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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Aeli Aimani

Character Portrait: Sishi

Yanagi and Aeli’s cat

Character Portrait: Yanagi Eiko

Character Portrait: Mariah Merkler

Character Portrait: Ander Heidelsson

Ander Heidelsson is a Nordic Aryan scientist, chemist, biologist, archeologist, paleontologist, anthropologist and marine biologist.

Character Portrait: Dr. Roland Schmidt

Dr. Roland Schmidt is a Nordic German professor and physicist at the Astrius Academy's science facility and research department.

Character Portrait: Oleg the Seer

Oleg of Kiev is the successor of Prince Rurik and next prince in line to the Oor Rus throne.

Character Portrait: Prince Rurik

Rurik the Varangian founder of the Oor Rus Vikings.

Character Portrait: Santo Berghen

No comment.

Character Portrait: Bit

A slender and long-limbed woman with blue hair and an androgynous look

Character Portrait: Raschiel Sakatitae

A charismatic business person struggling with their identity

Character Portrait: The Vacuum Salesman

An eldritch being, determined to inflict pain upon you through his manipulative ways.

Character Portrait: Yona Seikatsuoka

A sweet but secretive Elf woman with a mysterious past.

Character Portrait: Haze Drallen

A lost little girl pitied by nature

Character Portrait: March de Isla Azul

Flirtatious blacksmith who acts before they think. "Charmed, I'm sure."

Character Portrait: Mack

ita a futuristic wolf

Character Portrait: Rinya Nohara

Rinya is an assassin who utilizes daggers and poison to defeat her enemies swiftly and efficiently. She is often underestimated due to her looks and disposition.

Character Portrait: Bluetear

I'm a shut in

Character Portrait: Alexander 'A.D.' Dorsey

Corporate Netrunner, but with a side-job.

Character Portrait: Lisa DragonFury

A bold girl with an adventurous spirit and a kind heart

Character Portrait: Leon Elliot

Desert-travelling Oberon, part of the Mobile Infantry.

Character Portrait: Lucy Lovelace

A cute cartoonish raunchy wild party girl

Character Portrait: Grayson Mantz

War veteran, Now a bounty hunter/assassin

Character Portrait: Minori Okiumura

Odd; Quirky; Quiet; A bit of an oddball, but one of the smartest people you'll ever know.

Character Portrait: Birger Torvesson

Birger Torvesson is a Norse Gaelic artist, mapmaker, and explorer for the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Kelsey the Healer

Kelsey the Healer is an Empyrean Norse völva, a sort of witch doctor and medicine woman with knowledge of herbalism and healing arts.

Character Portrait: Stjornhestr

Stjörnhestr is one of three magically endowed space-faring Viking longships belonging to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Logan Haakonsson

Prince Logan Haakonsson is a descendant of Erling Snake and Astrid Trygvirsdottir, heir of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom, and leader of the Empyrean Sjóálfar, married to Princess Alruna Halfdansdottir.

Character Portrait: Fudorn Auricsson

Fudørn Auricsson is a jarl, shipbuilder, smith and the great grandson of Fudørn Ivansson the Wise.

Character Portrait: Rufus the Bald

Rufus the Bald is the champion of King Halfdan Svensson.

Character Portrait: Stjornkona

Stjornkona is one of three magically endowed space-faring Viking longships belonging to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Snorri Jonasson

Snorri Jonasson is a talented Empyrean Norse skald, poet, writer, storyteller and musician.

Character Portrait: Empyrean Sjóálfar

The Sjóálfar or Empyrean Sea Elves are an elvish-dryadic speaking faefolk and elite mercenary unit for the Empyrean Norse Kingdom in service of Prince Logan Haakonsson.

Character Portrait: Alruna Halfdansdottir

Princess Alruna is the wife of Prince Logan Haakonsson of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom.

Character Portrait: Grimnir the Hooded

Grimnir is a quiet, peaceful, mysterious old man with a gold hooded cloak and long white beard.

Character Portrait: Empyrean Ulfhednar

Empyrean Ulfhednar are the elite bodyguards of the Empyrean Norse nobles and royal families.

Character Portrait: Richard Lockwood

I’m Richard, I am 6’3 tall. I was born British but moved when I was very young with my parents.

Character Portrait: Tori Scarlett

Character Portrait: Fugazi Darnesh


Character Portrait: Cyclic

A techno-organic from earth.

Character Portrait: Robert I of Ellaria

Hrollaug Sigurdsson, formerly the Norse prince of Iskjerne Bay and a prominent leader of the Vikings, now a French nobleman.

Character Portrait: Broden Markus Lavenriuss

Person in search of a new life in the Barracks.

Character Portrait: Abner Lancaster

Person in search of a new life in the Barracks.

Character Portrait: Akiro Skolia Akinora

Character Portrait: Treize Khushrenada

Character Portrait: Zhelir Darkfall

Character Portrait: Gonthrakt Durkarr

Bounty hunter.

Character Portrait: Nicholas Bridenstein

Astronaut from Earth.

Character Portrait: Chesley Marquardt

Chesley, or Chess for short, is the awkward adventurer wondering how they got here.

Character Portrait: Karvi-3

Karvi-3 is a small 25-foot-long convertiboat, one of the escape pods belonging to the Stjornhestr, an Empyrean Norse spaceship.

Character Portrait: Gas Pirate Leader

This is the commanding officer for the Gas Pirates.

Character Portrait: Friggdar the Mining Foreman

Mining foreman for Mephistopheles Mining.

Character Portrait: Tarrhoun Nephrebit

Admiral of Fleet Mining Operations.

Character Portrait: Wolfgang Yorisson

Wolfgang Yorisson is a Norse explorer.