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Grand Majister Allaran Darkbane, also known as Allaran the Wizard, or Allaran the Trifling, is a Sindorei Dhampir, Blood Mage and former Mentor of the Dark Arts.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Allaran_Darkbane


The Empyrean Norsemen have a well established space-faring kingdom on an isolated island in the Empyrean High Seas, originating on planet Gaia in the Milky Way and waving a dragon banner.


"I serve in the darkness to protect the light."
-- Grand Majister Allaran Darkbane


Character: Allaran Darkbane
Player: Allaran_Darkbane
Chapters: Temple of Darkbane, Forgotten Realms
Realms: Tenaria, Ayenee, Ecneics, Mance, Rhydin
Settings: Vampire Tavern, Starless Night Tavern
Race: Dhampir Bloodelf (Sin'dorei)
Class: Blood Mage (Sorceror)
Title: Grand Majister
Gender: Male
Factions: Darkbane Alliance, Darkbane Reborn
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deities: Pandora the Goddess, Aldafar the Creator
Age: 860
Size: Average (Human Male)
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 6-foot-tall
Weight: 165-pounds
Complexion: Caucasian (Fair)
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Cobalt (Greyblue)
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Scars: Raven's Brand
Relationship Status: Widower (Single)
Personality: Quiet, Humble, Friendly, Mysterious
Mannerisms: Smoker, Drinker
Likes: Adventure, Books, Sorcery
Dislikes: Wickedness, Laziness, Selfishness
Weapons: Magical Sword, Sorcerer's Staff
Armour: Enchanted Cloak, Wizard's Brimmed Hat


Allaran the Wizard of Clann Darkbane once looked very different than he does now, with his wavey long silvery white hair and matching long goatish white beard. He is a tall and slender old fellow, much faster and stronger than he appears, both magically and physically. He is also much older than he looks. His skin is hard and tough but also soft and fair, like a peach, mango or some other pinkish orange fruit. His eyes are greyish turquoise or cobalt blue, matching his wizard's robe, wide brimmed pointed hat and magical hooded cloak to a tee. Allaran wears a deep red shiny silk sash and often carries a magical elfwood wizard's staff, which he uses as a cane or walking stick. The head on his staff is shaped like a raven, and he has the scar of a raven branded into his chest. He has a purple string tied cloth bag or pouch which contains several magical rubies or bloodstones. He also has a mysterious black stone in his pocket made from a broken shard of obsidian, which he sometimes fumbles or fiddles with whenever he is thinking. Allaran Darkbane also possesses the magical legendary Golden Sword of Tubalcain, which he keeps sheathed in its jaded scabbard decorated with silver embroidery and emerald gemstones.


Allaran Darkbane appears fully human on the surface, but he's actually a trifling. His mother was half-human, half-vampire. His father was a Sin'dorei bloodelf. Allaran is therefore part human, part vampire and part bloodelf, destined to be a sorcerer from the time he was first born. He was originally born in Tenaria, but he was raised in Ayenee and spent a great deal of time at the Vampire Tavern before being inducted into the Temple of Darkbane as a dark priest where he continued his studies, eventually becoming a powerful blood mage. Although he was heavily trained in the Dark Arts, he was not consumed by them, and was able to prevent himself from being corrupted or becoming evil. Being half-dhampir and half-sindorei, Allaran is extremely old. He can communicate with animals such as birds and snakes, and he can see things that most ordinary humans can not. Despite his age of 860, he has supernatural strength and reflexes. He can tame dragons and perform all different kinds of divinations, psychokinetics and magical spells. Allaran is telepathic and immune to most forms of magic or witchcraft, a perk which comes from his countless years of studying the dark arts. He can also dodge most long-ranged attacks, but is still susceptible to close-ranged magically poisoned Elfshot silver arrows if the timing is correct. Allaran is also highly skilled in non-magical melee combat, with and without weapons. But his true forte is blood magic, hematomancy, dark alchemy, arcane sorcery and vampyrcraeft.


