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Admiral Stratcona

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by EnigmaticallyEerie



==========Personal Information==========Image
Full Name: Douglas Stratcona
Age: 52
Date of Birth: 07-18-4649
Place of Birth: Station Lenaus
Sex: Male
Race: Human/Terran
Marital Status: Widower
Scars: Numerous facial scarring. Right eye damaged.

==========Military Information==========
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Vessel: Assault Carrier class; Sovereignty
Years of Service: 34

=============Personal Logs==============

So begins...

Admiral Stratcona's Story

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Space travel has always been mankind's dream, the romanticism of grand voyages throughout the heavens to discover, learn, and engage with extraterrestrial life. The dream was far more a nightmare when the dream's inception to reality was realized. In addition to discovering not all space faring folk want peace, but humanity itself began to fracture. The long fought global peace among the human race had come to an end with the expansion into the great unknown. Planets and colonies became the countries of old, new religions replacing those of earthly restrictions, beliefs of new ancients, gods, and monsters with man's expansion. Greed was also a factor, is always a factor. Despite it's adaptation through the millennia, technological advancements, and the many truths discovered, mankind has yet to discover a cure to the persistent plague of always wanting more. War among the stars was inevitable, and so mankind adapted to fill the space age niche.

One of many Terra's splinters now travelled from beyond it's claim, not on a path of war, but exploration. Since the overthrow of the failing government, the newly formed Unitem Planetary Corporatocracy sought to reestablish old links to kin far spread throughout the universe. While in the past the Krauskarian Parliament were eager for sovereignty and seclusion, the now empowered UPC found that connections beyond their own Solar System was far more beneficial. This goes without saying, but the envoy tasked with such a grand uniting did so aboard many well armed vessels. The lead of this fleet was well known among the UPC, a ship that had aided in the great Krausk Civil War, earning a reputation of efficiency under the command of its just as renowned captain. Now an admiral and leading the aforementioned fleet, Kenneth Stratcona was appointed overseer of intergalactic negotiations. With an extensive dossier, Admiral Stratcona had been scrutinized for months before being selected; a resume of peace keeping as well as warfighting. After much deliberation, the seven had concluded Kenneth to be ideal that should diplomacy fail then he could handle the conflicts as well.

The lead vessel, designated a Titan class Assault Carrier, truly lived up to its name. The ship was a behemoth, measuring at a colossal 11,713 meters from bow to stern. And while it is listed to be a carrier, carrying a complement of 4000 aerospace craft, ranging from fighters and bombers, to landing craft and gunships. Additionally, aboard was a contingent of 10,000 ground assault personnel trained for planet side warfare, as well as the necessary military vehicles to fulfill the roles of land based conventional warfare; the numbers of which reach a little over 6,500. All in all, the ship compliment consisted of 32,000 crew. While a carrier, the ship itself bolstered a rather impressive armament of rail cannons. Along the deck there also resides a mega-calibre mass drive cannon, which was capable of a variety of projectiles for unique encounters. Additionally the ship carries an array of missiles, torpedoes, and rockets of varying payload types.

Supporting the main craft were an additional 2 carriers, though about half the size of the titan, merely fleet carriers. They supported the same armament, though less in number, and lacked the mass drive cannon. The vehicular and crew compliment respectively halved that of its big brother. Their also included three battleship class vessels, which had some fighter compliments, though drastically less than the carriers, but sported a greater number of guns. Mass driver cannons, significantly lower calibre than the colossal carrier, decorated both the spine and under carriage. Where their lacked a driver cannon you could be sure had a missile port or railgun. Then there was the Dreadnought, a battleships by all accounts except in size and numerical weapons. The dreadnought was significantly more armed, and of course boasted higher calibre. Whats more, torpedoes were included in the armament similar to those of the assault carrier. Finally there was the the titan class, the singular ship that came close to the Assault carrier in size, measuring at 6,491. This beast was the only other ship in the fleet sporting the mass drive cannons of equal calibre to the assault carrier, though it carried two as apposed to the carriers single. Like the battleship and dreadnought, the titan was bristling with weapons, though it accommodated a far grander abundance. The ship was clearly designed to take on other ships of capital class or greater. A fleet of eight to tackle any issue the expeditionary force should come across, though the show of force was hoped to be enough to discourage hostile intentions.

"Captain, we're nearing the space inhabited by what is locally known as Aschen. Deep scans indicate many large structures within the deep core space, possibly defence platforms or major space docks." a young fellow called from a console, the holoscreen feeding the information he relayed. Not long after his announcement did a woman come to stand behind the crewman. This woman about 5'8" with a fit build, which was shelled in a formal attire depicting the insignia of the beckoned rank. Her arms were crossed at her mid-drift, as she too inspected the display of light.
"Right, Aschen space..." mulled the captain, a droll of feigned excitement likely a dramatic display of sarcasm, "... I'll inform the Admiral. For now lets remain outside the borders, drop FTL by fifty percent. Keep me posted on any other developments via mem-com."
"Aye-aye, captain."
The woman, formally known as Captain Kalenskov, soon moved back to her personal station, whereupon she made contact with her superior officer. This was done via console tied into her seat addressed to her position of rank, which sat to the right of the admiral's. Placing her palm upon the pad, her identity was soon confirmed, and her voice spoke out clear and commanding to the onboard computer.
"Establish contact, Admiral's quarters." to which the computer chimed in a monotone male synth tone, "Connection confirmed." Soon after, a holoscreen projected within her periphery. This screen was a projection into her cornea via optic implantation, a bit of kit that is issued to many, if not all, UCP fleet members.
"Admiral, we've made..." she was cut off by the more senior officer, "Well, good morning to you too, Miss Kalenskov."
"Mh... Good morning, sir. I was just contacting you to update..." again she was cut off, "Update me as to our position outside Aschen space and of the likely conflict we will have with this war mongering fascists?" his tone was light hearted enough, but still seemed a bit jabby to the Captain.
"... Y-yes sir." she completed, a bit flustered that her senior officer knew her so well. The captain had issues stemming from the years prior to the UCP, the Kraskarian times leaving its marks in many ways.
"I will be there shortly, Captain. Thank you for the update. Inform navigation to hold at the nearest outer rim tower to our current position. Maintain an orbit of 8,000 kilometres."
"Aye-aye, sir." and with that the connection was cut. Captain Kalenskov would soon relay the orders, and thus the fleet would abide.

