Amon Stark

A highly-proficient magician and political radical, Stark had turned his considerable will to breaking the boundaries between his own world and the planes that surround it.

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Age: 43
Role: Human
Physical Description: At first glance, Amon might resemble a distinguished university professor; passive, intelligent and ever-observant. At second glance, however, the onlooker is struck by the immense air of intellectual ease that he emits, an air of absolute certainty of will and complete control over his physicality. Longish dark hair is kept back out of his face by delicate wire-rimmed spectacles which sit upon features which are almost infuriating in their measured-ness. Like his hair, his eyes are dark and their pupils near indiscernible. The rest of his features are unremarkable; even enough, one supposes, but not overly handsome or overtly ugly. Thin lips, a strong pointed chin and straight set brows.
Otherwise, Amon dresses simply, shunning the pomp and circumstance of his peers in Parliament for simple, almost puritanical clothes that accentuate his broad, tall frame. He is a well known figure in the centre of Eudonian government and the sight of a tall, dark-suited man walking in between the rows of wooden benches to take his place in the parliamentary chambers is familiar to most who work there.
Personality: Logical, rational and eloquent, Amon can focus many a mind and skilfully argue his case during a parliamentary debate. His self-confidence and utter belief in his own ability can be intimidating but in fact, he is rarely rude or brusque. On the contrary, he treats those who he believes to be below him (primarily his corrupt fellow MPs happily stewing in a soup of dirty money) with abruptly truthful politesse. His expectations of others, just as they are for himself, are high and he will unswervingly follow a path he has set out for himself with absolute determination, taking little heed of anyone who might dare to oppose him and fall at the wayside.
Powers and Abilities: An exceptionally powerful user of magic, Amon's powers are on a scale that rivals even those of a Visitor. His natural powers are focused around that of mimicry; the ability to mirror and absorb another user's powers, and telekinesis. However, he has turned a scientifically-inclined mind to the mastery of other magics and can perform various small spells of a variety of types.
Profession: Elected member of Parliament.
Any Other Info: The son of a doctor (and talented magical healer, though most of his patients were unaware of this fact), Amon attended a world-class university and graduated with a degree in politics, economics and philosophy. His transition into politics was almost inevitable but he always maintained an interest in magic, considering it to be a family tradition. Once, when he was younger, Amon was considered to a rising star of politics but, as he grew older and his experience of Eudonian Parliament and its inherent corruption more complete, his beliefs became more radical. At first, he tried to revolutionise the system from within but, perhaps as a collective survival instinct, he was resisted at all turns by his fellow MPs, regardless of party or political alignment. It was around this early period in his career that he was married for a brief period.
To Amon, the abolition of the monarchy in Eudona was nothing but a charade designed to keep the people happy and endow them with an illusion of control whilst the ruling upper classes continued to rule under a superficially different political system. With poverty and corruption rife, Eudona is at its breaking point and Amon has vowed to bring about an upheaval that will enable a fairer, more equal society to rise out of the ashes of the old one. To do this, he will use the most powerful tool at his disposal; magic.

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Mr. Stark would enter within this nicely furnished and established building with nothing but a copy of "Todays Paper" folded in half and stuck underneath his elbow and a pencil that dangles within his left ear in a slant. "Ah the smell of toxic chemicals and people..how joyful" He would state in a mocking tone as he makes his way closer toward a table.