Allaran the Wizard of Clann Darkbane was originally affiliated with the Darkbane Alliance which included such characters as Razma Darkbane, Koulen Darkbane, Seth Darkbane, Ballathor Darkbane, Damien Darkbane, Excalibus Darkbane, Dengar Darkbane, Scarlet Darkbane, Michello Darkbane, Faustina Darkbane, Ravyn Darkbane, Armadel Darkbane, Kirianna Darkbane, Lorna Darkbane, Alessandra Darkbane, Sagronaas Darkbane, Shandathe Darkbane, Spectre Darkbane, Aeternus Darkbane, Colvin Darkbane, Molloch Darkbane, Malice Darkbane, Caeric Darkbane, Promethus Darkbane, Abaddon Darkbane, Amethyst Darkbane, Sunnaise Darkbane, Ambika Darkbane, Salvator Darkbane, Corvin Darkbane, Executor Darkbane, Nehemiah Darkbane, Oblivio Darkbane, Satire Darkbane, Kaedryn Darkbane, Mortuus Darkbane, Nerull Darkbane, Forsynthia Darkbane, Dengar Darkbane, Tarotorus Darkbane, Aurora Darkbane, Pandora, Aldafar, Atra'Lamia, Dunn the Grey, Drizzt, Kellindil, Aglaranna and many others. Allaran Darkbane was also very loosely affiliated with the Priesthood of Darkbane, the Terra Knights, the Vampire Knights, the Blackthornes, the Pendragons, and the Temple of Darkness among others. Allaran the Wizard was not very active during the Darkbane Pendragon Clan Wars, but he did participate indirectly by helping a few anonymous spies, monks and assassins to deal with Clann Darkbane's rivals, earning them many victories.


Allaran Darkbane possesses the magical Golden Sword of Tubalcain, which can pierce anything from a dragon's impenetrable scales to the supernatural spectral armour of a ghost skeleton. The long sword itself is a relic from old times. It has seen many owners and has taken many lives. The legendary Golden Sword of Tubalcain is made of magically forged solid gold imbued with enchanted diamonds. It has a golden blade with a fine diamond edge which never needs to be cleaned or sharpened. The sword is fireproof and can not be heated, melted, cracked, scratched, broken or destroyed due to the power of the magical properties and secret rituals that went into forging its creation. Tradition has it that the sword was forged in the blue flames of an arcane dragon, enchanted by blood elves, then given sentience and a mind of its own by very ancient gods, which means that this sword has a will of its own and can move on its own accord, subservient only to those it has chosen to serve as its swordmaster.


The legend that became Allaran Darkbane actually started in Tenaria as a nameless young Trifling, lost and confused. He was an orphan, and the story behind his birth and adolescence is unknown. A blood test taken many years later eventually determined that his mother was a Dhampir, being half-human and half-vampire, while his father came from the Sin'dorei race of blood elves, descended from the older race of Quel'dorei high elves going back to ancient times. Allaran was not born into the Darkbane Nobility, nor was he even born into the clan. He was first discovered in Tenaria and Romancia wandering the slums and back alleys of the Vampire Tavern by a mysterious figure named Varsinax, who introduced him to Marcus Darknight and Alexis Nightbreed, the two Tenarians who later fostered him and gave him the name Allaran, a name meaning "fair, handsome and noble". At that time he was not yet a Darkbane, but a clanless rogue with blue eyes and dark black hair who was prone to trouble and mischief.

One fateful night Allaran met Alanis Nightshade, the owner of Emerald Tavern who introduced him to Dean Wolfe, Fang Darkraven and eventually to Leapra Messiah who brought Allaran to a place called Hell, a realm which predated the existence of Tenaria and went back to very ancient times. After spending some time in Hell learning the rules for combat under the tutelage of Skylar Winterborn, the young trifling Allaran returned to Tenaria, and after a brief duel with Atreyu Coldheart and Draegan Blackthorne, he caught the attention of Kel'han the Darkelf who saw Allaran's potential and introduced him to some of the other elves.

