Acara Verrevia

One of the prince's of the Rosetta Kingdom of Origin, and also a user of magic and spellcraft.

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So begins...

Acara Verrevia's Story

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Acara Verrevia, second prince of the Rosetta Kingdom. Student of Astrius Academy, and the owner of a lab. Located between a private lab registered to someone named Atrix Akir, and the other was registered to someone just known as "The Dark Mystic". He only ever saw Atrix, though sometimes he noticed the kid snoring from his own lab.

Well, Acara could also be like that as well. In fact, even though he was a prince, he had a set up in the corner so he could camp out whenever he felt it was more convienent. However, right now, he was not using his private part but a bigger lab area. Runes and cables scattered the floor haphazardly, and a powerful warp core was used to help supply power. Mana converters were laos there to produce mana, and he had even tapped into the seven dungeons hidden throughout the school to provide limitless power.

Furthermore, he even had the Celestial Alignments on his side, providing synergy and helping to coordinate the wormhole tunnel. For centuries, millennia even, people had only used a standard space fold portal, or spatial displacement. But now, what Acara was doing was far different. This was his first live attempt to harness the power of wormholes, used by space ships and such, for people use and to link not just far away countries but planets. Admitted, he couldn't do much about how much mana it cost, but it could be used for various different factors including reaching across worlds.

Of course, there was a chance that something would get caught on the other end of this experiment, but that was highly unlikely so he just shrugged it off. Instead, while chanting his magic, he flipped the switches and electrical currents combined with mana veins and the entire setup activated, creating the first ever True Magical Wormhole...however, it soon overloaded a bit because Acara actually used too much power by accident and created a gravitational flux with a serious heavy pull.

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sizzle.... POP..... Crack...... FWHUMP.......... WHAM

Something came through the portal and slammed into the wall after narrowing missing Acara dead on, Wings spread wide what appeared to be a human sized.... winged woman ?? Hit the wall with such force the whole room shook madly. Stuck against the wall, spread eagle, she slid to the floor before sitting up a dazed expression on her face, her nose bled slightly.

Her clothing was colearly from the orient, her weaponry similar or much older, the fact she somehow packed away two thousand Galadrim arrows in that quiver was something else entirely.

Not that it mattered.

Amber brown eyes darted around dazed as her senses went to work, she was blinded from the portal transfer, dazed, confused, and her whole body hurt. It was like going into the Black Star and dorking around killing the daedra inside along with the dead fuck.

Then she heard it

Running Water.... Air conditioning..... electrical power ??? The dazed look faded just as quickly as it came. "I hear running water!... Wait.... this isnt Warmoon Palace" She didnt see Acara at that moment. So she had no idea that one of her potions had shattered dousing her in it and making her briefly glow blue as whatever pain that rattled her faded. She quickly got to her feet and brushed herself off of the plaster. Picking up the fallen Aetherium Crown from where it hit the ground she then noticed Acara. Oh good, the men here werent so short she couldnt see them. Or them seeing her face above her breasts.

That was one of the downsides of Nirn, Spike towered over everyone But here tall short, it didnt matter apparently. Her wings stretched to their full length before resettling and she noticed Acara staring at her mouth agape. "Who are you ? Where am I ?"

Then a somehow much more important question filled her brain; "What.... what is the date ?"

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The ending result was....far what he expected. A variety of things and objects came through the wormhole. First was something he believed to be a sweetrole. After that, came a weird black orb thing (Sigil Stone), and that was followed by some dragon scales and then a living person. He quickly shut it off after that, but before he could answer the woman's questions the act of turning it off caused a reaction pulse effect that burst through the room with the power to knock a giant down.

However, once it passed, Acara finally managed to get up. "Uhg...that did not go anywhere how I expected..."

The young boy dusted himself off. However, that was when he remembered the guest he had.

"Ah, sorry! This is my lab! My name is Acara Verrevia, second prince of this Rosetta Kingdom and a Student at this Astrius Academy here. Uhhh...as for when, since I overcharged the wormhole portal honestly I don't know what planet or era you came from, so its entirely possible it was from the past, present, future, on this planet or a far away planet. Are you familiar with a planet named Origin? Or the Rosetta Kingdom? Maybe the war between The Legendary Hero and the Demon King? Well, the year right now is 1015 P.M....ah, that stands for Post Millen, the previous Demon King that at least according to history books, threatened the world and even the universe...supposedly. Anyways, uhhh....I never got your name by the way?"

The boy just smiled as he spoke, and although his hair was a mess, he looked unharmed...even though he got hit with a kinetic pulse that should have caused serious injuries, it appeared as if a force had protected him, or that despite the fact he was clearly a mage, he possessed some sort of unnatural vitality.

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"Oooo! Sweetroll!!" Spike chirped snatching up the treat, she had already taken a bite of it when the portal opened out of nowhere and sucked her through to..... "EEP Agai!!!" When Acara shut down the portal the resultant explosion of energy sent her against the wall with a crash. "Whoop... ah... "She took a bite of the sweetroll. After swallowing she said simply "Its not quite like Cinnabun, but it'll do."

