Aeldari of Craftworld Mírandon

the warriors and guardians who take up arms in defence of their home

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Aeldari of craftworld Mírandon
and Maiden world Myran


Craftworld Mírandon's Military forces

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An Autarch is one of those few members of the Eldar species who have mastered many of the Eldar Paths over the centuries, including one or more facets of the Path of the Warrior. They possess a consummate understanding of the art of war and serve as the supreme commanders of an Eldar Craftworld's warhost. This Eldar Path, known as the Path of Command or Path of the Leader, is pursued by highly skilled individuals who believe martial excellence can be achieved by gaining a wider perspective of battle that allows the Eldar warhost to achieve victory in the most efficient and lethal way possible.

Autarchs do not limit themselves to the single-minded specifications required of a single Path like most Eldar. The Autarch possesses an unparalleled strategic ability which far outshines an Exarch's obsession with only a singular facet of war. This enables an Autarch to lead a warhost that operates in perfect unison, with each component of the Eldar war machine functioning in perfect synchronicity. It is not only at the aspect of command that an Autarch excels, for they are consummate warriors as well, and often spearhead assaults, fighting an enemy army's leader in personal combat or contemptuously destroying war machines with ease. Autarchs are considered integral parts of Eldar culture due to their versatility and ability to lead the Eldar on the myriad paths of life and death.


A Farseer is the most potent and respected form of Eldar psyker or Seer. A Farseer was once a Warlock but has now become lost upon the Path of the Seer forever in the same way as the Exarchs are wed eternally to the Path of the Warrior. A council of the most powerful Farseers generally governs a Craftworld. Farseers possess a wide diversity of psychic specialties with divination being the most common skill. They are most often known for using their vast psychic powers to see the possibilities of the future so that they can manipulate events to better ensure the survival of the Eldar species in the wake of the Fall.

There are two other specialized types of Eldar Seers, Warlocks, and Spiritseers. Warlocks are those Seers who now tread the Path of the Seer but have not been lost to it, and have also previously traveled the Path of the Warrior and served a time as an Aspect Warrior without also losing themselves to that Path and becoming an Exarch. Warlocks primarily use their powers to assist other Eldar Warriors in battle, shielding them from harm and attacking their enemies. Spiritseers are those Seers who specialize in communication with the dead.


A Warlock is an Eldar Seer or psyker who previously walked the Path of the Warrior as an Aspect Warrior of the Eldar Craftworlds and now uses his potent psychic powers to help lead Eldar warhosts. Warlocks who lose themselves upon this path ultimately become Farseers. The most aggressive and warlike of all the potential variants of the Path of the Seer is that of the Warlock. Since Warlocks are Seers who once trod the Path of the Warrior, their previous experience as Aspect Warriors allows them to harness their more destructive impulses when using their psychic powers in combat. The ornate helmets worn by Warlocks in the field are kept in the shrines of the Warrior Aspects as a sign of the close link between Warlocks and their former status as Warriors. A Warlock can only attain that status by returning to the Aspect Shrine that he once belonged to and receiving his helmet from the shrine's Exarch as part of the same blood-ritual undergone by Aspect Warriors.

A Warlock not only learns the use of the psychic runes of war but also how to wield the Witchblade, a powerful Eldar Force Weapon. Witchblades writhe and twist with living runes of the Eldar Lexicon that focus the inherent power of the Warlock's mind into destructive psychic energy using a helical psychic matrix that runs through the core of the blade. In the hands of a Warlock, a Witchblade strikes with a devastating burst of psychic force that can incinerate an enemy where he stands.

Whenever the Craftworld Eldar go to war, their Warlocks accompany their forces of Aspect Warriors and Guardians. They use their psychic powers both to protect the Eldar Warriors and to wreak havoc among their foes; a thought-wave from a Warlock can instill courage in his comrades or sear the souls of the Eldar's enemies. Though not as psychically powerful as Farseers, few of the psykers found among the other intelligent species of the galaxy can equal the arcane might of an Eldar Warlock or match their combat prowess with the power of the Warp.


A Spiritseer is an Eldar psyker who walks the Path of the Seer in a way that allows him or her to commune with the souls of the dead Eldar preserved in the Craftworld's Infinity Circuit. In times of peace, the Spiritseers serve as a bridge between the living and the dead, ensuring the wisdom of the past remains available to those still able to influence the present. In times of war, the Spiritseers entreat the souls of the dead to empower Wraithguard and Wraithlord constructs, using the dead to protect their living kindred.

Aspect Shrines

Each Aspect shrine is a path of war with its own teachings and tools to prosecute war upon the enemies of the craftworld.
imaged are the corresponding Exarch warriors of each Aspect
Dire Avengers

The Dire Avengers was the first amongst the Aspect Warriors of the Eldar. They represent the Eldar War God Khaela Mensha Khaine in his aspect as the noblest and yet most merciless of warriors. The Dire Avengers show no mercy to their foes and are unwavering in their devotion to their people. These warriors are the least specialised and the most tactically flexible of all the Warrior Aspects, as they serve Eldar armies as elite ranged infantry. The Dire Avengers are also the most common of the Warrior Aspects amongst the Eldar, and their shrines are the largest to be found on all the Craftworlds.
Dire Avengers take to the field armed with Avenger Shuriken Catapults. These elegant weapons are even more advanced than the Shuriken Catapults used by the Craftworld Guardians. Their lethal volleys echo the Death of a Thousand Blades, the punishment that Khaine metes out upon traitors and cheats who are unworthy of a clean kill. Each silent fusillade of incredibly sharp monomolecular discs is leveled with such pinpoint accuracy that they slice through armour, bone, and flesh with sickening ease. They have an uncanny knack of knowing when to follow this onslaught with a lightning-fast assault and when to carefully draw the enemy forward onto their blades. It is rare to find an Eldar force without a squad of these graceful warriors at its heart.
Dire Avengers operate in combat in squads of five to ten warriors, which sometimes is led by a Dire Avengers Exarch. These squads will at times ride to war within a Wave Serpent transport. These patient, methodical warriors are equally well-suited for both offensive and defensive operations. Their training gives them the uncanny ability to read the ebb and flow of battle, knowing when to press the attack or feign retreat and fall back, luring their foes into a carefully prepared ambush. Dire Avengers are also trained in hand-to-hand combat techniques, though with the exception of their Exarchs who can become specialists in close combat techniques, this is not the primary focus of their training, which is bent towards generalized elite ranged infantry skills. When forced to engage in close combat, Dire Avengers carry deadly ceremonial knives as a weapon of last resort. Because of their adaptability, Dire Avengers are also the most common Aspect Warriors used to conduct special operations missions beyond the bounds of normal combat requirements. These missions can range from the necessity of aiding Exodites from an incursion by Greenskins to protecting a Farseer engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the arrogant Mon-keigh Inquisition.