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The fringes of Aschen controlled space
'The Hethem Ice Fields'

The Hethem Ice Fields were an expansive, sparsely populated region of Aschen space that had always seen little attention in the recent years, with as thin as Imperial assets had been stretched in various campaigns, or actions across the Galaxy, it was a wonder no one had capitalized on the region of space at all. The Hethem Ice fields were nearly one hundred light years across, comprised predominately of small icy planetoids, and comets that drifted lazily through the void, it was empty, that much was certain save for a single Watchtower that had been tasked with overseeing the entire sector. This watchtower was positioned in a gravity anchor nearly half a light year away from where the fleet had begun it's entrance into space few dared to venture.

Aboard the Watchtower that the Aschen Empire Designated Beta-two-nine a single console technician was half asleep. He was seated in a somewhat uncomfortable chair, and had been seated in that same place for nearly four hours into his twelve hour shift. He was lazily flinging small pieces of paper across the console, trying to get them into a poorly constructed hoop fashioned out of a pencil, and paperclips. The young technician was failing at this prospect, as he rested his head in his hand, and only half-way stared at the three-dimensional holographic projection that displayed the entirety of the Hethem Ice Fields, and surrounding space.

The young technician was awakened suddenly by several audible beeps, which were audible enough to get his attention, each sequence of two rapid beeps signaled each ship's arrival into it's detection matrices, and with each sequence of audible chimes, the man began to awaken from his daydreaming state, and focus on the screen.

"What the..." He said to himself as he tried to shake the last vestiges of sleepiness from his eyes, and focused on the screen, each yellow icon was labeled as an anomaly, but extrapolated by the system as 'Possible enemy contact.' He watched carefully as the contacts seemed from where he was, to approach the demarcation line, which in of itself was blurry in such a desolate void of space.

The man had to act quickly, he shifted in his seat to pick up the telecommunications receiver, keying up the central command office of the Watchtower.

"Command, this is Early Warning, I have a group of unidentified contacts encroaching on Imperial space, moving three nine seven carom one two eight, formation indicates possible enemy warship activity." He called into the receiver, while the second officer next to him raised an eyebrow, and looked at the display.

"You're calling it in, Claudius?" The officer asked quizzically, cantering his head slightly. "It could be anything, it could be smugglers!" The officer iterated. Claudius simply shook his head, and focused on the console. "Smugglers aren't usually this bold." He replied, placing the receiver back into it's cradle. "They'll signal the fleet to investigate, given increased ALIRBAD activity, and the arrival of the Oberon in our home systems, we can't leave anything to chance."

Claudius heaved an audible sigh, and focused back on the seven yellow icons that dotted his display. It was in the fleet's hands now, of that he was certain.

Reverence II Class Planetary Assault Carrier Absolution
The Cosmora Archipelago
Admiral's Ready Room

It had been a normal day aboard the Reverence II Absolution. Admiral Nash was enjoying a fresh cup of coffee as she began to go over the logs from the previous day, filing them with the ship's new log keeping system, which would be collated, and sent to fleet HQ. Almost immediately as Nash brought the hot mug to her lips, the neutral, warm blue-green visage of the Aschen Empire's custodial AI EVE flickered into view upon a small pedestal just adjacent to the Admiral's console.

"Good morning Admiral, it is zero-seven thirty local ship time, I have received a priority alert from Watchtower Beta-two-nine, and have assigned your battle group to investigate. We have a possible border incursion into the fringes of the Colonial Frontier, unidentified warships, unidentified technology and disposition." EVE Reported, her voice devoid of emotion, and unsettlingly soothing as she spoke.

"I've linked your escorts, they will be synchronizing their FTL Drives so you will all arrive as one group, Three Iconoclast Battleships, two Punisher Battleships, five Hastati cruisers, two Athena carriers, and four Aegis cruisers." The AI reported, as the fleet loadout flickered into view in green ship icons alongside her display for Admiral Nash to view. Nash briefly cast her eyes over to the display, and then pushed herself from her desk, which was a sleek steel and glass ensemble with integrated three-dimensional holographic projector. The woman gritted her teeth for a moment, and frowned. It seemed she was not going to get any peace, but then again, no one ever did. Standing up she moved away from the desk, and out of her ready room. It was a brief walk from the ready room to the ship's CIC.

Nash turned to a holographic projection of EVE that was online just to the right of her command console, she nodded, and then turned to the FTL station.

"Spool up our FTL drives, and calculate a course for the Hethem Ice Fields." She glanced over towards EVE's projection. "Have our escorts calculate their jumps accordingly." Nash added, and EVE offered a nod in the affirmative as the shrill whine of the massive FTL Drive system of the Reverence II whirred to life. Torres grabbed the console railing, and tried to swallow the knot in her stomach. Despite her long career, FTL Travel always gave the Admiral intense nausea immediately prior to jumps.

Roughly fifty thousand kilometers away, facing in front of the UPC Fleet, several spatial distortions began to open up, brilliant flashes of white light scintillated across the void of space, signaling the arrival of the very first of the Aschen greeting party. A single Reverence II arrived first, and was a testament to both the power of the Aschen People, and their propensity to build to excess. It was the very symbol of the might of the Empire, and while somewhat older, and less favored over the newer Imperious class, the Reverence II was still very much remarked as the spaceship Bugatti of the Aschen Empire.

Even at these distances, the sheer size of the Aschen carrier made it almost easily observed by the naked eye, and scans would show an absolute gargantuan thirty kilometers of warship from prow, to engines. It's massive, bulbous silhouette gave it an intimidating appearance as the symbol of Aschen oppression across the galaxy. The second generation Reverence class served as the flagship, and central command for Aschen operations for much of the last five decades, since the beginnings of the Terran Conflict, and through the Garden Campaigns, the Reverence II served the Empire dutifully as the cutting edge of Aschen engineering, and construction. Aschen military thinkers touted the claim that a single Reverence II was capable of single handedly subjugating an entire planet with hundreds of individual squadrons of fighters, and bombers, and a complement of three million Imperial soldiers. Reverence II's served as the central supply point, and logistics point for almost any Imperial incursion into enemy territories.

