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Alice Fong

Teenage Inhuman trying to fight Crime.

0 · 266 views · located in Wing City Plaza

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Cypher7850


So...... this is the new blood?
A male voice said. With him was a female Inhuman. They watch several monitors with Stills & CCTV Footage of a Teenage girl using the Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire & Water) against a group of armed Merc's.

Correct. Her name is Alice Fong. She was killed by two gunmen who were armed with future technology. Before her "death", she found one of our Orb's in the building. It was after she was "Reborn" that her powers in her awakened. There was only a single witness to this: A PC by the name of Alan McIntosh. Two day's after witnessing Alice obtaining her powers, PC McIntosh was found dead, with a gunshot wound to the head. He had left a note stating the following:
The Female voice said as she spoke with the Male, before reading the note found in McIntosh's possession.

To whomever finds this note among my lifeless body,

I can't stop running. I'm losing my mind. But I should start at the beginning.
There was a girl. Alice Fong. She was dead, now she's alive. She asked about Inhuman's. I'm not sure how she knew about them. But when she collapsed from some pain in her head, I put a staff in her hands as she asked me to.
She changed. She wasn't the Schoolgirl that I found, but an Inhuman. I tried to arrest her for being an Inhuman, but she blasted me with fire. I suffered burns on the arms & half of my face was permanently scarred.

I suffered to[sic] nights of nightmares & darkness. I'm afraid for my life. Therefore I'm ending it all. You thought we'd have a happy ending? Well fuck you. They're back. And they will come for us. God Help Us.

PC Alan McIntosh

So... what now? These Merc's, they're unlike anything I've ever seen. And that badge.... I can't recognise it for some reason.
The male said as he zoomed in on the badge.

We have to get to Alice before these lot do. I'll send a team to extract her befo-
The female said before being cut-off by the Male.

No. We can't risk it Binary. The entire Inhuman race won't be used extracting one teen who's powers have recently manifested. Even then, we'll be walking into a death-trap. We'll have to think of a way to get her to us.
The male said as he continued to check the footage and stills.

Binary sighed. Knowing that there were only 30 Inhuman's left in the Multiverse, she had to save this new blood, before Alice ended up captured or dead.
Courier, what if I went after her and tried to recruit her?
Binary asked.

Courier turned around. Putting his left hand on Binary's shoulder, he sighed.
We can get you into Wing City. But you'll have 48 hours to find Alice & get her out. Once that's up, we'll have to leave, with or without you two. You understand?
Courier explained.

Binary nodded.
If that's a risk I'm prepared to take, then I'll do it.
She replied

So begins...

Alice Fong's Story


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  1. I wanted to have a opening where a character dies, comes back with Powers & fights crime. I played with concepts of different characters. Alice is that character.

    by Cypher7850

0.00 INK

The Darkness, The Pain. Nothing could go. For Alice Fong, nothing felt real for her. But being shot was real. With a wound in her arm, two armed thugs hunting her and feeling that she would black out, Alice felt scared of what might happen to her.
Gotta find someplace to hide and heal, otherwise I'll be dead.
Alice said to herself. She found a building that was empty and had a "FOR SALE" sign. Using the last of her strength, Alice pulled a window board (That was used for keeping Squatters out) out from the boards and headed upstairs.

Just then she heard footsteps outside the building that Alice had taken refuge in. Pulling out a small pistol, Alice heard two voices that sounded like the thugs hunting her.
I think that bitch is in here. I'll check upstairs. If you see her trying to run for it, kill her.
The first voice said.

Ok. Just be sure to move the body. Boss wants it to look like she committed suicide.
The second voice said. Hearing footsteps coming up the staircase, Alice tried to reload her pistol, yet couldn't find a magazine.
Come on... Damn it. Gotta find something else for defence.
She said. Alice started to look for a something to defend herself with in the room. She then stopped.

Coming from the far end of the room was a glowing object. Approaching it, Alice found an Orb of strange energy. She heard the door being kicked down. Then, it was all over. Two bullets in the skull was all it took to finish Alice. The Darkness. The Pain. It was all over.........


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  1. First off: The Legends are those from "DC's Legends of Tomorrow". Secondly: The Incursion is from MARVEL Comics "Secret War" event. Lastly, I plan to make a RP to tie into the following Events that Alice experienced.

    by Cypher7850

0.00 INK

My head... It hurts so much.
Alice said as she woke up. She thought she was dead, but that wasn't the case. Alice got up to find that she wasn't in the building that she had died in. She was in a empty void of Whiteness. She looked around, seeing if there was anyone around.
Hello? Is anyone here?
She shouted hoping to see if anyone could hear her. She thought it wouldn't work and stopped shouting.

Suddenly, Alice heard footsteps from far off. Though they were faint, she could hear them. She got up and went to investigate the noise. Though it was only a few minutes, it felt like an eternity before Alice came across a non-white object: a red door. Alice looked around for signs of life, yet couldn't see anyone. Opening the door, she saw something that made her shocked.

In front of her, was a orb similar to the one that Alice had found in the building where she died. But this one was different. Instead of energy, it showed the future Multiverse, one where everything was gone. Governments had collapsed, Populated Planets were destroyed and Billions of species (Including the Human race) were killed when the Multiverse was wiped out by "The Incursion".

So....... you're finally awake. I never thought you'd wake up.
A voice said. Alice almost jumped out of her skin upon hearing the voice.
Who's there? I'm not afraid of you!
Alice shouted to the voice.
Don't be afraid Alice. I've been waiting for you to wake up.
The voice said. Just then, Alice watched in disbelieve as a figure manifested before her eyes. The Figure was that of an middle-age man of Asian descendant wearing an old Samurai warrior from 17th Century Japan.
Who are you, what is this place & how the fuck do you know my name?
Alice demanded.

