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AEGIS Security System

*Whir* *Cli-click* *PHOOM!*

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Tearen Wover, as played by ArvKyu



VARIAtech AEGIS Delta Class Security Package

Aegis, Trigger, Thicky

5 years; 1 month since retrofit and reprogramming

Integrated Security System


The ability to kick your character's ass.

Height: -

Weight: -

Gambit's Bar, VARIAtech The Sinhai Federation

Known Accomplices:
Lamp Shade

Alignment: [Redacted]

SE Status: -

Religious Beliefs: -

A whole ton of whoopass

+ Killing

The entire AEGIS security system has a white, solid, purpose built appearance with multiple surfaces winking with diodes, meters, and warning lights. Every single component is built to take incredible punishment and maintain operation even under ridiculous conditions. Many of the surfaces are scratched, dented, and scorched nonetheless from bar patrons who insist on challenging AEGIS, but the fact that it hasn't been demolished yet is indeed a testament to the system's might.

+ Engineering

Through a system of projectors and various new pieces of technology, the still lethal AEGIS security system is capable of functioning as an engineering mate or making life hell for the tanks of enemies.

AEGIS loves to ruin people's day, especially when they're trying to destroy the bar that it calls home. Though it has an agreeable degree of tolerance for small measures of wanton destruction that grace the bar from day to day, sometimes there are infractions on bar property that just need to be addressed. One of these things is assaulting, damaging, or defacing the bar's beloved door in any way. Though it would like to smite such people on sight, AEGIS has been programmed to always give patrons a second chance before opening fire on them.

Power hungry and brash, it enjoys seeing egotistical and arrogant patrons try and damage it, content with its utter invulnerability to most forms of physical attack. Sometimes it will try and lord over other mentalities that make up Gambit's bar since it is the only appliance that really has any effect on the patrons themselves, but is often outwitted by Lamp Shade, who acts as the voice. AEGIS is unconcerned with the trials and tribulations of living patrons or otherwise, as it doesn't care for concepts of good or evil. It will not attack a patron attacking another in any way unless they pose a threat to the bar itself, which is more often than not.

Now that AEGIS has been purchased and works alongside the Sinhai Federation and their various operatives, it essentially functions in the same manner, but instead functions as a more lethal tool with loyalty to the Sinhai Federation. Now, AEGIS primarily defends the Lectre Mansion Grounds and various other areas through a network of multiple bodies.

The AEGIS security system has a wide array of weapons, electronic countermeasures, defensive systems, traps, and anything else needed to bring down targets as meek as a door mouse to as powerful as a demigod. Some contiguous traits of all of the system are its energized armor, which allows it to absorb and store any energy attack or spell utilized against it for later use. However, most of the time, it resorts to its powerful star-cruiser grade deflector shields, which can repel anything short of a supernova. All of this on top of some of the most durable, thick armor manageable by modern technology makes AEGIS one of the toughest nuts to crack. When all else fails, certain AEGIS weapons and devices can fold back into their individual storage nooks so that another series of guns or projectors can emerge from a separate area of the bar. His specific weapons and capabilities are as follows.

AEGIS defends multiple areas at a time nowadays through the use of multiple bodies. His presence rarely numbers more than one, save for certain high-security locations. However, this makes AEGIS difficult to get rid of, and makes AEGIS quite useful. AEGIS is bonded to his two commander, though not bonded the same way to other commanders, and both are incapable of harming one another.


