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Amadi Lagbara

TAF Commander and heavy metal connoisseur.

0 · 458 views · located in Wing City Hospital

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Nemo


Commander Amadi Lagbara


One of the original guerrilla soldiers for the TLF, Lagbara has been fighting for Terran sovereignty from the beginning. His keen battle-awareness and specialized hand-to-hand combat skills quickly advanced him through the ranks of the Terran military. When the TETRS unit was established, Nile was selected to lead the squad as Field Commander. Amadi led his troops with valor, fighting for Terra in a myriad of famous engagements, including the Taiyou Conflict and the Galactic Unification War. When TETRS was disbanded, Amadi was promoted to the rank of 'Commander' and given authority over a large bulk of TAF forces stationed in Aslund and Hafirjan.

Stern, straight-forward and authoritative, Lagbara is a competent tactician and fighter. Though he places the well-being of Terra and the completion of his missions above all else, Amadi retains a deep respect for the troopers under his command, frequently striving to maintain personal relationships with the soldiers he fights alongside. He also has a deep love for all-things heavy metal, and will often blast his favorite bands during training exercises, or even mission debriefings.

Amadi is one of the few TAF officers left in the world who still has permission to use ANDEE combat armor - arguably the most advanced single-man combat skin that Terra ever developed. As a commander, Amadi is technically no longer needed in-person on the battlefield. This, of course, doesn't stop him from occasionally joining his troops on an assignment, "to keep the bones working" as he reportedly justifies it.

So begins...

Amadi Lagbara's Story

#, as written by Nemo
"Not so fast," a stern, commanding voice boomed throughout the room. From the smoke left in the wake of Awinita's breakthrough walked a lone figure, clad head to toe in gleaming armor.

"In the name of the Terran National Government," he raised the rifle at his hip, "you both are under immediate arrest. Stand down and de-energize your weapons." He clacked his rifle. "I will not ask twice."

Music could faintly be heard from his helmet. Five Fingered Death Punch hailed the arrival of Commander Amadi Lagbara.

As Edison took the strange mystical blade the dull white flared into colors of various hues before settling on a sickly green and blueish hue. "Then let us depart." The woman replied, a smile on her face, she was once more ready to fight her path out. But everything was so quiet, too quiet for her liking.

Until she heard music that was unlike anything she heard in her life before. With an odd sound the Maiar turned her gaze slightly to see where the sound was coming hence. Noticing out of the mist and thickly dustfilled corridor a lone figure. She could also make out dozens more behind the figure. Great. she thought, another kamakazi hero. She was wrong.

When the man spoke and the music was far too close for comfort she saw where the man had halted, just out of her primary weapons reach. Well, a whip is one good weapon in a fight, but then, fire worked just as good. She moved and stepped between the newcomer and her charge. Edison was the reason she had raided the place.

She raised an eyebrow. "The who ?" The hell was the terran national government anyhow ? As far as she knew, two men with blue hands had captured her charge and held him against his will. "get real, I came only for one person and one person only, so if you want to sign your death certificate, feel free. Don't try to place the blame on me, you and yours took my charge. I came to get him back. Those I killed got in my way." Though there were two men whom she merely knocked out up in the security room.

Thing was, Those that went Two by two, hands of blue did not work for the TNG nor did they have any offical ties to them. They instead were from the medical zone of the planet Ariel. The woman was the only thing not injured, she had blood on her, but it was not hers, the men she had slain had spilled their blood in vast clouds. And there she was. blood splattered all over her, in addition to already in serious need of a good car washing, she was even dirtier. But she seemed to not notice or not care.

She held the whip in one hand, the dull white weapon sparked with lightning every few seconds. The sword Edison carried sparked constantly of a dull sickly greenish blue hue. What she was planning none knew.

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola blinked as he heard the music, “Huh…not bad.” He mutters as he turns to the man with the helmet, his eyes harsh. “Look I want out of here, and one way or another I will get out of it.” He comments as he sees Awinita get in front of him. He looks at the sword with a smile as he holds it so the point is near the ground, he felt…well charged, he didn’t need the sword to attack after all. It was kinda hard for him to ‘de-energize’ as the man put it, not impossible but hard.