Let's start with Introductions. My name is Takeo Abukara. I was a Samurai in 17th Century Japan. I was mortally wound by the sword of my rival, yet I survived thanks to "The Legends". I was in their debt and served them as an ally and communications. I brought you here for a reason Alice. Would you kindly take a seat and I'll explain more?
Takeo replied as Alice felt she could trust Takeo. Taking a seat, Alice had several questions for Takeo, but decided to ask a few.

Why did you bring me here? Is there something I've done that relates to the Timeline?
Alice asked. This was her first question into learning more of her predicament.
I brought you for a reason Alice. The Multiverse is protected by hundreds of heroes and groups. Yet the Timeline isn't protected. That job was left to "The Legends". But for some reason, they've not been seen for years. Not since 1942. And yes, the timeline isn't safe. The reason I brought you was because of that Orb you found. The Energy that was in the Orb hasn't been discovered yet and won't be for 1000 years.
Takeo replied.

1000 Years? So that's from the future? Also, what's with that Orb and who are "The Legends"?
Alice asked, this being her second question.
It's indeed from the future. I was trying to track it down, when I noticed your death. It had.... an impact on the Future. As for that Orb here, I use it to view the Timeline and location disturbances. And "The Legends" were Time Travellers. They protected the Timeline from people who wanted to bend Time to their will. But they vanished on a mission in 1942. Therefore, I'm the last of the team to protect the Timeline.
Takeo replied, his tone turning very worried.

Impact? What do you mean?
Alice asked. Takeo gave out a sigh and started to explain.
Without you in the future, Wing City is destroyed by a Nuclear Weapon. Over 300 Million people are wiped out. The Terran Government launched an attack on the terrorists, but they accidently start WW4 by attacking an Alien Coalition. Soon after the final Bombs fell, the Incursion began. It wiped everything in the Multiverse apart. This place here.... is the end of time.
Takeo answered his words sounding more painful.

This Timeline never happened when you lived, yet you're dead for some reason. The timeline has changed at some point. The people who killed you were not from your present. They came from the future to destroy Wing City. But you discovered them. They had to kill you. That Orb of Energy was the bomb. Yet when you died, you absorbed the power from it. Therefore you could prevent your death. But it would be risky.
Takeo replied.

Alice asked.
There's a chance that you could've obtained powers from absorbing the Orb. Which means you are now an Inhuman.
Takeo replied.
But you must go. I'll contact you when you're ready. Save the Multiverse. Save us Alice Fong!
Takeo said as Alice began to fade away.


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0.00 INK

Light.... Sounds.... It was coming back to Alice. Waking up, she found that the building was partly destroyed.
Urgh... My head. Why is it hurting?
She said as she looked around. There wasn't a trace of the Orb that she had found before her "death". Yet her head was in extreme agony, like a switchblade to the ribs. Alice staggered outside to see a Police car parked outside. Seeing a Police Constable, she decided to approach him to find out what had happened.

This is Constable McIntosh. I found a body inside some burnt out building. 17 year old Female. Asian-Canadian racial. Location is Wing City Plaza. Looks like suicide, but I might be.....
McIntosh said on his Radio as he reported finding Alice's lifeless body. As Alice approached him, his expression turned to shock.
I'm gonna call back in... 10 minutes. Over.
McIntosh said as he saw Alice. Putting his radio down, he approached Alice, putting his hand on her shoulder.

I'm not sure how you regenerated from a bullet wound in the head lass, but you've either got a Guardian Angel that saved you, or a bloody healing factor like that guy in the Red Spandex suit that's going around killing people.
McIntosh said as he took his hand off Alice's shoulder and walked over to the building. Looking around, he then turned back to Alice.
What's your name lass? Only asking for reports.
McIntosh asked.

Alice hesitated, before saying it.
Alice Fong. But Constable, what do you know of Inhuman's?
Alice asked as she approached McIntosh.
Inhuman's? They've been extinct for 30 years. Wiped out in the battle of Wing City. Why do you ask Alice?
McIntosh replied, his curiosity level rising. But why would a 17 year old would ask about a race she's possibly never heard of?

I met a Samurai in the future. I was brought there by him. He told me that I absorbed some energy from an orb and that energy contained Inhuman energy. But when I woke up, he was gone. I don't know why I'm still alive.
Alice replied.

A Samurai? What, like a 17th Century one?
McIntosh replied.

Correct. He showed me what the future would be like without me. Apparently there was Wing City's destruction by nuclear bombing, planets being destroyed, and then.. nothing. An empty void of darkness. But this Samurai, he told me of a gro- Argh!
Alice said, before violently falling to the ground, clutching her head.

Alice? ALICE! Shite... I'm gonna regret doing this.
McIntosh said as he rushed towards Alice. Grabbing a wooden staff, he placed it next to Alice.
Come on! I'm not letting you die again!
McIntosh said as he started checking for a pulse. He then started thumping on her chest to keep her alive.

The Staff..... Give it. To me.
Alice said. McIntosh grabbed the staff and placed it in Alice's hands. Suddenly, a bright light surrounded Alice and temporarily blinded McIntosh. When he could see again, he saw Alice, but in very different clothing. Her previous clothing was a school uniform. Now, it consisted of a dress with a slit on the right side, black leggings, purple boots and black short gloves. Her hair had changed colour from Blond to Black with some Purple Highlights. Her face had Gothic-like makeup on her eyes and lips, with a mark on her face with that of a Inhuman mark.
Where... Where am I? What is this place?
Alice asked herself. Yet this wasn't her body. It was the body of an Inhuman.