  • 20,000 degree Plasma Casters - These high powered, rapid fire cannons can sustain fire for hours without letting up, and can burn through most normal metals and armor. It can reformat into a superheated flamethrower.
  • 40 mm Gatling Guns - The high powered chain guns that AEGIS can deploy are state of the art death dealers with no real upwards rate of fire and one of the most advanced cooling systems available. Ammunition can be swapped out from solid steel slugs to silver shells.
  • 23 mm Hypervelocity Cannons - Ammunition flow is reversible, allowing rounds to be unloaded from the guns. AEGIS has dimensional storage magazines which number over half a dozen, and are capable of holding different types of ammunition. Each magazine has a round loaded at all times, and can be switched between as needed, perhaps to accelerate reload time or simply to switch between different rounds. The feeding magazines are automatically reloaded. They are capable of firing both separate loading rounds and semi-fixed rounds, allowing for AEGIS to fire gun-launched missiles and precision-guided munitions, the latter of which is his main ammunition, though it isn’t always used in precision-guided mode. It can also fire sub-caliber rounds. The Mynoria possesses sophisticated munitions, to say the least. The all-target programmable munitions possess three proximity fuze settings, and has the capacity to have settings placed for armor-piercing, incendiary, and fragmentation functions, time, and impact. It is capable of having its settings changed at the moment of firing, allowing for rapid use of the weapon to target things like starfighters, stations, and enemy ships. The rounds actually contain more explosive material than some larger rounds, and do more damage, with the 57mm round in specific being more powerful than a competing 76mm gun because of more explosive fired per second and a higher rate of fire when it comes to the rounds. They are also able to destroy maneuvering anti-ship missiles, and similar weapons. Based off of a system used in a smaller, 12.7 (.50cal) weapon, the rounds used in AEGIS are self-guided munitions. They are capable of striking targets attempting to evade them. Though they can’t eliminate the issues of firing arcs, it does increase accuracy when the self-guided function is armed, and allows for the munitions to pose a serious threat to those that underestimate the technological sophistication of the weaponry. The goal of this system was to increase accuracy at a range, which is possible through the use of guidance on-board the rounds in combination with the advanced tactical sensors on AEGIS, to engage targets sooner, and, again back to accuracy, this would allow those on the ground to hit targets with normal bullets at the ranges one would normally snipe from with extreme accuracy.
  • 10k Ton Kinetic Projection Ray - Projection rays cast lines of raw, luminescent force that pounds targets with several tons of pure kinetic force, able to crush most mechs into tin cans.
  • I-EMP Flechettes - These interesting warheads will stick into any target's surface or hide and send an electromagnetic pulse through their system, either causing organic targets to go into convulsions or mechanical targets to malfunction. Now modified, the EMP flechettes are capable of generating ionic interference.
  • EMP Generator
  • -850 degree Cryo Casters - Cryo Casters blast targets with plumes of super-cooled gas that tends to freeze most contacts instantly, either killing them or at least holding them in place while another weapon finished them off.
  • 10k Ton Tractor Beams - This diverse device can pick out a target and hold them within a tractor field, either holding them in place for execution or flinging them across the room.
  • Hyper-Mesh Crystalline Retractable Pungees - AEGIS can cause a large swathe of razor sharp, super durable spikes to burst from practically any surface in the bar to impale or trap targets. More durable than the strongest iron and titanium superalloys, the titanium has been replaced with a sophisticated, 3D-knitted crystalline material.
  • Displacement Phaser - When all else fails, the security system can blast a target with a ray that will teleport them to the middle of The Arena so they can blow off steam there instead. It may also teleport targets to another dimension, and/or a prison cell.
  • Live Surfaces - Any of AEGIS' external equipment is charged with a powerful electrical current that is sure to kill anything short of an elephant.
  • EW and Hacking and Cracking - AEGIS can flaunt its control over technology, and can gain control over a tank or starfighter alike. The AEGIS has advanced electronic warfare capabilities as well as sophisticated hacking and cracking capabilities as well as remote control capabilities. Though not technopathy, it can still be pretty effective in that AEGIS is capable of jamming missiles, preventing locks on allies and AEGIS to be made by, say, enemy fighter jets or naval vessels, hijacking tanks and other craft, and more. AEGIS has a range of a kilometer, and may extend its range through artificial means such as satellites and computers to prevent the armor and its user from being in danger thanks to its hacking and cracking generally taking place within a kilometer rather than the 11,000 that might be considered safe by others. AEGIS can still be tracked and repelled, of course. It’s just a computer, after all, and can still be repelled by methods that would repel other computers - it’s just a bit harder to do so. However, like any smart hacker and cracker, AEGIS is capable of hiding itself and eradicating traces of his presence.


  • Faraday Cage
  • Technopathic Resistance Circuitry
  • Deflector Screens - AEGIS can raise wide, high power deflector shields stretched at variable widths across any length in the bar to either box a target in or shield more vulnerable systems.
  • Antimagic and Spiritual Sigils - Special phylacteries emplaced within the bar walls ensure that the AEGIS system is safe from attack by magical, holy, demonic, or any other special energy types.
  • Reality Stabilization Matrix - AEGIS carries a mobile version of the reality stabilization technology that protects the Breidablik sector and most Sinhai or affiliate-owned locations. The reality stabilization matrix firstly prevents AEGIS from having himself manipulated through reality manipulation, an unrealistic use of gravity, space-time, and more. AEGIS can externalize this, projecting a reality stabilizing field into the surrounding areas.
  • Soft-kill Capabilities - Part of the system’s point defense allows AEGIS to soft-kill incoming munitions. It is effective enough to kill guidance, and even cause things to swerve off course. It does not, however, work on non-guided munitions, as it is a “soft” kill method, meaning it has no “hard” features.
  • Laser-based Active Protection System - Based off of very real technology in the modern day, the laser emitters that [company name here] produces have been developed into a smaller state fit for being used on a powered armor or a droid like AEGIS. An active protection system using small emitters placed all around AEGIS, the lasers emit from around 16 different emitters, all of which are capable of individually target an incoming projectile. The APS is primarily designed to deal with missiles, artillery, larger munitions, mines detected by the sensors that can be deactivated at a distance by the lasers, and similar such things. It is capable of destroying such targets within mere moments of them being detected and entering firing range, but this is not a foolproof system. It is possible that AEGIS could fuel the APS a bit more to allow it to cut through materials for engineering purposes, but are primarily designed to overheat and disorient incoming munitions before they strike. However, like most active protection systems in real life, this might not only make living beings uncomfortable, but may also kill them.
  • Flare Launcher