Fire Dragons

The Fire Dragons are Eldar Aspect Warriors who seek to embody the writhing, sinewy dragons of Eldar Mythology. No Eldar Aspect Warriors revel more in destruction than those who serve the Shrine of the Fire Dragons. Taking as their totem the fierce, fire-breathing creatures of Eldar legend, they epitomise the brutal, wanton destruction of war. When called to arms their goal is the total annihilation of their foes, to the exclusion of all else. Fire Dragons are aggressive and warlike close combat fighters who utilise heat-based weaponry to destroy enemy armoured vehicles and drive the foe from his fortified strongpoints. They have an unsurpassed mastery of their chosen and highly dangerous weapons, and take savage delight in the devastation they create. For this reason, the Eldar believe that the Fire Dragons are the embodiment of the Eldar War God Kaela Mensha Khaine's penchant for pure destruction. It is said that Fire Dragon Exarchs generate a corona of lambent flame around themselves when the battle lust is upon them.

Fire Dragons take an unbridled, savage delight in the destruction they cause, and nothing short of the complete annihilation of the enemy will satisfy these embodiments of war's capacity for wanton destruction. Fire Dragons specialize in assaulting enemy war machines and fixed fortifications, as well as rooting out heavily-armored infantry and weapon emplacements. In this role, each Fire Dragon wields a potent Fusion Gun, capable of reducing an enemy to a cloud of superheated vapor in a second, or a battle tank into a pile of molten slag. Against targets too formidable to be damaged by even these fearsome weapons, the Fire Dragons carry Melta Bombs, disc-shaped fusion-based explosives which can be attached to any surface and detonated on command. However, the short range of their fusion-based weaponry limits the Fire Dragons' effectiveness, especially when speed and tactical flexibility are needed. It is also the reason Fire Dragon Aspect Armour is thicker compared to that of many of the other Aspects, including many spiny protrusions which make it stiffer and more resilient, so that the wearer can properly close with the enemy and deliver death and destruction upon him. Fire Dragon Aspect Armour is painted in fiery colours, such as red or orange.

While these warriors excel as demolition experts, they may also be called in should a transaction or negotiation turn bitter; few protective armours, including the mighty Tactical Dreadnought Armour of the Adeptus Astartes, can withstand the concerted attention of the Fire Dragons. Rumors abound of Rogue Traders who run afoul of Eldar dignitaries finding themselves stranded after the sudden and brilliant destruction of their transportation. In one notable incident, a Rogue Trader in the Calixis Sector found out first hand how treacherous the Eldar can be when he arranged a meeting with a, particularly elusive Autarch on the desiccated ruins of the world of Jerazol. The Rogue Trader left his Aquila Lander in a sheltered vale for the meeting, only to have his negotiating position severely weakened with its fiery destruction moments later.

Howling Banshees

The Howling Banshees are the all-female Eldar Aspect Warriors who specialise in highly mobile melee combat and represent the Eldar War God Khaela Mensha Khaine's ability to instill fear in his foes. The banshee is a harbinger of woe and death in Eldar Mythology. Their cry is said to herald ill fate and can even wrench a soul from its Spirit Stone. It is fitting that these most feared of all the Eldar Aspect Warriors draw their inspiration from this creature. This lightly-equipped warrior-women are fearsome melee combat specialists who draw their inspiration from the unearthly creature with which they share a name. What the Howling Banshees lack in brute strength they make up for with their uncanny and inhuman precision and efficiency. The piercing warcry of these Aspect Warriors has heralded the coming doom of countless enemies of the Eldar people.

A notable exception in the otherwise genderless meritocracy that is the society of the Craftworld Eldar, the Howling Banshees are almost always female. This is because the banshees of Eldar legend, the daughters of the Crone Goddess Morai-Heg, are themselves always female spirits. However, it is possible for Eldar males to walk the Path of the Howling Banshee, though this is extraordinarily rare due to the lack of the needed psychological and physical assets amongst most males. However, there do exist several males amongst the ranks of the Banshees, often Autarchs pausing on their advance along the Path of Command in order to master yet another aspect of Khaine. These often unique individuals are welcomed equally into the Aspect by their sisters-in-arms as long as they prove able to master the varied demands of the Aspect.

Howling Banshees are swift and athletic Eldar warriors who specialise in deadly hand-to-hand fighting. Howling Banshees wear armoured helmets called Banshee Masks that contain psychosonic amplifiers which magnify their keening battle screams into mind-destroying shock waves. The forces unleashed by the Banshee Mask can inflict severe damage to the central nervous system of a Banshee's foe; inspiring a feeling of mortal terror and causing momentary paralysis to take hold over a victim's body. A full squad of Banshees activating their masks in unison can cripple an enemy unit before a single blow is struck, leaving them paralyzed and helpless before their onslaught.

Howling Banshees each utilise a Shuriken Pistol and an Eldar Power Sword in combat. This armament enables them to carve through even the toughest of enemy armor. Skillful use of their pistol can also eliminate vulnerable targets whilst their blade brings down heavily armored foes such as Space Marines. Exarchs of the Howling Banshees Aspect Shrine can wield a deadly pair of Mirrorswords or the dreaded Executioner, a potent, powered polearm.

Howling Banshees operate in squads of five to ten warriors, and these squads are sometimes lead by their Exarch. While capable of extraordinarily rapid transit on foot, these squads may also make use of Wave Serpent transports to move to their destinations even more rapidly.

Striking Scorpions

The Eldar Aspect Warriors known as the Striking Scorpions epitomize the deadly attributes of their namesake, and they are the most skilled of all the close-assault Warrior Aspects on the Eldar Path of the Warrior. They are merciless killers without exception, reveling in the hunt and the kill, using stealth and shadow to cloak themselves from sight until the moment of attack. The Striking Scorpions represent the wrath of the War God Kaela Mensha Khaine, which can fall without warning and with extraordinary savagery upon his foes.

The Striking Scorpions are one of the Eldar Warrior Aspects dedicated to close combat, particularly close combat during infiltration missions in which they must first close with the enemy undetected before unleashing their wrath. Many Striking Scorpions are physically more powerful than standard Eldar, and can match their Dark Eldar counterparts for sheer physical power. The signature attack of the Striking Scorpion is made by the weapon pods housed on either side of the warrior's helmet, known as Mandiblasters. These are small, short-ranged laser weapons used to deliver a deadly energy sting in close combat that can be psychically triggered. A Mandiblaster volley and the blistering storm of attacks from the Scorpions that follow it is enough to tear the heart out of an enemy force. Compared to their closest cousins, the Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions are not as swift but instead more adept at moving through dense terrain, using every available nook and crevice to lie in wait for the enemy before unleashing their attack. Only those Eldar of strong physique can become Striking Scorpions in order to wear their armour and wield their weapons.

