Aldrekr Galvonovitch

"Power lies not in what your enemies know about you but in what they think they know."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by FWO


Aldrekr “Al” Galvonovitch
Age: Mid-forties
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Reach: 77 in.
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black; no pupils
Distinguishing Marks: Nearly 40% of his body is covered in scar tissue; His teeth and fingernails have been filed to sharp points
Birthplace: Reykjavík, Iceland
Occupation: Mercenary
Family: Unknown
Personality: A sadomasochist who values power in all forms from personal strength to controlling a resource or a person in any way possible while seeking that person or thing that can give him the sort of pain (physical or mental) that would actually break him

CUSTOMIZED SWORD: The sword’s handle is that of a saber’s only extended just enough to allow for a two-handed grip. The blade is single-edged and curved like a saber up to the tip where it actually curves the other way in to a three-quarters circle that is edged on both sides. The very tip of the semi-circle is hooked so it can better snatch hold of objects and flesh. The handle carries pellets that spray black and white smoke as soon as they are released, often used for cover or escape. Al occasionally carries flash-bangs in the handle but they are less effective except in very specialized situations that are impossible to plan.

GELECTRIC COMPACT NETS (GCN): The size of marbles, these nets are made up of a gel-like substance that looks like an expanded jellyfish and feels a thousand times worse. The metal casings give way under pressure and then release the nets when they are thrown, similar to shinobi black eggs. The blue-purple gel sticks to any non-metallic surface, delivering a burning shock that can melt skin and permanently damage muscle. A single GCN can cover the entire chest of an average size adult and it can eat away at eyes if it hits the face.

ImageAldrekr Galvonovitch, better known simply as Al is a man without a past. Aldrekr very well may not be his real name and he only claims to have come from Iceland. He appears to be Caucasian but so many patches of his skin are tinted red from God knows what that it is hard to tell where his natural skin color actually begins.
ImageHis body is covered in wicked scars, some earned through battle and pleasure while others are actually self-inflicted. Yet it is hard to pin any information about this man as fact, even what he says about himself. Rumors abound claim he is a vampire who eats his victims and considering his mouth full of razor-sharp teeth that would not be hard to believe.
ImageOther rumors claim that he is not even from this world but is rather some demon from a dark realm who finds pleasure in playing mercenary with mortals. His only custom equipment includes his sword and the GCNs that may or may not be supplied by the same people who supply the rest of his equipment.
ImageAl claims that his weapons are Aschen-made and it is easy to tell that some of it really is but whether they actually supply him or he procures them through other means is another story. As a freelance mercenary, Al takes only the jobs that please him and while he may appear to be seeking his own death, he is very much a professional of his chosen field.


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