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The Multiverse » Arcs » The Construction of Radiance

Tiaan to appease and cheer up her lover Driselda creates with her magic an entire palace out of Ice for them to live in, it is truly a beautiful sight. She names it Radiance.

As written by: Rougeshadow, Rulke

31 pieces and 2 characters involved, written by 2 different authors.

1 places involved

So begins...

The Construction of Radiance

The Cold PlainsSetting: The Cold Plains

The was welcoming to say the least though it did not put a damper on her mood in the slightest. The Sun was gone and the Moon was high in these frigid, frozen plains. A vast expanse of emptiness, nothingness and snow. It reminded her of the Frozen Reaches of her homeland though now long gone to the passage of time. The vampire did not look well, looking very gaunt and pale with her fangs almost like jaws of a larger bat and her features more avian than man-like with bony fingers clutching at her armor. It was now a month since her last feedings...and she was rather hungry

But she would wait until Tiaan would this place, she was the one in charge...
Feeling much more at home in this strange place, the cold did not effect her at all, in fact it was welcoming, friendly even it was truly a calming experience, well that or feasting on explorer she had found, her fangs glistening with blood, but she had come here to cheer up her cute princess, her wonderful love. But most of all, she wanted to be in snow, wanted to be around ice, around her element, the amazing truly powerful emotion she gained from being in this place, it was just calming, relaxing even, but soon she sensed her love aura chaotic and angry.

Smirking she snuck up slowly, and wrapped her arms Driselda and kissed on the neck hard, biting lightly before whispering in her ear, "I could make you feel heavenly babe, but instead I got more interesting idea, maybe for afterwards we can relax in that way sexy."
The arms reached around her and her hands went to her lover's hair and gripped it tightly before she reached a clawed hand back and was about to strike....then lowered and released her grip on her lover's head

"Ohh I am sorry Tiaan...I am not doing so great...not to mention the vile Detente would take insanity into their folds. They will destroy themselves...and their lack of honor still insults me greatly. So...why are we here?" She asked her while looking at the blood on her lover's fangs

"Perhaps something to eat would also be an order...."
She would smile softly and reply, "I understand baby, but I intend to make your day, but first how about a kiss, you look so frowny and well I think I would prefer if you are smiling before I do this, besides I don't think anyone else is here for us to feast on, a little away there is a half-dead explorer, but well I think you prefer your meals fresh Dri, don't you?"
Driselda looked around a little and growled with an almost primal hunger in her eyes, clearly the month without blood was taxing on her reasoning centers and caused her to become more aggresive as she shook her head slowly "Not a smart idea...Im having trouble controlling myself. Im too hungry and I havent fed in so long. Id rather not lose you to my own cravings and hungers" She said and looked out at the plain, her hands going through her hair to brush away the snow that was on it
Sighing she would walk over a little further away, and slowly but surely her body would alight with a strange glow, her eyes would grow bright and the snow around her gradually would start to move in mysterious flurry, soon the white powder would surround her completely.
Driselda would quietly walk behind Tiaan and reached out a clawed hand to try and catch the snowflakes in her palm. It was a useless gesture but she wondered if she could...though she was curious as to what she was doing
Not even focusing she would fling it up and start to send it all in one direction, the whole thing slowly collecting then it would solidify as she forced it to melt and form into ice, her arms conducting this strange unnatural orchestra in enigmatic fashion, nothing yet clear happening, just a lot wind and snow being melted and turned to ice, for what purpose nothing was being given.
The ice formed and this made Driselda's head tilt as if she was curious as to what Tiaan was doing. But she knew based on the spellwork, silence was key so she would stay silent. For now though, she would open her emergency stash of blood and took a small sip. It wasnt much...but she couldnt do much about it. She was very very hungry...
As she continued this strange ritual she would begin to combine each piece of ice in a strange shape, her body enduring all the energy going through, as she whipped up more snow, she would reveal some hibernating animals, in a strange commanding voice she yell out over the wind, "THEY'RE YOURS, FEAST NOW!" before going back to forming this weird shape with all the ice she subsequently beginning to form, as to what this was about, only she knew at this point.
Driselda would see the creatures....though she would cringe inside, she would move to one of the sleeping creatures and sink her fangs into it, making sure it didnt make a sound as she began to drink from one of the sleeping animals. Right now...anything tasted good
Now it would begin to snow as a strange structure would fall to the ground thumping it heavily, revealing what appeared to be large entrance to what was unclear, but then a wall would form filling a large area, as she stepped on through, the collection of ice following her, as it continued to construct strange things, each piece working and forming as she focused her body appearing fine and healthy, despite all the pressure she was putting on it.
Driselda would blink and would follow, her hunger not even close to being sated though her features would start reverting backwards and she dragged behind another beast behind her like a child would drag her blanket behind her. She was definately very curious as to what her lover was building
As she reached her next point she would slam down a block of ice that was gigantic by all comparisons, then without waiting she would smash a hole through as she started to gradually shape it, occasionally adding new bit.