The Striking Scorpions are also known for their use of a Shuriken Pistol in one hand and a Scorpion Chainsword in the other. Striking Scorpions also make use of Scorpion Armour, a suit of Aspect Armour that offers somewhat superior protection compared to the Aspect Armour suits used by most of the other Eldar Warrior Aspects.

Striking Scorpions are best deployed to deal with tactical situations in which they face off against large numbers of enemy troops who are weaker than they, though their unusual physical prowess for Eldar allows the Striking Scorpions to successfully battle foes head-to-head that most Eldar, even other Aspect Warriors, would avoid, like the Imperial Space Marines or the larger and more powerful varieties of Ork. A squad of Striking Scorpions typically numbers five to ten warriors, one of which is usually an Exarch. This squad can easily fit into a Wave Serpent transport for more rapid movement across the battlefield.

Warp Spiders

The Warp Spiders are Eldar Aspect Warriors who specialize in the use of a personal teleportation device built into their Aspect Armour to make a series of rapid jumps through the Immaterium that make them nearly impossible to target and allow them to attack the enemy suddenly and disappear before he can strike back. Taking their name from the same creatures who protect the Infinity Circuits of their Craftworlds, the Warp Spiders epitomize the concept of an aggressive defense.

The Warp Spider Aspect Warriors epitomize the doctrine of aggressive defense. Using a compact Warp Spider Jump Generator housed within the backpack of their Aspect Armour and operating in squads of five to ten warriors which are sometimes lead by an Exarch, these Aspect Warriors can make short Warp-jumps, disappearing into the Immaterium and reappearing into realspace in the blink of an eye. This enables them to make totally unexpected attacks on their foes, though it does necessitate spending a short time unshielded in the Empyrean. For this reason, the Warp Spiders are considered the bravest of all Eldar Aspect Warriors -- they risk not only their lives in the name of victory but also their souls, as Slaanesh hungers for the souls of all Eldar who dare to enter the realm of "She Who Thirsts" unprotected. Despite this accolade, Warp Spiders are also regarded as strange and terrifying, the furthest removed from the normal Eldar mindset of all the Warrior Aspects. Warp Spiders also tend to have a bleak outlook on life, and rarely mix with the warriors from the other Aspect Shrines. The ritual armament of the Warp Spider is the Death Spinner; a highly advanced weapon that extrudes a thick cloud of razor-sharp monofilament wire. The Spinner's magnetic containment field then spools the wire together and hurls it toward the enemy. The wire's own tension causes it to writhe and lash, and where it touches flesh or soft tissue, it slices through the victim's body, causing an agonizing and quite messy death. Warp Spiders are also equipped with other standard Eldar weapons, including Power Blades, Shuriken Weapons, and Fusion Guns.

Dark Reapers

The Dark Reapers are the most menacing of the Eldar Aspect Warriors. They exemplify the Eldar War God Kaela Mensha Khaine in his aspect as the Destroyer, and their skull-masked costume echoes that of their founder and Phoenix Lord, the "Harvester of Souls," Maugan Ra. They specialise in the use of highly-destructive, long-range heavy weaponry.
The Dark Reapers' Aspect Armour is the color of midnight and incorporates a complex set of interlocking plates. Although the Dark Reapers are comparatively slow-moving compared to other Eldar warriors as a result of their heavy armour, this is of little consequence, for their role on the battlefield is to serve as long-range heavy weapons fire support for the more mobile Eldar units. The Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers, Maugan Ra, teaches that the kiss of death can be delivered from afar. It is this credo that is central to the way of the Reaper. Their sacred weapon is the Reaper Launcher, a long-barrelled missile weapon that can create a blistering firestorm of small missiles with a single salvo. The small armor-piercing missiles the Reaper Launcher fires are powerful enough to take down all but the most heavily protected of foes.

The Dark Reapers pride themselves on their accuracy. To absorb the recoil of firing the Launcher and maintain a steady firing position, the powered limb supports include lower leg armour and boots fitted with stabilizers and clamps to secure the Dark Reaper to the ground. Their helmet incorporates specialized rangefinding sensor vanes which extend out of the helmet of their Aspect Armour and allows a Dark Reaper to achieve target lock on even fast-moving vehicles. This also creates a mind-link with the Dark Reaper's weapon, allowing them to "see" out of the muzzle of the launcher. The resulting increase in their already deadly accuracy means it is almost impossible for a Dark Reaper to miss his target. Their superb aim enables them to dominate the battlefield, pinning down enemy forces and destroying their chosen targets at will.

The downside to all of their extra equipment, along with the weight of their heavy weapon, is that Dark Reapers are slower and less mobile compared to other Aspect Warriors. However, as their primary tactical role is to provide long-range fire support, this is not seen as significantly detracting from the Aspect's combat effectiveness. Operating in squads of three to five Dark Reapers, one of which may be an Exarch, these units are usually positioned in cover behind the main Eldar battle line, where they can best support the advance of friendly troops and target the enemy's heavy assets. For added mobility, the squad can also be mounted in a Wave Serpent transport.

Shining Spears

The Shining Spears are one of the rarest and most specialised of the Eldar Aspect Warriors. The Shining Spears possess a bright and clear virtue that marks each one out as a warrior hero and a champion of the Eldar race. Eldar mythology is replete with examples of noble heroes at one with their steed and in the Shining Spears, the glories of legend are made manifest once more. In battle, they fight as the Spear of Kaela Mensha Khaine, the invincible weapon of the Eldar God of War that struck like lightning and killed any foe with a single blow. Shining Spears can be distinguished from all of the other Eldar Warrior Aspects for they are the only Aspect Warriors to make use of anti-gravity Jetbikes. The identity of the Shining Spears Aspect's Phoenix Lord Drastanta is not known to Imperial scholars.

The Shining Spears Aspect also have only a tiny presence on a few Craftworlds, including the major ones such as Ulthwé, but are regarded as an elite force, glittering exemplars of the warrior way. Shining Spear squads are relatively small, just three to five warriors, a number which sometimes includes an Exarch to lead them. Yet even a small unit of Shining Spears can turn the tide of a protracted battle, for their legendary charges hit home with the force of a thunderbolt. Few enemies can withstand such a devastating charge.

