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The Multiverse » Arcs » The Rogue Gargantua

A large and volatile beast ravages Aberash.

As written by: lostamongtrees, Awinita, Scorpion01

22 pieces and 19 characters involved, written by 3 different authors.

4 places involved

So begins...

The Rogue Gargantua

Silver Palace Conference RoomSetting: Silver Palace Conference Room

Mungus bowed his head and returned to his seat, leaving the crown on the table. There were more pressing matters which needed discussion, now that the crown had officially been passed.

“Now, to brief Your Highness on a pressing matter,” Mungus folded his hands on the table, looking directly to Light.

“ you have likely noticed a shift across the lands under your rule. The Gargantua are especially wild this year. News comes of a great beast – a rouge Gargantua storming the wilderness and coming dangerously close to the outskirts of Vien. It is very elusive despite its size. Our intelligence indicates that it is almost twice the size of the largest Gargantua in recorded history. So far it has killed no less than 16 citizens- and those are just what our reports indicate. Who knows how many of the recent missing persons are related to the beast.”

Mungus took a moment of silence for the fallen, continuing on gravely.

“ I am assembling an elite team. If you could provide your mightiest, so that we can find The great Gargantua. Apprehend it. We hope for capture.”
"Aprehend ?" Asked a voice, clearly male. a man seated near a pillar, in a dark coat, his face hidden within the hood. "Thios thing must be large. First I have heard of it" Trust Nara to get there so silently. Darkness Corridors were useful things to a Force Dragon. "Honestly this sounds like my kind of hunt" Nara was an odd duck at times.

Kanwar spoke up. "It has been brought to our attention yes, as our esteemed arrival in the dark coat so plainly puts it, So far only one of our own is reported missing, But I have a lead on him" Kanwar said, But it was the way that she said the word "him" that got Lights undevided attention.

Nara of course removed his hood by that point, the silver haired green eyed man seemed calm as he spoke. "Say we go after it right now, that could lead to issues with the local populace. The last time I was in the lower city, well, some danged shopkeeper touted to get rid of things, like me, he didnt like the look of me. So naturally I left the area. I do however have a possible Hunter who would like to be in on this though" He gave a look to Kanwar and nodded. Whitemane and her older sister Shadowmane both wanted in on this venture.

But still, Naras antics, his silence of his arrival. The whole thing was oddly confusing.

Then again, Nara was an odd duck.

He was after all married to Lights younger daughter Diamond
Mungus bowed to Nara. He did not sense him come, but knew he was of great importance here.

"We hope to depart at dawn, to meet at Quan Memorial," Mungus replied, "The God Yvandir is facing off against the monstrous Li-Xi, so citizenry will be well distracted and contained. The last thing we need is a fool to try his luck, again. We hope to intercept it farther from the city this time. It was last seen miles out," Mungus gestured behind him.

"It would be an honor to have you join us on our Hunt for the Great Gargantua. Your city thanks you."
Light took into account this new development with the addition of Naratas and the news of a wild Gargantua. When Kanwar mentioned him, Light turned her head. She knew that Irral was alive, but didn't know where he was. Light's expression softened as she smiled.

"My first-born son, my strongest, is hard to track down... he does what he wants when he wants, but always comes back every now and again... I guess you could call him a Hunter of Darkness - It's why I made him my first Champion so many millennia ago." she explained. "But in this case, if Naratas is willing, we shall dispatch him to join in the hunt for this Great Gargantua. As a Force Dragon, most Magic has no effect on him, and as old as he is, he is very powerful." she went on. "More than powerful enough to handle a single rogue Gargantua. Besides... Irral would more than likely kill it, rather than capture it alive. He lacks restraint."

Light smiled and gestured to Nara. "Will you join the humans in their hunt? Or shall I have to send for my current Champion?" she asked. Mark, and by extension Kaldakava, were off on the Silver Eagle, doing their routine patrols, watching for signs of Draco's corruption.

But Draco was off somewhere else currently.
It was a rather childish voice coming from Nara as he pointed out "Actually Grandma, I think what Aunt Kanwar is trying to say is that Uncle Irral is either just outside the front door right now or in bed....... DONTHITME!" Yuip, Nara was an odd duck for sure as he visible cast a table to hide behind as Kanwar looked at the man with such a dirty look, she even appeared ready to pitch the chair she sat on at the guy.

When nothing was chucked in his direction he calmly sat back up as if nothing was wrong, dusting off his coat with a gloved hand he continued "He could" Meaning Kalda, and by extension Mark, "But the last time I saw him he was playing Wheel of Fortune with a Red and I didnt wanna get involved" It was true, Mark bought five vowls and constanant and still didnt solve the puzzle. It was rarther true, ever since Kalda was a child, literally only about six thousand years old, or six years old in human years, whichever worked for most readers, he'd hated Red Dragons with such a violent passion it was....