He stayed behind Awinita keeping his eyes on the man as he glances about the hallway, trying to find some way out. “I don’t even know why I was brought here, I wasn’t put under arrest, they did not read any rights…if that is a thing here. All I know is that if so…I have been here unlawfully held for a week and have been injured by workers here.” He states, a faint crackle can be heard from the green and blue weapon as his bright green hair stood on end.

#, as written by Nemo
"You've broken into a prison," Amadi continued, "you've injured and slain TNG officers ... broken into a secure holding cell with the apparent intention of freeing a prisoner..." He shook his head. "'re going down. Simple as that."

He walked towards them, his metal feet clanging against the concrete.

"Do not resist," he said as he moved towards them.

The Maiar thought carefully over what the man said. Yes she had broken in, well, not entirely. More like got completely admitted to enter before disappearing from her assigned guard to guide her through the place. She sought information, which she retrieved, then she acted upon in. So in a manner of speaking she never broke in. But did kill many soldiers yes. Because they tried to take her down with deadly force.

Besides, the logic of breaking out of prison was to get the hell as far as you possibly could. Not stick around. So that was why she went after Edison. Some pair of loons took him from her, so she followed his trail, and it lead her dead to that cell. And now this guy, who clearly had never seen a Maiar before. Was telling her what to do. She rarely allowed anyone to tell her to do anything. If any tried, there was trouble. Hence WWI and also the French Revolution.

And this man was not getting it either. So she said "I was not intending to free anyone, but to get back what was taken from me." She growled out her words as the man stepped closer. His thrice damned music still blasting away and hurting her ears only slightly. But he was within range. Well within range.

'do not resist' he had said. Well, the Maiar planned on just that. Snapping out her whip she withdrew from the core of her being a second whip, this one she aimed at the wall fast as possible, striking it, lining it in dull white with each shot, the weakspot in the wall. To Edison she cried out "Strike it!" Meaning the dull white marks. Use the sword, break free! She'll destract while he gets their exit cleared.

Her first whip however snapped out at Amadi, with the intent to both distract, and disarm, and also throw the man flying. Crackling energy of dull white flared brightly at each hit upon anything. Leaving dull white parks on the surfaces it connected with.

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola listens, “Hey I was taken here without any rights read to me, and attacked first, any injury they suffered under was self-defense on my end…that has gotta be a few laws on your own side broken.” The green haired youth comments as little green and blue static jumps around in his hair. “Like hell I won’t resist…” he thinks to himself as the man comes closer to them. He keeps the sword pointed to the ground. He tries to gather some electricity that courses through him to his left arm; he feels the feeling of pins and needles settle in his left arm. The music got louder as the man walks closer to them. “Can ya turn that off? It is annoying.” He asks him.

He nods at Awinitas’ comment, “she just wanted to get me back after I was kidnapped.” He states. Nikola side steps as Awinita cracks a whip at the wall, spying the white lining as he hears her cry he switches the sword from his right to left hand, glad he was ambidextrous. He pours the stored energy from his left arm into the blade as he strikes at the white lining as hard as he could hearing it give way as he turns to Awinita while backing to the newly made exit. “Be safe!” he calls out to her, planning to clear this route for them. “Hope there is a lot of metal around…”

#, as written by Nemo
"I don't care what happened to you," Amadi replied gruffly, "if there's been a mistake, you can stand down and talk to me about it, after you've been put back in custody. For now, the only thing you're going to do is-"

The soldier was cut off as the Maia shot her whip out at his chest. He'd seen the video surveillance of her fights - he knew what she could do. He was ready for it. Dodging nimbly to the side, the trooper let the energized chord zip pass him before he swiftly shot his hand out and grabbed the ethereal weapon with his shielded, armored hand. He would yank back with the strength of a a semi-truck, attempting to either pull Awinita forcefully towards him for close combat or simply rip the whip out of her hands.

With his free hand he leveled his rifle on Nikola. If the young man attempted to flee, he would shoot several times at his back with stun rounds.

As the whip was snared by the armored figure the other whip struck out at the mans weapon. Electrical power sparking madly and brilliant white as it coiled around the barrel of the weapon, just as the shots were fired it was pulled aside. The Maiar energized both whips intensely white hot. Destroying the weapon the man carried and even more so sending him flying from the power jolt. One whip then disappeared. A sword seemingly pulled from the chest area of the Maiar itself.