Shining Spears ride sleek, gleaming Eldar Jetbikes to war, their vehicles' anti-gravitic motors allowing them to skim over even the roughest terrain at a breakneck pace. Each Aspect Warrior is so in tune with their Jetbike that they can execute complex, high-speed aerial manoeuvers with a single gesture. Even a small unit of Shining Spears can turn the tide of a protracted combat, for their legendary charges hit home with the force of a thunderbolt. Apart from the twin-linked Shuriken Catapults incorporated into their Jetbikes, the ritual armament of the Shining Spears Aspect Warrior is the Laser Lance. This elegant weapon can deliver intense short-ranged energy blasts and is usually used just as the Shining Spears deliver their charge. These Aspect Warriors specialize in delivering hit-and-run attacks, careening past the foe and returning for another attack in much the same way as the dueling Dragon Knights of the Exodites.

Swooping hawks

The Swooping Hawks are the aerial Aspect Warriors of the Eldar. They wear cunningly constructed anti-gravitic wings that enable them to launch high into the air at a moment's notice. They are able to launch lightning-fast aerial assaults against their foes, cutting them down with the deadly energy weapons known as Lasblasters in a blur of colour. The Swooping Hawks take their name from the wild hunting birds of Eldar Mythology, who symbolise revenge and retribution. Just as these birds of legend contained the spirit of a murdered Eldar, hovering over their killers as a mark of guilt, so too do the Swooping Hawks fly across the battlefield, dealing swift death as retribution to the enemies of the Eldar.

The Swooping Hawks are among the most mobile of the Eldar Aspect Warriors as a result of their Swooping Hawk Wings, which allow them to lift off into the air at a moment's notice and fly across the battlefield. Their wings are made from vibrating feather plates and incorporate small gravitic lifters. When the Hawks fly, these wings vibrate with such speed they turn into a blur of colour. The speed and agility that this technology provides the Swooping Hawks more than makes up for the fact that their Aspect Armour, compared to that worn by the warriors of the other Aspects, is less thick as a result of their need to keep their weight low and therefore offers less protection from enemy fire. Swooping Hawk Aspect Armour is typically coloured like the sky, a pale shade of blue or grey, with contrasting colours as well, especially on the wings.

A Swooping Hawk squad can number anywhere from five to ten warriors, including sometimes an Exarch to lead them. The ritual weapon of the Swooping Hawks is the Lasblaster, a far more efficient energy weapon than the similar Lasgun employed by the Imperium, and the Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack, two weapons especially suited to their role as highly mobile harassing elements operating ahead of the main Eldar host. The Grenade Pack, in particular, can carry a wide variety of fragmentation, armor-piercing and plasma-based grenades, including electromagnetic Haywire Grenades that are lobbed at the ground to disable enemy vehicles. Flying over their enemies' heads, the Swooping Hawks rain down explosive death before closing in to press the assault or falling back to cover to use their laser weapons. Though they lack the sheer power of some other temples, the Swooping Hawks' use of harassing attack from above makes them terrible foes.

Shadow Spectres

The Shadow Spectres are a recently re-discovered group of Eldar Aspect Warriors who specialise in the deployment of highly-mobile, infantry-based anti-armour firepower who are experts at striking at enemy vehicles from concealment and extreme long-range. Armed with Prism Rifles, each a potent anti-tank weapon, and equipped with Jetpacks, their mobility allows them to hunt down their chosen targets with the implacable patience of the dead, materialising seemingly from the very air to unleash their overwhelming firepower. The Shadow Spectres represent the Eldar God of War Kaela Mensha Khaine in his aspect as the Eternal Warrior, for whom death is no release from duty. It is therefore appropriate that the Shadow Spectres Aspect Shrine has historically been associated with the Wraithguard. Traditionally, Eldar who lose their lives in service to the Shadow Spectres Shrine have their Spirit Stone transferred to a Wraithbone combat walker body; in turn, the Wraithguard have acted as the guardians of the Shadow Spectre Shrine for many Terran millennia.

Shadow Spectres are equipped and armed with Jetpacks, Holofield emitters, and Prism Rifles, which are infantry versions of the massive Prism Cannons deployed on Eldar Fire Prism grav-tanks. These weapons release highly focused blasts of laser energy that can vaporise the armour of even the heaviest vehicles. The Shadow Spectres use their Jetpacks to remain highly mobile across the battle space and to find the most advantageous terrain from which to strike against enemy armoured vehicles. Additionally, Shadow Spectre Aspect Warriors are capable of combining the power of their Prism Rifles using a sophisticated targeting matrix known as the Ghostlight. The Ghostlight combines each individual shot from a squad of Shadow Spectres into a single searing blast of energy with a greatly magnified range that allows the Aspect Warriors to destroy an enemy's armoured support from an unseen location far across the battlefield. Instead of firing their Prism Rifles (or the Exarch's Prism Lance) individually the squad may take a single Ghostlight shot of greatly enhanced power which is particularly useful when used against the most powerful armoured targets like Space Marine Land Raiders.

Crimson Hunters

The Crimson Hunters are amongst the most unusual of the Eldar Aspect Warriors. Their ritual wargear is not blade or sidearm, but instead a sleek aerial fighter that represents the pinnacle of Eldar aeronautics. These formidable aircraft, known as Nightshade Interceptors, are just as much a part of the Crimson Hunter's battlegear as the Howling Banshees' Power Sword or the Dire Avengers' Shuriken Catapult. Their lethality, however, is measured on a different scale altogether.

The Crimson Hunters are few in number, though their Aspect Shrines are becoming ever more widespread amongst the Eldar Craftworlds. These temples to Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Eldar God of War, are unlike any other. They are not buildings or landscapes at all but tunnel-linked collections of transparent atriums that float around the periphery of their Craftworlds like archipelagos at the edge of a vast landmass. It is within these realms of captive sky that the Crimson Hunters duel, their weapons of choice the Bright Lances and Pulse Lasers gracing each interceptor's curving fuselage. During the breakneck battles that take place in these shrines, the weapons of the Crimson Hunters are set to illuminate rather than to pierce, for the Nightshade Interceptor has been designed specifically to hunt down and destroy aircraft of any kind -- even those of the Dark Eldar. A single beam of light can be the difference between victory and defeat, though it is said that the reflexes of a Crimson Hunter are so preternaturally sharp that they can evade even these.

By training every night against their own kind -- in essence, the most gifted fighter pilots in the galaxy -- the proud warriors of the Crimson Hunters ensure that the act of destroying the aircraft of the "lesser races" is a simple exercise that proves their inherent superiority over the sluggish would-be pilots that pollute the skies of the universe. The Crimson Hunters embody the war god Khaine's ability to leave a more powerful foe reeling and ready for slaughter. Soaring through the air in a blur of colour, they hunt down and destroy the aircraft of the foe, ensuring total air superiority so that the ungainly bulk of the enemy army is left blinded and slow to react. Once the pinpoint strikes of the Crimson Hunters have ensured the enemy army is ripe for destruction, the barbaric horde is taken apart at leisure by the rest of the Eldar warhost.

