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The Pagourano mines have been losing Gnomes to a mysterious beast deep within, and the Aurelian Empire has been contracted to make them safe again.

As written by: Remæus

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The Clearing of the Pagourano Mines

Pagourano SpaceportSetting: Pagourano Spaceport

Reinhart Elvengar disembarks from his vessel, sent to the planet from his commanders to survey the prospects of the local region. His workmen were already busy unloading supplies from the ship, eager to establish a base of their own on this frontier world.

What's the latest from the mines?
he asked of one of the local spaceport workers, already familiar from his previous journeys to the world.

The beast remains, Reinhart. No one here seems prepared to tackle the monster...
came the report, which frustrated him visibly. He was eager to complete the acquisition of the resource, but the gnome seemed ill-equipped to secure the deeper regions. He sighed and nodded, heading out to the settlement.

Pagourano Eastern GatesSetting: Pagourano Eastern Gates

Reinhart Elvengar stopped at the city gate, waiting for his party to assemble.

Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a small device with what appeared to be some kind of lens on the front. Peering down at the device, he tapped in a few commands and pointed it at the city wall.

A beam of light emanated from the lens, etching the following message into the wall:

By decree of the Aurelian Empire, we are seeking
noble adventurers to join us on our mission to
clear the Pagourano mines of an unknown threat,
which has slowed production and the local economy.

Meet at the mines with your best weaponry.

The Aurelian Empire authorizes payments of 10,000
credits for successful restoration of safe mining
operations within the mine.

Contact REINHART ELVENGAR on frequency 229.32 Mhz.