Admiral Ilia Thauce

In Asylia, it is said that if you seek to move a mountain, then you must first break it into pieces. In Asylia, those who move mountains are revered as leaders.

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The Kingdom of Asylia functions as an empire, though their people find the distinction to be very important. To an Asylian, an Empire is something to be hated and fought against, but a Kingdom is respectable. Noble Even.
"War is madness, those who participate must take care not to become drunk on it's euphoria"


The Breaker of Mountains

Asylia's history is rich in legends and lore, a result of the wartorn past of it's people. Adversity has always been to them a symbol of strength and ascension, for to them, rising above a foe is the greatest act anyone can achieve.

A result of this is that the leaders of Asylia's army are comprised of individuals so dedicated to the country, that they become living legends to their subordinates. Ilia Thauce is once such leader. She is named Dun Fjal Bjorta, which roughly translates to The Mountain Breaker. In service to her kingdom and it's people, Ilia Thauce sets it as her task to break and otherwise eliminate all obstacles to prosperity, no matter how great they may be.

She is a brilliant tactician, and a cunning soldier in her own right. Those who follow her do so with a religious zeal, believing that their leader cannot fail, as she has yet to do so.

This places her both in a place of great power and strength, and a precarious position. Due to her soldiers unwavering belief and support of her, Ilia has become fearful of failure, for failure would mean, in her eyes, the loss of their support. Compounding this is her laundry list of victories, which have caused a facet of Perfectionism to develop in her personality. Victory is not enough, it must be absolute to ensure the enemy does not return to stake another claim upon them.

At the present, Ilia Thauce is in command of the Mjolnir class Strike Ship, The Unglauss

So begins...

Admiral Ilia Thauce's Story


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A woman dressed in archaic fashion sat silently at a table at a dive bar. Two, six foot tall, heavily armored, and fully armed individuals sat just beyond the table, assuring that nobody would approach the table without good reason.

The woman herself was silently tapping her foot with impatience. She hated this city, this entire planet. It was a cess pit of lawlessness and degredation. Van leugen had plenty of problems, but she hated Wing city even more. At least here they didn't pretend to be doing right when they stabbed you in the back.

Ilia pulled a flask from her side and drank from it liberally. She then eyed it and scowled, maybe three or four mouthfulls left, and she didn't trust the plumbing on this planet, not even for water. "If the contact doesn't show up in the next fifteen minutes, we're leaving."


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Ilia turned her head slightly as one of her body guards stepped forward and whispered something in her ear. "Your sure of this?" She whispered in response, to which the guard nodded slightly.

Ilia's eyes became hooded as she lay her hands flat on the table, seeming to inspect them closely. To those that knew her, which was a small group indeed, this was the pose she took whenever calculating her next move, plotting her course, or otherwise planning. She was like this for several minutes before standing up and gesturing to her guards, who took up positions. One in front of her, the other behind. In this way they exited the bar, and made their way through the nummens.

A rendezvous had been set up with an agent of the kingdom, a Wolf of Asylia. It took some time for them to reach the location, and when they did, the agent was waiting.

Ilia wasted no time. "Your in uniform, your covers blown?"

The agent nodded and said "Yes ma'am. Security at Tech Con has been intensified following a break in of one of their facilities. The creature we hired was successful in distracting them, though he wasn't aware he was a red herring. I was able to secure the data and schematics on their advanced weapon and experimental projects. I have it all here." He said, brandishing a tablet.

Ilia smiled, taking the tablet from the agent. "Good work. Let's get back to the <i>Unglauss</i> and start decrypting and analyzing. With luck we'll be able to develop countermeasures to their systems and weapons that'll allow us to infiltrate Aschen space properly."

She turned and nodded to her guards, who took up position, this time with the agent directly behind Ilia herself, and the guard behind him. They proceeded at haste, but without running, towards the outskirts of the city, where a transport would take them to the <i>Unglauss</i>

The setting changes from the-nummens to Molecay


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With a signature so minimal it could be construed as background noise in the vastness of space, a ship slipped into orbit over Molecay. It's bridge was a blur of activity, though little enough registered as it's stealth systems were running in full process. With all the various systems in place, all EM, Heat, Radiation, and other visible signals were masked and dispersed to match the noise of the surrounding void. As it stood, the Mjolnir class Strike Carrier "Unglauss" wasn't going to be seen by anything except the naked Eye, and even then only if the one seeing it could distinguish it's all black exterior from the black of open space.

The Bridge, nevertheless, remained a storm of activity as the crew moved to simultaneously prep for combat operations, planetary infiltration, signal monitoring and a host of other duties, so many that it was unlikely they would be able to succeed. Even so, they would push themselves to exhaustion, because nothing less would satisfy the Admiral.

Ilia Thauce was many things, but one she wasn't was lax. Neither she nor any of her crew would relax this close to enemy territory until they had achieved their goal and made their way out.


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How the vessel managed to penetrate the Planck Packs that surrounded Molecay remained a mystery to those whom were charged to defend it. However, as it slipped into orbit, invisible LIDAR beams were broken, broadcast as a grid from thousands of individual sattelites in geosynchronous orbit over the planet, which meant the Provincial Defense force, and the local detatchment of the Imperial Navy were alerted to the ship's presence.

"Alert, we have a break in the LIDAR Grid sector four-dash-seven without signal confirmation." EVE broadcast to the Vigiles class Fast Attack cruiser closest to the break in the grid.

Commander Clea Soban was watching the displays carefully, as the three-dimensional hologram highlighted the break in the LIDAR Grid over the Molecay city of Tiir. She looked up to the hologram of EVE for a brief moment.

Ever since the terrorist attacks carried out by the Switches, security on Molecay had been rapidly increased. Not only were there randomly rotating patrols in orbit, but a LIDAR Detection grid was installed to detect even the slightest anomalies passing into orbit. This sophisticated detection grid was capable of detecting even the smallest speck of dust as it passed through, and a sophisticated AI Bank rooted out false positives, before forwarding the data to EVE.

On the surface, Molecay was under a state of martial law, Block-by-block military checkpoints with genetic verification had become the norm, this rooted out almost anyone who wasn't on the central registry in a matter of time. Mandatory curfews where those out after dark were summarily executed meant the streets of Molecay's cities were ghost towns after dark.

The Rebellion for all intents and purposes existed only in people's hearts, and as controlled opposition. Those who spoke of the rebellion were sent to labor camps for thought-crime, and re-educated.

Traffic too, and from the planet had been almost entirely relegated to the Military.

Commander Soban lowered herself into her command chair as she narrowed her eyes, a black speck coming up against the bright backdrop of Molecay.

"Magnify." She instructed.

The display magnified the black speck as it moved into orbit, Reinforcements were at least ten minutes out, so this would be a one-on-one fight, and the Vigiles class while not the heaviest of hitters, was nimble, and packed it's own punch.

"All hands Action stations!" Commander Soban called out, as EVE's voice chimed into her ear.

"Attempting to analyze unknown object." EVE Chimed in.

Soban turned to the Helm officers. "Full military thrust, we need to intercept that object before it breaches the perimeter!"

"Commander!" Lieutenant Tyrel called out from Tactical. "We have positive weapons lock!"

Nabaal nodded. "Excellent, give word to the forward batteries, make ready and fire!"

The Ifriit moved swiftly towards the Unglauss from a Langrangian point between Molecay and one of the massive Watchtowers in orbit, but was still roughly two minutes out.

It opened fire, sending about a dozen brilliant streaks of green searing towards the other unknown entity. The Aschen here were under strict orders to engage, and destroy any unidentified objects, be they an asteroid, or a stealth ship.

Even wayward civilian ships found themselves prosecuted under Molecay's strict No-Fly order.


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"Admiral we have positive weapon locks from the enemy fleet. They've found us" The call came from the bridge.

"Go for protocol F17 with Reno Baseline. Engage" Ilia's voice was cool and calm as she gave the order. It was carried out with just the same degree of calm as her voice denoted.