Though this gargantuan warship did not appear to be bristling with weapons, as it's contingent of massive turbodisruptor batteries lay hidden behind thick retractable plates of armor, that the Aschen ship only revealed in the event that they were needed. Each turbodisruptor as the Aschen called them was a direct-energy weapon that fired supercharged particle bolts encased in superheated plasma, capable of flattening entire cities planet side at full charge, and vaporizing smaller ships in nearly one shot, they were the mainstay of this particular warship, and were well suited for ship-to-ship combat, specifically slugging it out with another vessel like two old ships of the line.

Admiral Nash watched the display closely, while EVE had yet to properly calculate their trajectory, the closer positioning of the Reverence II allowed them to at least get a better look at the ships. Nash focused her attention on the large projection in front of her.

"It's not much of an incursion." She remarked. "These are cruisers at best, hardly a threat to even the least fortified Imperial defenses." She said to herself, stroking her chin in confusion for a moment.

At that moment, the rest of the battle group winked into existence, three Iconoclast class battleships, each clocking in at roughly five-point-six kilometers in length. Despite their own sheer size, they had been dwarfed by the much larger Reverence II. Each Iconoclast was angular in appearance, rugged, and built for war. Each bristled with their armaments, specifically eight three-barreled emplacements of the Aschen Empire's super-magnetic-acceleration-cannons, which were designed to fire a twelve-thousand ton projectile at near relativistic velocities, an effective weapon against ships even larger than they. The smaller Punisher class battleships followed next, two to be precise, clocking in at a heavyweight three kilometers in length, but sporting slightly more armaments' than the Iconoclast, the Punisher class took it's design cues from the Iconoclast, and it appeared that the larger Reverence II were from different generations than the smaller ships that were winking in.

Five 1.5km long Hastati cruisers jumped in next, taking a trapezoidal formation around the Reverence II, followed immediately by two 2km long Athena class missile carriers, and four 800 meter long Aegis class cruisers took up defensive formation around the entire battlegroup. The Vessels moved in a tightly coordinated formation, slowly, but menacingly.

After a moment, a milky white curtain of light shimmered into existence around each of the Aschen warships, flitting about like a ribbon of light, and shimmering much like sunlight dances on water before disappearing entirely. This was a strong indication of energy shields.

"Admiral, all ships are in position, shields are active, and all decks report action ready." EVE reported, while Nash offered a slight nod. She watched the display closely.

"Transmit hostile challenge and ID, simple binary." Nash instructed, and EVE quickly complied, as a simple binary bitstream message was broadcast to the UPC Ships.

"Attention unidentified vessels, you are approaching space controlled by the Aschen Empire. Identify yourselves, and state your intentions, or we will be forced to take defensive measures."

"Message transmitted." EVE reported, while Nash nodded, and focused her attention on the display.

"Let's see what these xenos have to say for themselves." Nash added, clasping her hands behind her back, and narrowing her eyes in anticipation.

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The Aschen fleet began appearing long before the Admiral had reached the bridge, the flashing distortions of space revealing each gargantuan vessel. The first seemed to spread unease among the crew. The sheer magnitude of the craft alone was enough to discourage any attempt of conflict. Fortunately for this fleet, conflict was preferred to be avoided. Admiral Stratcona would finally make his appearance as the rest of the Aschen fleet came out of FTL.
"My, thats a big one." chimed the veteran moments before taking a draw of coffee he'd procured along his travel to the bridge. Despite the daunting show of force the Aschens displayed, the tactful Admiral seemed unmoved by the overbearing mass of space ships layed out before him.
"Sir, the Aschen fleet has sent a binary based code message." this came from the communications officer.
"Relay." commanded the admiral as both he and the captain approached.
"Attention unidentified vessels, you are approaching space controlled by the Aschen Empire. Identify yourselves, and state your intentions, or we will be forced to take defensive measures."
The admiral's brow furrowed, perhaps exaggeratedly so.
"Well, we don't want that now, do we?" a coy smirk tugged at his mien, this he directed to his uneasy captain; clearly not sharing in the superior's optimism.
"Lieutenant, replicate binary communications pattern and relay the following..." the admiral paused as he strolled casually towards the command seat, "... Intentions, non-aggressive. None dare challenge the Aschen Armada, let alone attack on their homefield. We seek negotiations of an alliance, one aimed to mutually benefit the grand Aschen Empire, and the Unitem Planetary Corporatocracy."
"Looking to appeal to the Aschens' good nature?" mused the Captain Kalenskov, her arms crossed and her weight shift to one leg, accentuating her disbelief in such a tactic succeeding.
"The Aschen are a proud race, indeed. Scrupulous, cunning, when they need to be. They are a brutal and protective people, but they are not evil, Captain. They have their scars, much like we do. Empathy goes a long way, we just need common ground." The admiral was poised in his explanation, and yet not without his good natured demeanour.
"That all being said, having a few weapons capable of erasing matter from existence doesn't hurt to have just in case."
To this the captain shook her head and rolled her eyes, "That's if it even works against Aschen tech."
"Lets hope we don't have to find out."
The message as portrayed by the Admiral was sent verbatim to the Aschen lead vessel, from which first contact was established. The game of diplomacy had begun, though only on a fleet level, nonetheless important. From this point on would be militaristic negotiations until the true government of the Aschen Empire could be reached, which was a trust not easily earned with the Aschen.

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Admiral Nash quietly watched the displays, seemingly studying the formations, the composition of the fleet, and even the sizes of the ships, which were being calculated by EVE by using a series of sophisticated sensor suites, and algorithms. The Admiral quietly clasped her hands behind her back and leaned over the console, which reflected a soft blue light off of her face.

"I have picked up a reply coming from the Alien fleet." EVE chirped in, her shimmering blue visage turning to face off with Admiral Nash. She translated their message to Anquietas, and displayed the text on a three-dimensional holographic projection in front of the Admiral.

"An Alliance." Nash said as she stroked her chin in slight confusion. She was slightly moved by the tone of the message, it was humble, not overbearing, it appealed to the arrogant nature of the Aschen, whoever these Xenos were, they knew their place. This brought a slight smirk to the woman's face, before she turned to EVE. "Have all ships stand down to condition two." She instructed, and EVE quickly complied, broadcasting the directive to the fleet, and outwardly, they seemed unmoving, but internally, one by one the ship's crews were slowly coming out of combat readiness, stepping down to the next level.

