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Abaddon Ezra

Abaddon is an alien, orphaned as a teenager. He spent his time in several foster homes, until he was old enough to leave. Although his sex is male, he often switches between which gender he prefers to be perceived as. He's highly spiritual and a drifiter.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Patchlamb


PHYSIQUE: A smooth, purple skinned alien. Abaddon is of average height. He has a narrow face with three big blue eyes. Pink markings on his face and body could be mistaken as tattoos, but they're just part of the species. His head pulls back into five flexible tentacles, large and round at the ends. He has wider hips than a typical male, and a rather flat chest. Faun like legs support his weight, with four claws where toes would be. Behind him he sports a short, newt-ish tail. His skin tends to stay cold.

WHAT IS HE LIKE?: Like a puffed up bird, Abaddon is very arrogant about his looks. He'd never claim to look better than someone else, but he certainly does boast. The purple creature wears anything and everything, switching between the gender he wants to be seen as through clothes and attitude.

He believes there is something in the universe, guiding things. A very superstitious and spiritual guy. When he takes photographs, he feels as if he is saving bits of the universe into the photos, and it makes him feel closer to the world and others.

With this outlook he tries very hard to be patient when things bother him. He'll do his best to understand other views, but can end up emotional over them if pushed far enough.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: In his satchel he carries a blade, his camera and lenses, hard candies, and other little knickknacks.

STRENGTHS: Being able to move on quickly, outgoing, friendly, helpful, loyal,

WEAKNESSES: Hopeless romantic, attachment to his spiritual ideas makes him sometimes testy, can't stay in a place for more than 6 months,

WHAT'S HIS STORY?: Orphaned as a teen, he took to praying to whatever god or gods he hoped would listen. When he found an old disposable camera one day, he thought it was a sign and fell in love with photography. From there he went to an art school, and now works as a well paid photographer, traveling around to take pictures of exotic animals, people, and places.


So begins...

Abaddon Ezra's Story