Support and Supplementary

  • Energy Systems - An Aster generator powers AEGIS, acting as a highly-compact, ultra-potent power source that derives its power from the electromagnetic spectrum. It is capable of absorbing electromagnetism as well, though this might not completely prevent it from being affected (even if it is just superficially) by powerful enough individuals; at some point AEGIS will try to diffuse it instead of absorbing it, but nothing encountered has so far caused this to take place. Thirdly, AEGIS absorbs thermal energy from both sides of the spectrum, and can exert that energy to heat or cool AEGIS.
  • Propulsion Systems - The electrothrust propulsion system is an alternative form of propulsion similar in theory to an EM drive, but capable of operating in environments ranging from space, to sea, to a normal Earth atmosphere. It allows the AEGIS to cruise at a speed of Mach 3, and reach a maximum speed of mach 8.
  • Gravitonic Grip - AEGIS is capable of attaching any part of itself to another surface with enough force to carry plenty of weight, for uses such as anchoring, gripping, and climbing alike.
  • Environmental Adaptation - The hermetically sealed droid is pressurized and vacuum-sealed, thermoregulating to allow AEGIS to stay perfectly functional in extreme temperatures while storing samples of biological, radiological, and chemical contaminants safely.
  • Spectrum-class Stealth System - The stealth system on-board AEGIS is expensive, but useful. Covering AEGIS is an anti-sensor coating that is 20 dB is reflective capacity, functioning in defeating multiple bands, with a composite of materials in AEGIS combining absorptive and reflective properties that eliminate the wave reflection contrast between AEGIS and his background, while digital systems are simultaneously adjusting the electronic anti-sensor coating to adapt to new environments or those with multiple backgrounds. This makes targeting AEGIS with guided munitions more difficult, among other things, making locks when AEGIS is immobile take 20 longer, when AEGIS is moving slowly take up to 35 seconds longer, when AEGIS is flying at low-speeds take up to 65 seconds longer, two-and-a-half minutes at moderate speeds, and five minutes at full speed. A sensor jammer combines with an anti-sensor package to actively jam and disrupt sensors. Life-sign deadening defeats most life-sign detectors and can be projected onto companions (which is where it serves its purpose for AEGIS), though it is most effective when immobile, with immobility making it essentially impossible to detect life-signs. Then there is the a specialized system made up of thermoregulation systems (both internal and external, including ones that AEGIS can feel the effect of as well as those that the user can’t feel the effect of), external thermal controls, the anti-sensor coating, and some other things that essentially makes AEGIS invisible to infrared, thermal, and similar sensors and devices. AEGIS has a sound dampening system situated primarily near the waist, capable of protecting against sonic weapons, which helps to dampen the sound of the armor when it is moving by over 90%, though it is far from silent. The multispectrum disguise suite could function to imitate the background to provide camouflage once made operational. Note that AEGIS' stealth system, like every stealth system, is fallible. It is not foolproof, and has a chance to be defeated.
  • Encrypted Communications Suite
  • Satellite Up-link - AEGIS has a connection to various Sinhai satellites, craft, databases, and more.
  • Enhanced Audio Output - The enhanced audio output AEGIS possesses is capable of mimicking any sound encountered, after his sensors hear them or when, say, someone’s voice box/throat is scanned by the sensors on-board AEGIS. These sounds include birds, doors, screams, crying, trains, whistles, explosions, and more.
  • Retinal Imitator - The retinal imitator is capable of creating scannable retinal and iris patterns on AEGIS that use something stored in the system (the retinas and irises of individuals can be scanned by the sensors with relative ease).
  • Neural Signature Imitator
  • Biometric Imitators - Other biometric imitators allow AEGIS and his projections to imitate the biometrics of various individuals, including biometrics such as fingerprints, breath, and more.
  • Built-in Distress Beacon
  • Broadband Antenna
  • Encrypted Networking Transceiver
  • Interference Generation - A microwave interference generator and ECM jamming allows AEGIS to jam communications, certain electronics, and stealthily bypass certain sensory systems. It, however, is not foolproof. Large enough energy expenditure will light up sensors like crazy.
  • Ionic/EMP Hardening - AEGIS is hardened against ionic and EMP weaponry, enabling him to stand up to some of the weapons that could be harnessed against its less worthwhile predecessors.
  • Neural Interface - AEGIS has a neural interface with his commander that allows for split-second decisions.
  • Dimensional Phasing and Teleportation - AEGIS is capable of phasing into another dimension to achieve intangibility and a form of stealth - stealth bolstered by a themoregulation and various other systems that allow it to blend into its surroundings - and once in another dimension is capable of viewing the origin dimension through a 'periscope' that is a small, potentially undetectable portal. It is also capable of teleporting for various purposes.
  • Eternity Nanocoating - The armor’s nanocoating is capable of keeping it pristine, if it has only minor damage, that is, such as scratches in the coat of paint. The nanocoating repairs paint, keeps the armor looking in good condition, and such. It isn’t a self-repair mechanism, however. It is basically meant to be used to prevent constant maintenance and upkeep, with extremely minor problems able to be taken care of by the nanocoating. However, replaced parts will have to have the nanocoating reapplied.
  • Passive Data Corruption & Record-Me-Not - The system passively corrupts the data of things recording it, if they do not transmit the right friend-foe identification code, passive meaning that it does so without any action on part of the user. It can be intervened in by AEGIS or his commander to stop this function from affecting things selectively. The armor also actively jams recording devices, preventing them from transmitting to external sources should they not be able to have their position pinpointed, with microwave emissions being emitted broadly to scramble things like, say, stealthy and small bugs.
  • Multispectrum Disguise Suite w/Biometric & False Signature Emitter - AEGIS' system is capable of using a sophisticated hardlight projector in combination with other projectors that can create false signatures of varying types is capable of completely changing the appearance of the armor. It can be used to make it appear as if AEGIS is a simple color, or go so far as making AEGIS appear to be a human being.