"Transmit video message." Nash instructed. EVE looked to the Admiral with a hint of confusion, but nodded in compliance. EVE keyed up the CIC's camera system, and began broadcasting on a radio bitstream transmission to the ships, if they were capable of receiving two way video transmissions. The broadcast was a high fidelity living video transmission that displayed Admiral Nash, a middle aged auburn haired woman of slender build, wearing a dark grey single breasted wool uniform that was adorned with dark blue over the pocket flaps, and lapels. The uniform itself was adorned with her rank insignia, which was pinned to the high collar of the uniform jacket. Two gold diamond shaped insignia that denoted the rank of Admiral.

Further adorning the uniform was a polished black leather sam browne style belt, which was fastened to a holster which carried a standard issue Aschen disruptor pistol, a sleek, and rather elegant weapon that contrasted with the imposing, fascistic style of her uniform. The CIC behind her was fairly large, and rather airy for a warship, with similarly dressed bridge officers working their stations, the holographic visage of a woman, EVE was in view besides Admiral Nash.

"Salve. Ego Praefectus Classis Leia Nash, de Imperii Aschen." EVE worked quickly to translate the spoken words to the simple binary, piggybacking the transmission to the alien ships. "Greetings, I am Admiral Leia Nash, of the Aschen Empire." She shifted her weight, as a bridge officer approached in the frame, and swiftly brought his fist across his chest, clicking his heels and standing at attention.

"Ad Victoriam." He said aloud, handing her a small stack of papers.

"Ad Victoriam." Nash replied, returning the salute, dismissing the younger officer, and turning to face the frame once more. Casting a brief glance to her right. "Iaci portum coordinatas."

The soft blue AI nodded, and began transmitting a set of coordinates to the Titan, docking coordinates with the much larger Reverence II. Perhaps a test. The Admiral turned back to the screen and made a face, pursing her lips slightly, the suspicion was evident in her sharp blue eyes. One noticeable feature was a lack of any implants, she issued her commands verbally as opposed to through some sort of neural link. The Aschen seemed old fashioned, or even backwards in this manner.

"Ego traducitur locus ad portum. Quid vultis procedere?" Nash replied. EVE once again piggybacking the translation. "I have transmitting docking coordinates. How will you proceed?" The message read, as the Admiral hardened her gaze, the CIC behind her quite calm, as the various men worked at their station, tapping their interfaces, and keying in commands into the system.

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Though they waited patiently, the command staff aboard the Titan Class Assault Carrier would receive a response in rather short timing, truly a testament to the Aschens' punctuality. Admiral Stratcona ensured to take note that should all proceedings and meetings be accepted that they were carried out on time, if not prepared early.

The response came in the form of a video message, which was easily received a due to said message being transmitted via radio streaming. The entire UPC fleet received it as a matter of fact. However, the only ship to respond would remain to be the flagship, Assault Carrier class Sovereignty. The transmission was crisp, and clean, as was all things Aschen. Nothing short of perfection from a uniformly prestigious race of transcended Terran. The individual within, the one responsible for permitting the meet to carry on peacefully, addressed herself and position within the fleet.

As the woman spoke, the language in which she addressed the vessels was familiar, if not a little different from Earthen Latin. The true latin was thought long dead, lost millennia in the past as language developed throughout the ages, and the known world expanded. As more and more ancient artifacts came into the possession of archaeologists, the language was rediscovered, especially when old space travel technologies were found deep in the chasm of the now dried ocean depths.
"Is that... Latin, sir?" Inquired the captain, in common tongue, or English as was referred on Earth. The Admiral's response came with the raise of his hand, aiming to calmly discourage the officer from speaking.
"Bene occurrit, Praefectus. Ego deprecarentur lingua mea non patet, Mea Latin est Terra." Stratcona opened, ensuring to cover the basis that while the Aschen native tongue and ancient Latin seemed quite similar, there already appeared to be a differing dialect. 'Perhaps it is Aschen that speaks the true Latin' the admiral pondered.

"Nos autem humiliatus sum cum auditorio. Et libenter accipit tuam invitationem ad navale." Stratcona bowed his head as he concluded the acceptance in as gracious a manner he could, aiming to maintain a level of professionalism that hopefully lived up to the Aschens' expectations, if ever there were any.
Nobis procedere apud beneficium.

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Admiral Nash's eyes briefly flitted to the officer that spoke common, if they were in view from beyond the screen. her ears seemed to grate at the strange dialect of Anquietas that was being spoken, so she paused a moment, and cleared her throat to speak.

"Perhaps, it is better if I speak in your words." She said in heavily accented common, the years of speaking her native language gave her speech of the common tongue a warbled effect, distorted syllables, and the odd grammatical error, but like most high ranking Imperial officers, she was required to learn the various languages of the Galaxy, and it's people. "To be fair, your Anquietas is terrible, but I appreciate the effort...?" She leaned forward slightly as if expecting the Admiral to introduce himself, the soft azure glow of the command console casting shadows across her face, she was quietly pondering her next words, before she cast a nod over towards EVE.

"I will stand our alert down." EVE replied in Anquietas, the formation of Aschen vessels loosened up, and weapon emplacements that were trained on the incoming UPC fleet had began to stand down one by one.

At that moment, the Admiral cast her gaze to a nearby bridge officer, someone standing just adjacent to her command station.

"Colonel Aurelius, prepare a conference room for our guests, first contact protocol." She ordered firmly, and the Colonel offered a crisp salute.

"Sir!" He called out, before turning to leave, while the Admiral redirected her attention back to the screen. "Our primary docking bay will be sufficient to accommodate your vessel. Maintain your present course, and disposition, I will arrange a reception so that we may formalize our first contact." Her accent made some of her words difficult to pronounce, but the gist of what she was trying to say stuck. Several CIC officers turned from their stations, and one of them offered a shrug. She watched quizzically at these humans, or so they appeared that way. They appeared to be some kind of splinter group from Terra? Or did they originate from somewhere else entirely? The Admiral pondered this for a moment as she studied the Admiral in the screen.

"You'll understand we cannot be too careful, we have many enemies, and the treachery of Xenos is without limit. I will ask that you deactivate your weapon platforms prior to docking, and you do not take any sudden actions. If you comply with this protocol during docking procedure, I assure you no one will be harmed. If you have transport craft, you are welcome to use that, but my vessel is capable of accommodating your entire ship."

"Admiral." EVE chirped. "Design parameters of Xenos vessels is not previously encountered in known space. Advise caution."

Nash wasn't going to call it in just yet, with much of the fleet spread thin, and the Emperor currently embroiled in a Quorum session back on Langara, it was up to Nash to decide if it was worth calling in. Yet something about these people seemed peculiar. They knew enough to speak Anquietas, but the dialect was off.

