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Alexander Worthington

"In essence, I am naught but a product of man, godless, thereby, in my own right, and thus free to act in natural irreverence."

0 · 570 views · located in Solinus Sea Eastern Bay

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Infinity




n a m e s a k e :
¬ Full |birth| Name: Worthington, Alexander Morgan.
¬ Spoken |used| Name: Worthington, Alexander; Guardian, the.
¬ Acquired |aliases| Names: Valiance.
¬ Proclaimed |title| Name: None.

n u m e r i c a l :
¬ Appearing Age: XXX
¬ Factual Age: XXXI, proclaimed infinitas infinitio.

s o c i o l o g i c a l :
¬ Classes: Divine Weapon; Colossal Sentinel; Cosmic Transient.
¬ Profession: High Councilor [former]; Farmer, full-time nobody.
¬ Alignment: Self-righteous.
¬ Marital Status: Married.
¬ Sexuality: Heterosexual.
¬ Status: Eternal Penitence.

b i o l o g i c a l :
¬ Height: Five foot, eleven inches [5'11"]
¬ Weight: One hundred, fourty-seven pounds [147 lbs]
¬ Hair: Auburn; bangs over eyes.
¬ Eye: Spherical sockets, narrowed eyebrows; Lavender irises.
¬ Blood Type: A+.

¬ Body Art: Marking of the Rune of Beginning [back of the right hand].
¬ Scar Tissue: Various scars.
¬ Birthmark: None, without.

¬ Genetics: Theian.
¬ Ascension: Human.
¬ Attributes: Enhanced characteristics, Eye of the Heart.
¬ Immunity: None.

p o l e m o l o g y :
¬ Birthed: Complete Mana control; Spell deconstruction; Epic Psion.
¬ Learned: Dyne Skill; Planar Equilibrium.
¬ Primary Discipline: Cry of Torment.
¬ Sub-Discipline: Multifarious.
¬ Armed: Garden of Eden.
-- style: Bastard.
-- creator: Forge
-- paragon: Multiplanar.
-- faculty: Blessed blade of miracles, the sword aligns and compliments the physical, spiritual, and mental faculties of the wielder.
-- blade length: Three feet [3']
-- overall: Three feet, eight inches [3'8"]
-- blade thickness: Quarter inch.
-- history: Comprised of an entire seperate realm of existence, this sword was created during the fusion of the Blade of Gravitation and several key components. This sword was broken during the Nine Towers War [Terra] when Alexander Worthington became mortal, in the events leading to his untimely death. The Fulmineous Forge recreated the Garden from its broken pieces.

a t t i r e :

¬ Casual:
¬ Feet: Trail-worn Adventurers boots, black.
¬ Legs: Ebony slacks, well fitted so that they allow a freedom of comfortable movement.
¬ Hands: Black leather gloves.
¬ Upper Body, i: Thin material, white t-shirt.
¬ Upper Body, ii: Black leather jacket.
¬ Face: Without.
¬ Head: Without.

¬ Upon the eve of war.
¬ Feet: Trail-worn Adventurers boots; white, covered by cerulean sabatons.
¬ Legs: Cerulean greaves, covering refined white slacks woven of resilient material.
¬ Hands: Huckleberry gloves, complimented by argent crest gauntlets.
¬ Upper Body, i: Thin material, white longsleeve hauberk.
¬ Upper Body, ii: Refined blue platemail depicting a crest circle with a light shining from behind it.
¬ Face: None, without.
¬ Head: Single diamond shaped remnant of the Sanctius cube protruding from his forehead.

a c c e s s o r i e s :
¬ Sanctius Cube: Variable spirit cube, artifact. Ferroplasmic construction, capable of emitting countenance waves- Sanctuary.

This is what he wears on him at all times, unless specifically stated otherwise.

k i n d r e d :
¬ Mother: None.
¬ Father: Unspoken.

¬ Brethren: James 'Fenix' Vasterx; Raziyel, Marithe'.
¬ Companion: Nuria Worthington.
¬ Mentor: Ketheres, Athos.
¬ Rival: Living Tribunal; Terrata Xynzicht.

