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Anaphiel Autem Bonum

A very kind individual, who is slow to anger and softspoken. Avoids any conflict and is selfless to a fault

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by txgood2


Physical Description: Anaphiel is around 5"11, however, his relaxed posture tends to make his height irrelevant when it comes to intimidation.His skin is a somewhat pale white. His Eyes are Blue. Anaphiel tends to have a calm smile at all times. His face is shaped like an oval (I am unsure on how exactly to describe face shapes, but I think that basically describes it.) His build is not quite athletic, but he can be considered average in that regard. Anaphiel Has a simple white cloak, the cloak itself is simple, but appears to have some minor damage to show it's age.

Personality: Anaphiel gets his joy through helping people and improving their lives. He is very selfless and will attempt to prevent any conflict. His voice is calming and he never raises it.

Equipment and Abilities:
Anaphiel keeps a spear that may or may not be purely for appearance, as none have seen him use it. The spear is very shiny, and is very pleasant to look at, the middle is covered in blue cloth, intended to make it easier to hold. the spearhead is very simple, with its only special feature being a blue gem in the center of it. He is skilled in dodging. The only out of the usual ability for him, however, is that he has this calming "aura" that assists him in preventing any conflict.

Historical Background: Anaphiels childhood was fairly chaotic, as the situation was rather tense and arguments were common between the family, but he has always attempted to calm down both sides, making him neutral in the family. He left the family and began aimlessly wandering intending to help people when his family no longer seemed to want to stay together, and everyone went their separate ways.

So begins...

Anaphiel Autem Bonum's Story


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#, as written by txgood2
Anaphiel enters the establishment, appearing quite enthused about the concept of getting served in an area with such a reputation. After taking a quick view of the surroundings, he approaches a nearby empty table and sits down. He awkwardly adjusts his cloak so that he could sit down comfortably. Once he has settled into the seat, Anaphiel begins waiting for the staff to take his order by doing several small things to pass the time, such as humming a small song or messing with the sleeve of his cloak.

When a someone, whom he presumed was a member of the staff arrives, his smile noticeably widens and he says,"Hello there! I am Anaphiel."