"His Dialect of Anquietas is pre-exodus." EVE commented, as she faced Nash once more. "Yes, I know." The Admiral replied in Anquietas once more, looking to Stratcona quizzically.

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The hesitation in the Aschen Admiral amidst Stratcona's speech did not go unnoticed. The woman was curious, perhaps intrigued, though still not without caution. Douglas was studying the woman opposite of the projection, her mannerisms, the way she went about delegating her subordinates. The woman was direct, as most Aschen naval officer were. While this was a first encounter for Douglas, the stories certainly held their merit.
"My deepest apologies, Admiral Nash..." Stratcona continued now in his own native tongue, "... My dialect is less Aschen Anquietas and more Earth Latin."
The Admiral, as his presence was now visible to the Aschen officer, appeared to be a rather straight cut fellow. A veteran in life as the marks of age decorated his face. Additionally his combat veterancy also left its resume across his visage. The right eye was covered with a patch, hiding the disfigured socket beneath. A litter of scars varying in length lay scattered over his aging face, the most prominent cascading to under his ocular coverage. His mane consisted of deep brown hair, which surprisingly did not carry the silver discoloration that comes with age, likely some form or other of hygienic care that maintained the natural, youthful colour. This application also seemed to carry on to the facial hair that covered his mandible, and the swath beneath his nose. The uniform was more leather based, at least the most outer shell, with a composite mantle that circumvented the neck, minus the front most of the man's neck. This uniform accessory stretched over the shoulders, though did not inhibit the movement of the arms. At the back it connected with a two gold plated clasps. The shoulders displayed a series of four chevrons, which in the UCP was a display of Admiral. Oddly a reminiscence of old army rankings, if only holding an extra chevron. This the UCP used as a throwback to the old days of earth bound military.
The captain was also in view, a woman airing on the younger half of human life. She was in her thirties, long brunette hair tied into a tight and proper bun, as was the custom uniform appearance. Unlike her superior, Captain Kalenskov wore a wool uniform, traditional of the forces of old Earth, though it would likely be impossible to determine this through the likes of holographic projection. The woman herself bore the insignia of Captain, which were four straight bars on her epaulettes. They did not bare the star of old as such was abolished when Earth was united as a planet, not under the United States of America. The star was indicative of the United States Navy.
"With your permission, I would like for my flagship to remain in orbit with my fleet." Stratcona now addressed, eager to commence the negotiating, though not so much so as to risk his vessel. "I understand completely the procedures and precautions you wish to take, however I too must be cautious. While we seek peace, we have had our own encounters that have made us careful. Myself, my second in command, and a small security team would like to dock aboard a corvette class of our own making."

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The Admiral raised her eyebrow and offered a slight huff. "Earth?" She said under her breath, but it was barely audible. "Isn't Earth a Myth?" She asked EVE in Anquietas once more.

The Holographic intelligence acknowledged the inquiry and then nodded. "The existence of a planet called Earth is unconfirmed based upon Imperial records, though records of the exodus were lost following the Great War of Magellan." The Intelligence explained, answering the Admiral's question for the moment as she focused her attention back on the screen.

"I've transmitted docking coordinates, I expect to see you soon."

With the abrupt conclusion of her sentence, she terminated the live broadcast, and turned back to EVE. "Prepare to receive our guests, notify security to stand by." She instructed, clasping her hands behind her back, and turning to leave the CIC.

With the Aschen fleet standing by, they awaited the arrival of their new guests, and it seemed, once they disembarked from their starship aboard the vessel of their choosing, the closer they came to the Aschen vessels, the larger, and more intimidating they became, the sheer size of each Imperial warship was only becoming more, and more obvious. A Docking signal was broadcast from the Reverence II, which now identified itself as the AHSC RII Absolution - Imperial Command Vessel on any IFF and tracking systems, and the names of each Aschen vessel was revealed, most noteably the three Iconoclast Battleships, the Legatus Stygies, the Inomine Veritas, and the Charon. Each Iconoclast Battleship was massive in it's own right, the light from a nearby star glinting off from it's gunmetal grey, and muted red hull while they passed them.

The closer they came, the larger the Reverence II seemed, massive armored bay doors would open up to accompany them should they proceed inward.

"Absolution LSO to Xenos vessel, proceed on designated final approach, checker's green, call the ball."

Upon docking with the Reverence II, the sheer size and scope of it's interior was made apparent, as docking clamps moved to interact with the smaller ship, and the armored doors sealed shut behind it, allowing the interior bay to pressurize, a mixture of nitrogen, and oxygen injected into the bay until it was brought up to the rough equivalent pressure of one atmosphere. They would find themselves suspended below a Hastati Class cruiser that was in the process of being retrofitted, several large armored plates missing from the ship, exposing it's frame, and internal components. Immediately to the right of the cruiser, a large unusual looking machine began firing off beams of light, printing a large hull plate from nothing, which was promptly carried through zero-gravity towards the cruiser.

On the far side of the docking jetway, Admiral Nash was waiting with a small group of Imperial Marines, each clad from head to toe in all black combat gear, clutching sleek, elegant looking disruptor rifles, immediately behind them, two towering behemoths in power armor could be seen, each clutching the equivalent of a 20mm cannon.

The Aschen were taking no chances, as they waited to see what would happen next.

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The final exchange between the admirals came one sided, the Aschen clearly in what seemed a sense of denial at the mention of Earth. Douglas had managed to catch the exchange with the AI, but hadn't fully translated due to the difference in dialect. What he had managed was the translation of Earth and Myth, which left little to truly ponder. The communication had been cut off, with Nash's final proclamation of their imminent face to face.
"Admiral?" Aroia, aka the Captain, called forth. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" her question came with pause both for the inquirer and the inquiry.

"The Aschens do not seem much different than the Krauskarian regime we fought to be free of, and now we're licking the boot of a new one?" a certain angst laced the Captains tone.
"I understand your concerns, Captain..." the Admiral finally spoke, as he did so his single functioning ocular remained trained on the now non-existent holo-projection that once held the Aschen's visage, "... and I share in your concerns."
Though the Captain was relieved that she was not the only skeptic within the senior ranks, the strong sense of 'but' held within the air.
"You know why we need this alliance, why the UPC dared reach out beyond the Septem to contact the Aschens."
The Admiral's words seemed enough to quell the Captains further pursuit on of matter.
"Now, lets go meet this Admiral Nash."