______x____ infinitas infinitio:

p r o f i c e n c y :
¬ Mortal

¬ Archery: E
¬ Daggers: D
¬ Maces: E
¬ Firearms: --
¬ Polearms: B
¬ Staves: C+
¬ Swords: S
¬ Unarmed: Z
¬ Projectiles: E
¬ Whips: E
¬ Shields: E
¬ Hammers: E
¬ Axes: E

¬ Preternatural

¬ Air[magic -- rune]: E
¬ Fire[magic -- rune]: E
¬ Water[magic -- rune]: C
¬ Earth[magic -- rune]: B
¬ Electricity[magic -- rune]: E
¬ Shadow[necromancy]: E
¬ Light[holy]: E
¬ Time[space]: B
¬ Alchemy[transmutation]: B
¬ Psionics[non-elemental]: S
¬ Cosmic[non-elemental]: S
¬ Planar: Z

w i s d o m :
¬ Gemini: Star sign of the Twins, the myth of Castor and Pollux.

-- i: Associated with the classic element of Air, and thus called the air sign.
-- ii: Polar opposite of Sagittarius.
-- iii: Domicile of Mercury.
-- iv: Each astrological sign is assigned a part of the body, viewed as the seat of its power. Gemini rules the hands, hips, and eyes.
-- v: Communicators with the Zodiac.
-- vi: Nonconformists of the Zodiac.

¬ Self-righteous |benevolent spirit|: A self-righteous character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He confronts tainted authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A self-righteous character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A self-righteous character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it.

¬ Eye of the Heart: Through a life of conflict and battle, warriors gain a clarity and understanding to their opponents as well as people surrounding them in general; a method to the madness. The 'eye' allows Alexander to see through to anyone's psychology and philosophies, in order to understand what drives their motivation, allowing him to see the 'Truth beyond truths'.

k i n e s i s :
¬Dyne Skill: Several multifarious techniques involving the manipulation of magic, sword techniques, and hand to hand abilities. These are the typically one's Despiration Moves, used in times of dire straights with the promise of ending a match in his favor.

¬Spatio-temporal manipulation: Control over time and space, the ability to manipulate the flow or perception of time and space on a some what localized scale.

¬Innate psionics: Inborn gifts granted upon his ascension to the living universe. The ability to maneuver items with his mind from a distance by controling incorporeal wavelengths.

¬Mana control: The ability to manipulate mana from incorporeal sources such as other realms, and the ability to convert the unlimited potential of zero point energy into raw unhampered mana.

¬Magnetokinesis: The ability to tap into the magnetosphere of a planet. Control of magnetism and electromagnetic fields through mastery of the mind, and the ability to heighten physical prowess through a form of psychometabolism.

e v o l u t i o n a r y:

¬ Nominal Frame: Alexander experiences times of physical atrophy and reduces himself to what would appear to be a young boy. Held within this shell is his sleeping power, to keep himself from further physical detriment. Although this form of Alexander is much smaller in stature, it still boasts impressive speed and skill, however access to powerful magic spells and planar activity isn't possible.

¬ Guardian: The original form of the Worthington, when he appears in his natural state. Glowing lavender eyes, tanned skin, auburn hair. He boasts the physicality of a handsome man in his late twenties, which naturally as a human, he is. Within the Guardian evolution, his strength is near legend, magical abilities are augmented drastically in comparison to the nominal state, granting him access to more powerful abilities and allows him to enter the threshold of blessings and gifts granted.

¬ Valiance: The Herald of Justice, and true Hero. Alexander ascends to a higher plateau of understanding, entering what would seem to be Nirvana. His appearance remains practially the same as his Guardian evolution, although his hair is slightly longer and he appears to be a few years younger. Within this evolution, Alexander is able to manifest a Sanctius cube to use at his disposal. Psionics and magic are augmented drastically, beyond comparison to the previous manifestations.