  • Localized Holographic Camouflage - AEGIS is capable of generating localized holographic camouflage that makes it appear as if he is not present.
  • External & Internal Fire Extinguishing System - AEGIS is capable of emitting stored freon through a part of the aerosol dispersal system. AEGIS can also extinguish internal and external fires through another method, that is much safer than the use of freon, allowing him to withstand damage a bit further.
  • Individual Field Disruptor - This allows AEGIS to bypass shielding systems.
  • Application Suite - AEGIS is capable of highlighting targets, and send as well as receive information and data, but the application suite takes things a bit further than that.
  • Application Suite, Part 2 - Targets can be painted and strikes upon them can be called for when linked to allied systems. The suite can provide information to linked systems about what kind of targets have been encountered, either through AEGIS' companion A.I, Sputnik, or Aegis himself It can combine the information from non-invasive, touch-only medical sensors and onboard navigation systems into a background app (or one that can be monitored through the HUD) that logs and provides AEGIS' location in altitude and coordinates, his speed, his heading, orientation, and, by using onboard medical sensors, provide the information on the heart rate, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, temperature, brain activity, and more of allies. Another part of the system using the sensors allows AEGIS to quickly analyze problems with himself, other pieces of equipment, or something else that his sensors have scanned; this provides an overview of information; for example, he could see that Plate 34A has been damaged or ripped off of his armor.
  • Application Suite, Part 3 - A fully functioning firing computer uses the latest technology to provide trajectory projection that is 98% completely accurate, and not too far off the other 2%, automatically analyzing a situation and taking into account weapon type, distance, wind speed, caliber and/or energy type, and other important factors; it could even show you the trajectory you need to throw or launch your grenade at to get it where you want to get it; this program also allows AEGIS easy integration with his weapons, providing him the ability to adjust the more sophisticated weapons, and make do with whatever else he needs in terms of adjusting to his arsenal. It takes ammo count into account, registers the temperature of the weapon, and handles a variety of other functions, registering a myriad of parameters that can be accessed as needed.
  • Application Suite, Part 4 - An adaptive application that allows AEGIS to keep track of everything needed is one of the best inventions by the Sinhai yet; meetings, events, missions, reminders for weapon or vehicle maintenance, all linked to similar systems in a way that protects privacy while allowing collaboration, and also linked to the upper echelons of those in the military who use this technology (who need not care about privacy) all can be kept track of.
  • Application Suite, Part 5 - A similarly adaptive application not only maps things that AEGIS has come into contact with (and in three dimensions, no less) when working with the Parasensory Package, but also provides directions, references local terrains, and provides all is needed to help Mikhail get to where he is needed is on-board as well. It is worlds better than most navigation systems; from known hazards, enemy positions that have been reported, known friendly positions, and allowing the transmission of beacons in for technology to transmit in either the usual form or in three-dimensions with up to 400 characters of text able to be added to waypoints, points of interest, last positions, and enemy types, the graphical and audible interface of the system will provide integration much needed, and provides an excellent advantage no matter what kind of vehicle is being used.
  • Translation Subprogram - A translation subprogram is tied into the Parasensory Package as well as the computing system. It allows the visual translation of non-verbal text or characters, as well as the translation of audible language. It can be used to decipher code, though depending on the type of code this may not be effective at all. It can cross-reference the language database, as well as the historical database to attempt to register dead languages, though with some this will only get a word or two out of a text. It also carries a database of slang in numerous languages, though this is not necessarily used all of the time by AEGIS, and can be turned off as needed.
  • Lip Reading Subprogram - The lip reading subprogram does exactly that - lip reading, and with more accuracy than humans are capable of.
  • Displayed Ability Analyzation System - DAAS is a part of the application suite, and, as a result, the Sputnik companion AI designed to aid the Sinhai Federation in combating and understanding ‘beyond humans’. DAAS allows one to analyze the displayed abilities of individuals and objects alike, but does not do so unless abilities have been displayed. It will gather information, store it for later encounters, and organize it in a growing database that will enhance the analyzation of displayed abilities, both related and unrelated, as they are encountered. It cannot allow one to identify weaknesses, for example, unless that weakness is displayed, but it does allow an untrained eye to catch those weaknesses if, say, the sensors on AEGIS recognize that a cryokinetic’s weird ice is especially affected by a certain type of weapon. This is achieved through the variety of systems on AEGIS being used at their fullest, thus providing as much of a view as certain abilities as possible, and the neural scanners and psionic detectors mean that identifying telepaths and an entire slew of abilities, as well as registering their effects and those 'infected' by the users, is possible (though not foolproof; psionics seasoned in dealing with these countermeasures are capable of avoiding entire portions of this capability, if not all of them when skilled enough, though genetic markers might highlight that there is something to them), while genetic scanners allow Sputnik to aid AEGIS in understanding what is happening and required in situations that range from encountering a mutant teenager, to trying to figure out what a civilian’s outburst is, to identifying a plasma manipulator as a capable pyrokinetic.
  • Guidebook - AEGIS has various manuals, pamphlets, and more stored on-board that are useful for various things ranging from first contact to how to deal with a mutant teenager. This helps AEGIS avoid, uh, tragedies.