A travel into the belly of the carrier was carried out via mag-lift tram, perhaps overkill in only 11km of starship, but it served to disperse the crew efficiently, a strive the UPC always aimed to maintain. This tram took them towards the bow of the great vessel, if stopping at the three quarter mark. This grand hangar served as a maintenance for the smaller, though still sizable, cruisers and the like. At one time, the carrier could house as many as five heavy cruiser class within, all of which could be retrofitted with varying menagerie of systems, weapons, and the more. A cruiser was not the aim for transportation, instead the duo had come to stand upon a mag clamped corvette. The craft was 291 meters in length, with a carapace of a darker teal colouration. The craft would be nimble, perhaps even surprisingly so considering the overall mass.
Aboard the craft the security team in which Stratcona had mentioned to the Aschen was assembled. Each stood at six foot and bore combat attire that appeared old Earth Marines. Nylon straps and what almost appeared to be a kevlar frame. However, beneath the old world rigging lay the true kit of the UPC. Each soldier was encased in what appeared to be a contorting number of synthetic muscle, the woven materials reminiscent of the human musculature system. This was mostly black, with the odd chrome linkage shining through. The helm each wore was an angular, boxy, triangle that fully enclosed the wearer's head. There were no signs that these suits even contained a human within, and yet when the Admiral approached one, in particular bearing a rather well garnished skull painting upon said helm it would speak.
"Sir, Legion Alfos is ready to step off under security measures." spoke the man behind the mask.
"Excellent, Lieutenant. Best we not keep our Aschen friends waiting."

The departure would be quick, overall taking only five minutes for the craft to leave out the ships primary bow point, the destination took roughly an hour with ample thrust.

As they corvette drew ever closer to the Aschen flagship the sheer weight of the vessel through appearance alone was crushing. Such a behemoth alone must have made for more than adequate deterrent. Since the weapons were mostly, if not all tucked away, the entourage aboard the minuscule corvette could only contemplate the sheer amount of firepower just waiting to be unleashed.

Within the colossus, the navigator and communications officer both coordinated with the Aschen flight director, bringing the 291 meter craft to dock at the desired location. Already Stratcona, the captain, as well as thirty of the aforementioned exo-suited marines, exited the craft at the mid-drift, whereupon their boots made contact with Aschen steel. They had officially stepped within Aschen territory. The Admiral took point with this company, showing that was willing to put trust in these xenophobics rather than remain surrounded by his guard; the captain in toe beside him.
"Ah, Admiral Nash!" beckoned the elder fellow, as he closed the gap between them. He did stop a fair twenty paces away, not wanting to provoke the cautious nature of his counterparts.
"It is truly an honour to meet you in person." this was said with his hand moving to his chest, whereupon Douglas' hand pressed to his breast, and he took an ever so subtle lean forward; a bow of sorts.

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Inside the primary bay of the Absolution, the tension was palpable. Admiral Nash was situated just behind a stack of crates, which had been kicked over in anticipation of armed boarders. She was standing between two Imperial Marines, who were crouched behind the crates, though they didn't have their weapons pointed they were watching the thirty some marines closely, but they weren't the only ones. Dozens more positioned themselves along catwalks above, and below the jetway, training their weapons on the armed Marines, but holding fire.

The Aschen Marines didn't have an exosuit of any kind, rather they wore chest carriers with hardened plates made from an alien appearing material painted black, they had plates protecting their shoulders, calves, and thighs, worn over a dazzling fractal patterned camouflage of blacks, greys, and whites.

Nash took a single step forward, the sound of her boot muted against the plating of the jetway, which upon close observation seemed to subtly ripple with each footfall, it was barely noticeable, but a keen eye could pick up the faint, almost organic ripple of the alien material, which was comprised of elements not known to those outside of the Aschen Empire.

Nash took five steps forward before she stopped, far enough that she stood out, but not far enough that she was in any danger.

"I ask that your soldiers remain aboard your ship, and that you surrender your weapons. Xenos are not permitted to carry weapons aboard Imperial warships. You have my word that none of you will be harmed during this exchange. But these terms are non-negotiable." The Admiral stated, as she clasped her hands behind her back, and stood up straight, pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail under the peaked officer's cap, which glinted in the muted white light of the hangar bay.

She cast a brief glance at the other ship, and then bore her gaze back down to Stratcona, her visage hardened with resolve. The woman was devoid of any obvious implants, yet she appeared youthful, her face without blemishes, and like nearly every Aschen in sight, appeared perfectly healthy, without any sign of someone of her stature that should bear their share of scars.

Truly the Aschen were a vain people.

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The first contact thus far appeared more a stand-off as the two groups of militarized terrans stood to face one another. This was supposed to be a meeting of peace, and yet the old wisdom of offer peace with one hand, a knife in the other never held more merit than this moment now. The Marines of the UPC remained in their tight formation, a box like parade fashion behind their senior staff.

While the captain and the entourage of armed soldiers had each trained their attention to various points of Aschen fortified positions, the Admiral had remained trained upon the officer and her many mannerisms. For the most part she was poised, her demeanour maintaining that cold and commanding presence, as an officer should in the face of the unknown. Whats more, since the Aschen officer stepped forward, the Admiral would be the only individual to truly pick up on the seemingly alive floor. The metal seemed almost liquid, rippling out as if each foot step were a drop in a pool, adding a near mysticism to the Aschens' overall visage.

"Sir..." the marine lieutenant called out, if only loud enough for the admiral to hear, "... I don't like leaving you alone and unarmed."
The admiral's response came with a reassuring nod, "It'll be alright, I doubt the Aschens are in the business of holding hostages."
Concluding the brief exchange with the marine, Stratcona soon turned to his captain with an expectant gaze. Aroia glanced back, almost double taking with the understanding of her superior's notion, though clearly not comfortable with the idea. A heavy sigh exuded as her hands moved to procure her PSP-5, her standard issue sidearm. The captain relinquished her weapon to the nearest marine behind her before once again directing herself towards the Aschen Admiral.

Once all arms had been surrendered, the senior staff duo both stepped forward towards the Aschen defence line, ensuring to keep their hands visible. The closer the pair came to the Aschen officer, the more detail that could perhaps been seen in the UPC uniforms. The admiral's main coat was a fine leather, likely an organic material save for the polycarbonate mantle that bore his ranking. The captain wore less decore, if only a white uniform of a wool outer coat and trousers, polyester undershirt, a uniform more reminiscent to the military of old Earth; obviously a pattern developed of old Earth and UPC.