¬ Deviant: Answering the call of the dark order. Alexander becomes enravelled within his own bloodlust, a slave to his own killing intentions, driven by the urge to murder mindlessly. His facial features become distorted to where he appears to be vehemently anrgy at everything, veins bulging from the contours of his physical frame. During this evolution, Alexander isn't able to control himself, magic, psionics, and planar activities aren't accesible. However, as equivalent exchange, his physical prowess drastically improves, becoming the 'indomitable'.

¬ Judgement: Instrument of the reckoning. Alexander continues augmenting his DNA code in his transgression to a more powerful form of existence. Only accessible by the fusion of the Sanctius Cube and The Sphere of Divinity, amalgamation with the two artifacts unto Alexander's body creates the crest armored Judgement evolution. Hair becomes shoulder length and black as pitch, eyes become more emotional as if portals to an abyssal realm unknown. Mere thought breeds incomparable psionic manifestations, adept magical prowess able to scorn and damage the sentient core of planes or realms themselves. [color="red"]However[/color] the Sphere of Divinity is speculated to be missing. This form is unable to be taken, currently.

r a n k i n g :
[--] Not compatible
[E] Extremely poor
[D] Poor
[C] Learning
[C+] Learned
[B] Sufficient
[B+] Excellent
[A] Perfected
[A+] Mastered
[S] Surreal
[Z] Godly

r e c o g n i t i o n :
¬ Layout: Copyright© Daniel Atticus, not to be copied without expressed written consent.
¬ Information: All character information is copyright© per the creator(s).

|| Any questions, comments, concerns and/or permissions you might have/need, please PM me. Thank you.

So begins...

Alexander Worthington's Story


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Character Portrait: Alexander Worthington
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0.00 INK

Where there was silence, there was now brilliance and the loom of a thunderclap.

The vacuum was dichotomized by countless aureate shards, creating an aperture of which, the perceptions of time and space cringed in fear. They recoiled instinctively, creating an event that coddled the lapse in this world. It was within this frame work that the silhouette of a man did appear, or rather, appeared as to be constructed. Motes of shade and light amalgamated, coalescing in the shape of him. It was through this visage did he step, as any other man would a mundane doorway, before this bauble of a thing collapsed upon itself.

And when the lightning flash no longer left its imprint on the world, he remained in its place.

In another flash of ephemeral hues, his body was enamored in its presence. He took a single step and the undulating nimbus solidified, becoming the more mundane presence of a black leather jacket. When the world curdled around him, he could feel the presence of something, or perhaps in this sense, someone else. With his spirituality attuned, Alexander could more or less descry the presences of several individuals, regardless the number of physical entities visible.



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Character Portrait: Alexander Worthington
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0.00 INK

All the while he spoke, the man seemed to be fussing with his hands. Before long, one of his hands was presented as the glove had been removed. "Looks like they'll be arriving soon..." Painted about its backhand was a scar. The melted flesh that remained illuminated, an irradiant hue that seemed as if it were the foyer to the deepest darkest dimension in the unknown. That hand was once more banished to within the confines of a small leather glove.

Alexander was but the mystic shell of an ubiquitous entity, as were his brothers Adrian and Nathaniel. They were born, or rather granted ascension to the living universe in the name of Necessity, Equity, and Vengeance. Each being representing the collective power and knolwedge of the Tribunal, equalitively each of them had died; or atleast that information was publicly withheld for now.

"It's time," he whispered, and with his words, he faded.

The setting changes from The Bluff to Solinus Sea Eastern Bay

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Character Portrait: Alexander Worthington
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0.00 INK

He sat on an outcropping that overlooked the sea, it was a jagged precipice that fell some ways to the rocky shore beat by the crashing waves. He'd already knew of their coming, was aware of their positions before they surrounded him. Concern was the last thing on his mind, obviously, as these puppets belonged entirely to him; they dare not make a move without his approval. This was a grand power, one of the Tribunal.