As the Aschen fire made way towards the Unglauss, the vessel suddenly vanished from it's position, only to reappear several kilometers towards one side. the transition occurred just before the attack made contact. Immediately after, Several vessels appeared suddenly in the same space, a total of Five vessels, with a remarkable similarity to the Unglauss. They mirrored it's movements as they turned to broadside against the Ifriit. As soon as they had, a battery cannons fired in a simultaneous volley, unleashing a salvo of near a hundred ton slugs of solid tungsten that traveled at speeds exceeding 300 kilometers per second.

A short pause after the salvo was launched, the Unglauss dispersed a orbs that floated a shortway from it before bursting and filling the space with Kalinger drones. The drones, once released into space, began scanning and reading for signals. In this manner the probes locked onto the Lidar beams, and once they were tacked to it, they began flooding the system with constant feedback. The end result would be a whiteout of false positives.

The Unglauss was clearly visible now to the Ifriit, heat and EM readings were no longer being masked by the Asylian vessel, which meant the ship was clearly detectable. Why then the Lidar field was being targeted for jamming would be curious to any tactician.

Once the maneuver was complete, Ilia issued more orders. "Prepare drop ships, full battalion. get our agents on the ground. Once we have confirmation, we're pulling out."


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The Ifriit's shields flared against the incoming ordinance, but the slugs had been stripped of their kinetic energy as they struck the brilliant white barrier that protected the Ifriit. This was evident in the brilliant white flash from each impact, the Aschen ship was still approaching, appearing to sustain no damage from the incoming volley.

"Shields are holding, no damage." The Helm officer reported, as Commander Soban grit her teeth.

"Sir, EVE is reporting the LIDAR grid is being attacked." The Helm officer reported once more. With the sudden influx of junk data, the AI Banks rapidly began to sift through it, using the LIDAR as a data conduit, they began to mount their own Denial-of-service style attack against the drones, while the original function of the LIDAR system remained intact.

"Fire tricobalt missiles." Commander Soban instructed.

The Ifriit continued on it's intercept course, launching a pair of missiles towards the now five identical ships. These missiles broke up into hundreds of smaller warheads once they cleared the launch bays, with roughly several dozen independently targeted warheads. careening towards each ship, detonating in a chorus of spatial tears that would aim to consume the entire formation, and it's Kalinger drones in the destructive eddies of subspace.

The Ifriit was closing in rapidly, as Commander waited to see the blinding report of the detonation of her Tricobalt missiles.


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"Admiral, enemy's have launched missiles. Looks like some sort of wide bore attack" The bridge called out.

"engage Phase pulse" Ilia responded.

As the barrage of missiles made their approach, there was a flash of blue white light, and as it faded, the missiles were no where to be found.

"containment achieved, Superlative layer holding at eighty two percent. Shall we redirect?" A crewman at the console asked.

"Affirmative." Ilia smiled. From the nose of the vessel, a second flash of the light erupted, and from their the missiles that had been streaking towards the Unglauss were now rapidly rushing towards the Ifriit.

following this, the Unglauss once more vanished, along with the five other vessels, only to reappear once more, this time above and to the right of their original position. The five vessels then began shifting, as the Unglauss turned upside down to direct Missile bays at the Ifriit. From these launched a Salvo of their own Missiles.

Ion driven and using onboard phase fields, the Garrick Penetrators were designed as their name suggested, to penetrate defenses. They lacked significant damage capability, but they were designed to punch through armor, and with the phase field they were intangible until a certain distance from their target.

The Kalinger Drones acknowledged a counteraction from the Lidar array, and then responded by tracing the signals and locating the Ai bank on the planet. Once that was done, a full forward direct assault on the software defenses began. Simultanously, the feedback into the lidar array itself was redoubled. An AI of EVE's class would easily be able to handle such an assault, but the AI Bank would find itself having to make a choice. Either devote resources to defending itself, allowing the Drones to flood the LIDAR system with false readings, or melt down from the overheat. The first option would maintain integrity of the array, but would prevent it from being relied upon until the Kalinger Drones were destroyed. The second option would severely hamper and damage the Array, forcing the Aschen to spend more resources to maintain security over the planet to prevent unauthorized ships from entering.

Either way, Ilia would achieve her goals in that regard. The Ifriit itself was the primary threat to her mission, though if F17 had been carried out as necessary, then dropships were already en route. All she had to do was Keep the Ifriit busy until they made landing, and the agents scattered.

"Report" The Admiral barked out.

"Squads Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie have began planetary entry, Squad Delta is still en route." A crewmate responded to her, offering Magus Slate to her. Ilia looked it over, verifying the readings of the individual squad members, then nodded. "Very well. Once we've confirmation on Alpha and Bravo, we begin preparing for Extradition. Have the Shockpoint on Standby."


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As the missiles came out from the strange countermeasure that had been deployed against them, each on-board targeting AI recognized the friendlies before them.

Each warhead turned end over end, and once again began to sail back towards the formation of enemy ships, their rear plasmic pulse drives engaging, each Tricobalt warhead was once again on course, careening towards the group of ships, while a handful of them moved to the formation of Kalinger drones, to detonate their lethal payload, and tear a hole into the fabric of space, drawing everything around the eddies into the abyss.

"Keep up the pressure!" Commander Soban called out.

"Bring us two seven three carom one nine two!" She shouted, grasping her chair as the Aschen ship banked hard to the right.

The Turbodisruptor batteries of the Ifriit opened fire as the Unglauss turned to deploy it's own missiles. A withering salvo of several hundred brilliant turbodisruptor bolts fired from about a dozen batteries mounted on the upper decks of the Ifrit, just in time for EVE to report that the Ifriit's sensors picked up several drop pods. A testament to the fidelity of the Wide-spectrum scanners of the Fast-Attack cruiser.

"Execute tactical jump." Clea ordered.

Almost a split second before the missiles impacted the Ifriit, she winked out of existence with a flash of light, and reappeared roughly thirty kilometers away from the formation of ships, firing it's weapon batteries in all directions, five fields of fire erupted fourth from the Ifriit, as each 'Ship' be it real or fake, was targeted for a withering barrage from danger-close range.

Immediately below the entering drop pods, and positioned precisely to interrupt their trajectories, a Reverence II winked into existence from seemingly nowhere. The Reverence II 'Far Sight Lost'

Admiral Ceres Genna was the first to arrive on station, stone faced, and watching the display, she brought up targeting data as her hand gracefully manipulated the display.

Dorsal weapon batteries swiveled to life, acquiring each drop pod as it descended, using high-fidelity visual targeting systems, and wide-spectrum targeting data that detected even the slightest anomaly, they confirmed positive weapons lock, and began to open fire, sending precisely calculated turbodisruptor bolts sailing up towards the descending landers.

"Admiral, I've calculated landing trajectories, and I've notified the local Provincial Militia, as well as the Imperial Defense Garrison to be on station." EVE Chimed in

The Reverence II began to open fire, sending up a thick soup of flak, and turbodisruptor fire at the descending drop pods, if they were going to make it to the surface, they were going to take losses in doing so.

Of course they weren't going to reach the surface, the positioning of the Far Sight Lost ensured as much. The Pods would either have to make a serious course correction, or collide with the Reverence II below them.

The AI Banks of the Lidar Grid opted to choose option C, defending itself from the assault, and maintaining the Lidar grid itself. The AI Systems on the planet were networked to the wider Computational grid of the entire Aschen Empire, which meant the resources of Billions of AI banks scattered throughout the Empire were directed to redouble on the assault. It was a minor annoyance, but the redoubling left the drones vulnerable to the intruder program that slipped in from the last Aschen counter-assault.

The Intruder program was specifically designed to infiltrate, and subjugate computer defenses, as well as avoid detection. One by one the drones would start to either behave erratically, or be forced to direct it's assault on their fellow drones, propagating the intruder program through the network.

