Alison Coven

Princess of Ritrys; white mage

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DarKnight36


Just over five feet tall; has blonde hair, brown eyes; a little frail in appearance, but can carry her own weight


A little snarky; despite this, she is well-liked, and enjoys helping others. People seem to be drawn to her naturally. She worries about her father, and the direction he is taking the country.


Alison is a healer, not a fighter, and so can only use holy magic. She can also exorcise the undead, but her talent in that area is limited.


Born and raised in the country of Ritrys on Crystalis, Alison's mother died at an early age. Her father always made her feel loved, and as a result, once Alison was old enough, she began to train to heal his ailments in return. Through this, she became a very skilled white mage, and works with the kingdom's doctors often.

She disappeared a few days ago, along with a contingent of the kingdom's Knights, supposedly on a routine inspection of the country. Rumor has it, however, is that the King moved her to the small manor to the north in order to allow him to execute a large number of innocent nomads...

So begins...

Alison Coven's Story