She got back to her feet and regarded the boy, he regarded himself like royalty, yet he acted and looked like an Apprentice mage, Well, she was apparently arch-mage of a college of Winterhold, but honestly who gave a shit ? She surely didnt. She was really in it for the money. She was licking her fingers as Acara spoke.

"Pleasure to meet you. Im Spike" her eyes lit up hoewever when he spoke where she was. "Did you say Origin ?" At his nod she was happy. "FINALLY! TECHNOLOGY I HAVE MISSED.... Where's my Samsung Wristphone... aha! You got a plug here... aha!" Scampering to a nearby computer, a touchscreen surfacelike thing she found a plug and jacked the small device in to the open CBR port, it started charging right away.. "Wpow, four years without a powersupply, shoulda asked Vitas to.... ey...." It was then she saw the brand logo, Vitas mark. Looking closer at the thing she looked kinda comical frantic even "Warmoon Surface Studio, Warmoon Holdings..."

She stood up right, a almost too dang happy look on her face as she chirped out a laugh and sat against the wall in s9omewhat of a shock. "I'm home...." She turned to Araca. "You made the portal ?"

Well she wasnt home persei, she wasnt at the Warmoon Palace, then again Vitas was known to have vacation Palaces placed in certain areas, so if she were to find one nearby.....

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As the woman raced around and about, Acara barely had time to get a word in, so while she was active he decided to check up on the readings and determine what the cause of the surge was. He had a vague idea already, but now it was confirmed. He used too many elements to super charge it. They were there to make sure it was successful, but it appeared he went overboard.

"I see, I guess three micro-fusion reactors was a bit much. And I used ten Magic Cores from Dragons to make these Magus Engines, so I guess it fits?"

Once she finally seemed to calm down, he took a deep breath and he activated a number of different terminals. Some were analyzing the wormhole residue, others were taking into account fluxuations it might have caused, and a few of them were scanning them even.

"Yeah, I made it. It is a new experimental design to help with long range travel. It is a power glutton, but apparently not as much of a glutton as I thought. Got overcharged. If I had not shut it off right there, who knows what might have happened".

"Alert! Alert! Scans confirm unknown biological material! Sealing lab! Please remove potential contaiminated belongings and allow for Anti-Contamination washes from the automated purification washers".

Acara just sighed, and shrugged.

"No offense, but I had no plans to bring anything new in here through that....you see, wherever you came from has diseases that are not natural here. Well, because there has been quite a bit of research into disease given that magic seems bad at handling disease, its unlikely to start an epidemic, but just to be safe you know..."

Acara took out what appeared to be a normal spray can, and began to spray it around to kill off any disease. Even if someone themselves were not sick after all, all living creatures transport diseases regardless on if that disease can even effect them. Spray was also pouring out of the vents, and it seemed robots were there in case there was anything believed to be a high priority risk.

"It's a good thing I bought that cleaning robot from Janus Tech the other day...anyways, uhh....I hope I did not accidentally pull you away from something important when my wormhole appeared in front of you. It was really low odds someone would get caught up in this after all...anyways, sorry if I seem weird or not royal like, but...well, I tend to forget manners like that easily and prefer to get swallowed up in my work. I work in new ideas and applications for MagiTech...uhhh, so....are you okay?"

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One of the cleaning robots tried to attack her shoe, she kicked it away, chirping in a unknown langauge, clearly unhappy at the device. Another explosion came from where the portal was and something round about the size of a beachballpainted gold, and heavy as hell appeared out of nowhere, it slammed into the ground with a soft hiss of steam. "Leggo my foot ya pile of scrap metal" Spike was ready to draw her sword, one of them and stab the robot before it gave up on trying to polish the black shoes the woman wore.

Once the room was deemed clean and the danged alarm shut off Spike once more dusted off her hands, She was glad for once that her pack survived. She bent down, balancing on her heels to pick up the fallen dragon scales,. Counting them out. "five, .... six.... seven Good they're all here." She put them in her pack.

"Sorry about that, the desieases I mean. Four years in Skyrim, tend to forget which ones does what.. Ah there we go, No thats not it..." She did feel a bit off, and not from the portal transfer either. Using a potion of cure disease Spike managed to fight off a few cases of Rattles, Droops, and apparently Bone Break Fever, and also ataxia. That was worse. "Ah.... much better." It was After she had used the potion when the dratted alarm shut off for once.

"Dont apologise. You pulling me, and my.... comanion there" She jerked a thumb at the golden ball of metal that hissed at the robot that polished it to a bright shine. "Is the best accident that happened to me in four years since I got to that place! Tell me, does Vitas Warmoon have a Vacation Estate here on this planet ?" She had one wherever her stuff was built or sold, that included Origin, but Spike had no idea WHERE on Origin. Only that it was a Warmoon Vacation Estate. If Spike could get there and send a messeage to Vitas.....

"Now that I think about it; my going to Nirn in the first place was partly an experiment mostly an accident, Vitas wanted to go. But I ended up going instead when the portal just up and ate me and spat me out at the border of Cyrodill and Skyrim.... that landing hurt let me tell you... then getting knocked out by soldiers, joining a civil war... Learning about Elder Scrolls..." the last words she spoke she actually dug one out of her pack on her belt, how she got it to fit in the thing only she knew, Flatspace worked wonders even on Nirn.