The curious thing was the Aschen ships were jumping, even though the Planck field was active, however, EVE was sending commands to the watchtower immediately prior to jump, which meant a brief split-second shut-down of the field to facilitate the jumping of the Aschen ships.


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The Drones assault on the AI Banks was not digital in nature. At least twenty seven percent of the banks would suffer meltdowns as surface temperatures on the planet where the banks were located were increasing at rates resultant from directed laser emissions coming from the drones themselves. the Microwave emissions were noticeable and apparent, but unless the Aschen had the shielding to protect the banks from a localized heat wave upwards of five hundred kelvin, they would lose those banks. The Drones themselves shut off shortly after unleashing the emissions, their batteries drained by the attempt. Shortly thereafter the Lidar Array would be cleaned, revealing that of the five ships, only one was actually real. The Others were merely Holographic Projections, which immediately vanished as they were no longer needed.

Of course when the missiles came out of the superlative layer of the Phase Shield, they would lose all engine functionality, as the missiles themselves would have been completely drained of power. This would render them incapable of redirecting themselves, let alone identifying IFF.

The Ifriits relocation was the smartest move the ship could have made, as it ensured both their own missiles, made into little more than flying rocks and space debris at this point, and the Unglauss' own missed the mark. The disruptor fire struck the hull of the Unglauss, breaching the armor in several locations. Bulkheads to those locations were sealed in preparation for further fire. However...

"Checkmate" Ilia said with a smile, turning to her Magus Slate as a slurry of information poured into it. Observational wards had succeeded, and the transmissions of EVE towards the Planck Fields and the towers that sustained them had been recorded. With this information, Asylia would be able to Pin point the exact locations of those towers on any Aschen planet, and ensure their destruction. "Radiation profile scanned and secured. We've achieved our primary goal. Report on the Dropships"

Her Aid stepped forward "Charlie and Delta are taking heavy losses from enemy flak. A larger warship has just jumped in. They no longer have the numbers to achieve their mission. Alpha and Bravo however have successfully landed and dispersed. The Aschen will no doubt hunt for them ma'am."

"And I'm sure after awhile they'll find them, but by the time they do they'll have done what they were made to do." Ilia said, turning to the Reverence class warship. "We've all we need. Engage Shockpoint and take us to the Rendezvous."

She smiled then and said "Also open a channel to the Aschen forces."

Her Aid hesitated a moment before nodding. "yes Ma'am"

Once the channel was open, Video and Audio feeds showing Admiral Ilia's face would be sent to two Aschen Vessels. "This is Admiral Ilia Thauce of the Kingdom of Asylia. I send you this message to congratulate you on your efforts to disrupt our mission in your territory. It was valiant. Futile, but Valiant. As per our Custom, to respect your significant efforts, I will commend the names of your ships to the King, so he may distribute a notice informing all Asylian Forces of your significance. It will be an honor to face you properly, and finally, in the future."

With her speech done, Ilia gestured to her Aid, who cut the feed. Shortly after, another crewmate called out "Phase field is at half power, Superlative layer holding at sixty five percent. Shock Point Drive is charged at thirty six percent. Jump in Seven Cycles."


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The physical hardware that the AI Banks themselves were located in, was a bath of liquid helium that kept it at a frigid temperature of about four degrees kelvin. Which was about negative two-hundred and seventy degrees centigrade. These facilities were shielded from orbital attacks in vast underground complexes. The surface would likely dissipate the thermal energy being directed against it, while thick plascrete slabs dissipated the rest of the heat.

The AI Banks finished their work, highlighting the real Unglauss the moment the four other disappeared, and EVE had chimed into the Commander's ear.

"Close-in scans are detecting magical energies, Tactical recommendation: Disable magical systems to potentially render the vessel vulnerable." EVE reported, and Commander Soban grinned.

"Right, Recalibrate our shields for Anti-mana, and disperse charge! Bring us two nine seven carom one six eight, full military thrust, Starboard damage control teams, prepare for impact!"

While the Admiral was gloating to the Aschen Commander, the Aschen Commander simply called out.


In one synchronous move, the Ifriit launched itself full thrust towards the Asylian ship, jerking roughly to the starboard side on a fast collision course towards the other ship, while Illia was making her speech.

As the words "I will commend the names of your ships to the king." Came over the comms, the Ifriit would slam into the port side of the Unglauss, jagged angular armored plating would shove against whatever materials the Asylians constructed their vessel out of.

An instant following, the Aschen ship's shields flared angrily, a pulse of Anti-mana energy flared outwards in all directions in a split second after contact.

The impact rocked Commander Soban, and nearly tossed her from her command chair, but she had braced for it.

"Jump!" She called out, and as the two hulls were still in contact, the Aschen ship jumped, sending a spatial shockwave that would threaten to tear the Unglauss in two.

The Ifriit would wink back into existence on the starboard side, exposing her port turbodisruptor emplacements. Unleashing a sustained, and withering broadside that would not stop until the Unglauss either engaged it's shockpoint drives, or was destroyed.


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"Ma'am the Ifriit is moving towards us at high speed." The Admirals Aid said as a whisper into Ilia's Ear as she made her speech.

After finishing her speech, the Ifriit made physical contact with the Unglauss. "Admiral, the enemy ship is using an Anti-mana field in their shield, their attempting to disrupt our systems. Buffers are Engaged at 72% effectiveness."

"Very good. Is the-" Admiral Thauce got out before another crewmember spoke up "Enemy ship is jumping!"

"Emergency Dilation now!" The Admiral called out, an order that was followed immediately.

Throughout the ship, and subsequently throughout the Ifriit as well due to their physical contact, time had dilated and slowed. Asylians unique Neurology enabled them to perceive this dilation and take advantage of it. As a result, Seconds stretched into hours, granting Ilia the time needed to properly assess the situation. The Bufferfield was still intact, the Anti-mana being held off, and so she reached out to give out further orders in the time that was bought through Telepathy. "Attention. The enemy vessel is attempting to make a warp jump while in physical contact with the Unglauss. The spatial Shockwave will be severe, full brace for impact will be necessary."

"If it were me, I'd make a return jump afterwards to fire a salvo, to finish us off. Whoever is in charge of that ship is not to be underestimated. Follow them with the PCT, and when they come back in, sacrifice whatevers left of the Superlative Layer to block their attack. After that I want us gone.

Asylians Neurology may provide them an ability to perceive the time dilation normally, meaning they could experience the seconds as they stretched into hours, though most other creatures would experience the time normally. However, physically they could not move any faster than normal. The stretch only gave them a significantly longer time to observe and plan, which was used to coordinate their efforts.

As a result, the Ifriit's jump took several hour long seconds for the crew of the Unglauss who, even as their were jostled and jumbled by the effect, had braced for it enough to maintain their positions. Telepathic communications, Facilitated by two coms controllers who relayed the thoughts of the other crew men to her while Ilia's orders were sent directly to them, As Ilia had been born with the gift of magic, were a flurry.

Damage throughout the ship, all external sectors depressurizing, Port side Weapons systems are gone, core systems suffering no significant trauma

Sublative Layer in position, enemy bombardment contained

Shockpoint drive active

Launch now Ilia commanded her troops, who's actions in real time came without any seconds to spare. The Unglauss was sheathed in an intense Electromagnetic lensing field, and once the field fully enclosed the vessel, rapidly accelerated from nothing to speeds so extreme that it seemed to Vanish. Inside of 2 seconds the ship had disappeared, but for the Asylians on board who were still Dilating the experience, those two seconds were two hours in which they waited as gunfire blasted into one side of them.

When it was finally over, and the crew relaxed from the Dilation effects, Ilia rubbed at her temples. Dilation transitions gave her headaches, but she could not help but smile. "So... Ifriit and Far Sight Lost. Two to the roster of High level Targets. I wonder which wolf will try for them first. Heh. Hehehe"


On the surface of Molecay, dropships and drop pods, both damaged and otherwise, made reckless landfall in spite of flak fire and a host of other problems. Once they did, they unleashed hundreds of fully armed and armored individuals who immediately began to make use of their weapons by firing them at anything and everything around them.

