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Alaric Scyld

Slow WIP, export from a dead RP

0 · 259 views · located in The Island: Tunnel

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Portrait of a Sociopath


【B A S I C ✦ I N F O R M A T I O N】

___Name ___
Alaric of House Scyld
Berserker, Ravager, Ranger
Approximately the equivalent of 6 Earthen centuries, appearing 20
___Physical Appearance___
[Description if no pictures are available. Add all physical elements that stand out and cannot be seen in the pictures]
[6'2" || 1.88m ]
[178lbsl || 80.7 Kg]
[Sins were once human. Through rituals and magic, a human is killed and reanimated into a never aging being capable of feats befitting the sin under which they have been reborn. Their soul is bound to an object that was important to them when they were still human and they will continue to exist so long as that object is not destroyed.]

【P S Y C H O L O G I C A L ✦ P R O F I L E】

                                          ►[At least 5, no explanation required.]


                                          ►[At least 5, no explanation required.]


                                          ►[At least [1] that is crippling]

                                          ►[Any habit or quirks that are out of the ordinary]

[Alaric is serious and solemn, taking his jobs and orders very seriously. He rarely smiles or attends social meetings and can be seen as a workaholic since he works day and night and never gets tired from menial tasks unless he needs to heal himself or use more advanced abilities. Some may see him loyal to a fault as he rarely questions the orders he is given and will go to great length to follow them, but he still has a great sense of justice that can be a bit too black and white, naive even, to many. ]

【B A C K G R O U N D ✦ I N F O R M A T I O N】
[Nordlige'hvid] - [Jordgard]
[Nordlig'hvid is an icy land in the realm known as Jordgard. Its winters are long and cold and its summer are chilly and short. Magic has only recently been discovered and its knowledge bought at a high price from nations in the south. It is a country of simplicity with a warrior's mentality. Most of its population are farmers, harvesting the few plants that can survive their unforgiving home, and fishermen. Some also double as nomadic hunters who travel outside of their country's borders track down animal herds. Despite its many shortcomings, Nordlig'hvid has managed to prosper thanks to their active mining industry. Ranging from versatile ores to sought after jewels, their mine overflow with desirable goods. They are also known to be fierce warriors and many weaker nations would rather maintain a business relationship with them rather than be bothered with the expenses and risks of going to war against them.]

Alaric, Son of Nordlige'hvid

Alaric was the first and only son of Nordlige'hvid's king. This granted him the privilege of receiving the best of the best in terms of education and training, but forced him to live a rather sheltered life to avoid assassination attempts that were made almost on a daily basis against his life. It prompted the royal family to reinforce Alaric's military training and consequently discover his talent with swords. Before long, Alaric would surpass his teachers and guards and his skills became undisputed once he snuck out of his family's protection to participate and win a tourney despite being pitted against opponents multiple times his size and age. For this feat, he received an earful, but as many counselors had pointed out, it was an achievement that could be considered the successful passing of the Rite, a rite of passage that could be taken at the age of twelve to be acknowledged as an adult if successfully completed. Thus, at the tender age of twelve, Alaric was granted the right to assist war councils and diplomatic meetings which only further bolstered his fame from a seemingly unknown child to a prodigy fighter and just in time too for merely three moons before his thirteenth spring, war was upon Nordlige'hvid.

Seven Kingdoms

The threat came without warning, its army appearing out of thin air, bearing weapons and crests of unknown origins. They spoke a language none had heard before and all attempts to negotiate with them were repelled in a rain of blood. Seeing the urgency of the situation, the kingdom of Nordlige'hvid immediately banded together with its allies, forming a coalition of seven prosperous kingdoms to fight the invading armies, but their efforts were rewarded with defeat after defeat as the enemy advanced steadily, mile per mile. The invading forces did not appear to be on a hurry, as though the war had been nothing more than a recreational excursion, but despite that, their pace did not change no matter what the coalition threw at them. This went on for a gruesome five years after which over two third of the Coalition's lands had been conquered. Morale was at a new time low.