The strange weapon struck out hard and fast, Without someone holding it. A defense spell of some form. Striking blindly at the walls, hoping to carve out a hole, the debris of which causing a cave in of the massive complex. The Maiar then spoke. Her filled with determination; "you will not take him away from me again!" At the word 'again' she lashed out, lightning arced from the tip of the sword at Amadi, white, sickly green, brilliant blue and gold fire lashed out in a fury at the man.

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola turns around, "Yeah... and how long would that take? I trust Awinita." he states as he starts to go through the wall, hearing the sounds of battle behind him and Awinitas' yelling, he turns to look the weird sword glowing in his hand, worry in his eyes for his friend. As debris starts to fall he covers his head with his free arm as he calls out to Awinita, "See you on the other side! Keep safe!" and with that he hops through the hole with his back exposed, hoping that Awinita would be all right, he hated to leave her...but what was he going to do? He sighs as he gets an idea. He finds an outlet in the wall slamming a hand on it as he pours out the electricity he had stored in him in it, hoping to short circuit this area, or at least the security cameras. After he finishes he grips tightly on to the blade gaining back some energy.

#, as written by Nemo
Amadi jumped back from the jolt of power, his weapon a molten puddle at his feet.

"Looks like it's a fist fight then," the soldier cracked his head side-to-side, clacking his armored fists together, "good. That's my kind of fight."

Before he could engage Awinita, however, a brilliant arc of lightning speared out of her sword and caught him in the chest. The attack sent Amadi flying through the nearby wall, ash and smoke pluming out of the new crater. The two would have a brief moment free of Lagbara's presence, the TNG Commander briefly incapacitated.

When the man was thrown backwards the Maiar smiled, finally! She turned quickly and with a snap of her fingernails against the broken cement of the hole in the wall as she passed through it, caused it to refill with a powerful energy wall of wires and broken rebar rods intertwied for a few seconds with white energy before the energy faded and a wall was rebuilt. "It will take a bit for him to get out of that. Come on." She then reached out a hand to Edison to take. It was time to go.

Sooner they were outside, the sooner she could take proper get away form. She'd attempt it inside the halls, but they were too narrow.

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola heard the commotion, "Awinita be all right..." he mutters as he leans against the wall waiting for her. He turns to the hole in the wall as Awinita walks through the hole, a look of relief on his face. "Thank goodness." he whispers as he takes her hand. "Yeah the sooner we are out of here the better." he remarks with a grin. "Hey mind if I keep the blade for a is like a battery for me." he explains as he looks around the building, "Which way is out? Or do we just cut our own way through it?" he asks her as he glances at the fixed wall behind him.

#, as written by Nemo
An explosion and a loud metal thud resounded behind them as Amadi jumped fifty feet out of a debris pile back into the fray. He'd smashed clean through the wall Awinita had rebuilt like it was paper mache. Other than being coated in a fine layer of dust, he looked otherwise unharmed.

"That kinda tickled." A new song kicked into his earpiece.

Then he was on them both.

Propelled by the jets in his boots, Amadi reached the two of them in less time it would take one of them to sneeze. He sent a solid straight punch flying at Awinita's face, his knuckles laced with solid impervium, the force of his blow strengthened from the fusion core at the center of the ANDEE battle suit - the power of a sun at Amadi's disposal.

In the same move, Amadi dropped, his whole body pivoting and his leg shooting out as he attempted to sweep Nikola's knees out from under him, sending him to the ground.

She felt it well before the wall broke. Letting go of Edison she propelled him forwards and instructed him to lay flat on the ground on his back. Sword on his chest. As he did so time slowed as Amadi caught up to them. She was expecting the man. As he punch headed for home base the woman leaned backwards as her left fist struck straight up.

Unstoppable force met an unmoveable object the hard way. A concussion blast echo'ed down the hall as Amadi's fist made contact with her own, ears rang most lilkely as with time slowed down enough for her she struck hard and fast at Amadi's midsection, a dozen kicks, two hard slaps and lastly a hard spark nailed jab at his face plate. Sending the man backwards.

She stepped forwards towards him, a look of either anger or pure determination in her eyes as she mouthed unknown words as she brought her left fist out from her side, fingers in a claw form as she grabbed at his arm with a visegrip. Her other hand went for his neck and chin. She apparently either wanted to break his arm, or break his neck, one or the other.

However it looked like she was going for.... both.

