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Alder Silvanix

An undead-hunting forest dweller

0 · 378 views · located in Lornaine Forest

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DragonDunc


Name: Alder Silvanix

Race: Leshy

Age: 87

Gender: Male



In his disguised form, he appears to be a young man around 30 years old, with short pale hair and tanned skin. His face is angular and fierce, as if he’s always looking for something to kill.

In his true form his features are similar, however his bony appearance is more striking. His skin is replaced with a thick brown bark, and his now mossy green hair flows back, almost to the ground. Two antler-like branches protrude from his head, sprouting leaves, flowers or buds depending on the time of year. His clawed hands and forearms are much larger than a human's, as are his lower legs and feet, with toes resembling roots.

Skills: Alder has a variety of skills and abilities

Agility – He is very agile, particularly in forests and similar environments.

Combat – Alder dual wields curved silvered daggers and has a selection of throwing knives to match. He always carries garlic bulbs, a hammer and stake, and salt in case of other undead types.

Floramancy – A magic practice favoured by the Leshiye, focusing on the manipulation of plants of all types. Alder can control this aspect of nature to a high degree and, technically being a plant himself, can alter his own shape and use his body as a weapon.

Illusion – He can play with light to create illusions. This is how he disguises himself to appear human.

Leshy physiology – Leshiye are a race of sentient humanoid tree like beings. The type that Alder belongs to live for about 250 years, and are very secretive. They function in a similar way to trees, they digest food like humans but also rely on soil and photosynthesis. Their bark-like skin is a very strong natural armour, however they highly vulnerable to fire and frost

Personality: Alder shows little interest in almost everyone, and is not what you would call sociable. He’s reclusive and suspicious. He’s not what you’d call nice either – it seems he doesn’t care for helping others at all, and only hunts undead because he views them as wrong and unnatural.

This viewpoint is from his upbringing; Leshiye strongly believe in a ,'correct' way of nature which does not allow for cheating or playing with death. As such they view this as the most terrible crime, and have a strong disdain for undead and necromancy.

History: The grove in which Alder's village stood was routed out by vampires when he was only a sapling. Having lost everyone he knew, he spent the next few decades of his life training himself to hunt these creatures, until one day he finally set out for revenge. With the advantage of the forest, He ambushed them as they slept in the day and slaughtered them mercilessly.
Since then he has become a travelling hunter of undead beings and necromancers, moving from forest to forest.

So begins...

Alder Silvanix's Story


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Deep in the forest stalked a silent figure. The entity seemed to glide amongst the foliage as if it were simply a branch shaking in the breeze. An observer with a trained eye might spot something vaguely human, if only for a second.

Alder hopped up into the canopy to travel from branch to branch, the leshy's mossy green mane flowing behind like some peculiar cloak. Something was up ahead. He soon came across a structure resembling a cabin. He’d been wandering Lornaine forest for the past few months and still was unfamiliar with its sprawling landscape. Although he’d heard rumours of vampiric activity in Lutetia, these forests themselves appeared safe, at least on the surface.

He became still as he saw two strangers approach and enter the cabin. Being suspicious of everyone he saw, Alder leaped down onto the forest floor. A moment later, what appeared to be a deer trotted cautiously and quietly toward the cabin, close enough to watch and hopefully to hear.


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#, as written by Awinita
Spike was still unhappy of where she was suddenly warped to, just when she hoped to be away from such magics there she was again. But her words rang true, how was Melissa to know that her now vampire former friend hadnt given away the safe house location ? At that moment it didnt matter, Melissa apparenrtly felt safe enough to take Spike there. WEhen Spike knew exactly where was even safer than waiting out with a pile of gear just for the prey to come to you. Spike always used herself as bait

Spike didnt bat an eyelash at the sudden assortment of weapons that appeared from the walls "All the best weaponry in the dimensions could noty save your friend when her guard was down." Spike murred in a strange language. Finally she spoke "You really want to turn the masses against bloodsuckers. If any of themfind her directly, they could kill her." She removed the Elder Scroll from her belt and opened it upon a table.

There was a latent magic from it, but thanks to the magic already inufsed in Spikes bloodstream, hence her wings and ability ot fly, made the woman resilent to the effects of the elder scroll. "Well... it seems we may have to begin gathering certain items you cant just find at a magic shop..." In this case a black soulgem, a dozen hagraven feathers, and a moonstone gem