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A city was built in hell , With Adonai as its governing monarch, rivaling the omnipotence of "The Fallen One" himself, he later decided to congregerate and build Pandemonium. Which in turn has resulted in a "Supernatural" war.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Avernus


Despite his youthful appearance, Adonais obviously a lot older then he looks. Standing at approximately 5'7, with bangs that habitually hang over his eye. The use of a younger more athletic medium regulates less energy when executing his attacks, and provides him with agility. The eye patch is unknown. He typically wears all black, an eye patch and (Not the same in the Novel) hair pulled back in a ponytail.


Cunning and relentless, Adonai has a large (apparent) lust for power, and originally seeks to conquer all of Hell for his own, a quest that he (partially) prevails in, as evident in the creation of his Pandemonium. Though he possesses an obvious relish for bloodshed and brutality, Adonai is anything but stupid. While his apparent lack of diplomacy seems to stem from his short and violent temper, in reality it is a carefully cultivated tool. The true cunning and subtlety of his actions are only revealed to those smart enough to see past his endless machinations. With his devilishness, coupled with his intellect, cultured palate and his extremely aristocratic tastes, he could best be described as an eccentric devil, with a compassionate side that becomes evident on many occasions (mostly through his children, and a young Rayne Penndragon) where as the relationship with Azraêl Messaien is mutually beneficial. The bond between Trinity, and himself is one of ravenous bloodshed as the two aspire to kill eachother. Neither has succeeded. In spite of this, Adonais justification is often thrust upon him in which he finds himself, sometimes by his own designs, in such a position that he becomes the lesser of two evils, and one often feels a sense of justice to see "the true enemy" get what they so richly deserve by falling to the mercy of his better graces. His trademark quote is "Naturally."


Styx - Στύξ () - Shapeshifter - The weapon itself is a very unique endowment of the underworld (A black substance) It's original form takes on the shape of an black and burgundy sphere, possessing a "Will" of its own. Additionally it has the ability to manipulate to reshape itself in vast abunsances of physical matter and soldify in different shapes or sizes of its manifestation, typically moving it through the air to serve various purposes, to capture, immobilize, and potentially suffocate an opponent. Once the opponent is subdued, he uses styx to crush the opponent with varying intensities. The amount of this matter he can control at one time is immense: (And often appears on gigantic or thin tendrals) in Novel he is able to expand it to shield an entire eighty blocks (it is unknown if this is the extent) from an attack delivered by Azazel, albeit at great physical exertion. Though he comes up with other means of attack throughout the series and uses improvised tactics , Adonai also has a number of miscellaneous attacks that, while capable of being an attack or a shield, are not limited to such purposes.

As the second element of his combat style, Adonai has a number of psyonic-based defenses to be used in case an opponent gets too close.


Adonai zikhrono livrakha - 上帝zikhrono livrakha (Jōtei zikhrono livrakha) Adonai wanted order instead of senseless chaos, and his own rule instead of the governing principles of "The Fallen". Avernus is the current patriarch of the She'olvaticus family, and founder of 'Pandemonium'.

Second description: Though hell expands infinately, there are certain areas within this dimension goverend by the first fallen. A city was built in hell , With Adonai as its governing monarch, rivaling the omnipotence of "The Fallen One" himself, he later decided to congregerate and build Pandemonium. Which in turn has resulted in a "Supernatural" war.

So begins...

Adonai's Story