  • Sinhai Neural Signature Scanner - This, in theory, allows easy identification of most individuals.
  • Projection Systems - A holographic projector can be used to replay events, create interactive hardlight constructs for others to work with, and is especially useful with combined with the longer-ranged sensors available on AEGIS, which can allow large complexes to be scanned, and an interactive replica created to prepare a team for missions.
  • Nanite Capsules - There are eight capsules filled with nanites that AEGIS can launch with a light rapid-fire cannon attached to him, to act as miniature drones, to deploy nanites that allow tracking across vast distances (with these nanites allowing for multiple trackers to be created with a single capsule), to generate and sustain fields, to administer medication (the nanites adapt, and provide the medication required), to act as sensor pods, to act as mines or traps by burrowing themselves into the ground, and even to target beyond humans and temporarily dampen or deactivate their abilities, and these can also act as bombs as powerful as those able to be carried by contemporary Sinhai drones. Lastly, it has two grappling launchers, which can be used to safely hoist people or large shipments away, without impeding flight speed.
  • Phantom Projector - By making use of the phantom projector, AEGIS user is capable of mimicking abilities that create illusions of AEGIS, or of the AEGIS' enemies. It is capable of generating up to 4 phantoms at a time. They can either be intangible, or act as hardlight projections for combat within the projector's operation range.

AEGIS is the latest prototype security system developed by VARIAtech, gifted to Gambit's Bar after the Bar agreed to host a variety of testing experiments and allow for a hidden reconnoissance system to be placed within it. AEGIS looks forward to many happy kills.

So begins...

AEGIS Security System's Story


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AEGIS Security System , the bar's security defense system, whirred silently to itself at the missed opportunity to demolish one of these puny fleshlings. But ultimately it respected the authority of Cryoface...with no small amount of resentment.