Well gory was an understatement for sure.

Kanwar glared at her self proclaimed nephew. One of the few Force Dragons to openly be so brash and hilarious at the same time, but also sweet, gentle and one hell of a fighter. Kanwar had to hold back a smile however at Naras antics when she glared at him. Visibly flinching, throwing his arms up to defend himself while conjuring a shadow black and purple table to shield himself with. it was mention of a Mortal loved game with a Red... couldnt be that Kaldas old hate flared back up ?

She kept her motuh shut however as Light focused on him directly. Nara looked somewhat worried. "I could, but I do have two possible joinees... however getting a hold of Shadowmane is not easy, she's ticklish" Nara said. You try grabbing your own shadow and see if it doesnt laugh at your touch.

But when Light spoke to him directly concerning and asking if HE would join the hunt too he said "Is that an offer I cant refuse ? I did say I like this kind of hunt didnt I ?" Of course he did, why else would he be there ? "One question, Mungus..." Nara said holding up a gloved hand with a finger up. "Is there a size limit for the hunters ?" He meant himself, as his dragon form was easily the size of a small skyscraper, though at that moment he was nine foot one in human...ish.... form
Mungus listened carefully as the Royals conferred on exactly how to handle the situation. Wild gargantua were usually of no issue, but there was something highly irregular in the works about this one. Mungus hadn't seen one like it in all his years. He averted his eyes at the minor outburst concerning a table. The drama of the Royals was not his business to laugh at, Mungus thought to himself as he caught a chuckle into a cough.
He would have to ask about Wheel of Fortune later.

Addressing Nara, Mungus bowed his head to confirm, "Size matters not. We may actually have a fighting chance with alternatively sized Hunter."

Not many much larger than that one creature called an elephant had officially fought in The Hunt. There had been plenty of tiny participants who found victory based on their maneuverability. Someone larger may actually be a match for power. Mungus considered this.

"I must arrange the others. Quan Memorial, at Dawn. Thank you again, your Highness, for your care for our city," Mungus bowed deeply to each of the royals, and turned to make his leave. Other arrangements had to be made and wasn't he in a hurry to make them!

The HangoverSetting: The Hangover

The television was showing the news-it was the only time of year people bothered with the news. Whenever The Hunt was on everyone paid attention. It was perfect timing for the greatest of Gargantua to make it's televised debut, and so they did.

A shaky video came onto screen. It was hard to tell what it was at first, the camera was moving too much and too fast and too close. Anyone familiar with Aberash recognized the black shell for what it was. Despite it's best attempts the flying camera never got a good wide angle shot. It was a shame, for everyone who was anyone was watching the news. Anyone, who was everyone, wondered how big it really could be?

The camera movement jerked to a stop; oops!
It tumbled through the sky towards the Earth at a nauseating speed. On it's way down glimpses were caught of the Gargantua. It was half the size of the city, at least, which was enough to make many citizen's stomaches drop.

The camera landed to the ground and rolled. It came to a stop with a rock formation in focus. In the background a black blob moved and sat mostly out of shot. It was too big.

There was a flash of red light and suddenly... it was gone?
After a few moments, the news cut back to a confused newscaster, and then rolled commercial.

Quan MemorialSetting: Quan Memorial


It was time.

Mungus arrived in full gear. There would be a God fighting in the arena today, so the bustle in the streets was cheery and distracted. Despite the grave task of the day Mungus smiled and waved. Most assumed his decorum was in celebration. Few were any the wiser.

He waited at the base of Quan Memorial for the team to assemble.
Entering the area without any fanfare, just a whisper quiet opening of a Darkness Corridor, Nara once more had his fgace covered in his hood. Shadows obscoured his face from everyone as he walked along calmly towards the Quan Memorial. the massive structure was more or less a cemetary for various reasons.

Try as he might however, he was unable to figure out just what he had seen on the news the day before, nor was he able to figure out how to take Kalda in this case Mark, along as well. Kalda had a severe hate for Red Dragons. so it was fitting that Nara go this venture on his own. Kanwar was unable to get hold of Whitemane or any of her sisters. Mostly because of a kitten being adopted into the family.

All nara had however was information of the apparent Gargantua's last location. And it was on the far side of the planet. At least from what he could tell. Thankfully only nine people had been harmed or reported missing. He stepped into view of Mungus. The hooded man held a gloved hand to his chin, lost in thought.