All seemed to be lost until, one night, a man of magic, a 'magi' he called himself, showed up at the doors of the coalition on the evening of another desperate battle, claiming to be able to change the tides in their favor. He had even prepared a little demonstration for the seven kings as an act of goodwill on the morrow. When the sun had risen to announce the funeral of countless more brave souls, the magi unleashed a small group of men and women, all of unimpressive stature, onto enemy troops. What happened afterwards was a blur of blood and gore, but not as one would have expected.

The men and women that had been sent out danced at inhumane speed and with otherworldly grace among a flurry of magic and weapons, crushing their enemies with ridiculous ease. It was an uncontested victory, the first in too many years. There was no doubt in the minds of any of the spectators that, should they get their hands on such fine combatants, their misery would finally come to an end in the form of a magnificent victory.

Of course, everything came with a price, one that could not be met by treasuries emptied after five years of war efforts. Seemingly taking pity on the seven nations, the so-called benefactor gave them another offer: serve him in exchange of protection, power and knowledge. Needless to say that such an outrageous offer was met with much resistance, but they were out of options and, as the man so kindly pointed out, he could very well take over by force if need be, something he doubted was necessary after such a display of power.

Seven Sins

For a week the kings and the man locked themselves up in a nearby castle to negotiate the terms of the treaty. When the seven kings finally stepped out to announce the results, they were changed men that boldly declared that victory was at hand and ordered their men to take a well-earned rest. That night, Alaric was whisked away from his sleeping quarters and taken to the castle's basement, along with his sword, where the kings and the magi awaited him. One by one, a member of each of the royal families were brought into the surprisingly large and well-lit room, each escorted by one of the magi's men and carrying an object of value to them.

They were asked to step into odd circles drawn on the stone cold floor and deposit the object they had brought with them in the circle opposite to where they were to stand. Once ready, the room crackled with magical energy, the lines on the floor lighting up to trap the odd circle's occupants in hidden pentagrams. What followed the blinding light was a searing pain short-circuiting their mind as their souls were pulled out of their body to be anchored in the object they had been carrying and their body, ripped apart to be reconstructed for a grander purpose.

When the darkness finally cleared and Alaric finally came to, he was in unfamiliar lands, standing in a sea of corpses with only destruction as far as the eye could see. Among the unfamiliar banners and crests, he saw some that he recognized and even some belonging to Nordlige'hvid, but he could not find a single familiar faces even among the people carrying the banners of his native land. The only bit of familiarity was the broken sword he had on him, Ceartas, but even that had changed, taking on a much darker taint than he remembered.

Wherever he went, he was met with a scene of carnage and, oddly enough, he did not grow tired or hungry no matter how far he traveled. When he finally arrived in the remnants of a fortress, the wandering prince found a tattered diary recounting in details bloody wars and the cruelty of invading nations. He was shocked to find among the invaders the name of his people, but even more shocking had been the date: a full fifty years since he had come of age.

Skipping ahead a few pages, Alaric learned of more foreign invaders, one that fought his people and the seven nations that had risen to power and conquered the known world in a few decades. It was believed that celestial intervention had come to the resisting nations' aid, but these newcomers only brought forth even more destruction, their magic clashing with those of the seven nations until the ground split open and the seas surged out, turning what little fertile lands were left into barren wastelamds. Not much else could be found in the diary, but the little Alaric had learned was more than enough to resituate himself.

A Brave New World

Over the next decade, he trained to better harness his newly found powers and understand his own limits. He never aged nor did he ever grow tired, something that was both depressing and useful. The few survivors he had encountered fled at the sight of his dark sword; he had, in his lost years, acted as the vanguard of the Coalition. He and his sword were notorious for being thrown in the midst of enemy ranks and dealing as much destruction as inhumanely possible.