"But that doesnt matter now, thanks to you I am back where I belong. No more vampires or weird illnesses to worry about." Spike needed a shower, her body wanted one, she needed one. Hell her hair had a ink black hue to it like oil was packed into it over a four year period. She. "Is there a means I can get a shower ?" She didnt care of her clothes got wet, she swam in that dress more times then she cared to count just chasing certain vampires.

The robot, the cleaning robot, went for her shoes again, Instead of shooing it off she rose from the ground as her wings spread wide, allowing her to hover before Acara. "Thing is, I dont remem... oh wait yes you might have pulled me from something important. But Im glad you did because I was so pissed off at that bitch I'll ask Vitas to let me burn her from the inside out next time I get the chance" Already she started planning on how to trap and kill Maven Blackbraier and all her friends, and either dismantle Riften as a Jarl location or merge it with Whiterun....

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Much to the shock of the others in the room, sparks began to sizzle in the area where the previous wormhole had already evaporated. For some odd unknown reason, another portal ripped through the fabric of space-time. A freezing cold draft and blizzard-like snow blasted through the portal before a young man with black hair and a dark hoodie came flying through barely stopping himself before he almost slammed into the wall like Spike had. The portal closed behind him, sealing the source diamond away with it. He floated in the air for a moment trying to get his bearings on where and when he was. He hadn't seen technology even close to this in centuries, even that was primitive compared to what he was seeing around him.

He still had his magic, even though now it didn't seem to be dependent on belief of others in this realm. He wasn't sure if the two other people in the room were able to see him or not, or at least he wasn't until he saw them both staring at him.

"Where am I exactly? That portal was supposed to take me to where the creature that killed my sister was. Is that vile demon here? The creature that calls himself the Boogy Man, is he here?"

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As the woman named Spike spoke to him, she mentioned a variety of names and places, some of which he remembered hearing about in the past. Such as this Skyrim, and Cyrodil. And Elder Scrolls. That one caught his attention greatly.

Origin was a melting pot of everything, both magic and technology. But it was more then that, all sorts of things could bleed in, and some were always there from the start. Some believed it to be because of the strong connection Origin had to the void, and the mysterious entity ranked above Gods called Ruuka. In truth, Acara has had the privlidege of meeting Ruuka in the past. This is not something normal, Ruuka often ignores nobles, and royalty even more so. But Acara was unlike most royalty, even before meeting Ruuka, without any reason or event to explain why. In fact, all of the current royal family seemed eccentric, though not in bad ways mind you.

"Elder Scrolls, huh...well, I don't know who you want to burn alive, but please be careful. Murder is illegal unless a good, justifiable reason is presented, like self defense, or the guy was beating your puppy, or he threatened your children and put dead corpses under their beds to re-animate and eat them. But murdering someone who just pickpocketed you, that would be illegal. But, I am curious...what do you know about Elder Scrolls?"

Elder Scrolls were something that caught his attention. Neither magic nor technology, they were something else entirely. A strange presence. Acara was interested in things like this, and his current desires included the lost knowledge of the period before the Demon King War, as well as a number of ruins that dotted the planet which predated all known history. Of course Ruuka knew something about them, but it would be boring to him if he just announced it.

And then, surprising Acara, another portal opened. And then, he started speaking up about something called a Boogy Man.

"Boogy Man...not that I am aware...but, what sort of portal were you using? This was supposed to be a private one way link? It should have been impossible to have the two intersect, they would need to be on the same frequency, have intersecting travel paths, and share the same base nature. And they would have to be compatible with each other. The chances of that happening by chance are nearly impossible!"

Acara had heard of this Boogy Man, but he paid him no mind. From what he heard though, he was an entity that invaded dreams, but the power that resided in the blood of the Royal Family made it difficult if not impossible to invade their dreams. Ruuka was the only being that ever entered Acara's dreams, and Ruuka was leagues above the Boogy Man.

"...I am starting to think I need to review my portal network. Right, well, anyways! Repeat!"

Before anything else could be said though, the floor opened up, and Jack Winters/Frost got gassed and sprayed as well, while Acara walked next to Spike.

"Even if you drank the potion, you may want to be careful in the future. A potion like that would only cure the disease inside of you, the bacteria would still linger on your clothing, belongings, and such. Well, the spray should get it though. I mean, it is still experimental. But without it, the three of us would have no choice but to enter the decontamination shower together while our clothes were burned, and that seemed a bit awkward. So provided the spray works, it should be fine".

Acara then also facepalmed.

"Damnit, err...I forgot to answer your earlier question...uhh, what did you want to know about? Vitas? Sorry, sometimes I can go off on tangents".

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"TYup, Elder Scrolls, whole buncha them. Once you know where to look, they're easy to find... to a point." Being on the Mortal Plane was one thing, reading the things and not going blind was a blessing she accepted being her raven blood rather than human blood. "Dwemer combination locks, hurt" As she spoke she rubbed the back of her neck easily pushing herself to the side before the new arrival through yet another portal all but rammed into her headlong, at least he stopped himself before slamming into the wall. Spike paid no heed to the mention of burning her clothing nd gear, that would suck... a lot So thankfully the spray, even though experimental, worked perfectly as intended and simply killed any bactiera on her clothing and gear.