These drop ships and pods came down mostly in the most populated, and suburban, areas that could be found. Those on board were not soldiers, but criminals granted a chance at Amnesty and freedom, all they had to do was fight and kill their way off of the planet, and they'd be free men.

Of course not one of them had been told they were landing on an Aschen planet, but it didn't matter in any case, all they knew is that they were free, and fully armed to protect that newfound freedom. They would fight and kill and slaughter anyone and everyone they could reach. men, women, children, armed or otherwise these Criminals would kill, steal cars, and use those cars to try to get to a ship that they could take off world, leaving as much destruction in their wake as they could.

Freedom was incentive enough for these men, but of additional incentive were the bombs implanted in the solar plexus. Charges large enough to take out a city block in each of them, set to timers of an hour, that started ticking down after they landed. The soldiers scattered away from each other as much as possible, because they had been graced by the warden who picked them with the knowledge that the bombs would also go off if their hearts stopped. To that end, scattering ensured the best chance of survival, as anyone who was too close to someone else that got killed, would be caught in the blast.

Of course, that was the whole point of the Reno Baseline, these men were death row convicts, doomed to horrible deaths anyway. So why not make those deaths serve the kingdom in the best way men like this could.

The setting changes from molecay to Outer Arm


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The Unglauss Decelerated in the outer Arm with a silence that declined comment on the violence it had just originated from. The ships port side was badly damaged, and depressurization had occurred throughout the outer sections. Even so, Admiral Ilia was quite happy with the results of the engagement.

Her crew began processing the information coming from the drones that had survived the Ifriits attacks. The drones had been drained of energy by their Microwave emission assault on the surface, an assault that had proved ultimately fruitless, but once drained of power and rendered dormant, those same drones would continue to record and send data via quantum telepathy to the Unglauss's Psionicore.

The first thing Ilia made sure of regarding her ship, was that all stealth systems were active and in place. Once she confirmed that nothing short of another ship running into them would reveal their location, she relaxed.

"retiring to my quarters. Initiate repairs and prep for secondary phase. Adjustments will be made once I've completed my studies." Ilia called out to the bridge, before casting a quick little spell of teleportation that took her directly to her quarters. She then proceeded to sit at her desk, powering up the Manaprocessor that sat upon it, and began going over all the data regarding the Aschen defenses.

"Hmmm, Clever." She whispered to herself. The recordings from the drones indicated that the civilian presence on the planet had began evacuations immediately after the ship had arrived in their space. They knew we were there even with all our stealth systems online.... I see, Lidar Arrays. They essentially have a net of invisible strings around their planets to catch and record even the smallest object. Annoying, They're probably aware of the drones as well then. She thought to herself.

Of course Ilia was processing this data in her quarters, but all the crew on the bridge were similarly processing the data in like fashion, and discussing and conversing amongst each other. For all of them, they were taking advantage of the gifts evolution had granted them, and spent hours studying and going over every point of data, even though only seconds passed in that time.

We have no means of eliminating their Lidar detection. It's a primitive and simple means of detection, but all the more effective because of it. We will have to accept that attacking any Aschen world means going into a fight, not that we expected any differently. That said, of greater concern is the evacuations they performed. They were quick and efficient, and as such our reno baseline was rendered worthless. We'll have to use a more effective manner of assaulting their ground forces, else we'll have to secure orbital control and then proceed to engage a protracted war of attrition.... It is a shame their so stubborn they don't even have the honor of common animals. By the king, even Beasts know to accept death when they are beaten, but they're so broken they'll push on even against an impossible battle, for no other reason than to be obstinate.

Ma'am, pardon the intrusion, we've just intercepted a communication between Aschen forces and another group referred to as "Tai oo", I think that's proper pronounciation… In any case, it appears the enemy is calling upon their allies, and have declared war on us. The telepathic message that intruded on her thoughts came from the communications department. Ilia smiled, then said to them Very well. Send word to Pilav that he is to begin his campaign and ensure the Tai oo have their own issues to worry about. Furthermore, send a request to Andromeda base for additional strike carriers to be sent.

We will need to accelerate our operations, while simultaneously distressing the Aschens Allies to ensure they do not have the resources to expend in aiding them. Hopefully the seneschal will be able to begin deliberations to bring these Tai oo out of the conflict Ilia thought this to herself, though she also allowed the Communications officer to hear her, so that the girl could add such in the report.

Ilia continued her studies of the Aschen forces. Of particular interest was the speed with which a second vessel moved to enter the conflict. She double checked and verified that the planck field remained active except for short moments which would allow the Aschen vessels to relocate. She also noted that their warp technology activated slower than her own ships, with that in mind, a plan began to form in her mind of the best way to engage the enemy fleets that would no doubt be responding to Asylian Assaults.

She smiled, then reached out to touch the crew's consciousness to verify with them. Once she had, she gave the order to relocate to another sector. They would be going forward with the original plan and verifying the effectiveness of the Aschen Response. She would wait on utilizing her plan until she was sure it would be most effective against the enemy.

The setting changes from outer-arm to The Cryo System


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A vessel slipped out of the darkness, sparking a low read burst of energy as it's systems deposited it into the system. Just as quickly as it appeared, all readings returned to the standard levels found in the noise of space.

Aboard the Unglauss, Ilia and her crew busied about preparing for the expected engagement to come.

"Shockpoint deactivation confirmed, charge levels stable."

"Ma'am, we're not reading radiation from any lidar arrays in the area."

"Enemy starbase location confirmed."

Admiral Ilia Thauce began issuing commands in her usual calm manner. "Have engineering prep for emergency Shockpoint Charging for egress at my command, with auxiliary batteries prepared for translocation. Keep an eye on radiation levels and watch their planck field, alert me the moment it drops."

At that point Ilia smiled "Keep an eye on that starbase, but our goal is to catch the Aschen when they lower the planck fields to warp in. I want to be in position and ready by the time that occurs, so we are functioning at full stealth until we're close enough to that station to intercept their response teams. It stands to reason that they would warp in close to the starbase, as it's a foritified position that can cover them. Maintain obfuscation protocol until we've reached target Axii Morn"

The flurry of activity on the bridge of the Unglauss did nothing to disturb it's silent presence as it moved closer and closer to the starbase. An absolute minimum of output insured that the Unglauss was indistinguishable from the rest of space as far as electronic observation was concerned. And thanks to the Obfuscation protocol, a series of darklight projectors coated the ship in a silent spell that rendered it visually invisible.

Thus, the Unglauss was engaged in absolute stealth, for all intents and purposes invisible to all forms of detection, short of physical contact detection. This came with it's obvious benefits, but also a number of issues. The energy needed to maintain this stealth meant that the weapon systems had to be shut off entirely, if Ilia wanted to maintain a level of charge to the shockpoint drive and test her theory. It would take several subcycles to bring them back online to engage once the enemy responded. Furthermore, the mobility of the ship had to be limited to reduce IR signatures. The vessel was moving at a snails pace at this point, and wouldn't be able to accelerate without revealing it's position.


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"Alert, Energy signal detected. Energy patterns consistent with Asylian shock-point drive. Though I am detecting no ships currently. They're likely using stealth technology. I'll attempt to adjust our sensor fidelity." EVE reported, as she appeared as a flickering hologram in front of the Watchtower's tactical officer. She highlighted the Sensors manager interface, and the signal appeared as a flickering icon.

Commander Jarlath grumbled, it wasn't long before he finished reading the mission briefing transmitted from command. He still had a somewhat respectable garrison from the initial encounter with the Tarragon. Though the Dragons were allowed to settle Cryo and live in relative harmony with it's colonists, undisturbed by the ever changing shift of Aschen politics.

EVE chirped up once more. "Admiral Hanley has suggested wild weasel tactics to maintain an air of unpredictability regarding the enemy. They're likely expecting us to signal for reinforcements."