It was a sad truth and he had been determined to make up for it. Unfortunately, so little of humanity remained and what of them were still alive were too busy killing each other on sight for food or resources. It made him wonder what had happened to the 'foreigners' that had embroiled their world in their power struggles. Like a hound on the hunt, he tracked down whatever traces of this otherworldly magic he could find. He could not explain it, but it was as though he could smell the essence of the very being that had remade him. This led him to hidden portals to other realms. Whatever had made him had left to wreck havoc elsewhere. In an effort to confront the being once more, Alaric took the leap, following in its destructive wake for the next few centuries of his never ending life.

【C O M B A T ✦ I N F O R M A T I O N】
___Inherent Ability___
► Invulnerability ◄
[Alaric's invulnerability only fully applies to physical damage and physical influences and partially to magic and energy-related attacks. Physical blows will not even slow him down unless they are of such a wide scale that it affects the elements around his body. Poison and diseases are also ineffective. Even if he is harmed, he will not die of his wounds. He will be incapacitated until his healing factor kicks in and restores his body to a functional state, but he will not be completely dead.]
► Superhuman Longevity ◄
[He does not age and cannot die of old age.]
► Superhuman Strength ◄
[This is perhaps Alaric's most notable power. As a sin of Wrath, he was built for pure destruction and that is the power that allows him to do so. He can easily life boulders with a single hand and punch craters into the ground without breaking a sweat. His invulnerable body also allows him to simply ram himself at full force against fortress walls if need be.
► Enhanced Endurance ◄
Being more of a weapon than a living being, Alaric does not need to eat, drink, rest or even breathe. In fact, it could be said that his human physiology is unnecessary as having his organs removed wouldn't kill him either. They can instead be used as particularly sturdy projectiles though. Also, he doesn't feel pain and can control severed body parts from a distance if need be. He is a tool in the shape of a man and nothing less.
► Healing Factor ◄
Much less prominent then the rest of his abilities since it is extremely hard to injure him, Alaric's ability to heal himself is slightly above that of a normal human while still remaining vastly inferior to the majority of the supernatural beings. In fact, one could say that there is little to no difference to that of a human's natural ability to heal wounds except when large wounds come into play because unlike normal humans, Alaric can heal damaged nervous tissue and regrow a whole limb over time if it has been completely disintegrated. He can, however, not be healed by normal healing magic.
► Sixth Sense ◄
He is capable of detecting traces and residues of the magi who created him along with that of other sins. These take the form of a scent only he and his kin can identify without magic.

Incarnation of Wrath
In a way, this is his ultimate form. It is powerful, but quite slow to engage. Dark aura is gathered in the palm of Alaric's hand and brought to the hilt of Ceartas when he is about to take on his Wrath form. The aura will course through the broken sword, leaping from piece to piece before pulling them closer so as to weld the blade into a functional weapon. This process can be delayed if the pieces are scattered around, but like magnet, the hilt and pommel will attract the broken pieces. Once the blade has been mended, Alaric's dark aura will gush out as though it was made of black ink and cover his whole body, giving him a fitted, full-body armor that can change shape at will to create blades on his greaves and armguard.

In this form, all of Alaric's physical powers are increased in strength and proficiency, but it is in this form that he reveals his greatest weakness: Ceartas. Though the blade is as strong as his body armor, it is the only thing that bounds his soul to the world of the living. Should the sword be shattered once more, unless at his command when he wishes to revert back to his original form, Alaric's soul will be freed and he will be forced to cross to the afterlife.

►Master Swordmanship◄
[A vestige of his human years, Alaric's swordsmanship was legendary in his homeworld and has only been amplified ever since he was turned into a living weapon. Unfortunately, normal swords cannot withstand his skill and powers for long before breaking.]
►Common Tongue◄
[The language Alaric speaks is known as the Common Tongue in his now deserted homeworld which means he may be one of the last individual in existence that still speaks it unless his people had managed to find a way to escape their world before it died. It is perhaps closest to what Earthen Nordics speak.]

So begins...

Alaric Scyld's Story