Adarius Vilis

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Crystal Blood


Appearance: (picture coming only had time for a quick sketch)
Adarius has light brown hair that he keeps in a low pony-tail, and right-side swept bangs. His eyes are also a very non-descript shade of brown. He wears a medium length, cream-white gold-trimmed jacket, with the lapels closed. On his right arm is a red band with a gold embroidered gothic cross. He wears a thick black belt over his jacket at his waist, white gloves, and dark slate-grey trouser pants as well as black dress shoes.


Personality: Devoid of his previous crutches, Adarius is slightly insecure and uncertain. While he doesn’t like taking order, he’d rather play second-in-command than risk screwing up. Though a little more twitchy, Adarius’s personality did not change much from before hand. He’s still convinced God doesn’t really have time for him.

Will you serve God willingly? Adarius can be reluctant at times, but for the most part yes.


Abilities: Adarius has weak empathic abilities that grow in strength as his own emotions increase, in the most extreme case he might lose control and lock himself into an unstable state of mind.

Weapons: Adarius carries a tall simple gold cross; it is bladed at each point and works well as both a spear and staff for battle. The cross also helps intensify Adarius’s empathic ability.


Name: Adarius Vilis

Age: 21

Bio: Adarius had never been particularly religious, he had nothing against religion, but he had always imagined that, if there was a God, He must have far better things to do then listen to Adarius’s whinny prayers. Adarius, on the other hand, wasn’t a bad person. Though cynical about the world, he was a very live-and-let-live person. To the point he was on the verge of self-destruction. Because of his lack of conviction, for well anything, it was seldom he found true happiness. To that end, he would eat and imbibe himself sick on a daily basis, thinking it would give him pleasure. He always regretted the decisions he made, but saw no reason to change. If happiness wasn’t at the bottom of a bottle, well… then true happiness didn’t exist.

On the seldom occasions Adarius let himself be pulled form his cycle of self-destruction and into the real world, most people who knew him considered him good natured, thoughtful, and friendly- If somewhat eccentric. Adarius never really had the inclination to be a part of anything larger than him self, until one day. Thoroughly intoxicated, he had wandered past the open doors of a church- and didn’t give it a second thought. The docks were a street away, and for no good reason Adarius had set his sights on them. A few moments later he found himself, sitting on a peer, looking out at the night sky. Somewhere in his mind he was aware of headlights close by, then footsteps, and finally the presence of a man next to him. Adarius, for what’s its worth, is a fairly friendly drunk, and had no qualms about talking to the man who was now sitting with him.

The morning found Adarius on a pew in a church, staring at a fake chandelier. If he knew where he was, he pretended he didn’t. The entirety of the previous night was a blur, punctuated by a few sights and phrases. Sitting up and looking down the rows of seats, Adarius caught sight of the man from before.

“I… I’m not sure what we talked about, exactly, last night…” he started, a wicked head-ache catching him off guard as he stood up. “But… I think I said something, something important… to you.”

“Not to me, son, to God.”

From that point on, Adarius had found his conviction. Changing his ways he cleaned up his life, waiting for the day his new church family would need him. To that end, Adarius was inducted into The Children of the Throne, and quickly learned to harness his Holy powers.

So begins...

Adarius Vilis's Story