Nara came to a halt before Mungus. "Hello Mungus, I was unable to find out further information, or even the last known location of the Gargantua, I saw it on the enws and tried to decern its last location, only to find nothing. Though there was some damage to the nearby trees." It was quite possible he'd have to go full Kaiju just to track the thing down.

He took stock of who was presernt, he had yet to see Kanwar, but saw Mungus and one other ? at least it looked like one other was with him. Before Mungus could ask his next question however, Nara removed his hood calmly, his green eyes taking in everything. "I have all the supplies I need, right here" He patted himself on the chest.
Mungus bowed respectfully at Nara's approach. It seemed the royal had been similarly unlucky in finding much more out about the anomalous Gargantua. The thing was damned elusive despite it's size, and it wasn't much wonder. He was as shocked as anyone to watch it seemingly disappear into thin air on the news. As for the flash of light, that could have been anything.

Did the Gargantua evolve a new type of core, allowing it to have abilities dreamed of only by the mad?

The thought was pushed from his mind as he refocused on the day's task. It did no good to dwell on that which one didn't know, as it did no good to be distracted in the heat of battle. Mungus knew this wasn't going to be any old hunt-and-capture. Normally a few teams dispatched to round up Gargantua for The Hunt, and nobody died. Today ... different story.

"Good," Mungus knew better than to question Nara despite what reservations he may have regarding the clear lack of weaponry. A high tech battleax, extendable yet sturdy, was fastened to his armor.

"We have it tracked, just before the sapphire sunrise, in Dalgarei," Mungus smiled at a lady in passing, keeping with the spirits, "We shall depart on the hour." He reached into a fold in his armor and pulled out a button. Pressing it presented a small hologram briefing. Coordinates, all known data, and the news clip slowed down 600%.
Before Nara could respond to Mungus or even hope to look at the news feed, a voice rang out, that of another hooded fellow in the same coat design as Nara. "Prince Nara!"

Nara let out a strained hiss of resentiment. Then again he was royalty by marrying Princess Diamond after all. Softly he muttered just loud enough for Mungus to hear clearly, "Always shouting my name" He turned to the newcomer "I am right here, you dont have to scream. what is it ?"

"We received a reply from your contact sir." The hooded man said

"And ?" Nara pressed

"Your hunch was right, Lady Henrietta is indeed a Phoenix." The hooded man said

Nara at first did not know how to take that news. But then he nodded, about Lightdamned time! "Good, very good. Alright, where is she now ?"

"Last known rumor placed her within sight of Lord Irral" The other fellow replied calmly. "Whyat shall I do ?"

"Inform the contact that Lady Henrietta and Lord Irral are watched and ensure they are kept safe. Send word to Emporer Tilr he will want to know this news"

"Yes sir" The man bnowed and left as quickly as he came.

Turning back to Mungus he saw the worry on the mans face. Maybe he should show off his weapons. Nara held up a gloved finger, then reached out in front of himself. Energy formed near his hand before stretching in one direction. and a weapon unlike any other formed out of thin air and crackling energies. The weapon, though made from literally nothing whatsoever just seconds before had the appearance of solid durable steel.

"This is just one weapon, of many at my disposal" nara said simply. he let Mungus get a good look at the weapon before dismissing it just as he summoned it. "If need be I can go full form, when or if that should happen, do not blame me for aiming to protect everyone on the Hunt"

Tan Vien InnSetting: Tan Vien Inn

"Fuck Reds. Fuck you...."

Mark was drunk and grumpy. His hatred of Red Dragons stemmed from Kalda's hatred of them, which stemmed by the fact that one killed his birth mother. He looked at the tv screen, and flipped off the thing. "And fuck that Gargantua. Fucker throws off my sensors on the Eagle... but they'll lead you right to him. Maybe... i don't know." Mark took a swig straight from the bottle.

Kalda appeared on the other side of the table, a cup of Draconian Whisky in his hand. "Excuse him. He's...not happy. And drunk." He said.

"What can i do for you, Nara?" Kalda asked.
"No can do. Diamond would kill me" Nara said simply to the note of fucking a Red Dragon. So Mark was upset, and drunk. Something must have happened. Nara of course had a smile on his face as he spoke.

"Be that as it may, Grandmother wants you grounded so the ship can get an overhaul, and something tells me that is not why you're madder than a black dragon whose plots went tailspin upstop." nara said simply to Mark before Kalda appeared next t ohim.

"Good, one is drunk the other drinking, wonderful." Nara mused seeing Kalda next to him, turning to him slightly Nara said. "I am going on the hunt tomorrow. I advised Grandmother and Aunt Kanwar of you joining in, if this ends up being something other than a Gargantua it might be worse. If it is what I fear, I fear his lack of control might set off something we wont be able to hold down."

