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Zosimos is under arrest for committing crimes against his Blood.

As written by: Rulke, lostamongtrees

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The Arrest of Zosimos

Room of ReasonSetting: Room of Reason

A figure would step into the room escorted by two finely dressed armed knights bearing the Lessard Crest. Although dressed modern, she had what could almost be called ancient eyes. Each step was purposeful and direct before she came to the table and spoke in an English Accent, "You all of you lack decorum to not invite any of the Lessards to this shambles you call a meeting. Well, fortunately, my schedule is not full and also because this needs to be addressed." she indicates to her Knights to remove their helmets before turning her red eyes to Zosimos, "You really thought we would not find out? You really thought you could end one of the oldest Hunter Lines without consequences? I would ask if you are just dimwitted or just a fucking spastic, but I know why you did it and finally, you are reaping what you sow."

She would gesture for one of the knights to speak, "Sir Lauden, you tell these cretins please what you were told." the Knight nodded approaching the table, his very presence regal, "As I explained Dutchess Hazel, one of the Thralls informed us that the girlfriend of Maria Van-Helsing has been encouraged to take up arms by another. We do believe they intend to end this experiment."

The red-haired girl with such fiery barbs laughed darkly, "I do believe a human expression comes to mind here. The chickens have come to roost. Zosimos as representative of the Lessard Family it is deemed your offence is so great and endangers us all that you should be made to answer for this slight. Thus I call for Noctem Judicii where you will be able to answer for this insanity and prove whether you should be spared. If you refuse..." she paused turned to the Knight said something in French before seemingly agreeing and remarking, "Then by Decree of the Lessard Family you are exiled for your crimes against our kind and the utter reckless endangerment. To think Casren put you in charge, and now you bring a war to our kind." scowling she draws out a handkerchief and blow her nose before continuing, "Daemala Tauvyr as the actual leader of Detente you must understand what he did endangers our kind?" she asked her voice suddenly gentle even adorable, "Who will second me so we confirm this and move on to more important affairs?"
Zosimos began to laugh, but a swift motion from Daemala's gloved hand had his building roar silenced in an instant. Her gaze flit around the room, resting on the Ulrich. Terun, however, sensed something very familiar about the Lessard newcomers. He stuck to his spot and silence, wondering why he was awash with such an uncomfortable feeling.

"Ridiculo-" Hissed Zosimos, cut off in an instant and frozen on the spot. The only part of the old vampire which remained mobile were his eyes, locked in an instant with Ulrich. The two were engaged in an internal power struggle. Ulrich could keep Zosimos still, but not for long. Several members of the Forces Vankoryth entered the Room of Reason, positioning themselves around Zosimos, ready to engage. They nodded at the Knights of the Lessards, granting them permission to intervene if necessary.

"A trial," Daemala was doing her best to hide a smile. Just minutes ago Zosimos held the floor. She would have to play her cards carefully so as not to lose what favor he gained.

"A trial. for indeed the reason for our return to the Masquerade and the reason for all of this toe-tipping, the very actions of you. Zosimos," She turned to face the room, no longer hiding her grin. She first addressed Akio.

"First, we, of course, must present a trial. After which, I trust, you have a system ready for what to do with those found....guilty, yes?" Daemala next looked to Lacroix, "As soon as you have a list of these fugitives, the damage doers who hide in our dark asylum, we will begin taking action. Ulrich and Reisel, you will assist Prince Lacroix in whatever he needs so that damage must be undone."

Ulrich had turned a new shade of pale, both him and Zosimos quivering. Daemala took her seat, having said her bit and wishing to get on with it all already. There was a quick scuffle as Ulrich released Zosimos, and he was apprehended. It would take a close observer to see the syringe as it released into Zosimos, doing nothing aside nullifying his shapeshifting and shadow-blending powers. It would last long enough to get him to containment.

Obscenities were spat, a chair was sadly broken, three tapestries hit the ground ripped, and Terun didn't come out from under the table until the door had shut on Ulrich, Zosimos, and his escorts.

"What about the dinner party?" Terun asked quietly. Daemala ignored him and took her leave, curtsying the royalty and giving respectful nods to the rest. Everyone could sort out whatever from here, she assumed. All she cared was that she was recognized as the leader of the Vankoryth Detente, pesky Zosimos was out of her way, and there was dinner party that needed a change in arrangements. On her way out she nearly toppled over a courier, who had a note regarding a new energy disturbance somewhere in the Cursed Wood. Daemala could scream.