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An ancient pokemon from beyond written history itself. Alakazam is rumored to know everything there is to know.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ChaoticMarin


The United Pokemon League is the federal government of Ruula and the governing force behind it's military.
The Scholars are an ideologically diverse group who share only a few things in common: traditional values and a strong passion for the pursuit of knowledge. They operate strictly covertly, and tend to view outsiders somewhat condescendingly.
Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in the wild or alongside humans. These are the Pokémon of Ruula.




Alakazam is a pokemon so old his mind has begun to deteriorate with age. He tends to avoid civilization, most especially humans. However, he has been known to show up a the Mystery Revolution Academy from time to time. Alakazam is extremely quiet, and is generally not a social person. Some attribute this to his old age and difficultyspeaking without telepathy to begin with. He is secretly a member of the Ethereal Scholars Society


Foul Play
Focus Blast
Future Sight
Hyper Beam


  • A powerful psychic shield makes Alakazam effectively immune to indirect damage.
  • Any stat or status changes can be immediately applied back to any desired enemies in range.
  • Will not flinch, cringe, or otherwise hesitate as a result of intimidation tactics or surprise attacks.

Other Powers
  • Future Sight ignores type resistances / immunities, and can hit straight through wonder guard, protect, detect, and endure. It cannot however KO through a focus sash or pokemon with the ability sturdy.
  • Has mastered every form of psychic power including: telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, clairaudience, astral projection, channeling, dowsing, kything, apportation, transvection, multilocation, mind control, and the ability to generate matter from psychic power alone.
  • Remove 15 from Alakazam's base HP stat and 10 from his base Attack, and Defense stats; add 35 to Alakazam's special attack base stat and 10 to his Special Defense stat. This gives a proper representation of how Alakazam's absurdly long life-time has effected his body and mind.

  • Has difficulty physically moving. Relies on telekinesis to move around, and is effectively crippled without it. Paralysis has an unusually powerful effect on him.
  • Speaks in a rather slow, laboured voice. It takes him ages to communicate properly with others.
  • Unable to breed.
  • Sometimes sees and hears things that are not real, and though he can usually detect that his mind is playing tricks on him, it is quite distracting from whatever he is doing.

So begins...

Alakazam's Story