Jarlath nodded. "We've got an ace in the hole." He said, opening up a transmission to Agarran down to the planet below.

"Tarragon Colony, this is the Cryo Watchtower. Our sensors detected an energy signature consistent with a ship that attacked Molecay a few days ago. I'm transmitting everything we have on this enemy. We'll need you to assist us in mounting a response. You are clear to engage enemy assets."

Terminating the transmission, as the watchtower command center was a flurry of activity, Jarlath turned to EVE.

"Have the Athos and her floatilla begin orbital burn, have them adjust their heading, and hold back at the far side of the planet. Scramble the alert wing, and redirect our garrison fleet to intercept."

EVE nodded. "Calculating possible trajectories based on point of origin, I'll focus sensor sweeps on this sector."


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The Unglauss, slowly but surely, made it's way to the prime position nearby the tower. This success was not met with elation or enjoyment. Ilia stood on the bridge, looking at the tower, a frown distorting her otherwise pleasant features. "....What are you doing, Aschen?" She muttered to herself, contemplating the lack of response from the Aschen.

"Confirm, they've detected our entry yes?" She said to the bridge officer.

"Yes ma'am. Our stealth systems became active immediately after, but the initial entry could not be hidden. There's no doubt the Aschen detected it." The officer responded.

"Then why haven't they warped... Ahh." Ilia smiled several displays lit up and the crew began calling out about activity on the station itself. "I see... They value this planet less than Molecay, so they're reacting with the forces they have on hand. Appropriate I suppose. Begin Analysis, I want a full register of their response forces and capabilities. We can use this to draw a correlative to their other planets garrisons."

An affirmative rang out, and the bridge activity began in earnest. Ilia sat back in the command chair and issued another order to the bridge officer. "Maintain current position and stealth systems, but change power priority from the engines to the weapons, and bring them online. The Aschen are up to something, and I don't want us caught unprepared."

"Yes ma'am" the officer responded, before relaying the orders to the engine room. As she did so, Ilia continued to gaze curiously at the tower. Something in the back of her mind, some unbidden instinct of the Asylian people, was digging at her consciousness. It set her teeth on edge and disturbed her deeply. Instincts existed for a reason, and she knew that this one was important, but could not understand why...


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Commander Jarlath scowled in front of the display, before he decided it was time to play his hand, or maybe bluff his opponent into revealing themselves.

"Activate the aegis field." The Commander ordered, and on cue, the Command crew began to work diligently, manning their controls, as the lighting faded to red, and alarms began to blare throughout the station.

"EVE, launch all fighter wings, and bring all batteries online, have all garrison crews report to their ships, and prepare for engagement, but keep everything on the low."


All throughout the station, alarms blared, Damage control, and security teams began to rush to their posts, taking up cover behind bulkheads, while the Station's fighter wing all began to run to their ships.

The Prowlers were out first, sophisticated stealth fighters that vanished the moment they launched, using a sophisticated array of ECM, hull cooling, and a carbon composite hull to make themselves virtually invisible to nearly all forms of detection, they began to blend in seamlessly with the background radiation of space, even visually they were difficult to distinguish thanks to their glossy black coloration.

Hundreds of Raptor Talon star-fighters began to pour from the main body of the station, moving into tight formations to provide a broad range of cover. A Single Hesperis class drone carrier, and a salvaged Royarks class robotics cruiser from the Coalition era.

Positioning themselves near the station, the Hesperis Drone carrier began to unleash a swarm of Furie drones, by the millions these automobile sized drones, armed with four 30mm MECS A-6 Thraxon kinetic weapon systems began to swarm fourth from the cruiser, like writhing tentacles of metal began to swarm around the Watchtower in a thick soup of metal, and plastic.

The shimmering aegis field flared to life, engulfing the watchtower and the two cruisers in a shimmering sphere of light.

Cresting the planet, the Athos, and seventeen Aschen warships could be detected as they came over the horizon. Three Iconoclast class battleships, five Punisher class battleships, four Hastati class cruisers, two Athena class missile cruisers, and seven Triarii class destroyers.

Commander Murios was aboard the Athos, watching her displays carefully, Commander Jarlath had summoned the Tarragon, possibly to see their capability. She had been under orders to simply hold position until the Tarragon responded.

"Commander, I have calculated all possible locations of the enemy ship, taking into account possible angles of approach against the watchtower. I believe the enemy vessel is in this zone here." EVE said, highlighting a wide swathe of space between the jump point, and several attack points against the watchtower.

"A missile salvo from the Athena class cruisers covering this sector would be sufficient to force them to disengage their stealth systems, and engage."

Murios nodded. "Commander Jarlath has a plan, our objective is to hold position, and gather data."

The formation of Aschen warships had come in with Cryo's sun at their backs, making them difficult to detect given the sun's radiation, and light output. However, once they reached their position, they came to a stop, just beyond weapons range, but well within striking distance.

The Aschen knew they were there, and judging by their orientation, had a pretty good idea where the Unglauss was, but they didn't strike. Like the watchtower, the floatilla of Aschen warships held position.


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Ilia smiled as she saw the Tower respond with it's plethora of fighter craft, drone carriers, and other assorted vessels.

"Ma'am, we're getting readings of vessels coming over the planets horizon. Visual acquisition is impossible, the suns behind them."

"Confirmed stealth vessels have launched, several fighter sized craft were detected but have since dropped off of all sensors"

"Barrier technology confirmed around tower and cruiser vessels, unknown nature."

"No psychic response from drone carriers, unmanned weapons systems confirmed."

"Enemy taking up positions... No weapons contact."

"Of course not, they're being cautious. They've heard what we pulled off at Molecay and are waiting to see what we do here." Admiral Thauce said with her usual calm tones. "But their commander is impatient and wants us to make a move, so he's showing us what he has in hopes we'll react to it. They believe us to be barbarians who'll strike the moment we see prey, but that underestimation will cost them. Confirm time table."

"Yes ma'am, seven cycles until The Leaon, The Baruut, and The Sinval arrive."

"Good. Maintain position, and have everyone ready for their assault. They WILL attack, it's only a matter of time before they narrow down our position, and once they have they'll likely assault with flak to force us to respond. Charge the Superlative layer and Kinetic Plating. Once our reinforcements arrive, we'll force them to call for their own, and then we strike them all down."


Far Side of Cryo

Agarran yawned and stretched. It had taken less time than he had expected to launch the Auxillary orbiters from the Akorn. Some of his subjects had apparently had them prepped for months in anticipation. Not too fond of the planet it would seem to him, but it was no matter. This was their home now, and they would make do, as they always had.

The Auxillary orbiters were not nearly as impressive as the Akorn itself, measuring only a few thousand feet in length, and having far fewer weapons systems. They maintained the Phase Shift Defense technology, as well as several Crystal batteries for Assaults, but largely the orbiters were intended for transporting goods from colonies to vessels waiting in orbit.

For this reason, Agarran was not in his usual place at the command center of the vessel, but instead awaited in a specially designed Airlock. When the time came to eliminate the enemy, he would hold his breath and launch out into space. Escions were immune to the cold of the vacuum, were only empowered by solar radiation, and could hold their breath for months, years if they conserved their energy. He wouldn't be able to use the famed dragon breath, but considering most space faring vessels and species were incredibly heat resistant, it wouldn't have been of any use anyway. Tearing his way into an enemy ships armor and opening it to the void of space would be much more effective, as long as he didn't have to worry about hostile fighter crafting blasting his hide with Anti-mana and shrapnel.

He sent a psychic message to his crew, who then relayed the message to the Aschen vessels in the area.

Agarran here, requesting specifics as to where we are to be positioned, and what the nature of our foe is.


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EVE responded promptly, transmitting her narrowed down zone of possible contact with the stealth ship to Agarran. The highlighted region of space was carefully put between the Asylian insertion point, and possible strategic positions of the watchtower. But EVE was also receiving real time intelligence from Langara.