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola stumbles forward as he nods and gets on his back, sword on his chest. He hears the wall...explode and the mans voice. "Oh come on..." he mutters to himself as he shuts his eyes. He can feel some debris as he opens his eyes slowly, "and here I thought we were home free." he thinks to himself as he hears the fighting behind him, he wanted to help...but how? He was just some punk kid who was an elctromancer! He never really been in a fight like this before, though he was highly considering taking lessons now...and taking his powers a bit more seriously instead of just using it to charge his phone and avoid his electricity bill. He tilts his head back as he spies the fight going on, almost too fast for him to follow. "come on Awinita..." he silently cheers her on.

#, as written by Nemo
She was quick, Amadi would give her that. Impervium met maiar magics as the two clashes, Amadi's attacks deflected by her superb combat prowess and divine wards. As she grabbed for his neck and arm, however, Amadi threw up his knee last second, wedging his leg between their two bodies and cutting off a bit of her strength.

"Chew on... this!" Amadi grunted, throwing his hips up and attempting to drive his knee into Awinita's jaw, hopefully dislodging the two and sending Amadi into a backflip away from her.

She saw desperation in his eyes as he brought up his knee, but she never felt his knee after it passed her stomach, which she felt as if someone rammed into her from a pothole in the street, when he tried to devide the two of them, infact, for all Amadi knew he was pushing against naught but air! Yet, there was a woman, holding his arm, and his neck in a death grip. When he pusled his hips and lowerbody, the only thing she heard was straining of metal as his arm was wrenched either from its socket directly, or just out of alignment for the powerarmor. He did however manage to backflip off her, even though painfully at that.

With the man down, but for how long the Maiar did not know. She stepped over to the man and reached down, slender cloth armored hand gripping his neck and shoulder armor and effortlessly lifted him to his feet. "I would much rather sip something else entirely. Now, if you not mind it, I do believe you have an injury to see to.... Unless you want I should snap your neck where I hold it right now.... It is easy to do, just close my fist and hear a pop..... but I am not unkind." She let him go.

As the man sank to the floor in a heap, the Maiar continued to speak "Amazing, even with a man of your skill and.... anger, I find it quite enlightning to spar with you." Hey, she let him live, that worked out most times to give something of respect. "Now then, before we take our leave, I must inform you. I am not your enemy, and nor is he. As far as you are concerned, he is a free man. Mistaken identiy. My goal now is to track down his captors." Score one for the Maiar, yet, for all any knew, it could end up the other way around on another fight. "You can aid or hinder me in this task. And quiet honestly, I prefer that you aid me rather then try to cage me."

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola watches the fight upside down, not wanting to roll on his back. "kinda odd looking from this angle" the boy thinks to himself as he clutches the swords' hilt tightly. He just wanted out of here, forget this happened...and maybe get something to eat. He hears Awinita talk to the man as he nods his head in agreement, this was probably a case of mistaken identity on his side...though how many people looked like him? He didn't know. "If it means anything from me, I will say it again while here I have done nothing wrong that would cause me to be locked up and beaten up." Nikola chimes in.

#, as written by Nemo
Fortunately, Amadi's training and limber dexterity allowed his arms to rotate in such an athletic manner rather easily. As his knee came up and he backflipped out of Awinita's grasp, the only hindrance he would experience would be the brief few feet of space that was now between them as he landed in front of the duo.

Rather than engage Awinita immediately, he would listen to her request before shaking his head. "If you want to talk, then surrender. The time for bullshitting is over. There's blood on your hands, and I don't negotiate with killers." He began walking sternly towards them once more.

"Yes" She replied, while raising her hands. "There is blood on my hands. Countless enemies have fallen to my hands for years uncounted. Your men, as I have said, got in my way. Like you." Almond brown eyes drilled into a face visor of that of the soldier before her as she listened to him speak. Surrender. Ha! "Wrong answer." At that she brought up her fists, two fingers sliced through the air, leaving a trail of some form. Forming a array of some form. She then pushed her hands forwards. The binding array activated at is made contact. Forming a wall of pale white energy. runes of unknown culture wove around its edge.

To Edision she said simply, "Time to go." The hall opened into a massive room. Large doors on the eastern most wall lead out of the complex into open air. That was her intended goal. With the binding array active with just enough power to stall the soldier before, she turned and ran, turning briefly into mist before a dirty white humvee sat on all four wheels. The engine rumbled an angry diesl noise as the passengerside door opened for Edison to get in.

