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Amina 'Sib' Sibley

Amina Sibley, often called Sib or 'Sniper Sib', is a State Sniper in the 3rd Firearms Battalion (Affectionately known as Lion3). Unbeknownst to the state, Mina possesses an extremely weak Painters Mark and may be carrying a NDR child.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by LittleSun1


Sib stands at nearly 5’8, two inches shorter than the norm, with soft, permanently blushing skin. Her cheeks are somewhat flawed, they’re still home to the slight hills of childhood acne, and support a small colony of freckles. Despite her small frame, Sibley has a fairly sturdy, well muscled form, which is difficult (Though obviously not impossible.) to distinguish from that of a man while in uniform. Admina’s eyes are a light, and not all together unattractive, mix of brown and green. These match nicely with her mid-neck length dyed-brown hair. Anyone who stands close enough to Sib to see her eyelashes can tell that she used to be a blond. Sib’s facial features, like nearly everything else about her, are small. She is also said to have a cute, button like nose. Amina’s nails are carefully clipped.

If she is in fact pregnant, Amina would be about 3 months along and is not yet showing.


ImageIn early life, Amina’s nickname was ‘Minnie’, something she’s spent nearly all of the following twenty-eight years trying to shake off (Sib’s 48, and so appears to be about 26). Never really able to put up with the ‘gossiping and giggles’ of a girls night out, Sib has spent her entire life working her hardest, and succeeding, at being one of the guys. Sibley will go to almost any lengths to prove her self-reliance and bravery, though Lion3 has generally accepted these traits as a fact, and is stubborn to the point of ass-hood, even once she realizes that she’s dead wrong. Sniper Sib follows commands in the same fashion as any true soldier, with precision, dedication, and passion. Despite this, on occasions when emotion and morality won over blind faith, Sib has gone against orders she felt were wrong. (In more of a ‘Sorry sir, I’ve lost sight of him’ fashion than flat out denial.). At times, Sib can also be overly harsh or cold in an attempt to prove her ‘manhood’.


  • S24 body armour (tailored specifically to her unusual form)
  • 6 Grenades (3 Smoke, 3 incendiary.)
  • N35 sniper rifle(With attachment, what’s a kilogram)
  • H22 helmet
  • L34 sidearm


ImageAmina Sibley spent her entire childhood in the capital of the state, London, but ,due to mass-westernization, lacks any noticeable accent. Minnie’s older brother, Admin, had an incredibly talented and powerful Painter’s Mark which allowed him to summon great and threatening beasts. He soon became lost in his gift, creating more and more horrible things to set loose on the State, and eventually became withdrawn and dark. A brother Amina didn’t know. Several months after this transformation, Admin was taken into custody and executed in secret as a threat to the nation. Not long after, it was discovered that Amina possessed the Painter’s Mark, one much like her brother’s, but her parents, fearing for their daughter’s life, worked hard to repress it and hide it from state. As such, Amina has nearly no skill in this area and has never been enrolled in a training school. From the start Amina found that she had little in common with girls of any age and, upon meeting Ted Burro, discovered it didn’t matter. Her brother aside, Amina Sibley’s childhood was fairy average.

Though Amina loved her brother, years later he would become one of the main motivations behind her joining the State Peacekeeping Force. Since her brother’s end, those of the Painter’s Mark had always inspired a sense of strangeness that Sib both feared and admired. Still, her fear won out and she eventually joined the SPF in hopes of protecting the people and government the NDR hoped to destroy. Amina ‘Sib’ Sibley was quickly singled out among the new ranks for her agile and steady hands, and was nominated to begin Sniper training no long after.

Years before, Amina and Ted Burro, joined at the hip since the age of 9, went their separate ways when Ted (A relatively talented Marked.) joined the NDR’s rebellion. Sib highly disapproved of his choice, and not a word passed between them for some 28 years. Then, several months ago on R&R, Ted and Amina crossed paths. Alligences were forgotten and lines, so carefully drawn so many years ago, were crossed all in one night. All involved would come to regret this night though when, less than a month ago, their battalions crosses paths. Her state and his rebel, there were no questions to ask when the fighting broke out. It wasn’t until the dust had cleared that Amina recognized her beloved friend, dead within the crumbled remains of a incinerated building. Sib did her best to hid her grief from her battalion, even waiting until dark to sneak out of their makeshift camp to ‘bury’ him among the rubble, but she can’t help but suspect that someone noticed. Her memories of the overall battle, and even the days that followed, are shady and blurred. This is likely her minds way of protecting her, but Amina would much rather have it all out in the open.

So begins...

Amina 'Sib' Sibley's Story


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