"There is the possibility that the Asylian commander may attempt to open a portal to the warp, therefore I strongly advise we maintain Planck integrity throughout the course of this engagement." EVE reported to both Commanders Jarlath and Murios.

Commander Jarlath sighed. This meant they wouldn't be able to signal the fleet for reinforcements, and they would be at a maneuvering disadvantage with the Unglauss' shock-point drive, and it's auxiliaries.

This was something the Aschen were accounting for, though. The Prowlers were moving through the area, carefully, and stealthily deploying small canister sized stealth mines all around the perceived position of the Unglauss. The logic was when it attempted to perform it's instant move to reposition, it would impact one of the thousands of mines that were being deployed around the area. But it wasn't just mines the prowlers were deploying, several prowler squadrons were moving through the void deploying thousands of tungsten ball bearings, while harmless by themselves, the Aschen believed they could cause considerable damage to a vessel moving at high velocities through the clouds of these small bearings. EVE was testing a theory.

The ball bearings offered a second advantage of being easier to track, the Aschen could track their movements, and extrapolate a silhouette.

Other than the stealthed prowlers moving through the void. The Watchtower, and the Aschen ships continued to hold position.


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Cryo System Outskirts

Appearing from seemingly out of nowhere, outside the edge of the system, a massive space station drifted forward while visibly decelerating. It wasn't long before it came to a halt and reactivated some of its features. Arriving shortly after it, four large assault satellites appeared similarly while moving to keep a defensive perimeter in front of the space station. As they drifted forward, they reactivated features of their own before eventually idling in what seemed to be designated spots. Then came a small number of ships, also noticeably decelerating, as they took a formation in front of the satellites. The formation was loose, if not organized. It was cohesive enough to show that they were a proper fleet, likely with a commander at the head. All the ships idled as they reactivated key features, awaiting the right moment to charge in.

Continuum Gooe-Group, under CT-6 Populus Tremuloides - 16 Ships

Primary Fleet - x5
Starbase - x1 (CRYSTON-SB♚)
Assault Satellite - x4 (CRYSTON-G!AS)

Secondary Fleet - x11
Battle Cruiser - x1 (OB|CRYSTON-G!BC♜)
Light Cruiser - x2 (OB|CRYSTON-G!LC)
Destroyer - x4 (OB|CRYSTON-G!DS)
Frigate - x4 (OB|CRYSTON-G!FG)

Onboard the space station, attached to a long brown and purple stick of organic matter, a green bulbous cross between a plant and a gelatinous slime form pulsed slowly and steadily. It wore a Continuum officer's peaked cap colored black that bore all the medals of its station. Before it, two young girls in full Continuum military uniforms, colored black with side caps included, sat before consoles, each with vulpine ears and a vulpine tail. One turned to speak to the green bulbous creature.

CT-6 Populus! All of our ships have arrived! It seems we are currently outside the Planck field, though it's outer extent lay before us. What shall we do?

cURR  Σ  NT B  Σ  GINNING D  Σ  T  Σ  CTION OF   Σ  N  Σ  MY PR  Σ  S  Σ  NTS.』 

Populus had the girls begin running the Four Spectrum scanning technology that was a Continuum signature design. Within seconds, the signatures they were expecting were displayed on a map projected before the bulbous plant creature.

aLL FL  Σ    Σ  TS R  Σ    Λ  DY FIGHTING   Λ  ND PR  Σ  P  Λ  R  Σ   ST  Σ    Λ  LTH   Σ  NT  Σ  R TO.

Roger roger! Sending out the orders now! All stations and fleets, the operation is to begin at once. I repeat the operation is to begin at once. Above all else, remember that any Aschen ships are friendlies. They are on our side so do not attack them under any circumstance.

Quivering somewhat loosely, perhaps excitedly, the bulbous creature began glowing profusely as if communicating to something.

『w  Σ   S  Σ  T UP TH  Σ  M TH  Σ   BIG L  Λ  S  Σ  R.
aLL TH  Σ  IR aDMIR  Λ  L   Λ  R  Σ   B  Σ  LONG TO US.
tH  Σ  Y H  Λ  V  Σ   NO CH  Λ  NC  Σ   TO SURVIV  Σ  ...M  Λ  K  Σ   TH  Σ  IR TIM  Σ  .』  

Roger roger, CT-6 Populus! We will ready the CRYSTON-MM!BFG06 to be fired at-will. All other ships are arming, and the Methane-Neuro Cryston-Linc has been formed between all personnel aboard this station. CT-4 Monarda has established Pollination for all ships, and has confirmed your orders, CT-6! All we await now is the signal and collaboration strategies of our Aschen allies.

With orders given, activity on the Starbase multiplied intensively as the girls in front of the consoles began encoding and sending a message to their Aschen allies. As they did so, they also had the CT-4, Monarda Didyma, ready the stealth devices their ships had, psychically powered wonders provided by the Bonsiin that allowed for short duration cloaking through mental manipulation. Paired with the other stealth technology they possessed from each race's advancements, they had four different overlapping effects that stacked with each other to ensure a hidden ship, even if one was taken out. The CT-4 did not activate them, however, not entirely deeming them necessary yet.

Aschen Watchtower

From where the Aschen were, they'd receive notice that allied signatures had arrived outside the Planck field's reach. They'd also receive a private and encrypted incoming video message from the Continuum. When opened, CT-6 Populus Tremuloides was on the screen, attached to a large organic stick. The bulbous mass of slime and plant pulsated ever so slightly as it spoke in absolutely and unequivocally butchered, if somewhat understandable, Anquietas. At least it tried its best. Its voice was a slimy and eloquent mess, somewhat mired with a cross between a gurgle and a smooth reverberating tone.

tR  Σ  MULOID  Σ  S ct-6 cONTINUUM FOR FL  Σ    Σ  T aSCH  Σ  N   Λ  SSIST  Λ  NC  Σ  .
mOV  Σ   aSCH  Σ  N  ...FOR GR  Σ    Λ  T JUSTIC  Σ  .』  

A simple message, but one showing their full support of Aschen operations. They'd move when the Aschen needed them to, and not a second earlier.


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After continued study of the Watchtower, Ilia began to frown at the lack of action. "They've given out their display, they can see it had no effect, and their smart enough to triangulate our likely position so then why haven't they issued flak" She muttered aloud, she then looked at one of her consoles where in continously recorded data from all sensors was being displayed. She flipped through several sections and brought up the record detailing the readings from the tower launching fighters. After a momentary glance she looked up and gave an order to the crew. "fine tune scanning equipment, look for any abnormalities in paths leaving the tower in our general direction with a vector magnitude of twelve.

Four seconds later one of the crewmates gave a report "I've multiple small, canister objects floating in space, along with a large volume of what appears to be metal balls of some sort"

Ilia rolled her eyes "They don't have an active lidar array, so they're going with an analog recreation. It stands to reason they can track the metal, and those canisters are likely to be depth charges of some kind." She collected her thoughts and began relaying more orders, but before she could.

"ma'am, Unidentified vessels detected at edge of Aschen planck effect" A crewmen called out. "Vessel is holding position, beyond psionic reach, we can't scan internal activity."

"Possibly Allies to the Aschen. Logical, but unfortunate. I'd hoped their pride would prevent them from calling on others to help them." Ilia sighed, then paused to process. They didn't have enough information to have verified the nature of the new arrivals, but the lack of pyschic readings suggested it wasn't Matokey, and the Tau should have been kept busy in their shogunate by Pilav and his raiders. An unidentified third party then that they had allied with, The Aschen were confirmed to be generally xenophobic, the likelihood of this being a standard terran humanoid faction was high.

Complications were continuing to pile up. "Very well, keep tracking on the newcomers, but our primary goal remains the same. Initiate telekinetic manipulators, produce a force replication of the unglauss and have it begin approaching the towers bilge. At the same time, charge kinetic pulses on those Depth charges, target the tower itself. The explosions will likely be useless for actually causing damage, but it'll get them out of our way and inform the Aschen against any unmanaged assets in the field. Unless they really are foolish enough to provide us with ammunition against them, in which case they just make it easier for us."

