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Alyssa Hofmann

0 · 170 views · located in Mjötviðr; The Realms

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ottoman


An empire of shapeshifters, the Erutins value their twin above all. Largely peaceful, they remain prepared for war.



So begins...

Alyssa Hofmann's Story

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#, as written by Ottoman
Taking the two to a nearby table, they sat the two on it, hoping that they'd cooperate and stay standing. Almost immediately they began the examination of the rings, touching them with instruments before actually venturing to feel of them. Matthias sighed at this, motioning to one of his men with a gloved cybernetic hand, a swift finger across the throat, ordering him to close the channel. Not a mere moment after he had done such, he looked to a figure who sat in the rear of the place, asking, "I fail to see any scientific method at hand here."

With a light chuckle, she answered, "This is simply for us to see. I doubt you'll want to actually watch testing for a few hours. This is the preliminary." She certainly wasn't the typical Landwächter personnel, she was clad to lightly for that, and held a grace to her mannerisms that rigorous training had a way of doing away with.

"As you say, director Hofmann."

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Character Portrait: Matthias Rueger Character Portrait: The Abducted Ones Character Portrait: Alyssa Hofmann
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#, as written by Ottoman
The material was odd, to be sure. Nothing of the likes that anyone in the Hegemony had seen before, at least not in any public reports. If anything the scientists pursued the mysteries of the things for the sake of science, whilst Director Hofmann was simply doing as she was ordered. Produce a working piece of Erutin technology or fabricate some sort of technology. At the least, examine it and understand its basic function. The ability to shift into whatever form one could imagine would be an incredible asset to the Hegemony, especially in the Home galaxy.

Restraining the two creatures while a compatriot fetched a sedative, the woman didn't take long to begin a more detailed examination of the rings, trying to find out just what it was that filled them, or if they could be punctured.

"This has little point, director."

"Your visit has little point, Standartenführer. You're just here to watch."

"And you're not?"

"It's my job." With an annoyed, internal sigh, Matthias ceased his arguing and again turned back to the inspection of the beasts.