And it actually smelled nice for once it didnt smell like moss or freshly brewed alchmila brewing. Oh man she missed technology! The mere thought of a nice warm shower had her internally happier than normal, to the point of possibly more pleasing then needed yet useful too.

Spike regarded the newcomer carefully, he looked..... Scarily familar. Where had she seen him before ? Oh that's right! she remembered, the revelation of her memory made her hover a few feet higher into the air as her wings stretched out, the downdraft thankfully didnt damage or move much of anything, but itkept her out of reach of the dang cleaning 'bot. Vitas spoke about a boy she had 'treated' at one point. Was this him ?

Spike could easily see Jack clearly. So that meant something important, his magic was strong, she couldnt exactly sense magic persei, but if ashe had to she could detect life, and that helped with finding vampires. Spike hovered in the air, her majestic wings made sweeping noises as they kept her a good four feet off the ground and just out of reach of the cleaning bot. She gagged briefly as the spray came out and smoked out the newcomer.

Finally when the cloud cleared off she simply waved in greeting before turning back to Acara. "Elder Scrolls huh ? What do I know of them ? Well, one was used to cast a dragon outside of time... I dont think that was intentional though, another was used to store a prohecy of vampires and whatnot, buy that guy was a jackoff if I ever saw one." She ment the former snow elf turned vampire. Shooting him in the face with sixty three arrows was fun.

Spike then shrugged and relaxed her shoulders, briefly crossing her arms over her chest she leaned against a table, "As to who I want to burn alive, burniong Maven Blackbrair isnt worth it for her, no, whats worth it for her is an arrow dead to the eyes, two of them. The bitch deserves it" it was clear that Spike hated certain people, and one of them was a rather powerful woman who apparently even though allied with THEIVES was now in charge of a certyain area of Skyrim, if Spike had her way, Maven would be slain and Riften merged with Whiterun. Now that was a nice place, even if the people were stupid at times.8

She then waved off a question and got to the point "I have three of them, the Elder Scrolls. they're stuck to me and I cant get rid of them, yet they're useful, I'll find out something to use them for, so we'll see." She had a look that simply said no she wasnt selling, if anything Vitas could have use for them, or even figure them out.

"However, if you want one or two or all of the Black Books I'm stuck with you're welcome to them. Just take your pick" As she spoke she removed the seven magical books from her pack and stacked them on a table.

Finally she focused on jack as her wings stretched and refolded yet again, "You.... look familar have I seen your face before ?" She recalled Vitas speaking about him, but never actually saw him

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Jack was a bit shocked. He gasped and choked on the gas and the spray. He did his best to stay afloat avoiding the cleaning bot as the winged woman beside him was doing. He listened intently as she described these things known as "Elder Scrolls", but he had never heard of such a thing.He found her clothing to be a bit out of date with the rest of the surroundings and given the way the younger gentleman was explaining teleportation, he figured she had been pulled out of some other place as well.

Jack was a bit confused by the way these people were able to see him, yet they weren't shocked in the least by the fact that he was using magic, but then he figured this place was most likely similar to Ulternarealm, the last place he had been pulled into, and filled with magic. He listened to the questions being asked of him.

"Boogy Man...not that I am aware...but, what sort of portal were you using? This was supposed to be a private one way link? It should have been impossible to have the two intersect, they would need to be on the same frequency, have intersecting travel paths, and share the same base nature. And they would have to be compatible with each other. The chances of that happening by chance are nearly impossible!" Acara seemed to be freaking out.

"Well, I was using an artifact from another realm. It was believed to be the source of magic in that realm. It was diamond forged from smaller elemental diamonds fused together. I was trying to open up a portal back to my world, or rather I was focusing on finding the creature that killed my sister and I assumed it would take me back to my world. The source diamond opened a portal here so I can only assume that the creature is here somewhere." He spoke and then it dawned on him that he hadn't introduced himself yet. "Oh yeah, my name's Jack by the way."

"You.... look familiar have I seen your face before ?" The winged woman asked.

"I don't think so, I would have remembered a winged woman I think. Wait a minute. Did you say you were looking for someone named Vitas? I haven't heard that name in over five hundred years. By any chance do you mean Vitas Warmoon? I could see her still being alive after all these years. She was one of only a few people I could call ...friend." Jack spoke as his voice went softer. He wasn't aware of the time difference between the last realm he was in and this one, so he didn't know that less time had passed here than there. He got a tear in his eye as he remembered the sacrifice she had made to get the asylum shut down and how she let him go. He didn't even realize he had stopped floating until the cleaning bot started running over his bare feet tickling them with its soft brushes. "Heh, that tickles you little rascal." He laughed before shooting a little ice bolt at it and freezing its wheels and brushes.

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(Lets hope this post doesn't get eaten by 502 this time...)

As the conversation went on, Acara mostly just nodded and took notes. But he was clearly smiling a smile that while appeared to be the blissful smile of a happy and mischievous child, held a sharp look in his eyes that indicated something more.