It was time to go.

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola sighs, biting his tongue. He had not killed anyone while here...but he had fought so technically he did attack law officials...but they attacked first. He seems lost in thought as he hears them, he wanted to go now. He sits up as she spies the wall of pale white energy the runes on it are...mesmerizing to the young man as he faces them.

He blinks snapping out of it as Awinita speaks. "Right." he says as he hops onto his feet, sword still in his hand as he heads to the door at the eastern most wall, running for all it was worth. After all last thing he wanted was to be caught and thrown back in that cell, he hated places like that...there was no charge for him there.

He watches as Awinita turns into a humvee as he hops into the passengerside, shutting the door behind him as he buckles up quickly. "Think he will follow us? Or is that a very dumbass question?" he asks as he looks towards the way they left, expecting the man to jump onto the hood of the car or something.

#, as written by Nemo
The binding array seemed to hold Amadi. The Commander struggled against the cage of cackling energy, falling to his knees as his system struggled to cope with the intense influx of power. He would do nothing to stop Awinita and Nikola as they fled the RIP, unable to take so much as a step in their direction.

Slowly, painfully, he raised his hands. His armor began to glow faintly.

"It will hold him" her disembodied voice said to Edison as he took his seat. the driverless humvee blasted for the door not far away. "Best hold onto something." She said to Edison as another array was activated and thrown ahead. A Barrier Breaker array. The force of a dozen suns exploding concentrated on a single point. Pretty much blasting aheadd of her, clearing a path out. She blasted through the newly made opening. Leaving dust and dead in her wake within the building.

She had set the thing to delay the man for a few minutes, enough time to at least get outside to fresh air at the very least. If all else failed, she could take this fight to the highway, it was not that far. The power contained in the binding array was but a scant offering of her true ability. Yet Awinita did not want to kill the soldier sent after them. He was determined to bring them down, but she was determined to do it on even ground. Surrendering within his zone of ability was not a good plan. So she chose to run, draw out her tail.

She tore through a open parkland and headed for the front gate. Or rather, to the side of the front gate. A truck was parked there with its bed turned up..... She aimed for it at a fast moving speed. Two seconds later she hit the makeshift ramp and flew over the fence. At the same times she hit the ground running well outside the RIP control zone, the bidning array begain to fade.

#, as written by Zenia
Nikola grabs onto the door handle tightly as he hears her, "You got it chief." he says, his other hand holding onto the sword as he glances behind him, catching a glimpse of the man. "He...isn't moving, I mean he is alive but he is raising his hands and that is it." Nikola relays to her.

His body jolted a bit as they blast through the wall, both in the manner that his body shook and a bolt of energy traveled to the hand holding the sword. "Sorry bout that." he apologizes as he hopes they can make it outside. He spies the outdoors of the building and the truck with the bed turned up, he was expecting her to well...avoid it. When she didn't his black eyes widened. "Oh hell." he mutters as he tries to relax, he shuts his eyes so he couldn't see when they would hit it. He could feel when they were airborne, but still kept his eyes shut until they landed safely on the ground. "Are we dead? Did we die? Cause if so I feel remarkably fine." he comments his voice cracking a bit.


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It took scant minutes after hitting the ground after hitting the ramp to hit near some thick woods. Perfect. "Hold onto something.... Preferably not that... OK that's better." Apparently what Edison held onto was rather.... important ? A gold box of some form rested on the console between the driver and passenger seat. Seemingly anchored the device pulshed with pale gold light fused with white lines of energy. When she spoke the box pulsed more. At the moment it seemed somewhat quiet with an occasional pulse of light across its surface.

The Humvee turned onto a barely traveled lubmering road. The terrain was rough, but the maira easily moved through it. "The Binding Array will hold him only so long. He can move, but not after us until it fades completely. The power in it is merely a scant offering of what I can do." She said, Turning again she pulled onto into a thick canopy of woods. And into a deep river. Perfect. Without a wood her passenger door opened and she all but sent Edison into the drink as she condensed into mist before reappearing. Knee deep in the riverside.

She held a hand out. the dropped weapon rose from the waters and floated to her waiting hand. She flicked the water off it, sparking as she handed the weapon, hilt first, towards Edison, "Hold onto this. You'll need it soon." She said. She mentally figured on the binding array. By then the array had faded completely.

It was time for round two.