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The Multiverse » Arcs » Target: Don Dellevon

The Don Dellevon of House Dellevon is threatened by the uprising of a local vigilante group.

As written by: xX- Juni -Xx, lostamongtrees

3 pieces and 3 characters involved, written by 2 different authors.

1 places involved

So begins...

Target: Don Dellevon

KanderdamSetting: Kanderdam

Six months ago: Zai had heard about the city of Kanderdam, and how it was controlled by mobsters. But where most people saw a wicked and twisted city, He saw opportunity. Zai took his chances and moved into the city. Not only to escape from Karma, but also to start over. His plan was simple yet effective. All he had to do is do what he did best. Assassinate the major mobsters. That's would be difficult, but it was nothing Zai Akubane couldn't have handled. Soon after many weeks of being in the city, and colleting info, he had devised a plan. See the general population hated the mobsters, because the mobsters had them pay ridiculous prices for protection against them. Everyone wanted the mobsters to be taken down, but no one had the skills nor audacity to do soo. Zai did. After al, he had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. His plan was unfolding perfectly. First he gathered a group of people who where willing to help him, and had most of the general population fund him. And then they where all set. They stroked first, when Zai had assassinated the most powerful Mobster in the city, Dominique. Of course conflict broke out, but Zai and his rebels stood strong. One by one, more and more mobsters where killed over the past six months until only a handful where left.
Now they are the only people holding Zai back from taking one of the most economically prosperous cities in the whole MV, and over 50% of the city is already his. Zai's plan was working, and he slowly "Liberated" the cities population, one killed mobster at a time. Of course Zai's leadership, protection, and assassinations came at a cost to the public, but it was far much less than the previous mobsters before him. To the public eye, he was a hero and liberator of Kanderdam City. And he is only getting more popular as he pushes the remaining mobsters out of his territory, but not before they put up a fight.
The living Shadow of Kanderdam City and so called hero is also quiet wealthy now, after collecting taxes and revenue of the cities.
Cobreo threw his cell phone out the window of his stretch hover and poured himself a glass of champagne. If he had to rad one more blurb about that damned vigilante, he was going to return to killing for sport. It meant the game was getting sloppy. These idiots were dropping like flies. How was it hard to lose your pulse when you had this kind of money? This kind of power? The more flies dropping, the easier it is to spot the bees. Cobreo liked to think of himself as a hornet.

The stretch hover glided south down Verbond Boulevard. Sitting in silence he watched the people go by. Nobody could see him, but every now and again someone pointed at the stretch hover; usually a young girl swift to text everyone about who she just saw out on the town. The vehicle itself was liquid black and would have been relatively inconspicuous... save the glowing blue stone crest anchored on the very front and it's shape in entirety. Brutalism was a word Cobreo decided he liked. The style of architecture was imposing and bold, with a solid stature that dared you to even try knocking it down. This was entirely relatable to the young boss. The style was adapted throughout every aspect of his life from that point forward, from the blocky yet streamlined shapes of his custom cars, the hotels he built throughout the Multiverse, all the way to the threading of the fabrics he wore.

Taking a sip of his champagne Cobreo psionically tuned the radio to play one of his favorite songs. In his minds eye he connected to the network most of the planet was connected to, but had to access through device. Not Cobreo. He searched feeds for mention of the vigilante and was happy to find the network seemed to be refocusing. It's too bad everyone was still spreading the photos of Dominique's corpse. A fire burned in his gut every time one floated through his minds eye.

There goes another one. Cobreo squeezed his eyes shut. For a moment his face twisted in anguish. Then, he completely relaxed. The young boss downed his champagne as the vehicle pulled up to his appointment at the tallest building in the city; Hotigan Enterprises Executive Building. After a deep breath he flicked the door open. Two beautiful young women received him, one on either arm, and escorted him through towering black glass doors and into the building.

Six more liquid black hovers surrounded the scene, with twelve protective agents posted throughout. Cobreo wasn't stupid, and was wearing his best shock absorbent survival undergarments beneath his designer suit. Though it wasn't condoned, the public seemed to support the vigilante in his moves to kill off the string pullers of Kanderdam. If he played the game right, nobody would ever suspect he was one of them. On the other hand...
The undergarments weren't very comfortable, but he was no stupid fly.
Zai was sitting atop the building right across from the Hotigan Enterprises Executive Building. Zai watched as one of the three men getting in his way made his way inside the building. He couldn't attack now. He needed the element of surprise in full swing in able to kill Cobreo. But unlike the rest, he left no openings for Zai to do so. He was frustrated. Zai had been tracking Cobreo for over a week now, and now one opportunity had opened up to slit the mans throat. He was definitely much smarter then the rest of the mobsters, and wouldn't be caught dead without protection. There he was. Right. There.
Zai had placed several moles and double agents within Cobreo's operations, but he was getting little info. Soon enough Zai found himself hiding in the shadows of an allyway, right outside the Hotigan Enterprises Executive Building. In the shadows lurked dozens of other rebels, starring up at the towering building with hungry eyes. "Cobreo must think Im stupid" Zai says in a low voice as he grins to himself. Zai saw his undergarments, and Zai also saw a single flaw in Cobreo's almost flawless defence. If Zai could separate Cobreo from his guards… He could eradicate him once and for all. Soon all the Rebels including Zai took their places, and waited for Zai's command.