Allaran met Aglaranna the Lightelf, Kellindil the Bloodelf, Drizzt the Darkelf and many others. It was around this time that others started referring to him as Allaran the Halfelf, or as Allaran the Bloodelf, and it was around this time that he started having encounters with the many different clans and factions around Ayenee, Romancia, Ecneics, Tenaria, Stluda, Rhydin, Mordor, Nerima, Zoir, Eden, Hell and abroad. Allaran the Trifling met Terra Pendragon, Arthuros Pendragon, Raynee Blacktear, Adrian Blackthorne, Verbatim Delecose, Draegan Blackthorne, Reese Blackthorne, Atra'Lamia, Alyssa Nightwing, Adele Erewyn, Gallen Erewyn, Rainer Darkthorne, Median Darkthorne, Xanthe Bloodthorne, Isolde Whitethorne, Duncan Whitethorne, Falcon Ravenheart, Dahlia Morgan, Donhal Ashbane, Tuathal Erewyn, Rebecca Blackthorne, Andelice Blackthorne, Gawain Pendragon, Silvia Rose, Veta Norr, Anthony Blackblade, Dionne Warwick, Aidan of Elvandar, Halduron Brightwing, Ebonwolf Darkness, Nathan Balcard, Colvin Darkbane, Darkmoon Shadowrose, Darlene Darkbane, Damien Darkbane, Excalabis, Dunn the Grey, Dengar Darkbane, Silverbolt the Mentor, Seth Darkbane, Spectre Darqphyre, Pandora the Goddess, Michello the Mage, Moloch Darkbane, Razma Darkbane, Ballathor Darkbane and Atrox Cuentus during that time.

Allaran the Trifling spent much of his young adulthood frequenting the many forests, taverns and inns around Tenaria and Ayenee, studying and learning magic. He often visited the Starless Nights Tavern, the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern, the Vampire Tavern, the Red Dragon Inn, the Jaded Tavern, the Blackbird Tavern, the Sikarra Arena, the Ancient Library, the Nataria Cemetery, the Ice Dragon Tavern, the Neko Furry Forest and the All Creatures Tavern among others. Allaran the Trifling remained neutral and stayed out of the limelight for quite some time, but after receiving a challenge from Gawain Pendragon, and no longer able to hide his true potential, Allaran soon made a name for himself and was eventually recruited into the Temple of Darkbane where he was initiated into the Darkbane Priesthood as a notable blood mage, earning his noble reputation as Allaran Darkbane, or Allaran the Wizard.

Allaran Darkbane is best known for his indirect role of training several anonymous mages and monks, spies and assassins to assist the Darkbane Alliance in their conflicts against the Pendragons, Blackthornes and other clans. Allaran did not personally fight in the Darkbane Pendragon Wars, but he did hold a high position at that time as a mentor, trainer, counselor, and advisor to the throne, a position which he certainly used to help the Darkbanes gain an advantage over rival clans. Allaran Darkbane did actively participate in the defense of Icecrown Citadel against the invading Arathorian Empire under Ignaeus Trollbane, helping to conquer Alterac Fortress at one point. Allaran Darkbane also led an elvish army of warrior monks in the successful campaign against the Guyver androids with the help of Cryclad dragons. He spent some time training the Calorian Knights as a mentor in Eden, but humbly rejected the title of Justicar when the position was offered to him. Allaran the Wizard also aided the Grand Star Army against the Zero Corps faction during the Assassins Wars, and afterwards he spent some time at Mystic River Falls and Tabmoc Island recovering from the shellshock and trauma of so many violent battles.

Allaran Darkbane also led many famous battles against the Draconians and the Lycosians in Ayenee and Tenaria, defending the Onyx Star System and the Eusebeia Galaxy against foreign invaders. He also freed many hostages and captives from the Slave Auction by helping them to escape. Allaran Darkbane eventually accepted the title of Grand Majister and was initiated into the Order of Magi at Silvermoon City, a title he still holds currently. After witnessing the fall of Tenaria, spending some time in the Sarpiverse with the Jaaq'tah Alliance, slaying the last arcane dragon Fendinn the Insatiable at the Battlefields of Barrendor in Mythardia, and failing to prevent the corruption of one of his last known pupils, Allaran eventually retired from the scene of endless sword and sorcery, going into exile at the ripe old age of 860 years old. Allaran Darkbane now has a long silvery white beard, and his once sparkling blue eyes now seem jaded and grey. His voice is deeper and softer now, but no less fierce. Because he is a Dhampir Bloodelf, it seems likely that this greyish look has more in part to do with his many centuries of practicing the Dark Arts, and less to do with his age. In short, Allaran Darkbane is still in his prime, quite young and powerful for a blood mage. He's just much wiser, more humble and has much more experience now after 860 years of practice, trial and error.

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