"We are ready to proceed when you are, Admiral." Stratcona announced, awaiting the Aschen officer's next direction.

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Admiral Nash watched the exchange closely, she was unwavering in her resolve, but she was also unwavering in the execution of Imperial protocols, so she sat there and observed their exchange, she noted they were rightfully apprehensive about surrendering their weapons, but it was a crucial first step to showing that the Aschen could trust them, and it had always worked for them in the past.

Briefly, her blue-eyed gaze flitted over to the captain, her displeasure at the situation was noted as well, briefly, Nash's face twitched into a smirk, a single upturned corner of her mouth while she stood there, with her hands clasped behind her back. She watched them approach. The detail of the Aschen would be more apparent, wool uniforms carefully tailored for an almost perfect fit, with leather sam browne style belts polished in black.

"This way." Nash instructed as she turned around, one of the Adepts directly behind them took a step to the right, shouldering his massive twenty-millimeter heavy magnetron, which looked like it could put a round clean through an armored vehicle. The Adept grunted, and then let the massive weapon come to rest, barrel down on the platform below him. Nash walked past the Adept without so much as a second glance, while the rest of the Aschen in the room stared at Stratcona, and Kalensov as they walked past, some clenched their weapons, standard issue Type 53 disruptor rifles, their sleek design made their designs as energy weapons clear, but some of the Marines carried somewhat different weapons, contrasting the sleek disruptor weapons were the MC1 Kinetic Carbines, which had a silver finish, and modular design to them.

Moving through the door to the main corridor, it emanated a crystalline chime before sliding open, two engineers in dark blue jumpsuits stopped what they were doing to salute, bringing their fists to their chests and shouting 'Ad Victoriam' before quickly returning to work, they seemed to be working on a conduit of some kind, resembling a cable filled with an unusual gel like material, which seemed to be in the process of being replaced.

Nash walked past the pair without affording a second glance, as she looked up to the Anquietas sign that would lead them to the main tram hub. At the intersection, Nash took a sharp right towards a wide corridor, people coming and going on what could only be described as golf carts could be seen, just adjacent to a trio of Marines sitting on crates, intently cleaning carbon from the muzzles of their disruptor rifles, while a fourth was tossing a fusion cell into the air, and catching it. They moved across the cooridor into the next room, which was a large tram hub, designed similarly to a busy train station, with large trams coming, and going, carrying their crew to various points within the massive carrier.

Nash quietly boarded one of these trams, and turned so that Stratcona and Kalensov could follow.

The doors to the tram would close behind them with a hiss, and the tram would begin moving.

"It's a short ride to the CIC, we will meet in my ready room." Nash said, before she looked up.

"EVE, please arrange for a small meal for two guests to be sent to my Ready Room before I arrive."

There was a chirp, and a female voice over the intercom. "Of course, Admiral."

Nash finally turned to face Stratcona, and she offered a smile.

"It's not often someone seeks us out, it's normal for our neighbors to fear us, we're wary of outsiders, so I'm curious as to what made you seek us out. You seem to know much of us, yet, you claim to be from a planet that does not exist." Nash said with a slight tone of curiosity.

"Earth was destroyed eons ago." She remarked.

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With what could only be surmised as approval, both the admiral and captain would proceed to follow the Aschen officer. Both Douglas and Aroia focusing specifically upon the officer's back. The last thing the pair wanted was their diplomatic meeting to be mistaken as an infiltration. This was maintained for most of their walk, though a few side glances to a few individuals along the route, mostly workers and a few marines attempting to quell their boredom with routine weapons maintenance; additionally tossing about what could only be a possible detonation device or ammo cartridge. All in all the behaviour of the Aschens were quite human, despite of the stories regarding lacking humility.

A note had gone noticed, specifically the use of artificial intelligence when the admiral hailed for meals. This was an intrigue to the admiral, as AI was one field the UPC had ventured down once before. As the vessels previously mentioned lacked the incorporation of such intelligence, it would seem that the UPC was not so successful with the creation. Perhaps a topic for future encounters, assuming all went well with initial contact.

Soon they would gather within a tram, a mode of transportation both of the UPC occupants were familiar as it was the best method of moving about these space behemoths. It was on the tram that Admiral Nash seemed to entertain in true negotiation.

"While I'm sure the Aschen Empire has assured dominance over their dominion, and asserted themselves as once not to trifle with, I can assure you that we are not from your woods, as the saying goes." a smile was offered in turn from the seasoned officer, a gesture and perhaps some comedy to accompany his facts.
"I've spent quite some time preparing for this meeting, under the direction of our own council as well as personal interest. The Aschen people have been known to quite the engineers, apart from ruthless to those that dare threaten their way of life."
At this point, Stratcona took pause, casting a sidelong glance to his captain, whom stood rigidly at his side with her hands firmly clasped behind her back.
"Captain, care to explain to the admiral our information regarding Earth's status?" he chimed at the lass, whom beamed him a short glare. While the two were professional in carrying out their jobs, they also had a friendly relationship that often saw the admiral tease his subordinate, whom for the most part tolerated it likely out of respect both for the rank this man held, and mutually feeling the same.
"Earth exists, in accordance to our records and recent contact with said planet. While the planet is completely depleted of any natural resources, reduced to nothing but a desert planet with the odd settlement and launch facility, the planet itself still exists, and contains a small population." the captain spoke in a matter of fact like manner, maintaining a rather direct approach to her negotiating method.

Admiral Stratcona would add, "The final elements of Earth's resources were excavated around 4,700 to 4,800 years ago. Since then, what population existed at the time spread into space. The moon is now basically a giant city while Mars became the next eden for those either refusing to leave the sol system, or were simply incapable."

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Nash listened intently to their explanation, but visibly frowned at the mention of the state that earth was in. It was clear in her facial expression that she was deeply offended, but she kept it inside, opting instead to turn to face the window of the tram as it began to pass over another one of the Reverence II's behemoth maintenance bays, below them a large frigate of some kind could be seen below, crews working on scaffolding, and in Zero-G welding structural braces, armor plates, and installing electronics, various flashes of arc welds could be seen below, while Nash pointed to a large platform across the way, two large apertures hanging above it.

