Aeolia Schenberg

Scientist. Founder of CELESTIAL BEING.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Remæus


Paramilitary organization founded by GN technology pioneer and scientist, Aeolia Schenberg.


What I hate are people who misuse their intelligence, the ones who get caught up in their own personal beliefs and prejudices and lose sight of the truth. It leads to misunderstandings, followed by discord and then by conflict.

So begins...

Aeolia Schenberg's Story


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When seeing the signal to attack, Tremuloides took it, only to be stopped suddenly by one of the bridge girls.

CT-6 Populus! The Psychic Receptors are going haywire! Whatever is happening up ahead is scrambling them!

Tremuloides spoke in turn.

pR  Σ  P  Λ  R  Σ CONFLICT   FOR   Σ  SC  Λ  L  Λ  T  Σ  D CONDITION.』

Immediately, the parts of the fleet that had begun advancing stopped, and the Starbase's space yard began producing ships that were more up to date. The assault satellites moved to adopt a more defensive formation as Tremuloides had the bridge girls continue to monitor the psychic assault that was being levied, and scanned for any other vessels on their other systems.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: M.A Ria Character Portrait: Fe Jones Character Portrait: LNS Void Wanderer Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Admiral Ilia Thauce Character Portrait: Agarran Magthulia Character Portrait: Aeolia Schenberg Character Portrait: E.V.E.

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Hmmm... How curious. Agarran thought to himself as he pressed against the consciousnesses of the enemy vessel. He had been attempting to render them all unconscious with a command to sleep, but most of them appeared to instinctively rejected or resisted the order.

After further investigation, he detected another oddity. Fascinating... They are not genetically oriented for hive psionics... and yet they are actively engaging in such measures He mused, as he watched them connect minds again, each one forcibly rejecting his order. With each mind that successfully threw off his assault, the defenses became stronger. And subsequently, the next defender was more easily able to resist the assault. Once the entire crew of the ship had coordinated, the vessel was completely impervious to his assault.

Agarran was conflicted. On the one hand, he could easily press his assault and break through their defenses, but doing so would undoubtedly cause casaulties, and he had been asked to capture them alive. With that in mind, Agarran couldn't afford to press, and would instead have to settle for maintaining his assault to provide cover for the Aschen forces. They'll have to handle the rest, i'm afraid.



Ilia forcibly reestablished command over her crew. One by one she pulled her crewmates together and, with their minds connected to hers, raised a barrier in their psyche against the foe. The liquid of before that had been penetrated by hail of glass, slowly but surely solidified into a diamond hard sphere that no psychic assault could penetrate.

Immediatly after throwing off that assault, Ilia issued an order for all crew to enable PCL. Almost in sync across the entire ship, crew members slipped into their predesignated positions, whereupon a liquid crystal encased them, before solidifying.

Inside of a handful of minutes, the Unglauss was now completely controlled and operated solely through the minds of her crew. This accelerated response time and made Ilia immediatly aware of anything any of her crewmembers were aware of.

Like cells of a single body, they worked together to simultanously fight off the invasive psychic assault while preparing for a counterattack.

Ilia took stock of the situation. The enemy was aware of them, the enemy also had a psychic force of significant strength. Her forces were not sufficient to overcome such an entity. Enemy drones assaulting the unglauss, weapons ineffective against armor. Missile impacts on stern, minimal damage, outer plating breached. The enemy had deployed vessels towards the Unglauss, troop carriers judging by the size and shape. Enemy warships en route to engage.

Reinforcements? No, That creature precludes engagement. Retreat? Necessary. Charge Shockpoint drive, reposition facing. Shadowmessage to Leaon, Baruut, And Sinval. Abort and redirect. Enemy boarders...

Ilia's gaze was hard and cold as her mind issued a single order with all the hatred she had Eliminate them.

This entire series of orders, responses, and commands occured in the span of a single moment, and in the next, the weapon systems of the Unglauss engaged even as the stealth systems completely shut down.

A barrage of unstable Iradite flak charges were sent towards the incoming condors, saturating a sphere of space 100 feet in every direction from them with particles that, on even a moments contact with any form of matter or energy, would Atomize the contact. The only way those condors would survive was by teleporting out of range of it, and the planck field made that impossible.

Even so, Ilia gave a handful of orders to the Psyops team, which were now at half strength thanks to the assault. rip a hole to the warp. Planck field in effect, continue trying. They'll detect the attempt, and know that they can't lower the field. Fire the Anchor at the planet.

At this last order, a small, inert cylinder of metal about the size of a mailbox was jettisoned from the Unglauss at mach 6 towards the planet.

Alongside it, the Unglauss fired a barrage of torpedos at the station. Each Torpedo contained a thermonuclear charge capable of turning the station into slag.

The Unglauss also fired off a salvo at the Athos, a battery of fourteen charged tachyon cannons used for long distance assaults launched a charged tachyon at light speed with enough force to shatter a dwarf star.

And topping it all off, the Unglauss began rapidly changing in facing, it's prow pointing slightly past the station, above the planet. The Shockpoint drive began charging, and the gravitic sheath started to form around it.

Ilia saw with her mind that the jump would take her within fourteen inches of the stations hull. She smiled, the blowback would ripple that station and cause significant internal damage. They would have to take several cycles to regroup before they could begin tracing her heading...