It still appeared rather odd and perplexing, right now appeared to be a pretty block with a door and some added ice shapes on it, otherwise it did not seem to be anything.
Driselda would then sit in the snow and watch with wonder at her lover's abilities while sinking her fangs into another of the beasts from before. She would need to find some real blood.....not this animalistic blood
The thing whatever it was would begin to take shape slowly, gradually it would appear more building like as another ice layer was added, but still it appeared rather rough and all around high winds were blowing as she kept carving, still she appeared to be enduring.
The wonders didnt cease as Driselda drank the blood, noting the shapes as the thoughts entered her head. What could it be? Surely not.....but maybe...
As she worked on this, a more resembling shape would appear as the ice and snow moved around her whole body almost like some great cold maelstrom, more and more being added as each piece of the walls was lovingly carved, while the architecture would begin to shape, great towers forming.

Driselda would likely not notice, but Tiaan seemed to be slightly faltering, what Dri did not know, is Tiaan should never be trying to build something like this on her own, she just wanted impress her, wanted to make her happy, Tiaan rarely if ever thought about herself.
Driselda could see her falter and would move to her side and held her gently in her arms. Anger slowly melted away as worry overtook what was left as she stroked her lover's hair "Can I help you with the spellwork?" She asked her
Still not aware of danger she was in, she was too focused she would start to carve heavily, her power increasing ten fold as great rooms were ripped into the inside of the structure, her sighs building as she struggled to stand, she had to do this, she had to make Driselda happy, she had too... Her powers would intensify instead of weakening, she refused to stop, and now it would be blatantly obvious she was taxing herself, unfortunately Driselda had never seen just how stubborn this snow elf could get, or how selfless even, she had to finish, the whole thing appeared grand and immense, a huge castle still rough, but it was obvious now what she was doing.
Driselda was now worried as the grand castle took shape, cursing loudly in a language long forgotten as she sliced the neck of the creature she dragged and dipped her hand into the blood, making sure it covered her whole hand and extended her grip as if in a vice

Tiaan would feel her strength returning as it failed as Driselda was channeling the life she gained from the creatures into her Blood Magics, creating a Blood Channel between the two. She didnt have much and it clealry showed how much she strained just to hold the tender connection. She had to help

Tiaan was NOT going to die on her....not ever
Feeling little stronger, her powers would speed up, as each bit of the great structure took form, the outside now complete showing a great immense work of art, each piece lovingly carved. Refusing to take a break, she would channel even more to form the rooms, the map inside her head so intricate that she could only keep her attention on that, as insides were formed with amazing skill, windows and pillars would appear as she worked, maintaining the flow constantly.
Driselda would keep going with her Blood channel but soon found her reserves running dangerously low as the channel began to flicker in and out at rapid intervals. She fell to a knee as she struggled to keep up the stream of energy to her lover while her visible strains grew as her fangs now were well below her lip line and were clearly visible
Then after she finished the last piece inside, including much of the insides, the snow elf collapsed, the magic ceasing but the structure towering now above them a beautiful grand ice castle, similar styling to that of Dwemer ruins, but made completely of Ice, suggesting that race has pillaged the secrets before destroying the falmer. All in all it was huge and it was amazing she was not dead.

Laying eyes closed, her heart would be faint but visible, she always did care more about others. Most likely she just needed a rest.

Fortunately for both of them, someone a human had noticed him, walking on over, he would ask, "Is she okay, I saw her collapse, I got medical supplies, let me just go get them." the man seemed utterly alone and well built, wearing heavy fur, he must have been another explorer, "Have you seen anyone else around me, I had a partner, but cannot find him..."
Driselda would thank Molag-Bal for this silently and turned to rush the man and tackled into him, hissing loudly as she reached down quickly and snapped his neck, bending down to begin feeding from his neck while looking to Tiaan. With the human still in her mouth, she dragged over the body and slit his wrist for Tiaan to drink

"Tiaan....drink" She said, her tone almost feral as if barely able to speak...she was really hungry
Her eyes opened slightly, and first thing she asked, "Did I finish it, do you like it?" she would wait for an answer before starting to drink. This would laugh always, it was ice sure, but the whole palace was actually rather vast and the ice was strengthened to almost concrete levels, it could endure much wear and tear. It had been a while since she had done something like this, it was ignorant but it had made Dri happy, that's all that mattered right. Besides now they had a place they could both feel at home.
Dri was speechless as she drank heavily from the man, feeding like a baby and the features slowly dissolved away until she appeared fully human. She took herself off the man's neck and left the rest for Tiaan "I love it...its gorgeous my did you do it?"
She would smile softly, "Many secrets of the snow elves are lost to Skyrim... this is remnant of our time in the sun, our whole cities were built from ice grand metropolis of unprecedented scale. It was a marvel, I just wanted to make you happy Dri, you looked so sad, don't worry as long as your happy, I am too..." pausing she would stretch appearing little healthier, replying, "Why not check inside, it will of course need furniture, unfortunately can't magic that up." giggling she would smile so innocently, so unlike the beast she was.
Driselda would smile a little and reach out to take her hand gently and pulled her into her embrace for a kiss, closing her eyes while rubbing her back softly "Tiaan...Ill take care of the furniture work. Id rather build what we as I have no current currency...just Septims" She said while looking around the room they were now in, she would assume the foyer
Still smiling she would fall unconcious her breath normal, just needing rest, smiling even now in this state. Well she had done it, almost killed herself, but she had done it, made her lover joyous once more and the whole place would stick around, such a truly beautiful place.
Driselda smiled and picked up her lover and carried her around as she inspected their new home with splendor and happiness...she was actually happy. Who needed Castle Vankoryth...they have their own palace all to themselves