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Alek "Al" West

Avatar of Fury

0 · 210 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Zman


Race: Human/Avatar of Fury
Sex: Male
Age: 137 (When Alek isn’t transformed he appears to be a 23)
Description: Alek “Al” West stands five foot ten inches tall with an athletic build weighing a hundred and seven-two pounds, with long dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes to match with light tanned skin. When Alek transforms into The Fury, Avatar of Fury (Entity Fury) multiple things mutate. He goes from being only five foot ten and a hundred and seventy-two pounds to a hulking gray monster that stands just over nine foot tall and over a thousand pounds. The primal energies* in which Entity Fury bestowed upon Alek/Fury cause him to increase all forms of mass and causes his body to become far more denser then it normally would, which explains why he is so heavy. Bulging masses of muscle form over his entire body, held back by a thick durable layer of ash gray skin. His long dirty blonde hair is ravaged by the primal energies the surge through his body upon transformation, causing it to become midnight black, along with his blue eyes becoming pin-points of crimson anger. Bones become thicker and denser, allowing for him to withstand far more damage and allow him to lift/handle more weight. His fingers become tipped with bone-like claws, and his teeth become razor sharp and able to tear and rip through most known materials. Once Alek is transformed into Fury he is a monster, a beast of chaos and destruction.


Abilities/Powers: Alek/Fury (these abilities/powers are active at all times either it be Alek or Fury)
Primal Energy Power Sourcing: The Entity Fury having gifted Alek with a portion of its vast pool of primal energies is always in connection with Alek/Fury and all of its previous and future avatars as The Entity Fury resides in a portion of space/time that existents everywhere at once. Being connected to Alek/Fury at all times allows both Alek and Fury to access the vast pool of primal energies though at certain risks to each. For Alek to access the pool would mean to become Fury on a willing conscious level unlike its normal unwilling subconscious level. If Fury where to access the vast pool of primal energies more then it does normally would mean that the monster itself would grow immensely in its power depending on how much primal energy was accessed.

Abilities/Powers: Alek
Master Combatant: Due to the fact that Alek remembers all of what the Fury does and his years of running and evading capture from those who wish to use him as their own weapon, Alek has become a master at unarmed combat.

Superhuman Durability: Alek’s body possesses a medium degree of resistance to injury, pain and disease (where Fury’s is highly increased). Alek’s skin is capable of withstanding increased heat without blistering, increased cold without freezing, and great impacts. His skin is strong enough to stop small caliber bullets without being pierced, and he has withstood a non-direct hit from an artillery shell.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Alek’s healing factor is far reduced from what Fury’s is. However he can still regenerate damaged tissue, organs and bones within a few minutes and lost limbs within a few hours to days depending on what limb. Also his healing factor slows down his age progression which is why Alek appears as young as he does.

Peak Human Strength: Alek can lift double his own body weight up to 800 lb.

Peak Human Stamina: Alek can fight for up to twelve hours without fatigue poisons affecting his performance.

Peak Human Speed Alek can run up to a max speed of 30 mph, or 9.14 ft/s or 13.41 m/s. However unlike Fury, whose muscle bulk doesn’t allow him to gain enhanced reflexes and agility, Alek does get these benefits from his speed.

Iummunity to All Diseases: Due to his healing factor, Alek has become immune to all known diseases and can become immune to new diseases after being infected by them.

Extrasensory Perception: Astral Form Perception: See Fury’s Abilities/Powers.

Abilities/Powers: Fury
Master Combatant: Due to Fury having no real use of weapons or any that will fit his size, he has had to rely on fighting unarmed for his whole existence and because of this has become a master unarmed combatant. With the use of his claws and bone manipulation ability has made him a virtual monster in close-quarters combat.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Fury can regenerate damage that he has taken. Depending upon how angry or how much primal energy he is siphoning determines how fast he heals damage, along with how much damage he has taken. Damage to his skin, muscles, bones and internal/external organs can be healed even at its base level in mere seconds, while the complete loss of limbs or larger portions of his body will take longer. He has increased his healing ability to the point where even minor damage was healed so fast it was as if nothing had happened at all. This is one of Fury’s core powers, and thus is one of the most powerful abilities he has.

Superhuman Strength: Fury can lift 40+ tons as a base level of his strength upon immediately transforming, and has been known to handle upwards of 80+ tons while enraged on primal energy. This strength is equal all over Fury’s body.