"I see...so the Elder Scrolls really are similar to the Ancestral Records, or the Archives of the Demon King".

Mumbling that, he though about the Ancestral Records, documents that predated Origin history and seemed to exist for infinity. Holding ancient knowledge, strange riddles, and unusual secrets, they were never fully understood. As for the Demon King's Archives, it was even stranger. It was a single book, but it was also so much more. It was hard to really describe, since the descriptions people would normally use were inaccurate no matter what it appeared to be, and the only one who could ever truly utilize the Archives for some reason were those of Demon King Blood, such as Millen.

Of course, there was also the incident from a few days ago...about that one kid, Atrix Akir...most people don't know the truth yet, and it would be better for them if it was kept secret. But, maybe...we should bring one of them in...

As these thoughts manifested, Acara saw the Black Books that she brought out and smiled. Without any caution at all, he opened up one and immediately tentacles spawned from the book, slithering across his body, under his clothes, and around his neck. But then, before anything further, a strange mark glowed on the outside of Acara's hand and the tentacles seemed to shiver and shake as they retreated immediately in full force. Although normally one might normally be unable to grasp emotion from only looking at tentacles, it was very clear that the moment that mark on Acara's hand glowed, the Mark of Ruuka, a designation of those who Ruuka decided to give powers, knowledge, and abilities to, they were afraid.

Not just normal fear too, it overwhelmed them. And these tentacles were essentially a manifestation of a Daedric Lord...

Of course, no one knew that this was because Ruuka had gone over long ago and gave a beat down to the Daedric Lords, telling them not to try and invade or destroy the world too frequently, or mess with other planets or realms in a way he found irritating, or Ruuka would return and finish them off. No one also knew that before that beat down, there had been two more Daedric Lords and Planes of Oblivion then there were currently, but that was beside the point.

After retreating though, Acara found he could use the book normally to get some information and readings from. Mora did not show any interference or action after this.

Yet soon after, Acara realized something else.

"Oh wow, you both somehow fell into my lab all of a sudden, but I just realized you both are totally new to this planet! I should...uhh, introduce you, or show you around, or something!"

He totally failed to properly deal with the new visitors that appeared in his lab and on his planet.

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It tyurned out, to Jack, however that Spike was from that time period to begin with, however she had to adapt to Skyrim, and Nirn in general and she hated every second of it, Oh how she longed to get into her proper dark green and dark blue dress again, it had been far far too long. Stupid Imperials had knocked her cold, stripped her and put her in a ragged outfit that she'd rather not even be seen dead in to begin with

"On secoind thought you can have all the Black Books. I have what I ewant out of them as it is and Im stuck lugging them around I dont have anymore need of them" Spike said seeing how easily Acara could read one and not fade out like she did, she took then from her pack the other six books and set them on the desk with the other. She felt howls of pain from Herma-Mora though as the books parted from her, but the knowledge she had learned was safely locked away in her brain "I'll hand on to the Elder Scrolls I have though, I hope you dont mind that much at least, they got me through more trouble then honestly they were worth. So they're worth keeping. Vitas can figure out what to do with them"

Her gaze then locked on the boy. He knew Vitas ? Wait. That voice. Realisation flowed through her head and her eyes went bright as she recognised the voice of Jack Winters. The boy who, with Vitas, had uncovered her grave space in the New York Maosuleum four years before.

"I know you.... at least, your voice, you were there. When Vitas raised me there was a voice, a boys voice" Spike finally said giving her full attention at that moment to Jack. The memory assulted her from all sides then, laying in the coffin, dead, her spirit just getting back to where it belonged in her body, breathing softyly, barely, but able to hear clearly, unable to open her eyes or see.

"After Vitas brought me back, she spoke of a boy, a boy she had to set free when her magic was also set free." The sacrifice Vitas had to make was to get rid of the corruptive magic, by letting go of its influence to rais her. All Vitas wanted was to raise Spike, and then they experimented with te portal and Spike got sucked through it. "That was four years ago, One of her homes is here on Origin, whereever Warmoon Holdings is located theres a Warmoon Estate, if we can get to it, I can get a proper shower and possibly send a notice to Vitas."

Vitas MUST have spoken about her to Jack didnt she ? She had, a lot, how she wanted to save her friend, how each body, each soul she sought wasnt her, everything until thanks to a werewolf Vitas could properly track down Spikes body to properly raise it. But that was beside the point

Her attention was quickly taken from Acara's offer of a tour "A tour sounds good, though.... how close are we to a Warmoon Estate ? What city is this ?" If it was the capital city, then the Warmoon Estate was to the southwest on a hilltop at the edge of the main residental district right on the border with residental and school grounds.... Stupidly close by actually, If Spike even looked out the window, which she did not, she could have seen the balcony of the Estate itself and fly to it. But she didnt think to look outside as she settled on the floor once the cleaning robot rolled away, it wouldnt be trying to eat her shoes again

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Jack listened as Spike told the story that came rushing back to his mind in vivid detail. He remembered digging up the grave of Vitas' lover and seeing little more than a corpse before he turned away, unable to watch the resurrection. He didn't remember doing that much speaking during the ritual. He only recalled asking if it was over, if he was able to go now. It wasn't that he didn't want to help Vitas, it was that he felt guilty for not getting back to tracking down his sister's killer. Then he left before Vitas was finished.