Eagle pilots

An Eagle Pilot is an Eldar Aspect Warrior who follows the Warrior Path of the Phoenix Lord Amon Harakht, of whom almost nothing is known. Like their fellow airborne Aspect Warriors, the Swooping Hawks, the Eagle Pilots take exultant pleasure in the arts of aerial combat. These Eldar are superb pilots of any type of Eldar aircraft or spacecraft but especially excel in the aerial arts of war. Their skill and artistry in flight is nearly unmatched by the combat pilots of any other species, as they take to the skies in their Nightwing interceptors or Phoenix strike aircraft.

Eagle Pilots serve as the combat pilots of the Eldar Craftworlds, performing combat air patrols and fulfilling air superiority and ground attack support roles for Eldar military forces in the field. Eagle Pilots possess the ability to fly nearly any aircraft but they primarily fly the Eldar's Nightwing Interceptor and the Phoenix strike combat aircraft. The Nightwing interceptor is the primary fighter aircraft of the Eldar, combining a speed and maneuverability that no Imperial fighter aircraft can match, with considerable firepower and the sophisticated energy field protection that is common to Eldar vehicles. The Nightwing is a variable geometry aircraft capable of altering its wing position to shift between subsonic and supersonic speeds. The Eldar Phoenix is a heavily armed strike aircraft that is intended to engage both enemy infantry and armor on the ground, while its sophisticated energy field protects it from enemy fire.

Grave tanks and other vehicles

Fire Prism
The Fire Prism is an Eldar gravity tank based on the design of the Falcon. Its primary role is that of a dedicated tank-hunter. Despite its aesthetic qualities, the Fire Prism sacrifices none of the killing power associated with heavy armour. It replaces the Falcon's troop-carrying capacity and turret weapons with a massive crystal array, known to Imperial forces as a Prism Cannon. This weapon has twice the range of the Pulse Laser or Scatter Laser, allowing it to hit targets just visible on the horizon, and is powerful enough to punch through the thickest armour or even combine with other Prism Cannons for increased destructive potential. The Fire Prism's distinctive weapon is the bane of the heavy battle tanks of many other lesser races in the Milky Way Galaxy.
The Falcon is the main battle tank of the Eldar, a fast, mobile and well-protected grav-tank carrying excellent anti-tank and anti-infantry firepower. In addition to the Falcon's considerable assets, it can also transport a small squad of Aspect Warriors or Eldar Guardians into battle, and its split wing design and single seat turret are a familiar sight to those enemy tank crews that face the Eldar on the battlefield.
Wave serpent
The Wave Serpent is an armored personnel carrier based on the same design as the Falcon. It is the standard transport vehicle of the Craftworld Eldar. Armed with twin-linked shuriken catapults and a set of twin-linked heavy weapons, the Wave Serpent is capable of carrying up to twelve Eldar passengers in the expanded passenger compartment. In addition, the prow of the Wave Serpent is protected by an advanced energy shield, reducing the effectiveness of enemy weapons and ordnance.
War walker

A War Walker is a one person, lightly armored, bipedal combat walker used by the Eldar. They are manned by a standard Eldar Guardian. The War Walker plays an essential role for Eldar military forces very similar to that of an Astra Militarum Sentinel. Both are nimble, lightly armored scouting units, though the War Walker is closer in size to the Wraithlord.

War Walker pilots often become emotionally attached to their mounts, and a union of the pilot's mind with their machine ensues. This union is aided by the presence of an Eldar Spirit Stone, containing the spirit of a deceased Eldar that has been melded with the walker. The conjoined minds of the pilot and the individual personality within the Spirit Stone provide a much sharper focus and a deadlier concentration in combat that enhances the mission effectiveness of the walker.

Wind Rider Jetbike

The Jetbikes utilised by the Craftworld Eldar are sleek one-man craft propelled by powerful anti-gravitic motors. Beautifully designed, the Eldar Jetbike is a wonder of engineering, using subtle manipulation of the anti-gravity field to combine high speed with incredible agility and maneuverability. It is capable of such velocity that without the prodigious reaction speed of an Eldar it would be more lethal to the rider than his foe. So finely wrought are these incredible machines that a skilled pilot can cross leagues in just a few heartbeats before levelling a hurricane of close-range shuriken fire into the enemy ranks. Retaliation is nigh impossible, for the Jetbike is agile enough to bear its pilot away into cover. Jetbikes can even be used to climb up the sides of buildings using this powerful anti-gravitic technology. To an Eldar, the mastery of the Jetbike is an exhilarating challenge. Jetbikes have long, curved vanes on either side that allow the rider to execute incredibly sharp turns in mid-air, and the strength of their anti-grav motors can be subtly manipulated to send the Jetbikes hurtling into a steep dive or sharp climb. Even for an Eldar it takes years of practice to master a Jetbike's potential, but one who does so builds a rapport with his steed comparable to the horsemasters of Eldar Mythology.

Jetbike riders operate as forward scouts and fast-response strike forces, speeding across the battlefield in a brightly-coloured blur before unleashing tight fusillades from their hull-mounted Shuriken Catapults, which can be upgraded to carry a single Shuriken Cannon instead. A common tactic for Jetbike riders is to circumvent enemy lines completely and then close in on their vulnerable rear, taking a fearsome toll before gunning their engines and speeding off again. Riders are normally armed with an additional Shuriken Pistol, although warriors of the Shining Spears Aspect Warriors use a Laser Lance designed to deliver a laser blast at extremely close range. Many war-leaders of the Eldar are known to ride Jetbikes into battle, including Autarchs, Farseers, and Warlocks. Those Autarchs who were once members of the Shining Spears Aspect Shrine themselves are known for riding alongside the Shining Spears into battle.

Super heavy vehicles and titans


The Cobra is an Eldar super-heavy grav-tank that supports Eldar heavy armour assaults. This huge vehicle carries heavy firepower, and is broadly comparable to Imperial Guard super-heavy tanks. The Cobra is an Engine of Vaul, the name for an Eldar super-heavy armoured vehicle, much like its counterpart, the Scorpion, but re-armed with a large Distortion Cannon (D-Cannon). This weapon is also known as a Warp Cannon or Vortex Cannon. There are two versions of the Cobra. Type I has a turret-mounted D-Cannon, while the Type II has a fixed, forward firing D-Cannon.

