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The Multiverse » Arcs » The Mountain Cove Cottage

Domestic life featuring Aeli Aimani and Yanagi Eiko, plus their cat Sishi.

As written by: PastelHarmony

19 pieces and 4 characters involved, written by 1 different authors.

1 places involved

So begins...

The Mountain Cove Cottage

Mountain CoveSetting: Mountain Cove

Aeli was squatting with her back towards Yanagi, running her fingers over the rhubarb. It had gone through a rough spot recently but was now looking healthy as ever, like let thanks to Aeli’s constant nurturing. That plant couldn’t have died of it tried. Yanagi chuckled to herself as she padded quietly behind Aeli, sliding her arms around her waist.

“You know, we’re just going to harvest it later,” she spoke softly, breath warm against Aeli’s ear.
Aeli jumped, squeaking slightly. In her concentration, she had failed to hear Yanagi coming up behind her. With a relieved sigh as her heartbeat slowed down, she stood up and turned to Eiko. “Yana, don’t spook me like that,” she breathed, still cradled in Yanagi’s arms. She wiggled out of her grasp and brushed the dirt off of her blue checkered shirt and old loose jeans. After making sure she was cleaned off, she looked back up at Eiko and inquired, “Is it your turn or mine to make dinner?”
”You’ve been working all day,” wheedled Eiko. “Let me cook. I promise not to burn the house down.” She gave a mischievous smile and crossed two fingers over her heart before melting into a softer expression. “I’ll get a bath running, okay?” She turned to the open wooden door, long white hair swishing and billowing out behind her as the wind caught it. The setting sun reflected off of it, vibrant gold and salmon hues cast upon the garden. She stepped inside the cottage, certain that Aeli was not far behind.
Aeli walked inside, the floor creaking slightly underneath her. She set her straw hat on the hand crafted wooden table as she closed the door carefully. She reached up to let her hair down, its curly tresses falling onto her shoulders as she shrugged off her shirt. Underneath, she wore a plain white tank top. She sighed as she shook out her brown locks, waiting as she heard the trickling of water from their shared bathroom. While lookin in around, she noticed Sishi on the mahogany stool in front of their kitchen island.
Sishi hopped off the countertop gracefully, landing with a click of the floor against her paws. She circled around Aeli’s legs, purring fondly. Her black fur traced around Aeli’s ankles with a light swoosh.
Yanagi heard Aeli taking off her hat as she walked down the hall to their main bathroom. She crossed the room over sleek oak panels to the marble tub, catching a glimpse of her reflection in a polished mirror to her right. To the left of the tub was the door connecting to the main bedroom. Reaching across the marble, Eiko pulled on the blinds of the window in front of the tub. It was unlikely anyone would be out here, but it still provided a sense of privacy. She lifted her hands over the bath, drawing in a slow breath as magic swirled inside of her and gushed out of her fingertips. The pattering turned into steady streams, and soon the tub was full. Eiko walked back down the hall and was greeted with the sight of Aeli looking down at Sishi, who was purring around her legs. “The bath’s ready,” she called in a light voice.
Aeli grinned broadly at Eiko, eyes sparkling. “Thank you,” she replied, giving her an affectionate glance as she walked down the hall. She took off her clothes and sunk into the bath, making sure to add copious amounts of lavender bubble wash. She closed her eyes and relaxed, allowing her muscles to unwind and her mind to become peaceful.
Yana moved towards the kitchen counter, stopping as she reached the island. She pulled out a stool and took a seat, gazing out the window. What to eat? she thought, soaking in the last of the sun's rays. Underneath the window was a sturdy metal sink, the source of the only running water in the building. (They didn't need it, of course, but it was convenient.) The glow reflected off of the steel, casting illumination onto the strands of crops hanging from the ceiling. Long braids of garlic bulbs and rosemary awash with orange hue. Reaching up, Eiko plucked a dried carrot, observing its crinkled skin. Turning to the pantry, she collected a variety of ingredients and set to work.
As she got out of the tub and shook out her hair, Aeli could hear a sizzling from the kitchen. A familiar scent wafted through the house and she smiled contentedly, turning her thoughts towards the next day. Their seasonal journey was just around the corner and they would be setting out on the road the next day. Her activities that day had been part of the extensive preparation needed. Sighing, she slipped into a black tank top and yoga pants before heading back towards the kitchen.
Yanagi turned to greet Aeli, a soft and fond looking crossing her face. She held up a brown ceramic soup plate filled with hot stew and rice. The rich mahogany color of the beef was highlighted by the vivid caramelized carrots.
Aeli grinned broadly and took the plate with both hands, moving to sit down. With a wave of her hand, she levitated a spoon towards her and dug in. "Thank you!" she said sweetly.
They sat in comfortable silence, punctuated by the occasional mewl from Sishi. This would be the last time in a while that they were able to rest in their own home. Spooning the last mouthful of rice into her mouth, Yana slid back her chair with a creak.