"That was so long ago, well for me anyway. There must be some sort of time displacement in that other realm. I guess it's nice to finally meet you." He smiled at her.

"Yes a tour sounds like a good idea. A new world to explore, more advanced than I'm used to. I think it might be nice to get back to helping children again and perhaps the demon I've been chasing will show up here."

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Although Acara had wanted the Elder Scrolls most of all, he sensed something about these Black Books...something similar to the Elder Scrolls. Was the entity that created them trying to mimic it in some form, perhaps instead of the knowledge flowing into the reader, the reader flowed into the knowledge? He could vaguely sense it, but Ruuka had seen interest in him and gave Acara power, including the power of Comprehension. As such, even if it was awkward from his personality, he could communicate with others, even if they came from other worlds, time periods, interdimensional rifts, and what not.

As for the other books, some of them seemed to produce tentacles that wanted to latch onto Spike, as if begging her not to leave them alone with this boy, or rather, any form of connection to Ruuka that existed. Indeed, one could possibly sense from them a vague form of fear...an indication that Spike would have the easiest chance to pick up on that whoever put that mark on Acara, it was someone so far above Herma Mora that it made the Daedric Lord afraid. It made that Herma Mora afraid.

"Alright then. I was hoping for one, but I guess that's fine. It looks like these things might have been made to imitate Elder Scrolls at the very least".

And when they mentioned Time Displacement, Acara actually knew something about that.

"Well, putting aside the possibility my wormhole might have latched onto you during some Chrono event and pulled you out of the normal timeline, different realms and dimensions often have time flow differently from each other, and in truth, the gravity of the planet can also effect how time flows and passes. But if I said anymore then that, it would be mere speculation and theory. Instead, how about I show you around the city? Right now, we are in a place of education, learning, and study called Astrius Academy. This is one of the various Lab Buildings in the Labs District of the Academy, where students can perform experiments in a secure and safe environment...most of the time".

Acara picked up his coat and bag and put them both on, but then thought of something.

"Ah, uhhh....you should probably avoid getting into any trouble before registering with immigration. Since you did not come through one of the natural warp portal stations, or through a registered wormhole, or through one of the spaceports, Stardocks, and the like, it is possible..."

Acara finally undid the lock to the laboratory door, and not even a second later, the door zipped open and several young students between elementary and high school age, with a few in college and one teacher, rushed into the room. This also caused Acara to get knocked to the floor.

"We detected a temporal space distortion followed by an increase in life forms! Is everyone okay? Did another Interdimensional Horror invade?! Second Prince Acara, why does your door have over the top security and why did you not open it immed...Second Prince! What is wrong!? Did these people do this to you?!"

"...no boss, that was you actually, you rushed in a little overzealous..."

"Oh...sorry! But, uhhh....who are these people?"

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Spike backed from the desk she set the black books on, she didnt want them, had no need of them,, didnt WANT then whatsoever. She had what she wanted from them. As the tentacvles sprang from the book reaching for her she smirked, threatening the books was one thing, but somehow the books were afraid, Herma-Mora was scared of the boy, Acara, who saved her from Skyrim!

Why was a Daedric Prince freaked out by a boy ??

it didnt matter. Spike liked the idea of a tour, perhaps she could get to the Warmoon Estate, it was around somewhere! The sooner she got to the place the sooner she could get her up to date passport so she could vist like normal when the two came there. Little did she know that Vitas was already there working on a project to get her home, It would be a bit of a shock to have the three reunite.

Spike heard footsteps as she snagged up a hair brush and started going through her hair. Skyrim people were nice when it came to hair dressing, but no shampoo. Basically people thought her insane when she wanted to clean her hair, no servants around either. As Acara spoke of things for the portal and how it worked, Spike waved him off, time event, whatever, "Like I said Im really happy you sucked me out of Skyrim, much less Nirn, I was trying to find a way here to begin with, you ended up doing it for me, so... thanks"

She was sadly in the path of the suddenly opened door and with a sudden FWHAMP, her nose exploded on her face as it shattered and she hit the floor with a thud, her wings spread wide as she laid there staring at the ceiling.

"....... Ow" She hissed as she passed out

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Jack nodded as Acara went on about the timeline, temporal displacement and gravity's effect on time itself. It had been centuries since he had lived on Earth, but when he did he had tried to understand the way physics and magic worked together so he understood a bit of what Acara was saying. He also agreed that seeing immigration and getting a dimensional passport was probably a good idea.

As the three of them were on their way out the door knocked the other two to the floor and even knocked Spike unconscious. He was standing behind them, so he wasn't hit by the door like they were. He saw the teacher and the children standing at the door.

"Wait, Second Prince?" Jack questioned. "You're a prince? That's so cool." It didn't sound like he was so much shocked as he was excited that the first person he met in a new world was royalty.

He then focused on Spike who had passed out. He checked for a pulse and she still had one. "We should probably get her to a doctor." He said looking at the people who had filled the room. "She might have a concussion and her nose is definitely broken."