"We have broken our need to extract raw materials from our worlds roughly a decade ago." She commented, as brilliant flashes of light engulfed the platform, the apertures spewing beams of flickering blue light, 'printing' a large metallic I beam from seemingly thin air.

"We call it Light-mass fabrication, it's revolutionized the way we manufacture, and harvest materials, by eliminating the harvesting, and processing of raw materials, we can streamline our manufactoring processes to further suit our Imperial needs with minimal impact to a planet's Eco balance."

She clasped her hands back behind her back as the tram passed the maintenance bay, but she did not look towards Kalenskov and Stratcona for several moments, until she turned to face them.

"Langara, and every other world we inhabit are fertile, and rich with wealth, this sector of space has been our promised land since the great exodus of our ancestors. We defend this promised land with everything that the gods have given us, and we rely on the wisdom of the great Athena to guide us forward." Nash said with an almost religious ferver, while thumbing a small medallion that she kept under her uniform. It was an enameled stylized owl, with sapphires for eyes. After a brief moment, Nash placed the medallion back into her uniform.

"Admiral, we will be arriving in the main section within the millicenton." EVE Chirped. "The Kitchen has prepared a fresh vegetable dinner with shellfish and garum, served with rice and flatbread."

"Thank you, EVE." Nash replied, lightening the subject. "Fortunately, I don't know how your vessels prepare food, but everything here is freshly harvested from our livestock pens, and aeroponics bays, the only way to get fresher food, is planetside." Nash explained, one thing was for certain, Aschen troops were well fed.

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As it was explained, both UPC officers would divert their gaze to the great lights, the fabrication process of the Aschens. Both inwardly admired the ingenuity, but refrained from displaying such externally. The Aschens clearly excelled technologically in more ways than one. One note was the use of workers in fabrication, something the UPC had phased out in favour of automated manufacturing. While AI were still beyond the UPC, programmable machines were one of their strongest investments, again trailing back to their desire for maximum efficiency.

"The UPC has learned from the past, and we tend to avoid mineral collection on habitable planets. We use them solely for population, farming and agriculture, as well as revitalization of Earthen animals." Stratcona submitted, having noticed Nash's displeasure concluding his explanation of Earth.

The offence of Earth's fate seemed deeply seeded within the Admiral, as she did not face her guests for a period.
"We hope to one day restore Earth to it's former glory, making it the oasis it once was." he paused, admiring the Aschen fabrication one finally time before the tram moved beyond visibility of the machinery.
"Perhaps, if all goes well diplomatically, we could all work together in such an endeavour."

When finally Nash would grace her guests, she would be doing so whilst thumbing an auspicious medallion of the faith. While Stratcona's beliefs were none that of gods, he had a respect for the structure and hope religion could provide. Additionally, many of the stories that accompanied the many faiths.
"Better to wage war in the unending heavens than on the oasis of one's home." commented the fellow, his tone having eased.
"Si vis pacem, para bellum." Captain Kalenskov added, though she remained stoic in stature, poised more so in her military discipline than friendly negotiator like the Admiral.

The promise of food was one the admiral never passed up, especially such of quality. He had not the luxury of trying Aschen cuisine, and was eager to try it. The Captain on the other hand finally displayed emotion across her otherwise blank expression, soon contorting into a subtle frown, one Stratcona clued into the moment shellfish was mentioned to be on the menu.
"I am terribly sorry for the fuss, Admiral Nash. While I am privy in trying such a delectable dish, I'm afraid my Captain is unable to partake." said captain, remained unmoved, though inwardly she wished her superior would not speak of her ailments.
"I'm afraid she is allergic to Shellfish, anaphylactic even. To eat shellfish has the potential to kill her."

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The Admiral slowly raised an eyebrow at the mention of a shellfish allergy, she seemed visibly confused at the prospect while the tram slowly came to a stop, and the doors opened with an audible chime, exposing another large ship terminal, EVE's voice coming over the intercom.

"I have arranged a vegetarian dish for the Captain." The AI remarked curtly, and suddenly.

Nash still looked towards them with confusion on her face, before EVE spoke up. "Allergies are a result of the body's immune system attacking otherwise harmless material, a condition that was eliminated with childhood tretonin vaccinations." The AI remarked, and Nash offered a nod. "Oh, I see." She said, understanding for a moment. "Your body reacts poorly to compounds in the shellfish, I understand now." Nash remarked, as they rounded a corner, past a trio of officers that were going over paperwork. Despite being such a technologically advanced vessel, there was a great many officers moving through the ship's corridors, carrying physical paperwork between their stations.

Now that they reached the main conference room, they would find a large circular room before them with a large round glass table, already service staff were working on setting the table with fine cutlery and dishware from the ship's stateroom, Nash took a seat at the far side of the table, while one of the servants, a young man in a white uniform poured her a glass of wine from a large pitcher, he slowly moved around the table, pouring a glass for the Admiral, and the Captain, into stylized, futuristic looking copper and glass wine glasses.

The plates were starkly reminiscent of pottery, and mosiacs found back in Earth's ancient greece, with the resemblance between the ancient artwork almost uncanny with a few Aschen takes on the artwork. Much of the art on the plates depicted things like Olympic sport, or hunting, and the material was almost like a fine china, with gold inlays.

"Pax per Bellum." Nash reiterated, as she raised her glass. "Aeternit Imperii." Before she took a sip of the glass, while the white uniformed men moved around the table, placing what looked like prawns, and scallops with cucumber, olives, peppers and onions on the Admirals's plate, with a side of what looked like souvlaki, and flatbread, and a small side of layered pastry soaked in honey, and filled with finely chopped nuts.

The Captain would have an assortment of fresh greens, olives, and crumbled cheese placed on her plate, along with a side of a dish that was comprised of layered eggplant in tomato sauce, both guests would be served several pieces of flatbread, and a side of mash chickpea blended with herbs.

Clearing her throat, she gestured out to the food before them. "Inevitably, we aspire to bring the entirety of the galaxy under our banner, and unite a fractured humanity under a wizened, firm hand of our Imperial leadership, purging undesirables, Xenos, and others that would threaten our way of life."

Taking another sip of her wine, she smiled.

"I would be interested to see this world restored to it's former beauty, and placed under Imperial stewardship, where it, like our original homeworld, Kobol, can be reclaimed by the gods." Nash added. "I am certain our leaders would share the same sentiment, if this is truly the same earth from the guidestone."