Nodding to Mark as he spoke to Kalda he asked simply. "Whats bugging him ?"
Kalda nodded along. "Join the hunt for the Gargantua... if this buffoon sobers up, sure. We can do that." Kalda sips at his whiskey.

"Y'know what Kalda?"


"Fuck you."

"We're both married, Mark. Wouldnt work out."

"Maaannnnn" Mark sighed and slammed the rest of the bottle, slamming it down, cracking the glass. He sighed and looked to Nara, squinting to try and focus on him.

"He's drinking because of Light and Kanwar's orders to ground the eagle. There are more Reds to blast into pieces and Draco to kill." Kalda explained with a sigh. "Also he misses his wife. Aint seen her in a while."
Thankfully for that moment Mark couldnt recognise him. Nara smirked. Yes, there may be more to blast, and Draco to hunt. But dont worry about either, for once, relax, enjoy a good boghunt. what could go wrong..... fuck I asked the question." Nara felt like he was on a movie set briefly as he asked what coulf go wrong.

Nara smacked the table with both hands then and stat up, looking to Kalda as he spoke. "Alright, you join me on this hunt, its tomorrow, first thing in the morning if you can get your ride here sobered up before then that's great. But you gotta promise me one thing. If this ends up being what I fear it might be, dont let your emotions take control."

Turning back to Mark directly he said simply. Xeir sends her regards, she misses you too, and thankfully missed me. Oh and the girl, Serena, said she wanted to speak to you about something. Refused to tell me what though. the fact that Aunt Kanwars soldiers wont leave her alone is starting to drive that cat crazy."

Nara stood. "I'll see you at Quan Memorial then ?" The Quan Memorial was more or less a memorial structure with thousands of memorial stones attached to it like a cemetary.

Quan MemorialSetting: Quan Memorial

"Very nice," Mungus nodded, satisfied with the procured weapon. He didn't comment on the arrival and departure of the information courier. It was not his business, the business of the Royals. Rather, he served to assist in keeping them safe, being a liaison between certain influential forces and they.

The Lac Long Quan arena had erupted in cheers, signifying the God-Champion's appearance on The Stage. The didn't have the time to wait for the others.

"We must be going, while the time is ripe."

Mungus took off down Zahn street towards the Western Gate, where their transport awaited.

Tan Vien InnSetting: Tan Vien Inn

Jack Navette smiled cheerily and nodded, "Have you seen the news?"
Kimberly Trucidabunt giggled and shook her head smugly yes- of course she had seen the news! Who hadn't?

Quan MemorialSetting: Quan Memorial

Mungus DeSeiro checked his device, scrolling through messages already come in. A white flame emoji. A "BRT". The others should be here any moment.
Mungus DeSeiro drew to closer attention as Arthur Lovens made his way towards them, with what seemed like every citizen in the whole damned city behind him. Mungus let out a puff of air and tapped his foot, despite grinning in the direction of Arthur.

It felt good to have the support of the city, even if their eyes burned on the back of his soul.
Arthur Lovens approached Mungus and stuck out his hand and wrist for a shake. He ignored the familiar sight of the newscaster in his flamboyant purple coat from the corner of his eye.

The City of Vien, home to the Lac Long Quan Arena and host of the famed Hunt, is thrust into the spotlight of the galaxy today as celestial conflicts collide. Here at the base of the Quan Memorial, delegates from Freeport and Vintu have assembled for no other reason than The Gargantuan Crisis, while the most of the populous spectate a first for the great Hunt - a God has come to claim the title of champion!

Mungus DeSiero, who yesterday was seen departing the Silver Palace, is here with a small assembly, including one cloaked figure rumored to be none other than Prince Nara of Vien. Little is known about the newer draconic rulers of Vien other than their enthusiasm for infrastructure revitalization and all things shiny. The two are joined by Arthur Lovens, Free Knight of the White Flame, hailing all the way from Freeport to assist with the Gargantuan Crisis.

The Gargantuan Crisis began when a rogue gargantua destroyed part of a town, continuing on to destroy more countryside. As gargantua fail to be aggressive in the wild unless provoked, it is much cause for alarm for the citizens of Vien and the greater region of Vintu.

A large crowd has gathered, here at the Quan Memorial, seemingly on the tail of Arthur Lovens. The rest of the city are spectating a fateful match between the God Yvandir and a gargantua. From the cheers erupting behind us, it sounds to be quite the show! Over in Freeport, citizens have already begun celebrating Yvandir's victory. Rumors have begun to circulate of the delivery of his invitation to the Hunter Society.

Will the God defeat the Gargantua?
Will this small party of important people succeed in finding the Rogue Gargantua?
Stay tuned to the Intergalactic News Network for more!