Superhuman Durability: In addition to an extreme regenerative healing factor and superhuman strength, the Fury’s body; skin, muscles and bones are all extremely resistant to physical damage, extreme heat and cold to the point where his skin doesn’t blister or freeze, and a high-resistance to electric and acid. Like Fury’s regenerative healing factor and strength, his durability is strengthened by his rage and how much primal power he is siphoning from Entity Fury.

Superhuman Stamina: Fury can fight for up to four days before fatigue poisoning begins to effect his performance, however even after fatigue begins to set in his regenerative healing factor begins to combat it but not enough to completely get rid of it.

Superhuman Speed: Fury has a sprinting speed of 80 mph, and can maintain a constant speed of 60 mph, however with this speed he only gains peak human reflexes and agility unlike smaller beings with superhuman speed.

Resistance to Psychic Control: The nature of primal energy causes Fury’s mind to become a muddled chaos of emotions and memories of every avatar that has ever existed, there is nothing definite for any psychic to grasp a hold of and manipulate.

Immunity to All Disease: Due to his healing factor, Fury has become immune to all known disease and can become immune to new diseases after being infected by them.

Retractable Claws: The same manipulation of his bones allows Fury to create retractable claws from the same bone material that he uses to generate new bones and bone projectiles. These claws have been known to cut through even the thickest armor used by armored persons and vehicles. However, Fury does tend to punch more then swipe so his claws are used less then one might think.

Power Absorption: Upon killing an opponent or his prey and drinking their blood, Fury absorbs one of the powers that his opponent/prey has used during their encounter with Fury. Thus far Fury has absorbed the power of bone manipulation and the power to produce sentient chains from prey he has killed.

Bone Manipulation: Fury has the ability to manipulate the bones in his body through a form of personal biological manipulation of both the bone structure and the generation of a type of osseous tissue that is ten times stronger and denser then normal bones. This manipulation includes but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass, create projectile bones, and create bone spikes and armor over his body. Along with this he can create a gel-like osseous tissue that hardens after coming in contact with oxygen, this bone material is just as strong as any bone he creates in and on his body.

Sentient Chains: These chains are sentient beings in their own rights, however they are more a sentient parasite of sorts that takes on the form of polished silver chains. These chains are invulnerable to physical damage, can stretch to 2640 ft, and can form razor sharp spikes, points, blades (ex. Their favorite is to create a spear like head at the very first link in the chains.)

Superhuman Senses: Fury’s sense of smell, taste and hearing are all heightened to unknown levels.

Self-Sufficiency: Fury is fully sustained by Entity Fury’s primal energies, making is so that he never requires food, water, oxygen or rest, and has been seen to function even as a skeleton with his brain intact.


Twisting nether and the shapeless form of the nexus in which all primal energies reside and descend from lay before this one being. No shape, no definition of a physical body save a pulsing red miasma of raw energy. This was the being known as Fury; a near-god-like entity that roams the multiverse. Over the course of “its” existence it has bestowed individuals with a small portion of his primal power, and thus creating an avatar for his power on the more physical realm. Fury usually chooses though who have hate or anger within their heart so that when the primal energies warps their bodies they will reek destruction and chaos, which feeds Fury and causes him to grow in strength.

However even a primal being as the Fury can make a mistake in who it chooses to bestow “its” gift upon. That mistake came in the form of a young human child named Alek West. At the time that Fury found Alek, he was being attacked by a pack of rabid wolfs and in his heart he was filled with anger and hate that Fury simply drooled over if it drooled at all. So overcome by such a perfect vessel for its gift, Fury gave Alek a concentrated dose of primal energies. Unlike the previous Fury avatars, who were warped and changed by the primal energy granted to them, Alek was not.

As Fury expected from those it gifted, Alek’s body was immediately warped in the first moments of the energy touching him. Alek went from being five foot four and a hundred six pounds to just under nine feet in height and close to nine hundred pounds of power. His skin changed from the health tan of a kid who is outside almost all day to a light gray color, and his hair changed from a dirty blonde to a midnight black. However, once all the wolfs were killed by his hands something happened that Fury did not expect, Alek’s body changed back to its original appearance.

*Primal Energy: Born from the very millisecond after the creation of time and space and the multiverse itself. These energies make up everything on some level or another, even if that level is the most baseline level of that energy which is never even seen. After they were formed, vast amounts gathered together and formed near-god like entities that each took on an aspect its new born consciousness first derived from itself.

So begins...

Alek "Al" West's Story