Once home to a thriving civilisation, it became a lifeless rock when struck by an Armageddon of dark forces. What no one could have anticipated was the eventual mechanisation of the planet. With a robotic army at its call, it cannot be stopped.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Porecomesis



The planet, ALL, is large. Very large. Roughly the size of 20 Earths. Along its surface lies what one would interpret to be a futuristic city, but it is completely abandoned. Large towers and military bases can be seen from each other without a telescope.


There were 20 Envoy battleships, all of which are as big as the moon. Now there are 317 of them. All of them are very long,

Agents - Flyers

Agents - Muscles

Agents - Chasers

Agents - Submersibles

So begins...

ALL's Story