The Cobra is designed to find and destroy enemy war machines, as their protective force fields are little defence against the D-Cannon's heinous energies. As with all Eldar vehicles, crew numbers are kept to a minimum. The dwindling civilisation of the Eldar means they must rely upon sophisticated technology and the Wraithbone construction of their vehicles, freeing more warriors from crewman duties to fill the ranks of Guardian and Aspect Warriors squads.


The Scorpion is an Eldar super-heavy grav-tank utilised exclusively by the Eldar, and is amongst the largest vehicles recorded capable of anti-gravitic movement in the galaxy. Known to the Eldar as one of the Engines of Vaul, it combines sophisticated and powerful weaponry with the grace and speed that have come to be associated with the Eldar's vehicles. Protected by a Holo-Field and armed with twin-linked Pulsars, the Scorpion has earned nicknames like the "Grave-maker" and "Deathsled" from the Imperium's tank crews. The Eldar regard the huge machines of the Imperium or Orks as crude and ungainly when compared with the grace of a Scorpion as it skims into battle.

Revenant Titan

The Revenant Scout Titan is the smallest grade of Eldar Titan, comparable to the Imperial Warhound-class Titan. All Eldar Titans are agile and graceful constructs, but the Revenant's compact size allows it to move with a swiftness and smoothness quite simply impossible for the war machines of the other intelligent races. The Revenant also mounts a number of powerful jump jets on its slender frame, turning its movement into a series of drifting leaps, or even gentle floating sweeps over the battlefield. Despite this almost ethereal grace, Revenant Titans are well-armed, powerful adversaries. Their pace, agility and ability to leap difficult terrain allows them to harry the enemy lines in quick scouting raids before disappearing back into cover with the same terrifying speed. Revenant Titan crews are small, guided partially by the spirits contained within their Wraithbone core, as is the case with all Eldar Titans. Where the larger Eldar Titans are sometimes crewed by twins or triplets, the smaller Revenants are often manned by just one member of a pair of siblings, the second of whom will pilot another Revenant, leading to the Titans hunting in packs, psychically linked to one another by the inherent bloodties of their twin pilots.

Incredibly versatile, the Revenant is deployed in a variety of ways. Amongst the Phantom Titans it can operate in a forward scout role. Its jump jets give it the speed to be deployed in support of armoured Eldar assault waves, or it can act as extra fore support for defensive squads of Guardian militia. A noted tactic for the Eldar is to pair their Titans together. Linked telepathically by the blood-ties of their Steersmen, they always fight side-by-side. Paired Eldar Titans often have joint names. Long and complex by the standards of the Imperium's Titan Legions, these war machines bear elaborate titles which when translated from the Eldar Lexicon into Low Gothic read as Hearts Armoured for Battle, Eagles Born of Flame, Revenge upon Ancient Wrongs, Guardians of the Gates of Infinity, and Protectors of the Fallen

Phantom Titan

Eldar Titans are very different from the machine-constructs of the other intelligent races of the galaxy. They benefit not only from the experience of their crew (who are raised with their Titans from birth), but from the collective consciousness of the Spirit Stones contained within the Titan, housing the souls of numerous dead Eldar. Phantom Titans are built around a Wraithbone core which permits the spirits contained within it to flow freely through the whole construct. This gives the Eldar Titan a consciousness of its own which, combined with its living crew, transforms the Phantom into an unusually deadly fighting machine.

Eldar births are rare, and new generations emerge only every few hundred Terran years, so every child is cherished in a manner the other, younger races, find hard to understand. Most revered of all are the rare occurrences of Eldar twin, or even triplet births. Such sets of siblings are considered fated for greatness by the Eldar, and invariably find positions of great power within Eldar society. Many of these twins and triplets form crews for the Eldar Titans, where the natural emotional bonds between siblings, the Eldar's latent psychic power and the special relationship between pilot, machine and the spirits of the dead contained within the Titan construct, combine to create a mastery of control few amongst even the Eldar could hope to achieve. Most sorrowful, yet most skilled, of all are those Eldar who have lost their kin to the depredations of a violent galaxy. These mourning Eldar often inter the spirit stones of their dead brothers and sisters within the wraithbone shell of a Titan and then take to the machine themselves, seldom emerging, preferring instead to remain within the Titan where they can yet commune with their lost siblings.

Phantom Titans are similar in most ways to Imperial Titans but show typical Eldar attributes. They are slimmer in build and much faster than their human-built counterparts. Their weaponry is less about raw firepower and more about well-aimed crucial hits. For defence they use a Holo-Field emitter which makes them harder to "see" and thus more difficult to target; the advantage is that they can avoid damage completely. However, Holo-Fields do not actually deflect firepower like Imperial Void Shields and Ork Power Fields. What makes Phantom Titans distinctive from those of the other races is their crew. In addition to the living, the souls and memories of ancient Eldar warriors are maintained in the Wraithbone matrix of the Titan.

War machines of such size and power as the Phantom Titan are not deployed for the Eldar race's usual lightning raids and surgical strikes. These massive war machines are reserved for the heaviest fighting, when a Craftworld must engage in a pitched battle, when fast hit-and-run raiding will not suffice and the Eldar wish to wreak terrible destruction upon their enemies. Only then do the Webway portals open wide and allow the Phantoms to stride forth. Times must be desperate indeed for a Craftworld's Farseers to decree the deployment of such engines of war.

Warlock Titan
A rarely encountered variant of the Phantom Titan is known as the Warlock Titan. It contains within its Wraithbone core the spirits of mighty Eldar Farseers and Warlocks. As they were powerful psykers in life, so too are they in death. The psychic strength of these dead spirits, focused and amplified by the Titan's Wraithbone structure, is phenomenal, far outstripping the powers of the living. This potent psychic ability combined with the smooth agility of the Eldar Titans and their sophisticated weaponry, places the Warlock Titan at the very pinnacle of Eldar achievement in the realm of psychic engineering. Warlock Titans, as a result of the precognitive power of their possessing Seer spirits, possess an insight into the shape of the future or possible future and they act in conjunction with the ebb and flow of the fates, moving with them in perfect synchronisation to assault the enemy at the most propitious time and place.

So begins...

Aeldari of Craftworld Mírandon's Story

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deep within the void of the Andromeda, far from any inhabited systems, a once dormant Webway gate began to sluggishly power up, the psychoactive crystals dotting the colossal crescent moon shaped gateway. these Crystals began to glow as their deep hidden power returned to them, and one by one each crystal began to shine brilliantly, almost like stars.

this process had taken little more than two minutes before, from the inner ring of the crescent, azure blue lightning of psykic power arched towards the center where it would peel back the blackness of the void into a turquoise blue portal, and from the twisting tunnels of the webway.