Ilia issued these orders and, in a rapid set of activity, the crew carried it out. Magitek specialists harnessed into amplifiers utilized their abilities to create an invisible field of kinetic force matching the size and shape of the Unglauss, and began guiding it towards the tower's base. As this invisible, imaginary entity traveled through space, it displaced the ball bearings, sending readings to the tower that would be seen as the ships movement. This maneuver was risky however, as the false ship had to be sent from the unglauss actual position, so if the enemy discovered the ruse, or thought to trace the path back the way it came, they would find the Unglauss. Ilia was only willing to make this move as, by releasing the ball bearings, the enemy had shown they did not have the means to track them, and as such would be watching the bearings for where the unglauss was. Knowing this, giving them a red herring to track would make their future movements easier.

The Kinetic pulses were traps placed over the depth charges with very specific purposes. These would activate whenever the Unglauss came close, immediately triggering an event similiar to that of the shock point drive, but of much smaller scale, essentially shifting the charges at high speed towards the tower. It was akin to catching a grenade and throwing it back at the one who had attempted to deliver it. Several of the kinetic sorcerers had to be held in reserve in order to maintain these traps, as they maintained them in their mind, and could only deploy and activate them once they were in range. This reduced the use the Unglauss would get from the magitek division until the traps could be deployed, but it would provide essential protection against the charges when the use of redeployment became necessary.

With these measures in place, Ilia began analyzing the minimal data they had gotten from the new arrival before it had dropped off of their scopes. They would have to wait for it to come closer before they could analyze it properly, and they would likely have to use the Psionics division to do so.



Agarran sat silently for a few moments, irritated with the lack of action being taken on the Aschens part of things. He had arrived at the location they had directed him to and could see the enemy vessel very clearly. He was curious about why nobody was doing anything about it, and thought it might be a standoff, but the way the aschen were deploying explosives and fighters suggested otherwise.

It took him several seconds to realize that the Aschen couldn't detect the enemy vessel, at which point he chuckled. After enjoying the amusing spectacle for a few more moments, he then reached out with his mind and found one of the crewmen aboard the tower.

I apologise in advance for this, but I do grow tired of waiting He said to a young officer, before overrunning the poor mans mind and possessing his body.

Agarran opened eyes that did not belong to him, and found himself in a hallway outside the tower's bridge. Around his feet were some papers that his host had most likely dropped after he had taken over. "Well... That'll be unfortunate." He said with a tongue and throat that felt very strange to him. He decided not to stay too long, the body was decidedly uncomfortable, and covered in sweat. "I forgot how much mammals sweat." He said, shaking the body he had taken, before walking it onto the bridge.

The sudden arrival of a low ranking individual was likely to be noticed, but Agarran chose not to delay. "Apologies for this unseemly style of communication, but transmitting from my orbiter to your Giona would be to slow for this purpose." Agarran spoke, using the young mans voice "Put yourselves at ease, It is I, Agarran. I'll release this host as soon as possible, but first.." And here the young man would walk over to a display of the area surrounding the tower and point to a specific point on that display. "Your enemy is currently holding position here. Their stealth systems are phenomanal, to be sure, but they are yet still living and sentient organisms, and as such can be detected by any Escion. Their minds are a flurry of activity, like a thousand bee hives crammed into as small a space as can be found."

Agarran would then turn to the Admiral, smiling with the young mans teeth. Smiling wasn't something Escions did, unless they were trying to threaten someone, but he had read several books on human behaviors and had come to understand that humans did it all the time to set others at ease.


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Aboard the tower, the readings began to slowly come through, EVE had been tracking the arrival of continuum ships, while fine-tuning the Watchtower's wide spectrum systems to further hone in on the Unglauss. Commander Jarlath watched with curiousity, as EVE absorbed as much data as she could, she watched the movements of the ball bearings. It was curious to the construct, the intended purpose of the ball bearings was to make shockpoint jumps difficult, it seemed though, the enemy had presumed the spheres were being used to track the Unglauss' location.

The ruse played directly into EVE's tactical assessment. It would only be confirmed with the arrival of the low ranking individual from the cooridors outside the main command hall. Jarlath looked to the young man for a moment before he identified himself as Agarran.

The Canister mines would react accordingly to the influence exerted on them, with no countermeasures that could be observed. The Aschen had deployed them more as a nuisance, and to gather data on the Unglauss' defenses, than any measure to stop them.

"Focus all wide spectrum scanners on that point." Jarlath ordered, and EVE nodded. "I'm detecting very faint whispers, wide spectrum is picking up psychic, and biochemical activity indiicative of lifeforms, we have confirmation from Continuum sensor readouts.

"We have positive sensor lock." EVE Reported.

"Right." Jarlath responded, looking to the false ship made from the displaced ball bearings.

"Let's take their bluff." He said, keying up the Athos.

"You have positive confirmation on their true position?" He called out, as Murios responded on the readout.

Jarlath nodded. "Excellent." He said, turning to Agarran's avatar.

"We're going to attack the false ship, lure them into a sense of security. When we make our move, I want you to open up on the true vessel, We'll coordinate with the Continuum. High Command wants prisoners, so if you can disable it, that would be preferred. If not, destroy them." Jarlath instructed.

"Transmit tactical packet to the Continuum." He instructed, and EVE nodded.

"Athos, you may initiate the attack, once the feint is complete, move in on the enemy's location."

Keying up the continuum ships, Jarlath spoke up.

"Tremuloides, this is Watchtower Actual, we're preparing a feint on the enemy position. I've instructed the Athos to attack the false signature, when it opens it's attack, engage the enemy vessel, and neutralize it. Disabling it is preferable to destruction, High Command wants the crew alive for interrogation."


A few moments later, the Athos opened fire from it's position, firing only a single projectile from it's frag cannons at the position where the fake Unglauss was moving through space. The opening signal to engage the real Unglauss.


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Agarran tilted the young mans head and said to Jarlath. "You want them disabled? We can do that, though I'd advise keeping any fighters away from them until we've subdued them. You humanoids have a tendency to bleed a lot when your minds are assaulted."

And then the body of the young officer collapsed as Agarran released him, and reopened his own eyes. He shook his shoulders, enjoying the comfort of his own skin, before issuing a mental command.

The Orbiter rapidly relocated, in a facing that was towards the false vessel, until it was close enough in proximity for Agarran to unleash what he had in mind.

What followed was a psychic roar strong enough that the Aschen and continuum both, though they were not the target of the fury, could hear it, even those who had no psychic capability whatsoever felt the hair on their neck stand up as though someone was walking on their grave.

But for the Asylians, the effect was far more severe...


Aboard the Unglauss

All was calm. Ilia and her people watched, and from time to time they would give her reports, such as movements by the continuum, and the approach of a strange vessel that didn't match Aschen parameters they had. Ilia considered it for awhile, watching it approach the ruse that the kinetics had sent forward. Shortly after, a single shot was fired at the Ruse.

Ilia smiled, her opponent was not an idiot. Her best guess suggested he had fired the round to verify whether the readings were accurate or not. She had to assume that the Aschen Faerie had been processing data since their arrival and was close to triangulating their position.

"Alright, they'll know where we are for sure by now, so let's-"

That was as much as she got out before her head started to split in half.

Describing what occured was difficult. Ilia, and indeed most of her crew, had expanded their conciousness to telepathically detect any threats. When so many minds worked in concert, they were able to reach out and effect a great many things.

It was as though the crew of the Unglauss were a great big sphere of liquid. This sphere could distort itself as needed to reach out and investigate or effect different events. They could use this to attack, defend, to use their ability even at a great distance from the ship itself, when focused.

However, now it was if a rain of glass was driving into that sphere, and then subsequently twisting, spinning, freezing, boiling, and all other sorts of horrible things.