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As the Student Security Squad moved in, the teacher in the back was just observing. He was not really a part of the security force, but grew concerned with all the movement and decided to see what was going on with the rest of his class in tow. Of course, if something were to happen many teachers were quite combat capable so there was that too. But this was to help train the students response times and deal with real life situations.

"Uwaaah....you guys are overreacting!"

"Uhh, sorry Second Prince Acara...but, you know...we detected the opening of an interdimensional space time rift through the galactic variance barrier and a huge surge of energy coming through the event horizon that flowed into this lab. We also detected decontamination protocols kick in".

"Oh, it looks like they got the spray...that's good, the other version is really embarrassing..."

"Quiet Lt. Anyways, uhhh....right. Sorry about this, but we do need to get them registered with immigration you know?"

"That was what I was about to go do! And then take them on a tour around the city".

There were a few girls in the force that looked upon the two of them with jealousy.


Some things like that were mumbled. Well, Acara was a prince. There were a number of people who paid attention to him, and furthermore he was actually quite popular as it was known he was quite considerate, kind, and highly intelligent. As such, along with being a prince, he was popular especially with the girls. Though, Atrix was more so, and his older brother Zakar also had quite the fan club. Actually, there was an official fan club for the princes this generation.

Acara looked down at Spike, and used some sort of magic that would help float her up so they could easily take her to immigration.

"I think she will be fine. Well, I have healing magic also, but she seems strong. If something does go wrong, I will just overkill it with a massive large scale healing magic meant to restore someone to their prime from a state of near death".

The security force just twitched a little when they heard that.

"That...didn't you just say that we overreacted? Well, whatever! We will protect you until you get there!"

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Thankfully when Spike passed out from the pain.... and loss of dignity yet she'd tell only Vitas that who would then laugh it off as if it were nothing. Either way, Spikes nose was splattered across her face, a bloodied hole where her nose should be was all that was left after the door smashed into it.

At least she was breathing.

As Acaras magic lifted Spike off the floor her wings refolded under her, like a support of some form. Soon however she'd be healed properly by a vertain red dressed black haired woman who was just arriving through the main gate of the academy, she had need to stop at their library about portals. After all a beloved friend went through one a week before and she wanted that woman back.

Wings of black feathers edged in red folded gently under Spike as Acara seemingly pushed her along the hall as the three left the lab the security team in tow. but they soon came to a fast halt when a voice echoed simply with one word.

"Spike ?" A woman dressed in red and gray stood at the end of the hall, her hair loose aside from a single braid keeping it from her face. There was no mistaking those black brown eyes!

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As the three of them left the lab, security in tow, Jack heard a voice he hadn't heard in centuries, yet it still rang clear and unmistakable.

"Dr. Warmoon?!" Jack smiled as he turned to see Vitas standing there, still as young looking and beautiful as ever. She was dressed all in red, must have been her favorite color. He ran up and gave her a big hug. He then pulled away so that she could get to Spike.

"It's been a long time, at least for me, not sure what the time difference is in this dimension yet. I ran into Spike here when I was pulled into this dimension. She took a door to the face, she wasn't fighting or anything. She was actually on her way to come find you." Jack explained when he saw the look of worry on her face when she saw Spike.

Jack was happy to see at least one person that he knew in this high-tech place. He was also glad to have technology again, things being pretty low-tech in Ulternarealm. He was actually looking forward to exploring this planet and all the unique things it had to offer in terms of tech and magic and the way people had integrated them into their lives.

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"Huh?!?!....that was, surprisingly easy?"

Seeing the spectacle unfold before him he was quite shocked. After all, while these sort of plot elements happened quite a bit in real life it seemed, he literally just pulled Spike out of an Interdimensional Wormhole made with magic and science. However, as expected of a prince, he was able to pull himself together.

"Nice to see you again. What are you doing here?"

Acara was surprised to see that the person Spike was looking for, that he sort of knew, was there right in front of them to be sure. After all, he was absolutely certain there was no way for her to be alerted to this.

"Also, can we do this as we go? We still need to get them registered as having arrived, or else there will be huge hassles with legality. Even if they had passports, without directly reporting these things it will get seriously annoying...also, is that the new Nanofabric made from the Kukarian Spiders they found on the Dark Continent?!"

ANd somehow, Acara got distracted by Magitech stuff after saying himself they needed to focus on the objective...

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Wolfbrown eyes went wide, it had been a year since she last saw Jack Frost, setting the boy free and shutting down the institute was one thing in and of itself, but to see him again. Without thinking she hugged him close. The words came in a rush but she nodded, most of it going over her head like how the Mirror Dimension worked. Not easy to explain if that. "The last I saw you was a year ago" Vitas said simply. "It is good to see you still alive, Master Frost" she pretty much gave him a title right then and there.

turning to Spike as Jack explained the situation she went thoughtful for a brief moment before nodding, it made sense. "That's one of the reasons I am here, a week ago on Denon Spike got sucked into a portal. I knew that this academy has prestigious mages to make portals of a certain strength so I came here for help on how to get Spike back." She stepped closer to the group and stood next to Spike, The outfit was intact, thankfully so, just colored differently. No matter, Vitas could fix that if Spike wanted her to do so.

