opened wide it's maw and surged upwards, a toothed prison rising in a churn to capture K'gara.
K'gara yowls with fright as she is engulfed by the jaws of the beast, her heart pounding with terror as she realizes she's being devoured. She hisses and reaches out with her claws trying to scrabble her way out of this doom
Selerei snapped their jaws shut, waters pouring out between massive teeth as they sliced towards one another. The creature felt a few sharp pains on it's tongue as K'gara fought for their life. The pressure inside Selerei's mouth grew and the light of the day was snuffed in an instant.
K'gara continued in vain to struggle, her claws in a flurry as she struggles to escape or wound the beast. She was winded though, the might of the pressure expelling the air from her lungs and she was dangerously close to drowning if she sucked in a load of seawater at the wrong moment
Selerei clamped firm it's jaws and knocked it's head back with a gulp, knowing full well this prey couldn't be chewed. It moved too much, and Selerei jerked a bit in pain. The monster was bleeding inside from the claws and struggles of K'gara.
K'gara probably gets a good chomp on the beast's tongue
Selerei gurgles with pain, receding down to bury it's face back into the waters.
K'gara is swallowed alive, armor and all, and soon is cut off from sight to the sun
Selerei sunk deeper as they finished their meal.
K'gara is trapped in the hungry beast's slimy muscular gullet, pulled helplessly down the beast's scaly neck as a rolling lump, until she slid into her stomach, which clamped shut tightly behind her
K'gara eventually suffocates as the slightly acrid fluid of seawater and gastric juice invades her trachea and burns her lungs from the inside...before...blub blub...she breathes her last, giving up the ghost and starting the clock ticking on her body's eventual digestion and assimilation
K'gara is now dead
Selerei lay resting on the bottom of the coastal waters, hunger satisfied for now