The neigh of a horse had broken their conversation, as those lavender chasms cast their gaze upon the illuminated figure of a female and her steed. Stance widened as booted feet sifted through the soil, and hands were positioned at his hips. His smile seemed so genuine, a perfect picture of sincerity; and yet it was a superficial guise. The mask which he wore in order to keep those around him from knowing the sorrow contained within him, representing the sacrifices and duties of his existence. A mantle which he was burdened, wearing the weight of the world upon his shoulders. So much for that peaceful, quiet day...

"Then you no longer agree to give me your power?"

"You're better off dead, Alexander. Please come peacefully."

"You're mad. Though if you want to know if you are truly alive, I'll do away with your life. But... upon such beautiful sands? Perhaps we could wander elsewhere, and I could steal your life then?"

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Character Portrait: Alexander Worthington
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0.00 INK

It was quite simple a thing to detect, the searching mind of another prodding the cavernous greymatter, looking for information that may be engrained upon its surface. This was not the tactics he used, not in times of pacifism; atleast. Through his entire life, he'd led a life of conflict and wore the troubled brow of war about his stolid countenance. The powers of observation he obtained, watching the patterns in their general movements and ways of speaking had given him a unique ability, he was able to simply read through to one's truest of emotions. His eye could see their deepest darkest secrets, what drives them to be who they are; what they think they are. Had he seen the darkness in his brothers, what lay leagues beneath their surfaces?


He hadn't bothered to look.

Gloved digits reach out, brushing over the pink petals, gently the fingers curled about the flower-- it was quite beautiful, and fragrant. The flower broke away quite easily. A petal broke away, and the gentle wind took it from his palm. While the opposition and league of ascended beings dismounted and prepared their offensive, his lavender irises remained intertwined in a dance with fuchsia petals.

"So much preparation for weak little me?"

"I'll kill you Alexander. This is your final day on Terra! You don't belong here, in this universe. The Tribunal made a mistake."

"There is no truth, like a beautiful lie."

"Tch. Prepare to die!"

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Character Portrait: Alexander Worthington
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0.00 INK

With some anger he crushed the cherry blossom, and turned on his heel, his nostril flaring-- it all left a bitter taste in his mouth. Pale lips melted into a jovial smile, and several slow steps slowly transgressed into a more active pace.

The presence that he felt was indefinitely unique, it held a resemblance to one he had come to know before; in a previous life. It came unto him as a swirling band of synergies, tendrils colliding with one another in semblant resonance to create a humanoid. Lithe digits had furled, transforming his hand into a fist, tight enough to where his knuckles would glow white. He'd known of their presence for quite some time, it was no surprise that they had come in this direction. It was then that a monumentous dome of superficial colors consuming the spectrum of the rainbow between both him and the woman was born. A conflict of which could have never have been imagined was born, his body clashing with that of hers in a steadfast collision of fist and heated blade.

"Show me that you exist. Prove it to me."

"Shut up!"

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Character Portrait: Alexander Worthington
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0.00 INK

The shape and hue of the array that aligned the back of his own hand was entirely different. The power he commandeered was not from the stream he mistook to be the source, and Alexander found himself at a crossroad, between the living universe and the afterlife. For now he understood. Pain, strife, woe, they danced at the tips of his fingers like marionette strings that stretched into the shadows of the unknown. And so he understood more upon this day than he had ever come to know before. They sought power to become powerful; and here they were. Well, he was... she was dead. Murdered by his own hand, commanded by the universe and the juristiction of the world. No longer man, no longer human.

Now simply a lagoon of supernal energy gripping his primal subconscious humanoid form.

Crooked digits furled to form a fist, a crude tree of gnarled muscle and veins etched its was past his elbow. There was a coruscating; a surge of energy, but it was different than anything he'd experience before. It wasn't adrenaline, or the heightened fervor of battle. There were no words to explain exactly what it was, as it had no predecessor.

"I'm sorry it had to be this way," he whispered as he squeezed his sanguine colored fingertips that faded with his own body. The men that had invaded this territory had long since scattered, and all that remained was a deepend crater of death among the lively beautiful territory.

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Selerei continued to follow the trail towards the east, the sea bubbling as the creature passed shallow beneath.