Then she saw the condition of the womans wings, red was nice for feathers for sure! But when that red was blood.... "Not to worry, Second Prince. I think a derlay can be in order. If we rush, trouble may arise" Sure she spoke words of wisdom but sometimes that wisdom when taken literally, lead to more trouble. "Besides, in her condition, do you think Customs would want to see her ?" She meant Spikes injury.

Vitas held out a hand, a stream of steamlike energy stretched from her hand to Spikes ruined nose and began repairing it. Splintered flesh and cartilege was rebuilt as time reversed upon the wound. "It seems, Second Prince, that you aided me without thinking it.... Thank you" Vitas said to Acara.

There came a soft grunt from Spike as she started to wake up, her face tingled as Vitas healing magic and reversing what time did to her in the first place. bright eyes snapped open. "Did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me ?"

"Good morning sleepy head, you gonna sleep in or do you want a late brunch ?" Vitas asked

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Jack was in amazement at the sight of Spike's nose being rebuilt in front of his eyes. He chuckled a little at the comment she made about the truck hitting her.

While Jack was still intrigued by the way the portal worked and he wished to talk more to the prince about it and all the advanced technology around here. He had spent the last five centuries using his powers to fight a war he shouldn't have been a part of, and now he was somewhere he wasn't sure he belonged either. At least here he would be able to use his powers for something other than fighting. It was kind of funny, the way Vitas had given him the tittle of Master Frost. If she only knew how much he'd been through and how he had earned the tittle of Master in the last realm he was in. His mind briefly drifted off to the night he had infiltrated Santa's castle and stole the Winter Diamond, essentially making him the master of all cryogenic based magic in that realm, and that was only the first of the elemental diamonds he had to steal.

He pulled himself back to reality and smiled as Spike woke up.

"I guess we really should get to the immigration office, I just know there's gonna be a ton of paperwork to fill out."

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"I see...well, she kind of just popped out of a Magic based Wormhole portal I was trying to create..." Acara started in his explanation. "Even though there was a less then .0001% chance rounded up of someone or something coming through, it happened. I guess clichés are real. Anyways, the injury came from us getting hit by a door vigorously..."

"We are really sorry about that!"

"...and now, we were just leaving to get them registered. Since, those people will get really hardcode if you neglect this stuff, and as a prince, I do at least have to try and act princely and enforce such things".

Acara really did not sound, or at the moment look, like a Prince of the royal family though, but that was just his nature. In truth, currently the entire Royal Family could be considered oddballs. Acara was also someone who was said to be a hero, or have the potential to be one, or something.

"And, your welcome Vitas".

Ending with that, as the others spoke Acara gave it some time before he said something else.

"Well, there is a diner near the offices, Lazlo's Grill Out. We could eat there..."

Acara said that as his stomach growled, and he realized he didn't remember if he had breakfast or not...

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"Sometimes the best ressults are from experiementation Second Prince. In doing whatever you did, you brought to me a friend I sought for a week now!" Vitas said happily as she helped Spike get to her feet. Spikes nose nearly finished rebuilding the destroyed cartalige and the skin begain regrowing upon it as if no damage had occured.

Spike smirked, running into a door, it wasnt the first time she had done that, nor was it the first time she had a door knock her out when it was opened into her face. She had to resist rubbing at her nose as time was reversed on her face. "What a rush though. Vitas, next time you make a portal to Nirn. Dont have me in the room." Not that she didnt like Skyrim, four years there was not her plan of events.

"Its not my fault it sucked you in to it when I wanted to go through myself." Vitas grumbled in a strange langauge. Now that she knew how to get to Nirn she could make a portal there easily, but could she get home ? There came a beep from the computer as Spikes wristphone finished charging, without thinking it Spike raised a hand, the device unpluged as if of its own qaccord and flaoted to her waiting hand, she slid it onto her wrist where it belonged.

Vitas turned to Acara. "I think a meal should be in order first. customs can come later." Vitas could pull some strings if it came to it to rush the two through immergration, Jack seemed horrified of paperwork and Vitas agreed, it was a hassel she could avoid pretty well just magicing it up out of nothing. "Or do we want them to starve waiting for paperwork ?" Vitas had a point

Then she saw that Acara was suddenly fixaited on the cloth that Vitas had on at that moment. Silk, satin and cotton mix, along with some fleece for warmth, it got cold some nights. Vitas looked towards the security team. If she had to she coulld magic a path out for Spike and Jack, but she didnt come to the academy to start a fight, no, she came to learn how to get Spike back where she belonged.

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Jack loved the idea of getting food. He'd been so worried about getting the all the stones, that he couldn't remember the last time he ate. The mention of the grill made his stomach rumble loud enough for the others to hear it.

"Food sounds like a great idea, and yeah, not looking forward to the paperwork." Jack chuckled.

He followed the rest of the group, gazing on in amazement at the high tech things he saw as they walked to Lazlo's Grill. Even though he had lived through a few centuries on earth, Origin was far more advanced than anything he was used to.