Ilia barely managed to keep her eyes open, she felt a warmth dripping from her chin. She looked out across her bridge and what she saw frightened her.

Two of her crew lay very, very still, their eyes wide open, filled with blood, as more blood dripped from their ears and noses. Most of the others had their hands clamped around their heads, one in particular was repeatedly smashing her face into her console, to the point that she had broken her nose and knocked several of her teeth loose.

Connected as she was to all the rest of her crew, Ilia could feel the same agony they were all experiencing across the entirety of her ship. The fact she was still cognizant in spite of enduring such unfathomable amounts of pain was due solely to her training and experience. She ordered her thinking, endured the pain, and began analyzing.

This was the only thing that prevented the Entire crew of the Asylian vessel from collapsing into madness. As each of the crewmembers were Psychically connected to each other, all thoughts and impressions were shared and thus allowed them to communicate rapidly no matter the location on the ship. However, all physical sensations were also shared, and the attack that had hit them had taken advantage of this fact to cause immense disruption. Every single crewmen was feeling not only the agony of their own minds being torn into, but the agony of all the others added on top of it. This resulted in such a blinding amount of pain, that two fifths of the crew had expired on the spot from the sheer strain.

Had Ilia not been the tether that maintained control over the interconnected psychic crew, many of them would likely have disconnected from the connection, and the chaos that would have resulted would have prevented them from recovering at all.

As it stood, Ilia fought and struggled to issue a single order, commanding her crew to drop all other tasks and focus all efforts solely on psychic defense.

And inside the deepest part of her own mind, Ilia glared at the enemy giving out the attack. She did not know or recongnize what it was, but she could "see" it in the reflections of it's attack. A psychic attack was essentially exposing ones mind to that of their victim.

And what Ilia saw, though she would not admit it, terrified her.


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It was the moment of truth, the moment that both Aschen commanders had been waiting for, now that Agarran had launched his psychic attack against the Unglauss, the Aschen's moment to strike was at hand. In a tactical plan that was only briefly formulated by EVE, the Aschen were working quickly to execute the plan in the precious moments that Agarran's attack had purchased them.

A squadron of prowlers made the first move, small doors retracting along their sleek bodies revealed missile hardpoints, small one hundred and fifty kiloton tactical nuclear warheads streamed fourth from the pair of Prowlers, four missiles in total aimed for the rear section of the Unglauss, banking off, the squadron of Prowlers disappeared once again.

The Furie drones moved next, the writhing mass extending out from the watchtower like a writhing mechanical tentacle, they swarmed towards the Unglauss by the hundred thousands, all pelting it's hull with their weapons, like angry bees trying to sting a much larger animal, but this was only supposed to provide a distraction for the Aschen's next move.

Slipping through the fabric like a thin needle, another Prowler moved towards the Unglauss, opening a pair of small doors, and using inertia to deploy a small device the size of a golf ball, this golf ball sized device was coated in a sticky epoxy like substance that allowed it to adhere to the hull of a ship, an IFF transponder that would allow the Aschen to track the Unglauss' movements throughout the galaxy in real time, and allow them to press an attack should the ship escape.

"We need to board that ship!" Jarlath ordered, and Murios followed suit, with the Athos and her fleet accelerating.

Six Condors moved fourth from the belly of the Athos, each Condor was filled with Adepts of war, eager, and ready to bring the fight to the Unglauss.


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When seeing the signal to attack, Tremuloides took it, only to be stopped suddenly by one of the bridge girls.

CT-6 Populus! The Psychic Receptors are going haywire! Whatever is happening up ahead is scrambling them!

Tremuloides spoke in turn.

pR  Σ  P  Λ  R  Σ CONFLICT   FOR   Σ  SC  Λ  L  Λ  T  Σ  D CONDITION.』

Immediately, the parts of the fleet that had begun advancing stopped, and the Starbase's space yard began producing ships that were more up to date. The assault satellites moved to adopt a more defensive formation as Tremuloides had the bridge girls continue to monitor the psychic assault that was being levied, and scanned for any other vessels on their other systems.


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Hmmm... How curious. Agarran thought to himself as he pressed against the consciousnesses of the enemy vessel. He had been attempting to render them all unconscious with a command to sleep, but most of them appeared to instinctively rejected or resisted the order.

After further investigation, he detected another oddity. Fascinating... They are not genetically oriented for hive psionics... and yet they are actively engaging in such measures He mused, as he watched them connect minds again, each one forcibly rejecting his order. With each mind that successfully threw off his assault, the defenses became stronger. And subsequently, the next defender was more easily able to resist the assault. Once the entire crew of the ship had coordinated, the vessel was completely impervious to his assault.

Agarran was conflicted. On the one hand, he could easily press his assault and break through their defenses, but doing so would undoubtedly cause casaulties, and he had been asked to capture them alive. With that in mind, Agarran couldn't afford to press, and would instead have to settle for maintaining his assault to provide cover for the Aschen forces. They'll have to handle the rest, i'm afraid.



Ilia forcibly reestablished command over her crew. One by one she pulled her crewmates together and, with their minds connected to hers, raised a barrier in their psyche against the foe. The liquid of before that had been penetrated by hail of glass, slowly but surely solidified into a diamond hard sphere that no psychic assault could penetrate.

Immediatly after throwing off that assault, Ilia issued an order for all crew to enable PCL. Almost in sync across the entire ship, crew members slipped into their predesignated positions, whereupon a liquid crystal encased them, before solidifying.

Inside of a handful of minutes, the Unglauss was now completely controlled and operated solely through the minds of her crew. This accelerated response time and made Ilia immediatly aware of anything any of her crewmembers were aware of.

Like cells of a single body, they worked together to simultanously fight off the invasive psychic assault while preparing for a counterattack.

Ilia took stock of the situation. The enemy was aware of them, the enemy also had a psychic force of significant strength. Her forces were not sufficient to overcome such an entity. Enemy drones assaulting the unglauss, weapons ineffective against armor. Missile impacts on stern, minimal damage, outer plating breached. The enemy had deployed vessels towards the Unglauss, troop carriers judging by the size and shape. Enemy warships en route to engage.

Reinforcements? No, That creature precludes engagement. Retreat? Necessary. Charge Shockpoint drive, reposition facing. Shadowmessage to Leaon, Baruut, And Sinval. Abort and redirect. Enemy boarders...

Ilia's gaze was hard and cold as her mind issued a single order with all the hatred she had Eliminate them.

This entire series of orders, responses, and commands occured in the span of a single moment, and in the next, the weapon systems of the Unglauss engaged even as the stealth systems completely shut down.

A barrage of unstable Iradite flak charges were sent towards the incoming condors, saturating a sphere of space 100 feet in every direction from them with particles that, on even a moments contact with any form of matter or energy, would Atomize the contact. The only way those condors would survive was by teleporting out of range of it, and the planck field made that impossible.

Even so, Ilia gave a handful of orders to the Psyops team, which were now at half strength thanks to the assault. rip a hole to the warp. Planck field in effect, continue trying. They'll detect the attempt, and know that they can't lower the field. Fire the Anchor at the planet.

At this last order, a small, inert cylinder of metal about the size of a mailbox was jettisoned from the Unglauss at mach 6 towards the planet.

Alongside it, the Unglauss fired a barrage of torpedos at the station. Each Torpedo contained a thermonuclear charge capable of turning the station into slag.

The Unglauss also fired off a salvo at the Athos, a battery of fourteen charged tachyon cannons used for long distance assaults launched a charged tachyon at light speed with enough force to shatter a dwarf star.

And topping it all off, the Unglauss began rapidly changing in facing, it's prow pointing slightly past the station, above the planet. The Shockpoint drive began charging, and the gravitic sheath started to form around it.

Ilia saw with her mind that the jump would take her within fourteen inches of the stations hull. She smiled, the blowback would ripple that station and cause significant internal damage. They would have to take several cycles to regroup before they could begin tracing her heading...