First of the ships to exit the webway gate were the Mírandon's battleship escorts and cruisers, followed by the lighter class ships and then Mírandon itself, the craftworld only just fit within the gateway. the colossal 'world ship' slower than its defenders but just as graceful as those ships almost a school of fish that swam around a much larger beast.

across the hull of the Mírandon its 'habitats' housing millions of Aeldari who wished to stay aboard the craftworld that had for so many millennia been their home and granted them safety. cities with a view to the void constructed from wraithbone. a psycho-reactive material, incredibly strong, highly resistant to damage, limited self-repair, and with the right psykic presence malleable to any form the Bonesingers so desire.

From the chamber of the autarchs, Vallek and his council watched the transition and solemnly looked to one another.

"the last time we left Myran was some nine thousand years ago, how are you so sure that we do so without risking the secrecy of our home?" one of the council spoke up.

The rest looked from Vallek whom clad in his heavy aspect armour and his blade at his waist. "I'm not, we leave Myran under the care of half the fleet, as we always have...however the Farseers have cast their runes and in time we will have no choice but to abandon Myran... unless we set out to alter the course of fate." Vallek stood up and walked away from the circle looking out into the void across the length of the craftworld. "I do so, knowing that I risk every man, woman, and child aboard the craftworld. and it is for that reason that any and all threats will be dealt with."

a unifying nod of agreement went about the council and the autarchs dispersed to meditate the details of the council, train or watch over the craftworld.

"Kaileth, I sensed your entry hours ago" he turned to watch the cloaked pathfinder step forward from his hiding spot, the relic long rifle hung from the pathfinder's shoulder, there was no chatter between the two, but to scholars of the Imperium of man, it was known that the Aeldari could hold entire conversations based off body language alone, the language of the Eldar was beyond any complete understanding the Imperium, one subtle tone in voice or shift in body could be the difference of inviting death or leaving the meeting alive.

"many of the autarchs are afraid, and so are you Vallek" Kaileth broke the silence. "of course we are, we have no idea where this webway path has brought us. But, I believe you're about to tell me all I need to know." Vallek said seriously and Kaileth nodded

"you've entered the Multiverse, and there are many empires and dominions of power seeking control or influence."

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Creatures of the Fallen Emperor were ones created with imperialist expansion which changed little by their association with the Living Emperor. However without the fallen emperor in the nascent years of the creature known as Myrkul's Vein its exploration was a thing devoid of nationalism and had apathy toward the nonhuman. However this particular collective of creatures had their own form of the Webway though unable to cary mass and it was only a matter of time until they'd collided as Myrkul explored out from Terra. When it encountered, or rather by happenstance drilled into, a webway while threading its own potentials they quietly took it up under their own auspices. A throng of small mouse holes in the walls of broken sections of webway found it in a state of deep disrepair. Their resources proved compatible with its construction as repairs began in earnest. Some sections take up a purple hybrid hue among the wraithbone where splints of ferroplasm uncollapse broken ribs of the endless winding space.

Though protective walls exist between broken spaces they'd not yet purged the creatures from this place hadn't any quite yet. If the Living Emperor did not know about their activities it was simply that he had not looked or asked. The creatures underneath the overbeing toiled endlessly in all reaches of their territory but did not report unless asked explicitly. There were several large purple sections where the creatures had refurbished a destroyed portion. They navigated around runes of power sealing sections away digging between aged wounds to extend accessibility between sealed cleansed tunnels until they learned how to gain access. They were not creatures that smashed existing architecture merely because it was in the way and simply maintained the walls keeping them out from their own side.

As such far flung reaches weren't out of notice though not nearly as dense with servitors. At a point just outside the system a creature normally busied with digging new channels instead busied herself instead with designing a Webway compatible psychoportation locus. It would be necessary when Myrkul's core gate was completed that they did not damage the existing tunnels by expansion of their mouse-holes within it. Easily the diameter of a battle barge's furthest width and her a head slightly more so four huge eyes spy her targets of interest in vertical or horizontal pairs. Her body of bony scales emerges from a hole in reality around where a skeletonized ferroplasm superstructure takes shape. Her own will holding the transected channel open while they construct the ring about her long body. Small black-robed humanoids walk across the metallic surface absent any protection from the vacuum as small novas of psionic metacreativity manufactures assemblies for those servitors to install. Given bits of free-floating seared debris and small human-sized worms moving between them to consume bits of ruined Webway fauna it's clear that this particular research has been a long time ongoing. The gate here likely for similar reasons as her choosing it given a place away from interfering living creatures and their noisy emanations. Eldrylth did not care to carry any ostentatious imperial markings of the Living Emperor as did Tolyl. A lesser loyal first to Myrkul's Vein and humankind as a whole.

The sparks stop for a moment as those slit-eyes look toward a whisper of activity from the Webway gate. Has something put it to use? Her awareness connected to small purple weapons adhered to the gate, much like an array of weaponized barnacles along repaired sections, warm up to try to scry the worldship and quantify its nature. The minimally intelligent servitor weapons were organized for psionic hardening not adaptability and they'd conclude shortly even by passive inspection that the ships were neither tainted nor demonkind. They would thereby stand down. Minimal curiosity sated the lesser of Myrkul simply detached her awareness then resumed weaving new manifolds. Humankind doing as they willed, she hoped they would be quiet.

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"or peace, though far and few between"

Vallek stopped to think on that one word and turned to face the exile "Peace? our race has known naught but survival and destruction for ten millennia..." Vallek shook his head and raised a hand to stop Kaileth from continuing "do you sense that presence?" Kaileth turned to the void and focused upon his psykic senses. "another being of great psykic power?"

though Vallek and Kaileth weren't the only ones to notice the presence of the Myrkul and the Myrkul, those with any form of psychic or psyker presence would feel the tens of millions of Aeldari aboard the craftworld, most almost latent, others far more powerful as they walk the path of the seer. Vallek marched from the council chambers and made his way towards the crystal sanctum.

the fleet had fallen into its defensive posture but by further study, most would realize that this 'posture' or fleet positioning was the normal flight paths around the craftworld, fighter craft swarmed around the craftworld watching all angles, sending and receiving psykic orders and updates to one another.

Vallek soon arrived at the sanctum of the seers, the crystalline structure glistening in the light as small psykic spiders paced across the surface, within and walking towards the central temple Vallek would see the hundreds of Farseers and Warlocks who had given their lives to the craftworld, their bodies 'frozen' in time as the physical form had turned to crystal, all in a posture of meditation, their runic robes and ghost helms fused to the crystal. deep within, Vallek and Kaileth would come across the farseers surrounded each by their own council of warlocks, casting the runes of fate and reading the strands of fate and time.

to disturb the 'ceremony' would invite the wrath of the warlocks. and so the two would have to wait or investigate without the presience of the farseers.

