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Covenant of the Elohim

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DevilishFae


A group of powerful warriors/magicians who swore an oath to protect the Basin of Fos. Now the basin has been broken and the Covenant are divided each hiding a piece of the basin. Sworn to rid the world of Shadows.



So begins...

Alectrona's Story

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Amidst the otherworldly debris, a large hulk remained intact, whisps of smoke wafted from still glowing red metal.

It stood out among the landscape like a lone sentinel, it's iridescent grey hull glinting in the sunlight, strange alien text, and an even stranger emblem was worn proudly on the side.

What secrets awaited any curious traveler?

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Herman Fogg wasn't upset about it. Something new never happened where he was from, and here was literally the most new thing that could ever occur. It was right here and it was in his backyard.

It was literally in his backyard.

Harman examined the charred skull, nestled within what he supposed could have been a helmet, by prodding it with his boot. It crumbled a bit where it rolled over. Herman winced. Disgusting.

There were other lumps of things in the small crater that was now comfortable in his backyard. Herman moseyed over to one of them. As he walked, he inspected the charred grass and considered how much his mother was going to kill him for it. Not that it was his fault, shit falling from the actual sky, but it would be. She'd find a way. She always did.

The other lump, as it turned out, was even weirder than a skull. As if the confirmation that there were people up there (evidenced by a partial dead one right here) it seemed they may have dabbled in magic. Herman couldn't help but chuckle. This was nonsense. He picked up the crystal thing. Was it humming?