"Get ready for bed, I'll take care of the dishes." She said softly, collecting their plates.
Aeli nodded and yawned, giving a small stretch and murmuring, "Thank you," lovingly. She turned and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Grabbing a toothbrush, she began her nightly routine.
Yana entered their shared bedroom to see Aeli fluffing her pillow. They both wore lace nightgowns- Aeli’s was snow white and Eiko’s was navy blue. Crossing the room to her side off the bed, she observed her lover’s serene expression. It was a soft happiness, a kind of peace which cannot be expressed. In the face of their impending journey, Eiko admired it all the much more. The way Aeli’s rich brown eyes gleamed in the glittering starlight which swept in from their window could be described only as majestic. A lock of her hair fell from its place tucked behind a delicate ear and Yana instinctively reached out to brush it away, her adoration flowing like a quiet stream which trickled its way down the snow-topped mountain and dropped into a glittering lake.
Aeli’s eyes relaxedly slid up to meet Yana’s, a gentle smile spreading over her face. After years of knowing Eiko, her passion still burned deep within her heart. At first it was a bonfire, blazing its way through the dark and cold night, but it now flickered as a steady flame in a fireplace, securing the happiness within their home. They both slipped into the bed, sitting upright against the spruce headboard as the fluffy white blanket covered their legs. Deliberately leaning over, Aeli placed a chaste kiss upon Yana’s soft lips. Her own were slightly chapped, but neither cared. As she pulled away, Aeli gave another content smile and slid beneath the covers.
When Eiko awoke, the moon had disappeared from the sky, yet the sun was not visibly up. It’s light could be seen, illuminating Aeli’s moving figure, but the day had yet to begin. Yana rolled out of bed, grabbing a nearby hair tie (burgundy with a bow, not that she was awake enough to tell) and did her hair in a messy bun. Both girls slipped into their traveling clothes, grabbed their magically enhanced bags, and got prepared to leave. Aeli finished applying an enchanted chapstick as Yana fiddled with her leather chest plate. The long-sleeved cotton shirt underneath was designed to regulate temperature and her leggings for optimum flexibility.

“Dove, can you help me with this necklace?” she called out, holding a protective charm in the shape of a heart. Aeli had given it to her on her sixteenth birthday, and though the silver was worn, it was remarkably well taken care of for a fifteen dollar trinket. Of course, in the years past, it had been imbued with many spells and potions. Still, it remained an object worn more for sentimental reasons than practical.
”Of course, beloved,” chirped Aeli, swiftly walking over. Her deft fingers quickly closed the clasp (though she spent more than a few seconds taking in her partner’s scent). “You look stunning. It is hard to believe you have not forgotten our purpose today,” she added with a fond smile. Her neck was framed by a protective item of her own: a silver choker with a platinum spellcasting circle. Surrounding her chest was a shirt and breastplate of similar fashion to Eiko’s, though her shirt was cream white as opposed to Yana’s dark gray.

“Shall we load the cart?” she asked, gesturing to the boxes and bags stacked ear the door.
Sishi watched Yanagi’s calm nod, scampering out the door as it opened. She climbed upon the rough oak cart, watching as all fifteen boxes full of wares to be sold were placed in the back compartment. Aeli and Yana were currently putting their bags of food, clothes, tents, and various other materials in the front section. The would sit there in the beginning of the journey, using magic to roll the cart, but they would soon migrate to the back and summon otherplane horses to pull. Sishi has made this journey with them for six years now, and she had recognized their patterns. Mewling softly, she curled up against the wooden plank separating the back and front compartments and let herself fall back asleep. The cart set into motion.