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The noise of that many minds reached her in a tide of melody. It wasn't the cacophonous riot that humankind were prone to. Still, it disturbed her work so thus inclined to stop for now. These were in concordance to at least some degree. A stronger force some backing of intellects within the ship to stabilize the whole. A purpose not wholly unfamiliar to the creatures of Myrkul's Vein. Though peculiarities of the ship's inhabitants had hallmarks of other finds of hers. Remnants among her duties to tend broken souls found by Myrkul among aetherkind. Particularly in recent demonkind she did not object as she rather enjoyed puzzles. Some managed to come forth from the dross whole enough that they repairs were not impossible. Some remnants too long crumbled see little more than amalgam into a favored template. Amalgam of pieces from unnameable souls had some semblance of affinity for their kin. Yet little evidence of an intelligent being. In whole their souls all had some sort of the same self-inflicted wound. Seen to her by a concordance of one kind or another. Each stuck out like a troupe of odd clothed foreign actors with a uniform limp.

Some of them arrive instead within small stones pocketed by demons. Attendant parts with some but forbidden to rekindle nonhumankind she saw them disposed. So Eldrylth's diligent eye shapes their new template around the souls instead. Imprisoning them in a rock seemed more akin to aetherkind efficient though it was. Some souls were too tainted even before they died but seemed of a kind nonetheless. The template couldn't sustain real sapient thought but by this did not break dicta. She couldn't return them to a cognizant bodied form. It did halt the degradation of their limping soul at least and some of them could then still heal the scars. Repair of nonhumankind was never perfect. Otherwise the agreeable ones stored away tending to themselves. Food dropped from the sky to see the templates fed until deciding what to do with them. In this case she would now return them to their own.

Within her inworld from that blue sky her attention then went. Where the creatures and soul anchors lie resting. The anchors incomplete puzzles she'd not yet finished. Near woody pedestals in a grassy bright place of a sunless blue sky small fireflies emerge. Each a psychoportation loci that flit off to all targets. Most head at a tall pine of irrational height small pale squirrels with pointy tufted ears roam free. The fireflies separate and circle around each as she waits for all to find their targets. Some of the more intact souls look a critical eye at the object they know as part of the Eldrylth. Others either hid or chased as raw instinct of the template reacted.

The rest were easier to find. Amalgams reincarnated their templates as pups with some ceaseless repetition. The small pups huddled in nests arranged by the discerning few. The nature of what was wrong with the amalgam wasn't clear to her despite a passing interest. At least the mewling creatures were always in one place for the keen-eyed ones to tend to. Last were black squirrels below in iron cages that rattle and froth at the fireflies. That did them little good as weak as she made their templates. Each marked with some symbol Eldrylth was aware they identified with. She assumed them known enough to warn their kind. Offended by their natures tainted by demonkind she'd scraped their housing template clean. No wells of accessible power left in their frame when building templates. Far more a prison than the stones she'd found in some demonkind's pocket.

Back in space an eye and awareness went to the direction of the craftworld. Eldrylth's massive head pivoted away from her work to an empty space nearby to work. A basal maw flares raw metacreativity using bound psimass to will shard into form. Initial chaotic volumes assemble a small bulb of aluminosilicate. The templates did need to eat and breathe to harden atmosphere against space. Both materials plentiful in the belts the form consuming little of her resources. As the last shards assembled more fireflies of psychoportation appear inside. Clods of dirt and grass fall from flares into the sphere.

Atop the patchwork quilt of manifested grass the migrants the last to arrive. Alarmed pale squirrels and those unmoved critical eyes forced by transition inside. Some looked up at Eldrylth then collected the amalgam pups that arrived. Black ones arrive in a sturdy isolation a large cage with metal iron bars. Each bar far heavier than their scoured template's meagre strength. A screeching throng of anger with house symbols showing in the fur of their heads. The quieter squirrels looking on with distaste as some of the panicked stop to chatter at them.

The template she'd built any of them hadn't the ability to respond to a deep psionic voice. Though as she talked she pondered the those steel-eyed ones in particular.

Their critical eye had much to say as she talks, "Nonhumankind, those are your own and from now I wash myself of you to them. I return to you names that belong to you though some now only exist in the amalgams."

Small blue shards flicker into existence and clink into the center of the grassy dome. Each emblazoned with names she'd recovered in the progress of templating them. Though glad to be rid of them constant reformation of amalgams was tiring. As she impulsed them in the direction of the worldship she did have a wistful moment. As one does when giving away toys.

The warlocks or seers less enthused by any reasonable estimation. A creeping sphere came with some of the aetheric construct squirrels now busied. Some of the critical eyed holding functional eldar souls dug through the pile. As they found their proper names and remembered themselves once more. Threads that fate deigned to have cut reaching out to fuse to fate once more.

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Eldrylth felt the ripple in her consciousnesses as Myrkul began emigration from Genesis. Even she found the plane a bland if pleasant void. Utterly pure and untouchable it was a pretty stone unable to grow. Though particular things in reality of immense intensity shook the fabric of the immaterium. Things that should not persist for so long lest it degenerate the basal layers of reality. Where reality would open a bleeding sore just to inhibit such a thing to ever be. The dragon curled about her project of studying the Eldar gate slowly looked to the distant field where such a ripples washed over her. The gate would have to wait. A focus to open pinpoints of psychoportation locus she called her servitors back. The coiled lesser of myrkul elongated as the transection drive buried with her form alit to slip between reality.

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Character Portrait: AUK-53 AUK-53 says,
 “ ”

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A black lumpy car-sized rock drifts through the Andromeda Galaxy, coming from somewhere within the Local Group, having arrived from Space after travelling along a perfectly straight course for over a century. The rock was pitch black, oddly shaped, having a glassy black shiny surface which looked similar to obsidian. The object was spinning slowly along a slightly curved axis, appearing like a large space rock, or space debri of some kind. The object gave off no radio signals, no heat signatures, no life signals, and no signs of intelligence. It appeared to be just a floating rock coursing through outer space. The object had originated from the uncharted void in region CF3 in the middle of absolutely nowhere, before drifting slowly through Gehenna over the Hall of Riots, through the Multiverse into charted Space, and eventually heading towards the Local Group into the Andromeda Galaxy, never speeding up or slowing down, and never once turning or changing course. It had taken over a century for the small black object to travel this far as it drifted slowly through the galaxy on its seemingly timeless voyage, heading into a region of Taiyou Space as it left the area, continuing it's journey.